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Tyra Banks Wins Daytime Emmy

Tyra Banks Wins Daytime Emmy

TV Host Tyra Banks is fa-ierceeeee on the red carpet at the 2008 Daytime Emmy Awards held at the Kodak Theatre on Friday in Hollywood.

Daniel Cosgove and Marcy Rylan presented the second award of the evening to Ms. Tyra for the first ever Daytime Emmy for informative talk show.

“I want to thank Oprah Winfrey for her inspiration,” Ms. Tyra said. “She is the queen. She will always be the queen.”

35+ pictures inside of Tyra Banks winning her Daytime Emmy…

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tyra banks daytime emmy awards 2008 01
tyra banks daytime emmy awards 2008 02
tyra banks daytime emmy awards 2008 03
tyra banks daytime emmy awards 2008 04
tyra banks daytime emmy awards 2008 05
tyra banks daytime emmy awards 2008 06
tyra banks daytime emmy awards 2008 07
tyra banks daytime emmy awards 2008 08
tyra banks daytime emmy awards 2008 09
tyra banks daytime emmy awards 2008 10
tyra banks daytime emmy awards 2008 11
tyra banks daytime emmy awards 2008 12
tyra banks daytime emmy awards 2008 13
tyra banks daytime emmy awards 2008 14
tyra banks daytime emmy awards 2008 15
tyra banks daytime emmy awards 2008 16
tyra banks daytime emmy awards 2008 17
tyra banks daytime emmy awards 2008 18
tyra banks daytime emmy awards 2008 19
tyra banks daytime emmy awards 2008 20
tyra banks daytime emmy awards 2008 21
tyra banks daytime emmy awards 2008 22
tyra banks daytime emmy awards 2008 23
tyra banks daytime emmy awards 2008 24
tyra banks daytime emmy awards 2008 25
tyra banks daytime emmy awards 2008 26
tyra banks daytime emmy awards 2008 27
tyra banks daytime emmy awards 2008 28
tyra banks daytime emmy awards 2008 29
tyra banks daytime emmy awards 2008 30
tyra banks daytime emmy awards 2008 31
tyra banks daytime emmy awards 2008 32
tyra banks daytime emmy awards 2008 33

Photos: Frederick M. Brown/Vince Bucci/Getty, Dimitri Halkidis/WENN
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  • Stinker

    Great! Just what the king tut of modeling needs! A bigger head!

  • go girl

    Hey Stinker, do as Tyra said and “kiss her fat a* *”! As you sit there hating!

  • rolling eyes

    ummm come on for THAT SHOW

    that show is a joke if anything else…. man America is really losing it

  • hALLI

    Congrats. But we will never hear the end of this one. She’ll have an entire episode devoted to her winning an Emmy. Just wait.

  • ashley

    very pretty trya!!

  • me

    She looks gorgeous and I LOVE her dress.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    she won an emmy for talking about herself 99.9% of her show? ridiculous!

  • Chris

    Tyra was looking fierce! And yes, she will be boasting about her Emmy Win!

  • Josh

    So sick of this fool :/ She looks like a crazed idiot and tho I think sometimes girls look hot with meat on them, she just looks like a pig.

  • jasmine

    omg I love tyra congrats to the queen she deserved it her show rocks

  • hello

    her hair.. it’s so… blonde.

  • uum

    Ew, her hair looks too ashy, almost grey. And she looks about 170lbs which is about 30 too much for that dress.

  • Nat

    Her head is too small for her massive body… She looks weird.

  • LuckyL

    She is f****** massive now and her talk show is bull****. If anything, I thought it was for Top Model

  • jasmine

    haters can keep hating because her two shows are a total success

  • EvilLynn

    She isn’t a fat woman, by any stretch of the imagination…but…that dress sure makes her LOOK fat. What a terrible choice for her! And the frosted hair is just NOT helping things. Don’t anger the stylists, Tyra….or this is how you end up looking..ugh.

  • LuckyL
  • http://justjared Swizzle

    I didn’t know Tyra was still on TV. Is she before or after Jerry Springer? It was so much better in the 70′s 80′s when it was all Brady Bunch, I Dream of Jeannie and then the Twighlight Zone.

  • XxMANAxX

    Ru Paul looks amazing.

  • ~Khaj

    Tyra Banks looks like a pig???

    Okay, according to the BMI (body mass index) calculator and the numbers from a People cover story about her from last year (Height: 5′ 10″ Weight: 161lbs), she is quite healthy. In fact, she could gain 14 lbs and still be considered Healthy according to the BMI calculator. What’s disgusting these days, is that people such as Tyra Banks are blasted for what often equates to not having an eating disorder.

    Take my sister and I for instance. For years people were yelling at us that we were too skinny, including our doctors. But we looked no different than the Celebrities that everyone raves about being the perfect size. Actually, that’s not exactly true. We couldn’t have fit into a size 2 if our lives depended on it. At 5′ 3″ (yes, we’re the same height) and I was fluctuating between 94 and 102lbs while she was around 108 and 112lbs and we were both constantly yelled at by our Drs. We had to buy a scale for our apartment so that we could *gain* weight. Thankfully, we’ve gotten to a weight that the Drs find acceptable (120lbs on the dot for both of us… no we’re not twins, we’re 14 years apart and I was adopted)

    It is ridiculous to watch people blast others for actually being at a weight that Drs recommend. Yes, Tyra Banks could lose some weight and still be in the healthy range, but A) It wouldn’t create much of a visual difference and B) it isn’t the point. The point is that she’s considered a “Plus” size for being what Drs consider “healthy”.

    And here’s a kicker for you… she and I have almost the same waist size, yet parts of me still cause people to shove food in my face as if I haven’t eaten in years, while she’s blasted for being “fat”.

    We really need to stop telling our youth (and quite a few of our adults) that it’s *right* to look like a toothpick and go against healthy norms.
    Just because it’s considered a “plus” size by the fashion industry, doesn’t mean the person is “fat”. It just means that idiots are running the fashion industry.

    “Beauty is only skin deep” doesn’t mean that you have to be so skinny that skin is all you have left.

  • ElenaBelle

    Boy she must really want to be like Oprah shes getting FAT!

  • aummw
  • aummw
  • aummw
  • uum khaj

    who cares.. your post is way too long and big whoop you can’t gain weight or whatever. who cares.
    tyra isn’t fat buts she’s cub-rock city for sure!

  • kik

    this pig is hypocrite. i used to watch top model 1,2. in the show, she called some models too skinny or too fat. i remember she said to a gal that her hip was too big to be a model. duh!!!!!!!
    tyra pig is full of crap.
    the latest top model winner is a plus size. hello, the show is “american next top model” not next top plus size model. she is fat now and thinks every model should be fat too.

  • zoe

    tyra isnt fat…she’s just a full figured woman. im pretty sure she’s gained weight ever since she retired. i dont watch her show…but good for her winning? antm days are over though…she’s quite full of herself on it. the dress is pretty but it makes tyra looks bigger than she really is. the hair is too blonde…

  • Jennifer

    have all you hater idiots ever even seen a fat woman?! I don’t think so. but go ahead and just keep talking shit, it makes the rest of us feel so much more intelligent. tyra looks great, she always has, and she deserves this emmy. her talk show may not ALWAYS be top notch, but she’s a great role model, and she’s brought up some important issues. if you’ve ever seen the episode where 5-year-old girls talked about feeling fat and ugly, you’d cry.

  • Amber

    She’s trying so hard to hold her arms up/out so they don’t look fat. Even when she holds the Emmy. If it bothers her that much she should just diet.

  • kismet

    Oh lord – her world domination plan might be working. Heaven help us all…………………….

    Were the judges mental patients or something?

  • dawn

    She looks like a real kept sixty year old black woman. Did Ricki Lake ever win an emmy because Tyra and Ricki are about the same in my book – terrible.

  • test

    *well kept

  • lilpiddle

    go tyra
    okay she may not be a size zero
    but all you haters aint exactly as rich &+ popular as her
    &+ i bet all the judgemental comments are coming from people who are not worthy to be shit on her shoe

  • wood

    Simply amazing gorgeous. yesterday I just saw her nice photos on a cele brity and milli onaire site ‘se ek ric h .co m’. Really the pro file looks like her. But I’m not sure. maybe it’s kidding. Who knows?

  • self


  • mimi


  • wtf

    # 30 kismet @ 06/21/2008 at 7:13 am

    Oh lord – her world domination plan might be working. Heaven help us all…………………….

    Were the judges mental patients or something?

    This is ONLY the beginning!

    Wait ’till Obama gets into the WH!

  • I see NYc

    She looked nice. Her show is okay. It is not Jerry Springer ,but not Oprah.

    Her acceptance speech was horrible-totally classless. Her vid shown for her Emmy win-classless “Kiss my ass…” Tacky.

  • stacey strauss

    Tyra recently posed without clothing and let me ask you how much photo shopping was done to make those photos.. lol

  • oh snap!

    that hair color is not cute on her

  • Elisa

    That’s probably not the best dress choice for her… It makes her look bigger than she is. I’m not loving the hair either.

    But still, good for her! I’m not a huge fan of “The Tyra Banks Show”, but I do love Top Model!


    that has to be one of the UGLIEST dresses i have seen in a long time.
    Tyra isn’t fat, but that dress made her look like a COW
    isn’t she supposed to be into to fashion?

  • Ralu

    SHE’s beautifull anyway even with a few extra pounds :)

  • Val

    When did she get so chunky?

  • Lily

    She’s so stunning. But her voice and personality are so incredibly annoying!!!!!!!!!!
    Shut up! Stop making funny faces and weird noises. She is not good at speaking. It’s so fake. But her topics are good. And she has some REAL things to say. That’s good. But she’s just cheesy most of the time! She’s not even good at what she does… whatever she does. She’s only getting all these gigs because of her popularity and what she says of interest to only young people. Her brain is like a teenager’s brain. YOU DON’T NEED INTELLIGENCE TO BE A STAR OR RICH. I think her and that comedian who plays that fat Dr. Doolittle would make a good couple. They both made it big with they’re huge smiles and loud mouths and crazy attitudes. You just need looks and a crazy attitude to make it in this business. That’s why the industry’s called ‘entertainment.’ If you can bring attention to yourself… in a big and different way.. you can make it in that easy industry. It’s not rocket science.

  • ☆Shonathan Hilton☆

    she is fat.

    Seriously Tyra, we get the fact that model do eat (some models)
    but you dont have to exaggerate in order to prove it.

    C’mon…. lose some weight cause Im starting to dislike your image lol



  • ewww

    she’s so fake and annoying. her show is just pure trash.

  • mickey

    With that hair she looks like the madame of an old time western saloon/whorehouse.

  • Jaye

    Tyra is a lovely woman. Is she model thin, no. Then she doesn’t need to be, she’s not a TOP model anymore. The glued on wig though is another story. It doesn’t do anything for her. She’d better stop that mess or she’ll be like Naomi Campbell, no hair at the front of her head. For you thinking i’m a hater, i’m not. She DOES wear different wigs and she has said so on her show. Besides anyone with eyes can tell it’s a wig. It’s a full wig with an invisible hairline. She isn’t fat, but tends to have a pear shaped body. Fat goes to her hips and thighs. Btw where is her boyfirend? I don’t remember seeing any pictures of him at events with her. Maybe i’m just missing them.