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Selena Gomez: Catch the Kiss!

Selena Gomez: Catch the Kiss!

Disney starlet Selena Gomez arrives at the world premiere of Wall-E held at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Selena, 15, has undoubtedly been receiving comparisons to Miley Cyrus due to both of their early success. “I think it’s an honor, it’s a good compliment,” said Selena. “But I think I might want to take a different route when it comes to that. I love acting, and that’s my passion. So I would love to do more movies and some serious things. So maybe a different road with me.” Ms. Gomez is planning on recording an album later in the year, but she hopes it will be part of a band instead of a solo singer!

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Selena going solo or breaking out with a band?

More pictures inside of Selena Gomez blowing a kiss…

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selena gomez kiss 02
selena gomez kiss 03
selena gomez kiss 04
selena gomez kiss 05
selena gomez kiss 06
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Photos: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty
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  • melissa

    i love her she’s amazing

  • juc

    dream big honey, but disney kids always crash and burn.

  • Rogier

    she’s so beautiful.. damn

  • celebrity stalker


  • Naz

    i dont think shes a miley wanabe.. i think shes cooler. mileys abit.. much

  • cristi

    I like Demi lovato better , she’s more talented , i went at her concert and she was amazing!!!
    , but im not hating , i like selena too !

    JJ post give us more Demi Lovato news please :D

  • Helena

    This girl is boring me already. Disney stars never get famous past 25. They need to go away and get it over with already.

  • jo

    Selena is cute and talened but not too much more, in myopinion. She is missing that extra something that I think Miley (clearly) and Demi both have.
    Will she become Disney’s next big breakout star? Nooo way. But she’s pretty big in her own right.

    I absolutely hate when people compare the disney girls though. It’s stupid because they’re all so diff.
    I would be flattered being compared to Miley though, as she was, seeing as how successful she is.

  • qiara.

    Demi Lovato’s just a better singer (she’s the only thing I liked about Camp Rock) but Selena is so amazingly pretty!

  • emilie

    dude a band would be totally awesome!

  • Stella

    Cristi #6—> I went at her concert in Cleveland , and I agree , she’s was amazing :D
    im gonna see her again on “the Burning up Tour” :D

    Selena is pretty, but I don’t like her hair at all in the pictures ,bangs doesn’t look good on her.

  • D


  • DeMi-lOvAtO-iS-tHE-bEsT

    demi and miley are prettier , just my opinion , Selena still looks like a little girl.

  • chantall

    OMG i like Selena a lot!! she is an amazin actor. but i dont think she can really sing… she should prob. start a band and go for a like pop rock theme

  • Just_dreams

    i love Selena..
    in my opinion she is really talented and can be what ever she wants to be!!!
    it would be cool if Demi and Sele were singin’ together… they would rock this world!
    i like Miley too and they can compare them because they are perfect in their ways!!!
    Love u Sele!!!!!
    Demi and Sele are the Best Miley is too

  • LINA

    i hate her i dont really know why but eww

  • kate

    I don’t even see the comparison?
    Why? Because they are both on disney? That’s stupid.

    Obv she is heading on her own path, not similar to Mileys (although I’m sure every disney star dreams of reaching her level of success)

    As for the whole band thing.. can’t see it AT ALL but who am I to say..

  • emily

    if she went solo it would be to cliche.
    it would be really cool if she took a different path and joined a band. shed earn some points with me, at least.
    i can defentaly respect a front man in a band alot more than a solo artist.

  • qiara.

    seriously LINA? You have no reason to hate someone and you just do? Wow that makes you seem EXTREMELY smart.

  • charakter

    Nooooo !!, she should let the singing to Demi or Miley ,i don’t think she really can sing …

  • molly

    i like her hair better wavy then straight.
    but shes cute, so jealous of her in the burnin up video though.
    haha nicholas jonas is mineeee <3

  • lingo

    ew. no

  • jéssica

    but she’s cute :)

  • ashlee

    who wants to be vh? selena’s cuter than vanessa in a way

  • joss

    she looks so cute, i would definitely chose her over miley, miley just thinks shes invincible because of her and her dad’s fame, too bad, she’s got to realize that not everyone in the world loves her

  • shell

    I love when people hate on a 15 year old…and to the post about her looking younger than Miley…well thats because miley has decided to go the “im too good for younger crowd anymore so im gonna keep taking pictures of myself half naked and post them on the internet” route.

    She’s Selena gomez no one else…I don’t think miley can act but can sing…selena can act just can’t sing as well. And disney starts do make it…ever heard of idk HILARY DUFF? JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE? BRITTANY SPEARS? CHRISTINA A.? In reality those were dinsey stars too before the disney channel came around.

  • shell

    not to mention…i can’t imagen what its like to be a 15 year old who gets shit on by jealous people on forums. She’s 15 freaking years old and people are saying ewww don’t like her don’t know why but ewww…please grow up.

  • shell

    not to mention…i can’t imagen what its like to be a 15 year old who gets shit on by jealous people on forums. She’s 15 freaking years old and people are saying ewww don’t like her don’t know why but ewww…please grow up.

  • bla blah

    Why do people underestimate the possibility of Selena Gomez?? Because she’s not white like all the other big pop tarts??

  • shell

    Good point Joss, miley is on ly here because of her dad…she didn’t earn a spot on the show her dad was the reason she got it. Selena as gotten where she is by herself with no help from a famous father.

  • Lena

    I don´t like Selena…

    Miley & Demi are much cooler than her..

    selena looks like an 8 year old kid..

  • Nancy

    Not only is she beautiful, she’s smart! I hope she makes it big. She seems like a real prize. Someone like Geyer Kosinsky should sign her up!

  • kate

    Umm no.
    If Miley would have been handed the role, she wouldnt have had to go through a series of auditons for over a year.
    Why would they give a DISNEY show to an unknown actress just because of her washed up country singer dad?? How does that make any sense?
    I just think they saw the star power in Miley, and rightfully so, look at her now.

  • Don

    First of all, Miley is a HUGE star. Selena is nothing but a wannabe who can only dream of being as famous as Miley cuz it will never happen. Demi has a big butt that will just get bigger with time. Talent like Miley’s is rare, Disney can’t manufacture it.

  • Amy


  • bla blah

    Talent like Miley?? Please.. She sucks at acting and will never win an Oscar or Emmy or Tony. She sucks at singing and will never win a Grammy. She is not an artist like Cate Blanchett or Feist. She is a manufactured pop tart fo sell to tweens everywhere.

  • kate

    Miley may not be the “best of the best” but she definitely has that something special.
    She’s unique. Her voice has that nice raspy country tone. As a comedic actress, she does the job. It’s Hannah Montana, not Grey’s Anatomy. It’s not supposed to be serious, it’s meant to be exaggerated and silly.
    For those who have seen her in concert KNOW that it takes talent to put on a show like she does. Its not something you find everyday, and THAT is what makes her a talent. Her performance skills smash everyone on Disney. Although, I love all the Disney girls.
    Each talented in thier own right.

  • Gina


    selena can’t sing and all around Miley and Demi just have the extra something that makes them more likeable

    Selena is alittle too goth for all these girly girl little kids to become popular.

  • allie

    i love selena [:
    and ewwwwwww to miley

  • blah

    ah!, I don’t like her hair straight
    and she needs to stop with the white blouses

    but I love her!.

  • lala

    i think she loks like a mini rachel bilson they seriously look like sisters, and about the acting thing i think she is more natural and sassy than miley and less loud check miley and mandy videos; and then demi and selena, mandy and miley are always screaming soooo loud!! annoying!!!

    besides i think she sings ok she sings the theme song af wizards of waverly place and the band thing is a really good idea.

  • paige

    eww. i hate selena
    she is a skank
    she is going to crash & burn
    Miley & Demi are a-lot better
    JJ post more on Miley&Demi :D
    haters of demi&miley you guys are pathetic&trash & did i mention skanks

  • hanna

    she has her priorities straight, unlike miley who is all over the place. and that’s a good thing for selena. I completely adore her, she’s an awesome role model. Personally I hope selena’s career does go a different way than miley’s just so people stop comparing them.

  • hanna

    oh my gosh i completely agree, she looks so much like rachel bilson. i’ve always thought that!

  • Kylie

    She looks so pretty! I love her.

  • Natalie

    No offense but i don’t like this girl… she’s not pretty at all compared to Miley and she’s really annoying on camera

    whoever said that Miley got her fame because of dad needs a reality check… Miley works extremely hard for her success, she’s not effin’ paris hilton that got famous off her parent’s money. She does the concerts, show, movies and albums by herself. Not to mention she auditioned a few times before she got the role as Hannah Montana. If her dad was the reason she was famous, i don’t think she would have to work as hard as she’s been working.

  • luli

    she is very cute!!

  • abigail

    I hate that everyone thinks that everything Miley does is original and if someone else does something that Miley does, they’re copying her.

    Selena’s grabbing lunch at McDonald’s? Oh, Miley did that last month! Selena’s blowing a kiss? So did Miley. Selena’s breathing air? That bitch; that’s Miley’s thing!

    They are two separate people. The tabloids need to get over themselves.

  • EWWW

    EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW… she copy MILEY hair !

    PSSSH… get ur own style

  • hannah

    i agree with shell #27, but she can sing and act. and miley CAN NOT sing at all. she just gets too much credit. she lip syncs because she sucks, and she takes all those disgusting picture, but yet little girls totally look up to her. “Be yourself?” She always says that, but shes the one whose totally faking it. She needs to act her age…