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Jennifer Aniston is Heathrow Hip

Jennifer Aniston is Heathrow Hip

Jennifer Aniston keeps it hip and happening at Heathrow airport in London on Sunday.

Earlier, Jen, 39, was seen leaving from LAX airport in Los Angeles. Current boyfriend John Mayer is reportedly across the pond in London and she’s off to see him!

The Your Body is a Wonderland singer is in England for a set of concerts, starting in Birmingham on Tuesday.

10+ pictures of Jennifer Aniston being Heathrow hip…

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jennifer aniston heathrow hip 02
jennifer aniston heathrow hip 03
jennifer aniston heathrow hip 04
jennifer aniston heathrow hip 05
jennifer aniston heathrow hip 06
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jennifer aniston heathrow hip 08
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Credit: Goff, Matrix; Photos: INFdaily, FlynetOnline
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157 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston is Heathrow Hip”

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  1. 1
    Júlia Says:


  2. 2
    Júlia Says:

    fisrt babe

  3. 3
    Marie Says:

    I really like Jennifer Aniston and I hope things work out well for her and John.

  4. 4
    YOU'RE OWNED Says:


  5. 5
    yeahhh Says:

    i love her!!

  6. 6
    You're ownEd by us ! Says:


    uuummm it’s seems like you’re our biggest b.eotch…can’t help it refering to us, can’t you ?

    Maniston knows how John the dog like them younger on tour. She makes sure he keeps it free of std’s in the process.

  7. 7
    Mia Says:

    i’m in birmigham ive heard no news of him singing here

  8. 8
    Jamie Insider Says:

    I hope everything works well with her. I certainly don’t want to see another one of her break-ups.

  9. 9
    JentheSTALKER Says:

    She’s stalking Brangelina in Europe. OMG HIDE SHILOH!!!!

  10. 10
    anustin Says:

    urenator is waiting to urenate her.then spit her out!!

  11. 11
    CLINIQUA Says:

    Yeah what’s that Mayer once said, and I QUOTE: “If I have a girlfriend, she knows she will need to be on the phone with the phone sex at all hours, in case I see a hot young groupie in thr front row – that’s the only thing that will take the edge off.” I guess neurotic maniston is doing his advice one better and flying in to play guarddog. Keep peeboy on a short leash jen.

  12. 12
    JentheStalker Says:

    Mayer isn’t the only one ‘on tour,’ — Maniston is ‘touring,’ with her ‘cougar’ relationship — per Stephen Huvane….boy, I bet that took a LOT for her to get on a plane…last time she was in London she was begging Vince Vaughn to NOT publicly dump her…now she’s back….she puts her life ‘on tour’ because the publicity cures her insecurity, according to janice Min of US magazine. I find it odd, that she shows up just as Brangelina is about to give birth – and this whole ‘public hookup’ thing with Mayer, Perez’s ex, actually started when Cannes commenced and the whole world went nuts about Brangelina and the twins on the red carpet…it’s weird, it’s like she’s not only riding Brangelina coattails, but also riding the coattails of newborns. now that’s kind of sick. By the way – what in hell is Mayer touring for? Does he even have anything out? 10 gigs where he sings that song about his 25 yr old ex girlfriend’s ‘wonderland’ body?? Wow, maniston will be really into that song. Do you think she ever wonders as she’s manouvering through crowds and the papz are clicking away…‘wow, they’re only taking pics of me, because I am ‘Brad Pitt’s’ rejected ex, unlucky in love, trying to get a hookup.’ Same reason why every single poster in here now, is here too.

    Or do you think, if she had been tate Donovan’s ex, you’d be here???


    Have a great time in London Jen, make sure you sit at lots of outdoor tables, ad do lots of outdoor events, and call ahead to all the news orgs, and maybe even sneak a few into your hotel pool area. You’re always so great with letting us know in advance, when to show up with our equipment!!

    See ya soon.

    You’ve timed it just right. You’ll have the tabloid pics of you and your son — oops I mean Mayer, coincideing with Brad’s new twin babies announcements.

    Jen, if you weren’t so sad and pathetic, you’d be diabolical!

  13. 13
    Helena Says:

    I’m from London and I’m surprised that John Mayer even has concerts, he’s only famous here for being Aniston’s BF!

  14. 14
    CLINIQUA Says:

    Man, that closeup pic is UGLY. ((shiver)) BLEH. Corey Haim looks more attractive to your immediate left than you do Jen — dayum, is there some new attachable lip procedure that Maniston can look into?? Egads, even Camilla parker Bowles has juicier lips. :lol:

  15. 15
    Bill Says:

    Go jenn, she looks great and I hope she’s happy with John Mayer.

  16. 16
    ladybug Says:

    someone please tell me what kind of bag she’s carrying.

  17. 17
    Helena Says:

    Cliniqua, maybe if you weren’t so rude, people would accept your opinions.

  18. 18
    bet betty Says:

    Flying. Over. The. Pond?


    Love. Peeboy. Better. Than. Her. Ex.


    No. Wonder. A. Brad-Dumpee.

  19. 19
    to Jen Says:

    Jen, make sure you dont lie to John this time around.

    Remember you LIED to your ex husband many times.

  20. 20
    louie Says:

    Over rated, over exposed Media W-hore! That’s Jennifer Anuston for you. Can she just go away!? She’s annoying!

  21. 21
    Wonder Says:

    I hope this relationship will work out for her. This John Mayer better not break her heart. She has been through so many relationship.

    With money and fame, I think people still do need someone to share their happiness and sadness.

    Best wishes to Jen.

  22. 22
    conspiracytheory Says:

    I think Jen and John will last for a little bit. Maybe it is love, but if it was you would think they would do more to protect the relationship. Instead Aniston in full view of the paps is walking through LAX with water? (Tacky). Mayer is suddenly in DEMAND with the paps/press because of his relationship with Brad Pitt’s ex wife.

    Mayer is young and has talent so his behavior can be understood. Mayer seems to be a little insecure, so dating Brad Pitts ex wife he is mostl likely on high from all the ATTENTION. What will happen when it wears off? lmao…It took Brad 7 years to get out of his relationship , how long will it take Mayer? And what will he do when the world blames him for breaking Aniston’s heart.? Will he go the way of Vince Vaughn(Aniston savior years ago) who now the paps and press don’t care much about anymore?

    As for Aniston it is quite obvious what she is doing? Does she love Mr. Mayer? Time will tell I guess, however she still seems to be competing with a certain someone. It is almost like she is using this relationship to prove something to herself , “the shocked world”, tabloids and maybe someone else. She should be happy yet FAME/CAREER is her priority and dictates how she lives her life. It is sad. Maybe I am totally off with my theories but someting seem starnge regarding Jen Aniston behavior in these past couple of months. It smells of a Pr stunt/

  23. 23
    what? Says:

    At least John Mayer is better looking than the big nose monkey and overbotoxed looking Brad pitt. I bet he has a bigger ya know what too. ;)

  24. 24
    In the know.... Says:

    I had a bet with my Jen loving friend that she would be joining John on his European tour just in time for Wanted to open in theaters! I won!!! I must say figuring out Jen’s PR moves has become child’s play. Next, I predict pics of her backstage embracing John and a write up in People about how she missed him so much she hopped a plane across the pond!

    It’s also time for her to visit her FF fans who are in cahoots withe Huvane, her publicist.

  25. 25
    arrgghh Says:

    dont lie.
    mayer is in holland and he just did a concert earlier today.
    i should know because i was there.

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