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David Archuleta: Wall-E Idol!

David Archuleta: Wall-E Idol!

American Idol alum David Archuleta arrives at the world premiere of Disney-Pixar’s film Wall-E, held at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles on Friday.

The 17-year-old singer will be hitting the American Idols Live! Tour this summer and his dad Jeff will be on the tour bus with his son and the other top five guys! David‘s dad was banned from going backstage during the final weeks of American Idol amidst some controversy. Fellow American Idol Carly Smithson recently asked Michael Johns if anyone on the guy’s bus snores and he responded to David, “Only your dad!”.

The American Idol Live! Tour 2008 kicks off on July 1 in Glendale, Ariz., hometown of AI alum Brooke White.

More pictures inside of David Archuleta, a Wall-E Idol…

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david archuleta wall e idol 01
david archuleta wall e idol 02
david archuleta wall e idol 03
david archuleta wall e idol 04
david archuleta wall e idol 05
david archuleta wall e idol 06
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Photos: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty
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  • SarahUK

    Not sure about that hat??

  • ashlee

    1st i like the hat


    3rd luv the pics and he doesn’t look 2 bad in the hat :)

  • ZANESSA FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!

    Didn’t you already post this?

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    who is he, and why does he look like a major tool? lmao

  • oh snap!

    boring he looks like a mexican version of zac efron

  • Angeline

    What a sweetheart !

  • IdolFan

    Why, oh, why are we still giving David A. any more press ? !! Gee whiz !! It’s over already !! Thank God !! This kid is so overated. Besides, he didn’t win.

    I, for one, am no longer interested in anything about him — let alone that goofy grin or jacked-up sense of style.

    Please. No more on David A. He’s not worth the space !!

  • What

    Looks like he packed on some pounds. Yea…. he needs to loose some weight like when he started AI…he looked cuter then.

  • lia

    luv him, he is so cute and talented.


    Jared, I’m not liking the advertisement on your page. They’re pretty scary….

  • michelle

    hes HOTTTT(:

    i looove him!!!!!!!!!

  • michelle

    hes HOTTTT(:

    i looove him!!!!!!!!!

  • designer4davida

    Love this kid!! It is great to see him out having fun. He is a superstar!!

  • Leanne

    He looks like Joe Jonas when joe was younger
    David could be his mini twin. So hottt!!!! :-D

  • ron

    So hot. David is rocking the hat!!!

  • lola

    Wonderful voice…good luck to him. He seems like such a sweet kid!

  • imuridol

    he is the best thing ever happened in American Idol history….
    amazingly talented sweet young gentleman.

  • lol

    I hated him almost as much as I hated Sanjaya.

  • erin

    I can’t wait to see him on the tour. He is the only reason I bought the tickets for me and my two girls. He has the wonderful tone to his voice. He seems like a really great kid too. I can’t wait until his album comes out. Good luck David A.

  • Laura Ashley

    He’s a nice kid but that hat looks stupid on him.

  • lucy

    Enough about his father. Everyone knows he was banned from backstage, but is was only because he was helping with the song choice, and nothing else. Give David a break. How would you feel if people kept printing crap about your dad. Anyone would be doing the best to protect their children’s best interest.

  • archiefan

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE him in the hat!!!!

  • Amy


    Thank you for continuing to give David the exposure he so deserves. He is the best thing that has happened to music in this country and around the world in a VERY LONG TIME!!!! He has a voice that reaches in and grabs your soul and your heart and just doesn’t let go. He’s a beautiful person on the inside. Hollywood needs more Archies!!! :0

  • Amy

    #19-It really is a shame that you could “hate” anyone, especially David. Perhaps if you GOT David, you wouldn’t hate anymore. See, that’s the effect he has on so many people. He makes people want to be better inside. I’m sorry you aren’t one of the lucky ones that get him. He has changed my life and the lives of so many others for the better.

  • Lee

    He looks HOT!!

  • Christine

    #8 Idolfan, aren’t you just selfish? I know that a lot of people love David Archuleta and he deserves the spotlight. Just because YOU don’t care, doesn’t mean others don’t. And get used to seeing him around…he’s going to be a superstar!

  • aba

    He is photogenic. The best looking guy among Idol season 7 contestants. The best voice, too. I read an articles about his record deal that this guy is every recording company manager’s dream. He must be every phtographer’s dream, too ? Nice pictures, Jared!

  • hi

    he so cute in that hat!!!!!! <33333333

  • beckalee87

    I love this kid, he’s incredibly talented, and seems so sweet. I can’t wait to see his album come out. He’s the only reason I ever watched American Idol.

  • LilMe

    This kid is great and deserves a lot of attention, but please, enough about the dad already. Let’s stay focussed on the talent!

  • mickey

    What a dork. He is so ridiculous.

  • Annette Skov

    I`m from Denmark. I try to find something about David Archuleta. You are so negative. Why ?

  • tia

    hes so adorable. and why the heck are they letting his dad on tour?!

    big mistake

  • Sanne

    David Archuleta is the best happened to me -2008 . Voice incredibel !!!!!

  • Sam

    #8 Idolfan, Christine ( # 27 ) is right , get used to it , you’ll see him a lot from now on.

  • Duyen

    yay!! I was waiting for you to put up pictures of him going to the premiere. =)
    he’s such a cutie and i love the hat. can’t waiting for his debut album to come out. <3

  • rain

    i love love him! i’m so gonna watch Wall-E! i actually miss seeing him every tuesday. and wed. nights. i hope his album is out already!

  • Loreen Archuleta (i wish)

    Oh no! he’s turning into his DAD!!! like father like son!

  • rain

    if you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything. coz not only you hurt others you also make yourself look bad and mean to others.
    it’s not David’s fault that he’s genuinely kind and i really don’t understand how people can actually hate him. :)

    and i think he is gonna be big coz he has so many dedicated fans out here that will continue to support him. :)

  • pascalee

    You guys should not waste your time responding to David haters. A lot of people are going to say negative things because he is so young and so talented. It’s called jealousy. He is going to be very rich very soon and that kills some people:) He is the reason I bought tickets to the Idols Tour. When his CD comes out it will be the first time I ever buy a CD from any Idol contestant even though I’ve enjoyed many people in previous years. The vast majority of these posts are very nice and supportive anyway.

  • asjkfljkch

    ugh, he looks like such a tool. and this is coming from someone who actually likes him.

  • Kikigirl101

    Love him. I’m so happy to see him outside of AI drama and pressure and just have fun.

  • Mike r.

    I think the only reason he was at the Wall-E premiere was to promote his new movie with Disney…Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Enough is enough, let this little bastard fade into obscurity, like the rest of the American Idols.

  • IdolFan

    @ # 27 Christine @ 06/23/2008 at 12:33 am and Sam:

    >>#8 Idolfan, aren’t you just selfish? I know that a lot of people love David Archuleta and he deserves the spotlight. Just because YOU don’t care, doesn’t mean others don’t. And get used to seeing him around…he’s going to be a superstar!>>

    Selfish or not, I seriously doubt that dorky David Archuleta is going to be any bigger than he ever got on that show. And in my opinion, that was way over the top. Like I said, he was way overrated. And he has no appeal to the average fan — just crazy-ass teenyboppers like you guys.

    He lost, thank goodness. And I don’t want to hear anything else about him. He bores the $hit out of me. So I agree with Mike R. — fade into obsurity, Dude. Fade into obscurity already !!

    BTW, if you want to see great talent on this season who truly got robbed, you should check out those bikini pics of Syesha Mercado in the new issue of OK !! magazine. She looks great !! Now that’s the kind of singing talent that I’m looking forward see bloom outside of the limited AI.

    Go Syesha, girl !!!



  • new day

    Archie is gonna be big!!! He always have screaming fans everywhere!! For those who wants him to go away are just jealous of him.

  • go Archie and Jeff!

    He looks super cute, We love you David, thanks for the info and photos!

  • Kathy

    David looks great in a hat, or without one. He is so un-Hollywood, which I adore, and I hope he never bows down to the millions of Simon-wannabes who will try to claim that their opinion is somehow superior to that of others.

    David A. has a ton of fans. Visit any of the Idol forums and you’ll discover that his fans are just as enthused about his entry into the music business as they were at the beginning of the Idol season. He will continue to have (and will gain) a ton of fans. Thank you, Just Jared, for covering his presence at the Wall-E premiere.

  • Kira

    he looks adorablee! I wonder who gave him the idea of using the hat, though