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Katherine Heigl is a Josh Kelley Groupie

Katherine Heigl is a Josh Kelley Groupie

Grey’s Anatomy star Katherine Heigl hits up Hotel Cafe to watch her singer-songwriter husband, Josh Kelley perform with his band in Hollywood on Friday. The 29-year-old actress was later spotted at Goa nightclub with Josh.

(Hotel Cafe is one of the hottest L.A. music venues showcasing the biggest singer-songwriter talent that Hollywood has to offer.)

Heigl, who makes about $200,000 per episode of Grey’s, recently withdrew her name from Emmy contention.

10+ pictures inside of Katherine Heigl hitting up Hotel Cafe…

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katherine heigl hotel cafe 01
katherine heigl hotel cafe 02
katherine heigl hotel cafe 03
katherine heigl hotel cafe 04
katherine heigl hotel cafe 05
katherine heigl hotel cafe 06
katherine heigl hotel cafe 07
katherine heigl hotel cafe 08
katherine heigl hotel cafe 09
katherine heigl hotel cafe 10

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  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    it’s a good thing she’s his groupie, because she’s his only one.

    josh gets a big fat – WHO?

    fish-faced heigl’s a lame.

  • LA

    Katherine looks good. Love those shoes. Can’t wait to see her new movie with Gerald Butler.

  • You/Me

    I don’t understand what the big deal is about her, she has no outstanding acting abilities that I can see and she looks like every other blond actress in HW. She also seems very b*itchy to me, like the whole Emmy withdraw thing, why blame the writers and make that comment? Why not just withdraw your name without comment? I’m sure she wouldn’t have won anyway so wtf?

  • oh snap!


  • hmmm


  • J

    ellen pompeo please

    she’s more fun and likeable

  • dancer

    Her publicist must have sat her down and said DON”T SMOKE IN PUBLIC! She rarely has the ever present ciggie in her hand these days.

  • Crazy4PP

    She looked radiant after her vacation in Cabo.

    Ellen Pompeo? Why would she be mentioned here? Geez I find that women scary in ‘Punk’d’ I think everyone saw how violent she can get wanted to stab that waitress that served her table, now that’s the real person if you asked me when she didn’t know someone was actually recording her act not when she’s in front of camera and in interviewes acting all lovey dovey and her fans went ‘oh how humble she is , she’s so nice to everyone and she so fun’ where when she’s being fun? I find all her interviews was her put-up a front ‘hey look, I’m nice, I’m humble’ when before she has the reputation for being a snobbed hide from her fans, refused to sign autograph and that change after Kate Walsh popularity passed her’s and I think her publicist had advice her to be nice to Grey’s fan and say thank you like million times in every interview so that you be likeable by many and scored you brownies than the hubla you did in Punk’it

  • Kate heigl is a cow

    UGH! Arrogant ass!

  • Mark

    I love how they name her on tmz: “the smoking queen bitch”, it suits her totally.

  • Mark

    “The smoking queen b*tch”

  • Val

    Ewww her second toe is so frikkin’ long…


    I like the 3 of them:
    Kathy made a mistake, it’s happen, we’re talking about Hollywood here, everybody bash!
    Kate is just hilarious, I love her!
    Ellen is just the sweetest woman I have ever met, what you (#8) say is wrong since during the season 1, they had an open set and she was wonderful with the fans and before GA, all the directors and actors with who she worked always left endless nice compliment. You can’t fake you’re personality indefinitely and since 5 years in GA, you never heard bad reviews about her, her co-workers always give nice comment her and she’s friends with all of them, I really like that she and Kathy are good friends.

    Bump for the 3 of them <3, you don’t have to chose to appreciate only one of them.

  • Maggie

    I love this actress! She’s beautiful and she says what’s on her mind-and she’s right: the writing on Greys was lousy this year. I love how when EP or PD complain about the writing/storyline of MerDer everyone agrees, but when Katherine Heigl speaks out, everyone gets angry.

    More Katherine Heigl please!

  • Mark

    FYI KH also complained a few mouths ago about the Gizzie story line and no one said anything because at this time as EP and PD, people agreed with her, and no one reacted because it was said in a correct way.

    Here people are shocked because of the way she accused the writers about the fact she withdrew her name for the Emmy and because of her arrogance toward others actresses.

  • aummw

    Rusia 1 Holland 0

  • aummw

    To be or not to be that is the question

  • zanessa
  • aummw
  • aummw
  • Jenn

    Katie is a sweetheart. I saw her last night when these photos were taken and she was more than accomodating to fans – taking lots of photos and always smiling. Her husband is the same way. Nothing but respect for those two!

  • bryant

    Charlize Theron’s prettier but they do look a little alike.

  • Krista

    she’s an ungrateful spoiled bitch

  • Jessss

    I really hope she will leave Grey’s Anatomy, it’ll make my days much brighter.

  • Helena

    Why do you always mention the Emmy thing?

  • Mary

    She ‘s not smoking in these pictures..but she does have the cigarettes in her hand. I wonder what its like for her hubby to kiss her…it must taste like an ashtray…since she smokes soooooo freaking much.

    helena; Jared mentions the emmy thing b/c some people might just be starting to catch up on hollywood news or haven’t visited in the site for a while so may not know.

  • caro

    she’s wearing my Sam Edelman shoes…! seems that quite a few starlets have my taste in footwear!

  • Can’t Stand Her

    I hate that ungrateful arrogant skank. Why would she dis a show that made her famous & got her an Emmy & made her rich. She makes in one episode what I make in a year having to work 6 days a week 12 hours a day w/ little vacation. I hope she is saving that money because I don’t see her having longevity in the business given her bad attitude. The public isn’t dumb & isn’t going to support an actress that behaves as a spoiled brat.

    Rachel Bilson had on the Sam Edelman gladiators on too the other day. I didn’t think they were that cute but I must say they look good on. They are also reasonable – under $100. I still like the Matt Bernson gladiators better seen on Nikki Hilton & Lindsay but for $175 the leather isn’t that nice but they aren’t plasticy looking like the Edelman ones. The most fab ones are the ones Sienna Miller has from YSL but they are too much for me to spend on a pair of sandals.


    yep that is what i think every time i see her. she is one big unattractive gal & an ungrateful bitch too.



  • bailey

    Very pretty and talented. She and her husband make a cute couple.

  • sonia

    OMG!!! she is not attractive at all, and she has a big mouth, how ungrateful, let her not act in any thing for a while and see if she changes her tune and her big ungrateful mouth, who do she think she is?

  • nk

    she is so zzzzz… boring…

  • macordovil

    I’m looking forward to seeing her movie opposite Gerard Butler, “The Ugly Truth”. I’m crazy about Gerry…

  • sonia

    she is not good looking at all, and she can not act, over rated.

  • Kate heigl is a cow

    She’s an ass. Her costars are much better!

  • heigl and Walsh are cows

    ‘Punk’d’ blah blah. ‘Punk’d’ blah blah. You remind only this? I have a long list about Walsh and Heigl. People can’t remind the story of these two cows. Why? For their boobs. Because they love to open their legs. VOMIT!

  • a,

    She is #73 on the Forbes top 100 celebrity list, Dempsey at 84 barely made it, and the actress that is the title character is not on the list.

    Heigl must be laughing at the comments. She doesn’t need Grey’s. The way the writing was last season, they need the Heigl, the only actress they have that has an Emmy, and has been a steady box-office magnet.. Unlike her other co-star, whose last movie was not a box office hit, and at the rate he is aging, he and his scrawny legs can only hope for dad roles in Disney movies from now on.

  • Laila


    Are you kidding me, Grey’s needs Heigl? I think not! I hope they kill her ass next season. She’s needs to learn not to bite the hands that feed you. Grey’s made her star, it’s fine to want to move on but keep your damn mouth shut. NEVER BURN YOUR BRIDGES BEHIND YOU BECAUSE YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN YOU’LL NEED THEM AGAIN!!! I personally cannot stand her, she will never be A-lister, this is as far as she goes. If she keeps talking enough people will be listening and will not hire her. Now when to speak and also now when to shut the hell up!!!

  • H

    (Hotel Cafe is one of the hottest L.A. music venues showcasing the biggest singer-songwriter talent that Hollywood has to offer.)


    Not really, guys.

  • Morgan

    Laila, I think you mean : Know when to speak rather than now when to speak.

    I think Katherine Heigl is too talented to play second fiddle on Greys. IMO. She’s more talented than the lead actress-probably why she gets the movie roles.

  • lAILA


    Thank you for the correction however I didn’t realize that this was spelling/phonics 101. I would rather you express your o-p-i-n-i-o-n rather than focusing on my grammar. You think Heigl is too talented? That’s a joke in itself. A public forum was not the “proper” place for her to express her dislike with the scripts. If you say she has talent, well she certainly lacks tact because it’s not too cool to bad mouth your current employers. She made two movies that faired well at the box office now she’s a HUGE star in her mind. Earth to Katherine, get over yourself.

  • tess

    Love Katherine Heigl. She is a very talented actress and just so beautiful to look at. Josh is also growing on me. She will go far.
    Those who hate her are just so jealous because they are either ugly, poor or uneducated and their brains dont function like rational-thinking people. The government should make good use of these people…haters.. .draft them into a war because their hatred will make them good killers. LOL!!