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Tom Brady Moving To Los Angeles?

Tom Brady Moving To Los Angeles?

Tom Brady is packing up his Boston bags and moving to Los Angeles, reports The Boston Herald.

The 30-year-old New England Patriots QB is looking to build a home in Cali so that he can be closer to his look-alike son, John Edward Thomas, 10 months.

Does that mean Tom‘s glamazon galpal Gisele Bundchen will be relocating to the West Coast as well??

John‘s mother is actress Bridget Moynahan.

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  • Just me…

    They look like brother and sister in this picture!!

  • yeahhh

    so saddd.

  • nicki

    is that an error?

    “JACK’S mother is….”

    Isn’t the baby’s name John?

  • Miapocca

    So the douchebag suddenly realized he wants to spend time with his son..he missed some of the most important moments already…What AN A-R-S-E..

  • Miapocca

    Bridget calls him Jack….

  • ella

    That’s where he should be during the off-season! Not just when he feels like it.

  • Mia

    Sorry but I don’t like Gisele.

  • Helena

    Maybe it’s because Leo is in Boston and bossy Gisele wanted to move away fast!

  • voe

    Don’t like her look.

  • Jessica

    It’s about time he get closer to his son!

  • amy

    dont care for

  • raye

    I didnt know Giselle has an ugly face.

  • JAK

    I don’t think he’s moving.

    He will probably buy a home in LA to spend time with his son off-season but I don’t think he will actually relocate here.

  • krissy

    right, Helena, Leo is in Boston for only a couple of more weeks ( or even less for only a movie shoot ), Giselle is rarely there so it is obvious that Leo is the reason why Brady is buying a house in L.A. It makes so much sense. It`s not like Leo lives in L.A., too and he is returning soon. Gosh, at least say something logical.
    Whatever these two do most of the people are always going to trash them, no matter what.

  • oh snap!

    damn i didn’t know tom was gay and dating a man, this b*tch is not cute she need to retire she looks old as hel.l

  • neverends

    Hummmm, I would like a Tom Brady at home…

  • Gisele’s left testicle

    Why is Tom posing with Skeletor? Is it Halloween already?

  • K

    The guy has proven that his model girlfriend is more important than his son. I’m sure he’s moving to LA for reasons that have to do with HER career and NOT for his son.

    You’re a total loser Tom !!!

  • Wut wut

    Exactly, K! You nailed it! This douche has made it clear that his job and his girlfriend are more important than his son. So I’m sure this move has to do with Gisele, and not with any paternal responsibilities.
    After all, how many pictures did we see of Brady and Gisele when Bridget was pregnant? Those two dated for three years! They lived together! If the relationship was over then fine–people shouldn’t stay together for the kids. But his priority should have been getting ready for the baby and building a friendship with Bridget. And clearly none of that was important to him.
    He is repulsive. And I don’t know any woman in their right mind who would date a man who is expecting a child with someone else. Those two classless ho’s deserve each other. I just hope Bridget finds a REAL MAN.

  • angel hair

    some couples start to resemble each other after they’ve been together for a while.. is it just me or they kind of look like brother and sister?

  • jsy

    K, moving from NYC to L.A. how is that going to promote Giselle`s career? She didn`t have much success as an actress and as far as I know she is still a model so her she should stay in NYC for modeling, don`t you think? I personally don`t like Brady, Bridget is and Giselle would be better off without him.

  • PR

    Batten down the hatches, LA, if Brady/Bundchen bring their traveling PDA tour to SoCal!

  • Shrink

    Those two are just disgusting. Isn’t there some planet with mirrors and all the perks we could just send them too. If not for the celebrity they would have been tarred and feather. Tom and Stretch: YOU MAKE ME SICK.

  • Shrink

    Sorry for the typos. I am just repulsed by these two narcissistic blow up dolls. I feel extremely sorry for the child in this situation. I don’t know which is worse- Tom or Giselle.

  • I like him


    her face looks more manly than his !

  • jsy

    `… Tom should`ve built a friendship with Bridget.` Well, how do you know that Bridget was Ok with that or not? You said that they shouldn`t have stayed together for the kid but how do you know that Tom hasn`t tried to support her? Just because you haven`t read it on the gossip sites?
    I don`t know much about Brady and Moynahan but just because Bridget is a single mom now it doesn`t mean she is perfect. I`m sure that`s not how she planned to become a parent and I give her credit for that but I`m pretty sure after what happened she didn`t make things easy for him. And I don`t mean that Tom is perfect and he did everything he possibly could to make things right. But all you see in the media is that these two are dating and you don`t really have a clue what`s going on behind the scenes.
    P.S. posing in lingerie in a nursery like Bridget did recently for a photo shoot, now that I found somewhat inappropriate.

  • sam

    dude, how the hell can you all know what kind of relationship he’s got with his son? because you don’t see pictures of them?! good lord people, try and be just a little more rational.
    I’m not saying he’s a great dad and I’m not saying he’s is a horrible dad. I don’t know them, I could never know this, neither do any of you!

  • Helena

    Oh come on, I was joking about Leo and Gisele.

  • Laura

    Gisele actually looks good here. I hope Tom is taking steps to spend more time with his son.

  • Peachie

    I disagree about them looking like brother and sister.

    They look more like brother and brother.

  • heather

    Gisele looks like a man. The rumors about tom liking men must be true. She looks more manly then him.

  • sunnykidstyle

    This is such great news. I always thought he wasn’t quite happy that Bridget kept the baby, since it was surely unplanned. So far, we’ve hardly seen him with the baby, I think it ws only 1 or 2 months ago that he actually spent time with his son on his own. But it looks like that pulled the trigger, good if he starts to become a caring father and wants to spend time with his son!

    Oh, and by the way, if you have a second to spare, please visit my new blog about stylish design for kids and feel free to give me some feedback. I’d really appreciate it :):)

  • Stinker

    Who’s brilliant idea was it to put gisele’s ugly face on magazine covers and runways? Shame on Tom for leaving that wonderful woman for the very overrated and very ugly gisele.

  • Sophia

    Gisele should hurry up and get knocked up. I bet her baby with Tom is much better looking. Bridget’s got old. She should be very happy to have Tom’s baby. At least right now she is a single mom, better than being old and single or adopting like Sheryl Crow and Calista Flockhart.

  • gIRL

    They look like BROTHERS! YIKES!!!!!!

  • PETA

    A child by Gisele and Tom will NOT be attractive. The child, especially if it’s a girl, will have a HUGE head, lazy eyes, really tall and with a very masculine face. NOOOOOOO!

  • Vshizzle

    Oh Sophia…you are shallow as the puddle of dog pee in my yard.

  • rachel

    Gisele looks like a man in the face.

  • me

    I hope this isn’t true, cause Bridget and John (Jack) are better off without these two creeps…

  • on the sidelines

    Why hasn’t tom asked gisele to get married?? I thought gisele broke up with leo because he wouldn’t marry her. Gisele isn’t getting any younger. …

  • rae

    Cool. It will probably still be hard since he works across the country but maybe having a house in LA will make it easier for him to be there more.

  • jack

    No No not come to LA…keep yourself and your boo in NY…

  • go sox

    You haters are disgusting. If he doesn’t spend time with his son, who was just born this year, you trash him. If he plans on having a home in CA to be closer, for at least part of the year, you trash him. What the hell do you want him to do???? Quit his job? Trash his career? Date the girl YOU want him to?

    You can’t admit he’s a decent guy, a talented quarterback, and trying to do the best he can with a bad situation. It’s the first ‘off-season’ since the baby was born, and he’s trying to figure out how to make this work, with his son on the west coast from where he works. That’s a pretty monumental task. You people who think he should have dropped everything in the middle of a work season for him are just idiots. You people need a reality check.

  • who

    Brady can just go away..along with go sox…do not need either in LA..personally, I think John Moynahan is better off without Brady in his life…part time dads do not get it..

  • PR

    Bundchen has sealed her fate by pathetically appearing on a cover meant to suggest she’s in bed wearing her football jock’s socks. Mom and apple pie win every time. Brady is in a PR death spiral and the only people who can save him are Bridget and Jack.

  • Miapocca

    Yeah , she broke up with leo because he would marry her and Brady claimes he was not intrested in getting married, so it seems a little wierd that mr commitment shy would end up with someone who has been trying to get married since she was 20 or whatever….thats sort of strange….Brady desreves Giselle and Bridgette is way better offf, mayeb Brady shoudl just sign off all rights and be done with it..I fell liek he is only being a father to a little extent because ofhis media potrayal and if he wasnt famous and dependent on a fanbse I dounbt he will be around the kid!

  • jenna322

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