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Reese Witherspoon Set to Jet

Reese Witherspoon Set to Jet

Reese Witherspoon tries to stay incognito with shades and a black hat at LAX Airport in Los Angeles on Saturday, but still garners lots of attention.

Currently dating Rendition co-star Jake Gyllenhaal, 28, the 32-year-old actress has two children with Ryan Phillippe. Ava is 8 and Deacon is 4.

Jake wants to get married, he’s never been engaged and he’s never been married before,” a friend of the couple told OK! recently. “He wants to experience that, and have that high of saying vows and making it official. He’s a guy that does things by the book, and I wouldn’t be surprised if by the year’s end he and Reese got married… it’s just convincing her it’s what to do!”

DO YOU THINK we will finally get the long awaited Gyllenspoon wedding?

10+ pictures of Reese Witherspoon set to jet…

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reese witherspoon set to jet 01
reese witherspoon set to jet 02
reese witherspoon set to jet 03
reese witherspoon set to jet 04
reese witherspoon set to jet 05
reese witherspoon set to jet 06
reese witherspoon set to jet 07
reese witherspoon set to jet 08
reese witherspoon set to jet 09
reese witherspoon set to jet 10
reese witherspoon set to jet 11
reese witherspoon set to jet 12

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  • An Intelligent Mind

    I’m so happy for Reese and Jake!! Wish them the best!!

  • Sunny

    No, I don’t expect it to happen.

  • tamara

    She’s on her way to Jake in London. He’s filming Prince of Persia there.

  • krung krung

    i like you Reese but the glasses are fug.

  • krung krung

    i like you Reese but your glasses are fug.

  • oh snap!

    no they won’t get married she too old and looks llike a dude in these photos

    those sunglasses are a hot mess, lmao

  • debbie

    I love her she is someone who leads by example she looks fine.I like the hat and purse.

  • GurL

    they make a great couple!

  • Amanda

    i kinda like this whole modern hip look on reese, it suits her welll, love her hat,sunglasses, shirt, jacket, and shoes alott.. very well coordinated

  • Anon

    She is looking a lot cooler and more happier then before. I love her look!!! I bet she was at the airport with Jennifer Aniston.
    If Jake and Reese did get married, I bet they would do it very secretly like Jay Z and Beyonce. They are very low key. I read that her kids like Jake.

    #3 why would you even say that and you know nothing.Jake has been making a movie in South Carolina.

  • autum

    they better not get married!!!

  • anon.

    Reese is crazy if she got married. She just got divorced! Come on, calm down!

    Jake is wonderful man but too young for her!

  • Laura Ashley

    She looks like a troll – bad haricut & glasses. It also appears. like she is trying to step up her style but I don’t think this look quite suits her.

  • Ali

    She’s so odd looking; flared nostrils and jutting chin.

    This outfit is so un-Reese like too.

  • menon

    Oh come off it. When a star as big as La Wither wants to travel incognito she uses a private jet, not a public scheduled one. And those shades don’t fool anybody and she knows it. Paps probably tipped off. And all that about Jake wanting to get married. If he had really wanted that they would be married by now. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • Helena

    Fugly sunglasses.

  • Ingrid

    Many stars use public scheduled ones now because of the environment. It’s good that celebrities are realising how POINTLESS private jets are. Good on you, Reese!

  • Laughing

    Reese is so frumpy. The harder she tries to look trendy (channeling Sienna Miller much with this outfit) the more ridiculous she looks. If she really wanted to be incognito she would be. Another photo op for part of the phonyspoon team.

  • Ivana

    Reese looks simply ok, nothing special…..

  • whitney

    Reese is so overated as an actress, she sucked in her oscar winning role, she can’t sing her way out of a wet paper bag, and her last movie tanked big time. I don’t see this woman doing very well , watch all her movies tank. Some of these actors who have won the oscars don’t deserve it. They vote for each other and to me that has no credibility, because it turns to a popularity contest, and not talent. Like queen latifa said , now that we have alot of black actors, and are able to vote , some great black actors are winning like Denzel. What i despise the most is when producers try to push actors down our throats,it’s not going to work anymore. Jake don’t marry this fugly overated woman, she has too much baggage, you can do alot better with a younger woman, instead of being stuck as step dad to ryan’s kids.

  • solaris

    I disagree with you. Reese sang very well in the film. Not quite like June Carter, but yes, she had the attitude of June. You may not like her, that’s your business, but you can not say that Oscar is a popularity contest. Did you see Laura Linney, Cate Blanchet, Daniel Day Lewis, Javier Bardem (I don’t think that Javier is popular in USA)? About the Black Actor, what about Sidney Poitier (1963)? And Hattie McDaniels (1939), Denzel won his first Oscar in 1989, Cuba Gooding, Jr in 1996, and others. If you are willing to read the history of Oscar, there are few black actors/non actors who won Oscar a long the way. You always have to see the comparison of numbers.

    You know what, try to see the actors/actresses as human being, and not based on their skin colours. With or against them, because of their skin colour, is also a kind of racism. You have to see their skill.

    Never underestimate the power of love. Look at Ashton Kutcher , Tim Robbins, James Mcavoy…they all are in love (madly) with much older women. And believe me, in the evening when nobody’s there and there are only two people talking, it is not beauty or age that matters anymore, but what inside the heart and the brain is! After the first hour, there will nothing else to do but talking!

    And may be Jake see Reese’s kids as bonus and it is simply irresistible! The more the love is, the merrier it is! I will see it that way.

  • Anon

    Reese is a cougar!

  • i hope he ain’t gay

    look, if he’s really not TOOTHY TILE, that’s great. if he is, that’s great too but i hope reese knows and that they are both in on this PDA for sake of their career and he’s not fooling her.

    Now, if he’s bi…he’s just being selfish and I dunno what to say about that. Gay or straight, please pick one.

  • menon

    On balance I would say Jake is NOT gay. He might be bi. One thing for sure: he doesn’t seem to get much of anywhere with the women in his life. No kids, no marriage, no nutin’. His normality would be much more believable if he got married or produced at least one kid. Time is passing and before long he’ll begin to look like a “confirmed bachelor.” And you know what that means.

  • Ivana

    I don’t believe in this showmance stuff….
    Showmance is pretending relationship. Right ???
    First of all, Jake and Reese know each other for quite long…
    You really believe that these two for nine months (since October), pretend to be so called couple…
    They probably sleep together and when you sleep with someone, you must be in love…
    Reese dosen’t seem like control freak at all, she done her business with Avon, making commercials, Jake done his, sometimes she came to visit him, they walk and smile, holding hands. Paparazzi take photos…. And we all comment that….

  • dr fill

    I don’t think they will get married because Jake is a closeted homosexual and his so called ‘relationship’ with Reese is a fraud. Reese is his beard, everyone in Hollywood is aware of this.


    i love her hat its super cute !


  • menon

    Saw elsewhere that she is going to the UK and renting a 4 million dollar house for herself and her kids so she can be near to Jake while he is filming. That would be the Prince of Persia film, right? And maybe she decided to travel to the UK by commercial jet. I don’t know if any of this is true, but it sounds plausible. If true, she sure is taken with the guy. I wonder what exactlly he does for her other than make her feel wanted. LOL.

  • Ivana

    dr fill
    You really think that Reese would play that role…
    Being someone beard is quite egsosting job….
    She dosent need that, she have money and influence, she have children to take care of..
    BTW when Jake was dating with Kirsten, everybody love them, they were cute and most laid couple, blah blah…
    Now he is gay and Reese is his beard. Sometimes i think that this haters are homos, who can’t forgive Jake for choosing woman…. LOL…

  • Ivana

    dr fill
    The real truth is no one knows nothing, and you as doctor should know that….. :-)

  • Ivana

    This was just joke, (about homos) no one should take this so personally…Haters have their opinion, we who love Jake our…. Lol..

  • Alison

    Reese sure didn’t waste her time moving on…..

  • WTF

    Did she inject her lips?

  • menon

    Ivana her house has lots of bedrooms; it’s a big house, How do you know she and Jake sleep together? They might sleep in different rooms. And he does have his own house. They are obviously friends who enjoy each other’s company. What their sexual relationship is nobody knows but them. There may not be one. Men and women can be friends and not have sex. He may be gay; she may not care. Maybe she likes a man who doesn’t “bother” her, so to speak. Maybe after two kids she needs a “rest”. And gays like to be around women as friends. Especially if they are rich and she is rich. She may give him lots of spending money. Who knows? He might spend it on boyfriends. You know, help the economy, spread the money around. LOL.

  • Ivana

    We can only guess, maybe i am wrong, maybe you are wrong.. Who knows… But to me it is little absurd to think, that this is just pretending…
    Spend so many time together and not sleeping together, c’mon….
    Jake is cute guy, and Reese is free woman, and this is America. Americans are pretty much liberal… Right???

  • Ivana

    Maybe i would have some doubts, that these two live in my country, we are little bit conservative, but not to much. haha…
    Maybe we must spy them to find a truth, you know were they live, bring equipment and i will come, my driving skills are pretty good, so that we can escape if they discover us….. I hope Atticus is good dogie…

  • Kelly

    She looks weird in these pics. Not the type I would expect from her. Interesting?! She reminds me of that Samantha Ronson…Lindsay Lohan’s Lesbianpartner. lol

    And those glasses are so funky! Did she go to Dollar General for her outfit?! funny s_ _ _!

  • anon

    I agree she is a bit overrated as an actress she was ok in Walk the Line but he far better. She’d better cherise that Oscar don’t think she’ll be getting more. Now who cares if they get married both are dull he had a bit more cool cache before now he seems more like a middle aged man. And renting a $4m house here is nothing, could be 3 bedrooms it’s so expensive in London.

  • menon

    Ivana, Americans are not the sex fiends you think they are. Why do you think they use sex stimulants all the time (the website won’t let me post the brand names of them, but you know what they are)? Many, I won’t say most, Americans are impotent. They can’t do it in bed, so they take out their aggression by invading innocent countries like Iraq and well you know. Jakeypoo has to be passive: his sister got Dunst for him and La Wither went after him not he after her. I think he loves his mother most. La Wither may be a substitute mother for him. Not a “mother-f*cker” as they say. LOL.

  • menon

    Poor Jakeygoo, his movie is shut down again. And one more shut down, they say, and it will die. Then poor poor Jakeypoo will have done all that work for nothing. You know standing in front of the camera and reading the lines held up for him by somebody with cue cards. Such a lot of tough work, and nothing to show for it. Oh the misery of it all, the tragecy, the sheer auwfulness. LOL

  • Ivana

    OMG, my English is limited to answer you on this….
    I understand you perfectly, and i must say you are right about many things, after all you know your country and Americans better then me…
    Mostly i like your comments (not always), because you sound so logic, you have great sense for humor and sometimes you make me cry…

    Why do you thing Jake is passive, because his sister introduce him with Kirsten, this is so natural, Maggie worked with her, she knows that Jake look Spiderman only because of Kirsten…
    Americans desperately shows on movies his obsession with sex,
    American Pie and lots of horrible teenage comedies… :-)

  • Ivana

    To bad he work for nothing, that’s happen when Jessica Biel come to show…. ;-)

  • menon

    Ivana, thanks for the compliments. Jakey has never gone after a woman; they have always come to him. Dunst was gotten for him by his sister, he didn’t pick her out and Reese came after Jakey, not the other way round. I can’t think of a single woman Jakey has gone after. Can you? And for long periods of time (like after Dunst left) he just paled around with other guys. He doesn’t seem to have an intense libido where women are concerned. Passive guy. Says the best time he has had recently has been cooking with his pal Chris. That is SO GAY, two men cooking together.

  • menon

    Cooking, you know, is unconsciously symbolic of giving birth to a baby. You make it in the kitchen and then put it in the oven (womb) and then it emerges after a period of time, just like a baby. So when two men cook together they are having a baby, symbolically. First the sex (preparing the food) and then their “baby” emerges from the oven (womb) when it is born. LOL.

  • Ivana

    What about Natalie Portman, these two hanging a lot….
    Jenny Lewis (singer), Sophia Bush….
    He have many female friends, only male friend in his ls life is Chris (weird)….
    Agree with you. that two man in kitchen look so gay..
    What happen with that Hollyweird, if you are not gay, you must be scientologist…. lol..
    I sincerely hope, that Jake will run on time….

  • menon

    He took Natalie to LUNCH; they are both Jews and friends, nothing more at all. The other two never got near him as far as I know. He has had other male friends, like Austin Nichols and others. Chris is his “best” friend, so he says, but he has others. You don’t see him with his male friends anymore. I think he wants to make it look as if he only goes around with Reese, a woman. He is saying “Look people, I have a GIRLfriend, so I am not gay…really I’m not…. please believe me I’m not….no…. I am NOT, I repeat I am NOT GAY.” Now let me alone.

    BTW Jake seems still to be In S. Carolina filming Nailed, that has been shut down again for lack of money to pay people. I would say that movie is jinxed. Wonder how Jakey got caught in that.

  • solaris

    menon, you know that the best chef in the world is always a man. Are you telling me that if a man cooks with his male best friend is a gay? What about Leonardo De Caprio and Tobey Mcguire, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, Jude Law, Johnny Lee Miller, and Ewan MacGregor? Brad Pitt and Edward Norton? You know that they are best friends. They do many things together. Law, J.L Miller and MacGregor even lived together. What do you think that they did? Or Dustin Hoffman and Gene Hackman? They lived together, I supposed, cooking is not the only thing that they did together.

    A man is gay if he sleeps with another man. Until it was proven that Jake sleeps with another man, than just because you say so it doesn’t mean that it is true.

    And it doesn’t really matter what you think either, because Jake’s life is not your business. And if Jake is gay, what does it concern you?

  • http://yahoo legly blond

    you are the best actoress and i just want you to know that i love you and the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have a chiuwa and named him brozzer!!!
    i just want yo tell you, you ROCKand i love you like crazy!!!

    your #1 fan,
    anna carver

  • irrarpidalm

    tests time mashine