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Jennifer Aniston Gets LAXadaisical

Jennifer Aniston Gets LAXadaisical

Jennifer Aniston looks lackadaisical with her scarf and shades as she arrives at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Current boytoy, John Mayer recently received a seal approval from his ex-girlfriend/Friday Night Lights actress, Minka Kelly!

Minka, 27, and John, 30, dated a few months before Jen was in the picture. Minka shared her well wishes for John and said, “I’m really happy — as long as they’re happy, I am.”

AREN’T YOU ALL happy that Jennifer now has the approval of John’s ex-girlfriend Minka?

More pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston getting LAXadaisical…

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jennifer aniston lax 01
jennifer aniston lax 02
jennifer aniston lax 03
jennifer aniston lax 04
jennifer aniston lax 05
jennifer aniston lax 06
jennifer aniston lax 07

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  • number one


  • ????

    it is weird.she is starting to look like her friend CC.

    and what’s up with that water bottle in her hand,doesn’t she any way else to promote it?

  • number one

    thrilled really. and thank god she remembered to plug her water deal.

  • PURE

    why all these securities?she is not that important after all.

  • grace

    Kind of hope he jots down all the specs in his little black book and spits her out like he has all the other notables on his path to biggest man whore around.

    Love her on FRIENDS, but she doesn’t seem to be very bright. Or maybe it’s just the egotistical self-centeredness that dims the intelligence wattage.

  • the_boyfriend

    What a Great Bag she’s using.

  • anon

    it you scroll real quick it seems like this thread is about Aniston getting a laxative. lol

  • carolina

    Love her-thanks Jared for the pics!!! Gosh people-you should be happy for her.Stop the whining!!!

  • love her!!!!


  • krung krung

    like her outfit, maybe she’s going to see JM in Europe, shweeet.

  • A2B

    Norma Desmond, anyone? How very sad…

  • truth

    It doesn’t matter. Jen gave apporoval or not didn’t matter to the jolie-pitss either.

    By the way when will she go visit JM?

  • pannell64

    She looks great, loved her in Friends, but Ross was my favorite, the one with the leather pants and the tanning machine were the funniest.

  • ewww

    She looks old and haggard. Its probably another fake relationship cause the JPs are in the news for Angie’s new movies and the JPs are expecting their twins soon. She’ sonly in the news because she once was married to Brad. It’s sad she still milks it for all it’s worth. She will die barren and lonely.

  • Megan fox rocks

    she looks so pretty and cute

  • cc

    Three years later she come out and changed her story to its orginal turth, she tells the real reason why her then marriage ended.But it is too late now she already made her fans to look fool bashing angie this all time for no real reason, I don’t know how they keep being her fans after this.

  • ghost

    When you have slept with half of Hollywood and lied to your fans, This is about the best press you are going to get. The party is over on the Americas sweetheart B.S. When Jenny hooked up with Johnny she sealed her own Hollywood fate. There is no-one on this blog who doesn’t see this except the ones that are paid by the Steveie machine.

  • sam

    She looks great! Must be going to see John. I didn’t think this relationship would work at first – but now loving it!

  • wake up and smell the coffee

    Enuf with the Smartwater. Like she needs the money. Gross.

  • ghost

    Can you imagine sleeping with this tramp after all the men she has slept with in the last 4 years. She has sealed her own fate by being Hollywoods biggest s-lut.

  • You/Me

    I LUV her bag :-)
    Jen looks terrific, fresh and beautiful…it would be nice if she were going to see John. Not to bad-mouth her or anything because I adore her but I’m hoping she learned her lesson the first time around and realizes that it takes a huge amount of effort to keep the relationship going if your partner has to travel alot. She never really went along with or visited BP like she should have…jmo.

    And who gives a sh*t if Minka gave her “approval”…that is the equivelant of Gwenyth Paltrow making that arrogant comment of approval when JA & BP got married! Yeck Paltrow.

  • queenbee

    Blech!…why allways with the hair parted in the middle and pasted into her face like cousin IT!…

    …I’m certainly glad I’m no longer a fan,..cause she certainly doesnt care to be available to sign autographs for the public that made her all those millions…

    …I liked her on FRIENDS (…though she couldn’t have carried the show without the ENSEMBLE cast of FIVE OTHER STARS…), but since she’s turned into the bitter, whiney, one-trick poney,bleached/botox/nose-job experiment….I had to leave her alone…

    …and whats the deal with POLUTING the environment by promoting the wasteful tendency to purchase water, when we all now know the excess plastic bottles are HARMFUL to the environment!…

    what a hypocrit!…

    I wonder if she knows her new boyfriend is quoted saying that men fantasize about ANGELINA JOLIE when they want to finish intimacy with their wives/girlfriends…..gosh, she’s STILL second fiddle to her!…

  • Farrah

    Thats a dumb question to ask Minka. Why wouldn’t she be happy,.

    she’s busy getting herpes from Yankee’s playboy Derek Jeter and being a branch on his herpes tree. She’s been in New York all week at the event and visiting him. She was at one of the Yankees game. If you’re banging the hottest and richest baseball player in the world, I’m sure she’s glad. She’s with another very rich playboy who’ll probably dump her once he gets tired of her and send her off with her own Valtrex prescription.

  • Emily

    am i the only one to notice a ring on the left hand??? do i hear wedding bells? lets hope so! i think her and john make such a great couple, i think she deserves only the best with all the shit she has been put thru the last 5 or so years.. i hope she’s happy!

  • botox poor jenho

    she just had a new injection of restylane on her lips, she used to had paper thin lip. the lip just like her botox face , reconstructed nose look so unnatural.

  • queenbee

    …Good for Minka!….now that’s what a woman who is confident and not THREATENED by other women says when their EX has moved on to someone else…

    …They dont throw a PITY-PARTY trying to get sympathy from the public, and DEMONIZING their ex-husband!….

    …Minka is obviously a WOMAN FOR WOMEN…unlike insecure big-nosed, bleached-haired Chinnifer Maniston!..

  • jenho

    American sweet heart my a

    American sweet heart my a*ss.She is undercover slut. I am not bashing her just telling the truth. Isn’t that called a fraud claming to be something she is not?

  • Cat

    Not a big Anniston fan – I just can’t tell if she is nice or not. However, she always wears the best jeans that fit her perfectly.

  • froe doe

    im not trying to be funny but jen what did you do to your mouth, your mouth looks swollen and you have barely any lips. last week her hair underneath the fake blonde, you know her real hair color had gone to her natural dark color, now she seems blonder.
    jen please stop the botoxing,lip stuff they r calling you a cougar. please go back to your leprechuan look it was the real you, no blue contacts, lip enhancements or botoxing and real greek dark hair. youre greek be proud. i know it is to late for your nose its been done to many times, but you can do this. do a new tv show the golden cougars or something.sincerely a fellow leprechuan fan.

  • citi

    She should also learn not to FAKE a relationship just to sell movie tickets.

  • why

    i look ed closer her top lip had been injected,shes starving herself to try and stay 20 but her face screams 49-75 and full of chemicals.

  • just me

    True, exes like tracy , nicole kidman and many more real woman don’t throw pity parites just to buy fans and to get sorry from the public. Instead they wish best for their exes and move on. They don’t cause dieases. I am going to dislke her more since her fakeness start shines more than her usual.

  • ghost

    Three mos. together and a moron named Emily is taking about Jen & John getting married . Emily stupid !!!! Tell stupid Stevie to go get stuffed. I have read a lot of comments on this blog., Your’s is the most pathetic of all.

  • anonymous

    She’s returning from a beach vacation and she has a manicure and a toe ring. Good lord. She reeks of high maintenance. Don’t let the stiff jeans fool you.

  • give it up jenho

    Minka is one classy lady not like jenho. John downgraded big time

  • ana

    Love her!! she’s gorgeous..
    come on! stop saying all this things, she’s amazing and she deserves the best.
    I think you have a lot of envy…

  • give it up jenho

    Minka shared her well wishes for John and said, “I’m really happy — as long as they’re happy, I am.”

    Minka is one classy lady. Not like the bitter scorned jenho. John must be on coke for leaving minka who is 1 thousand time prettier and sexier than old hag jenho.

  • Mime

    Emily, you’re right. She does deserve John Mayer. Hes a former blogger who talked about, on his own blog, his fetish of urinating on his partners. John Mayer is a man-wh0re who is into dirty practices, and the Chin is a sl*t who doesn’t care how low she goes to get attention. She is scum, so is the loser John Mayer. Hopefully they will get married. They make a good pair, and deserve each other.

  • give it up jenho

    No wonder john is not that into jenho. Jenho is the homeliest looking woman john had been with.

  • botox

    She t just had her botox injection that is why she is covering her face with sunglasses and hair

  • ghost

    Stupid Stevie! don’t come on a public and think you own-it. If Jen wants to save her own bacon she will get rid of you and start again. Jenny-Poo Wake-up.

  • Jill

    ana @ 06/22/2008 at 1:22 am
    I think you have a lot of envy…

    Why would anyone be envious of a 40 year old has-been who is desperately trying to hang onto what youth she has left?

    She evokes pity, not envy.

  • give it up jenho

    doubt selfish insecure jenho will want to get pregnant and ruin her bloated body.

  • Mime

    And whats with the long hair clinging to her neck (ugh!) and a scarve, in SUMMER? Isn’t she hot? And long jeans? She looks like she is in antarctica.

    No ana, we are not ‘enious’ of that piece of trash with Jay Leno’s chin. No only does she look too masculine, she can’t keep a man, and the only one she can have, is a male sl*t who has dirty preferences, is a scrub and a jackass. She has no style, she is self-absorbed, pretentious, and an airhead. What the eff is their to be ‘envious’ of? You really need lessons in taste, my friend. If you envy that bit of rubbish, then I have no doubt you look up to Paris Hilton as well.

  • besane

    Obvious question:

    How would any pap know Aniston was going to be at LAX with the water she is promoting in hand, and completely made up, UNLESS Aniston and her PR team LEAKED the exact timing? I guess she is threatened by the arrival of the Wonder Twins.

  • connie

    She is wearing her security blanket around her neck again in summer. She sure doesnt know how to dress her age. She is the only woman in her 40′s who is always wearing jeans. Not even paris or nicole richie wear jeans as much jen. Jen is trying hard not to look her age and not succeeding

  • connie

    She is wearing her security blanket around her neck again in summer. She sure doesnt know how to dress her age. She is the only woman in her 40′s who is always wearing jeans. Not even paris or nicole richie wear jeans as much jen. Jen is trying hard not to look her age and not succeeding

  • give it up jenho

    Chinnefer just doesnt have the look. She doesnt have any fashion sense at all. She is the only one who is wearing a blanket around her neck in summer.

  • lackadaisical

    lackadaisical ??? is that even a word or did you just make that up???

  • ghost

    Cute Face, Cute body. That’s ten percent of what a person needs to be a moral human. It’s time the ass-ho–le known as Stupid Stevie gets stuffed. Her talent and her looks are all you needed. Shame on you for selling the rest of her.