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Kate Walsh Wears a Wicked White

Kate Walsh Wears a Wicked White

Kate Walsh arrives at the opening of the 3.1 Phillip Lim Los Angeles store on Thursday.

On Tuesday night, the Private Practice star showed up on Jimmy Kimmel Live wearing nothing but a white bath towel and high heels.

When she came out Kimmel asked, “Is today my birthday or something?”

“I was supposed to wear a fancy, sparkly sequined dress… It was very hot and I was ready to rock it out,” Kate said. “The tailor had taken it in. … and I looked like a Vegas stripper. For me, it was not right. I wanted to keep it pure and clean. I’m bringing back the towel.”

Check out the video of Kate in her white towel on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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Photos: Agent 47/WENN, Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty
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  • Mindy

    That dress makes her look like a granny!

  • samara

    not feeling the dress..something u would get at Goodwill not knocking goodwill but u get a mix of everything there

  • Jose


  • Kate walsh is a cow


  • trence

    mm she looked better before. but I like the dress. not bad at all.
    I’d like to see some new on set pics too.

    Just Jared, where are Ellen Pompeo pics please??? all her fans are waiting for you to give us some more Ellen. we miss her.

  • Laura

    She looks like a man.

  • Brainysmurf

    Thanks for the new pictures, Jared! I actually love the dress and the shoes (Loubitans, right?) I could understand people not liking it, but to me Kate looks classy. The shoes are very elegant. She is glowing lately.

  • Brainysmurf

    Trence, there are a lot of pictures of Ellen in Boston or wherever the basketball playoffs were held last week. There are also recent pictures of her in NY. I would give the link to them, but I have no idea how.

  • sarah

    Thanks for that! I don’t like the color of the dress, but like the shoes and kate of course!Mmmmmm, what interesting dress….

  • tomkat

    I think she is pregnant. Looks pretty.

  • Nathalie

    she’s totally pregnant

  • Helena

    3.1 Phillip Lim is one of my favourite designers, but I don’t really like this dress.

  • jamie

    Thanks Jared!

    She looks so soft and sweet. Love her!

  • lovergirl

    Gosh Kate, what did you do? You looks horrible in that dress and it seems you’re 50.

  • Brainysmurf

    I’m beginning to think # 10 and 11 are correct. I would love to see Kate and Alex have a baby. I love the close up of Kate’s ring. It is very classic and elegant. And it’s worth saying again-those shoes are awsome!

    Kate, you look beautiful!

  • Mary

    Hmm… PREGNANT!

  • Jess

    I love her! yet, I don’t love the dress…. still, any new pics are great so thank you, JJ!

  • Karla

    Aww I think she looks great!
    Love Kate so much.
    Thanks for the pics.

  • Jolie

    She is obviously pregnant. Some people can be so damn rude. She looks beautful. Congrats to her and her hubby.

  • aummw
  • aummw
  • S.

    Thanks JJ.

    Kate looks classy, and gorgeous, and pregnant.

  • Tara

    she wore a towel?

    trashy attention whore much?

  • kate-a-holic

    stop making accusations that she’s pregnant. these rumors have gone around before just let her be. She looks fantastic it’s just that, that dress is not the greatest. when kate is pregnant she will tell. why do you people have to make it so hard for her? these rumors cause people to go anorexic. just stop. holy man.

  • kate-a-holic

    though i would love to see kate and alex with a baby. they would make great parents. :)

  • ally

    I liked the dress! It’s classy….and it’s hiding something in my opinion….

  • WoW

    HELLO she is pregnant. It is obvious, its not the dress. Duh.

    The dress is to hide the pregnancy but she is gorgeous.

  • Addie-Fan

    #19. Word. People can be so rude & jealous !!

    She’s most likely pregnant, it’s no secret if you’ve followed Kate’s pictures recently. She looks beautiful & glowing. Thanks for the photos Jared.

    Only Kate could look gorgeous wearing a the towel on Kimmel !! I love the fact he has a huge crush on her. Pity the next guest Jerry Springer did the same, no-one wants to see his legs !

  • marie

    I love her shoes. She sure has a great collection of Louboutins.

    And congrats to her & Alex if she is pregnant – they come across as a very sweet down-to-earth couple in Hollywood. She has had a great few years, her own show, marriage, & now a possible baby. And I’m glad the red hair is back.

  • oh snap!

    damn she look like a man in the face


    OMG she is totally pregnant!! Its so obvious!
    Thanks 4 the pics JJ.

  • Nataša

    Thanks JJ.

    Love Kate. She looks gorgeous.

  • Chloe

    So pretty. Soft & feminine. Love that metallic belt too.

    oh snap! = it’s called bone structure. Kate is lucky to have been blessed with cheekbones & bedroom eyes. She isn’t a non-descript flat faced, no features woman. I can see how many compare her to the classic beauty Catherine Deneuve. Beautiful.

  • Walsholic

    God I love her. Thanks JJ :)

    I like those sparkly bracelets she has been wearing lately. Very pretty.

    Video of Kate signing autographs for fans afterwards. Love that she kept her word & signed for everyone, even apologising for her messy signature lol

  • sarah

    She’s looking old… like a 60 year old woman. Yeesh!

  • Matt

    Kate always does great funny interviews. One of the few actresses who is naturally funny IRL. She is truly versatile. Can’t wait till PrP returns.
    Thanks Jared. I hope the rumors are true. They are a cute couple.

  • S.

    To the rude and jealous, we know that you are bitter, bitter , bitter, bitter because JJ didn’t pick up the photos of the one that doesn’t even sit by her husband anymore at ball games. Not even that makes her interesting.

    Kate is looking great.

  • Jen

    I like the dress. Perfect summer dress, floaty & light. And I love it when Kate wears her red hair all loose & wavy. So naturally beautiful. Thanks for the photos Jared.

    The Kimmel interview is brilliant. Only the white towel could top Kimmel’s appreciation of the red sparkly dress she wore on her last interview.

    PrP starts July in UK folks :) WIth Season 2 already picked up for next yr.

  • **Paddison fan**

    I’m 99% sure she is pregnant. She has been wearing looser clothing recently, & the set pics from PrP show an obvious bump. Shonda did say they would would work around Kate if she decided to have a baby – which is great news. They are already shooting ep 3, can’t wait for the first promo vids soon.

  • Anna

    “JJ didn’t pick up the photos of the one that doesn’t even sit by her husband anymore at ball games. Not even that makes her interesting.”

    TRUE!! If that was KW she would have sat right there next to her husband wearing no clothes or a hand towel so everyone would be looking at her.

    Gawd help EP for not being a media wh*re who’d go on TV in a TOWEL just for people to care about her. KW is low class trash who’d do anything to get people to look at her.

  • Sarah

    She looks old , she better be pregnant or get so soon. Her age is catching up to her.

  • bEn


    the people wanting her pregnant so bad are sick in the head. get lives.

  • Krista

    #37 – Why would anyone be jealous because that person respects her privacy to not want to sit in front of the cameras all night? She gets my respect. Unlike someone else who defines the word “desperate”

  • Carrie

    Kate looks beautiful. Not really fond of the dress, but I do believe she is pregnant. She has a nice very successful husband, her own show, a movie she just finished (coming out next year), and a possible baby on the way. Wonderful.

    Thanks for the autograph video. She is so sweet.

  • Brainysmurf

    Why do you people who claim to dislike Kate so much always come looking for her? And you do realize there was a lot more to the towel on Jimmy Kimmel than the desire for attention. It may have been a funny way to hide a growing baby bump (I cannot believe I just used that term) or more likely, since Jerry Springer also came out wearing a towel, it was part of Kimmel’s comic plan. You see, unlike some one hit show wonders in Hollywood, Kate has always been a working actor and comedian. Comedians are people who do things to be funny and make others laugh. One of the reasons why I and I suspect many others love to watch Kate in an interview is because it is an outlet for her to display her natural comic abilities. Hence, the towel was meant to be funny-and judging from the crowd on Kimmel, and many comments afterwards-it worked. I found it very much in the same vein as Will Ferrel’s comedy. But if this type of humor offends you so much, than perhaps you should refrain from watching late night TV.
    I have to say it again-those shoes are fantastic!

  • KateWalshIsAMAZING

    You know what? All of you jealous haters need to get over yourself!

    Kate doesn’t go around flashing her n*pples, she doesn’t ditch her husband because unlike your media wh*re, she actually cares! I know. Shocker to a lot of you. It’s unusual seeing someone that has a heart, unlike your sl*t that was accused of having an affair with her co-star. And you think KATE’S a media wh*re?! SERIOUSLY?! She’s not even close! She went out in that towel because one, it was hilarious and she looked stunning. And two, her dress was not to her standards!

    Anyway, Kate looks gorgeous in anything she wears. The towel was HOTTTT!!! Outrageous! And Jimmy’s comments made it even better. He was right on! Amazing interview, she always has the funniest things to share. Looking forward to the next interview!

    I really hope that Kate will have a baby Walsh!! Kate and Alex would be great parents. Not to mention their baby girl or boy would be gorgeous! Best wishes to the happy couple!!! :D

  • Jamie

    To the person mentioning her age, I have never seen such a rude immature comment, not to Kate, just women in general. Getting pregnant is not all that simple for some women. Some women even in their 20s have trouble conceiving or even have many miscarriages til they are able to carry a pregnancy thru term. Some women try for years and years, and are unable to have a child. So, mentioning someone’s age is terribly rude and inconsiderate to all women. Grow up.

    As for the rest of you rude people, I am not even going to waste my time on you. #45 Brainysmurf, could job though.

  • Kate-Is-The-Best

    It’s obvious that poster #40-43 are the same person. They don’t even try to make their comments look different. Moaning cos there are no pics of their star. Boo hoo. Jealously just makes you look green.

    Kate Walsh actually has a sense of humor & is a valued talkshow guest because she can actually talk without resorting to insults or coming across as a total cow & bitch. She can forms opinions & express them without the need of a script. Other actresses are so vapid & boring in real life, that they only have fashion shows to turn up to cos they can’t be trusted to open their mouths otherwise.

    And the towel gag was a running gag as the next guest wore one too, but then that would be lost on those with a humor bypass ;)

    Thanks for the photos Jared. We Walshaholics (copyright BauerGriffin !) appreciate the pics of a talented individual.

  • Jen

    Kate has a great sense of humor & a great sense of irony which is completely lost on some naive little things, who can only resort to mud-slinging when they don’t get what they want. Grow up.

  • LA

    I loved that interview. Anyone watching the new season of Weeds ? Didn’t Kate date Justin Kirk a few years ago ? I can totally see why, both of them are hilarious.

    Loving the photos. The color grey looks awesome on redheads.