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Katie Holmes Sends Nicole Kidman Baby Gifts

Katie Holmes Sends Nicole Kidman Baby Gifts

Katie Holmes is extending an olive branch to her husband’s ex-wife Nicole Kidman by sending her baby gifts, reports Star.

Katie, 29, shipped eight-months-pregnant Nicole, 41, a deluxe gift basket filled with onesies, stuffed toys, a baby blanket and more from Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills.

Katie wanted the best of everything in the basket,” the insider says. “It cost over $2,000.”

How sweet of Katie!

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74 Responses to “Katie Holmes Sends Nicole Kidman Baby Gifts”

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  1. 26
    Shonathan Hilton Says:

    Shea thats so sweet.
    Uhmm but I thought robots didnt have any feelings
    And Katie is a robot….isnt she?

  2. 27
    Good Says:

    Its sweet.Nicole handle her divorce with class unlike Jennifer Aniston who’s still looking for pity.Nicole is a real woman.

  3. 28
    Get a life Says:

    He is the biggest freak. Kate need to get away from him and get all 3 kids away from him

  4. 29
    Laura Says:

    #27 = well, actually, Penelope Cruz is a real woman. She didn’t marry him at all ! Ahaha, she is the smartest.

  5. 30
    neverends Says:

    1 simple-minded, 1 midget TV show starlet, 1 frigid… Who win?

  6. 31
    sony Says:


  7. 32
    K Says:

    If she truly wants to extend an olive branch, how about taking the kids off their leash and letting them see their Mom.

  8. 33
    pr person Says:

    The best of everything and it only cost $2,000.00? Right!

    Katie would no sooner purchase a basket for Nicole than she would dump Cruisazy and spill the beans about her life in the compound. I think this is a well placed B.S. attempt for Camp Cruisazy. Also, interesting how it implies by “extending an olive branch” that the Cruisazies have done something to warrant peace making with Nicole.

  9. 34
    American Says:

    She already does, #32. All those rumors about her not being able to see her kids are just that-rumors

  10. 35
    amy Says:

    if only we have real Katie news and new photos of her and Tom not trash fillers.

  11. 36
    Holly Says:

    pity to the ones that read the garbage and believes them. And more pity to those that are so unhappy and jealous of the Cruises and this celebs.

  12. 37
    Marieme Says:

    Two thousand dollars? Peanuts! She spends ten five times more on her designer bags. Gee I wonder when Katie is going to tire of spending Tom’s money. I realize he must like giving her money, as he seems very generous, but you know she can say no.

  13. 38
    ... Says:

    Here she/he goes again–American is refuting ‘rumor’ as if she/he = TomKat.


  14. 39
    regina Says:

    Can´trust this Katie, she´s jealous and tries to be nice!!I would send them all back! $2000? Only? She should have spent 20000!!!

  15. 40
    hisyumminest Says:

    Good for you Katie! Well done!

  16. 41
    Jackie Says:

    Nicole sent them gifts when they got married and had their baby, and Tom sent her a gift at her wedding and now again that she is having a baby. I know people don’t want to believe it, but I do believe they have a cordial relationship. It’s funny…not one of them has ever said anything bad about eachother..quite the opposite. Every one of them has been very complimentary including Keith who said recently they all get on great. Why does everyone want to believe there is so much hate? They are all positive people living happy lives. We should all try and live the same way.

  17. 42
    Paula Says:

    Nicole and Katie both seem like classy women.

  18. 43
    sunnykidstyle Says:

    Though I suppose it’s just one of these tabloid inventions, I do hope that they are able to get along in a civil way and don’t go backtabbing. After all, what are Isabella and Connor supposes to think in such a situation? So if Katie sent Nicole a basket, great. Though I wouldn’t really know what makes this so newsworthy. Oh well, it’s summer time, nothing important seems to be going on to fill the pages with…

    Oh, and by the way, if you have a second to spare, please visit my new blog about stylish design for kids and feel free to give me some feedback. I’d really appreciate it :):)

  19. 44
    nicolewk Says:

    our nicole doesn’t like her gift!who need it?!KH is so sham!!!

  20. 45
    Victoria Says:

    45th!!!!!!!!!! I think it is sweet of Katie to send Nicole and Keith a baby gift basket. How does anyone know the exact cost anyway, unless an informant opened their big mouth inside the store where it was purchased? Katie said in an interview, that they tried to keep up on people doing just those things, and would file law suits, because it was an invasion of privacy. You would not want someone giving out your total bills of eveything you bought to the paper, everytime you shopped, and what it was. She said if they did that often enough, and won,[ gives money to charity }, maybe it would stop. Cher and John Travolta did it, and they have not had any more problems. { read it online}. Anyway, I think it was a nice gesture.

  21. 46
    American Says:

    KH you are such a phony, you send a gift to Nicole while you have abandoned your own daughter to the cult. They say Suri isn’t so marketable anymore, so you leave her for your own selfish ambition.
    You are gross. Class? Talent? What a joke, you have none, you are a transparent loser.

  22. 47
    gail Says:

    Katie continues to amaze me as an actress and person. Looking forward for the real scoop not gossip on her,Broadway and the family.

  23. 48
    daisy Says:

    Tom supposedly sent Nicole flowers on her 40th birthday. i would hope they were from the kids as well. But they did not given Nicole & Keith a wedding gift as Nicole & Keith asked that their guests just donate some money to a charity. They have been asking people to do that as well with the baby because they were given so many gifts & as Keith said there are kids out there who need it far worse then they do.

  24. 49
    number one rocks Says:

    LOL!! “And inside is a tiny little note that says “Save Me!””

  25. 50
    number one rocks Says:

    LOL!! “And inside is a tiny little note that says “Save Me!””

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