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Amy Winehouse Battling Emphysema

Amy Winehouse Battling Emphysema

Amy Winehouse has early stage emphysema as a result of smoking crack cocaine and cigarettes and may need an oxygen mask to breathe if she cannot stop, her father told The Sunday Mirror, in an interview.

“She’s got emphysema – it’s in its early stages, but had it gone on for another month they painted a very vivid picture of her sitting there like an old person with a mask on her face struggling to breathe,” her father, Mitch Winehouse said.

Mitch also told of his fears as Amy underwent tests after a mystery lump was found on her chest during scans at private London hospital The Clinic.

He said, “After lots of tests they found a lump in Amy’s chest. A scan has shown it’s not cancerous and there are no traces of cancer in her blood. But they might need to double check.

Amy, 24, is still scheduled to sing at a concert in London on Friday celebrating the 90th birthday of Nelson Mandela, the South African Nobel Prize-winner, and plans to take part in the Glastonbury music festival the following day.

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  • pete

    hope she gets better soon!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    hopefully we’ll get a r.i.p thread soon.

  • bleh

    wooot first

  • Nic

    well, she got what she deserve..that’ll stop her..

  • maddie

    I really wish people would stop asking her to perform at events and stuff, it is just celebrating the fact she is a mess.
    Why does Nelson Mandela want any links to her? She has a good voice but she can’t perform well at all now!

  • jami

    I think she has amazing talent and this is quite sad that her life is such a train wreck. What a waste of a talent. I don’t wish anybody to die, I think that is a terrible thing to say #2.

    Maybe this is the wake up call she needed and now she can clean up her drug problem once and for all before it is too late.

  • paige

    she should be put in jail for doing drugs.
    she already has 10 photos leaked out of her smoking crack.
    2-drug bust.
    in about 1yr she’ll have a dead thread because of her being a drug addict.

  • qiara.

    I agree with Maddie. I was really angry when she won her Grammy (and wasn’t even there to accept it) because it just makes it seem like her behavior is acceptable. Despite her music being good, they should do something to show that her druggie lifestyle is not condoned and the only way to do that is through her work; besides, didn’t she like pass out at one of performances or something? who would want to see that?

  • kat

    that is what you get when you underestimate your health and well-being.
    its not nice to say, but it is what amy disorved.
    i just hope shell learn her lessons and get well soon. its really sad.

  • katika

    poor amy…

  • kat0000

    too bad for her!

  • kat0000

    too bad for her!

  • hey again

    darn, thought this was Angelina Jolie when I first saw the pic.

  • Helena

    Infamous, you post a disgusting thing, per usual.

  • g-d

    don’t friggin smoke, doink.

  • Ingrid

    I think this is horrible news! She should drop out of the Nelson Mandela gig and Glasonbury. She needs a rest and she should also get help to quit the fags and the cocaine! Get well soon!

  • Jess75

    It’s pretty sad that there are rolemodels out there like this and that people are just like “poor her I hope she learns her lesson” and yet there are people who are completely ripped apart for being “too sexy”. It’s disgusting, yes she has a problem and hopefully she can resolve them – but I would rather have my daughter be “too sexy” than get emphysema at 24 because she’s already done too many drugs. She should lose her career over this type of behaviour. If she had a regular job she would have already lost it.

  • Joe B.

    I,m sorry to hear this about her. My father died of this disease.

    I hope she gets treatment and gets on with her talanted life.


  • http://n/a StillRockin1969

    She obviously has self-loathing issues & they run quite deep. Just look at her: she’s all but destroyed herself inside and out.

    She’s the current poster child for slow suicide. There’s nothing left but this cartoon-like caricature of a human being. She should have been involuntarily committed a long time ago & given some real help. You cannot put a junkie or an alcoholic on the Honor System. It’s too much to ask. They’re just not capable of it.

    Winehouse is now nothing more than yet another talent swallowed up by the culture than infiltrates The Arts, and that’s a loss to everyone.

  • responder

    Amy should go to the gym and start doing some cardio

  • erika

    Once you are diagnosed with this disease, it does not go away, even with cessation of smoking, and in her case, drugs you smoke. What a horrible, long, suffering-type disease. You slowly suffocate to death.

  • DaraLynn

    Sad how some incredibly talented people have a need to self-destruct.

  • Bejeezus

    Hope she rolls over and dies soon.

  • original jpf

    So sad. No one made her do anything she didn’t want to but I still think that so called husband of hers helped her along. I’ve followed her a long while and the dude was bad news from jumpstreet. Yeah, her emotional rollercoaster ride w/him has birthed her best songs, but if think about it, not one of them is about being happy. The guy dumped her for another until Amy’s star started to rise/ the bucks started to flow, and bam, back into her life strolls the wannabe nothingmuch. I would it if “outa of love for her,” the organizers of Nelson Mandela’s bash would let another celebrate him with song. She’s going to die if someone doesn”t finally say enough.


  • bejeebus

    i feel sorry for the self hatred and addiction that has led her to this state but i don’t feel sorry for her illness. there are many people who are ill and they have done nothing to contribute to their particular illness. she has brought this on herself. she is talented but she is a horrible role model. she should not be rewarded with fame or fortune for being a bad example to impressionable people. i hope she gets better …..and does so in PRIVATE. this shouldn’t be anyone’s business but her family’s. i’m sick of hearing about her spiral into hell. her parents need to stfu and spend their time with her instead of talking to the press. they haven’t been good parents (obviously) in the past…but they better start being good ones NOW before she dies.

  • original jpf

    Bejeezus @ 06/23/2008 at 9:50 am Hope she rolls over and dies soon.


    I will never get human beings such as yourself. What you said can be about not much more than a desire for attention (which you’ve gotten obviously). To freely wish death “the end of life/living” on another makes me always wonder how one was reared when I read things like this. I can’t imagine a great amount of love existed or was shown in childhood and in adulthood it’s reflected in statements like “Hope she rolls over and dies soon.” Sad.


  • bejeebus

    hey, Bejeezus, you have fantastic taste in names but can you pick a different one please? i have had this one for quite a while now and i’m occasionally mean….but not the type to wish death on celebs.

  • original jpf

    Amy’s parents have been great in the past just as they’ve been supportive of her in the present and the negative assumptions made about them are just that, assumptions. People just toss out there as truth what they think they know based on nothingmore than tab stories added to conjecture and that’s enough info needed for them to justify how they choosen to see things.


  • PP
  • Jaye

    She won’t get better unless she wants to get better. Don’t be surprise if she’s found dead sometime soon.

  • angel

    I hope she gets the right treatment now and get well. It’s so hurtful to see someone talented going down like that. I wish her all the best in the world… escpecially self-confidence and strength.
    She also needs to dump this man of hers. He’s bad influences on her.

    I also have to admitt, that I sometimes hate the press for being so damn into any celeb there is and telling made up stories and lies. I know some famous people and it even hurts me to sometimes read that s**t.

    Get well, Amy!

  • Nando

    I hope she gets better soon…although it wouldn’t be surprising if she passed away real soon.

  • LuckyL

    I don’t think there’s any “get better soon” with emphysema, however, I hope she will put down the cancer sticks along with anyone else reading this, as well as the crack pipe. Her eating disorder probably drastically weakened her body and immune system as well and I really hope she gets treatment and cherishes each day at a time.

  • angela

    don’t be surprise if shes found dead sometime soon. [2]

    well, she deserved it, honestly.

    ( and gosh, what a background is that? the guy on the left looks like a duck.)

  • lara

    oh amy : /
    is it possible that all great singers die too son?
    hopefully she gets better soon! best singer EVER :’)


    This is really too bad. The woman is so talented. I hope she can conquer her addictions b/f it is too late.

  • sunnykidstyle

    Wishing her all the best, and hopefully this time, she realizes the seriousness of the situation and will finally change her life and stop all this unhealthy behavior, your body can take only so much, and at her age, she should be full of life and energy. it’s just so sad if somebody with so much talent and potential lets it all go to waste.

    If you have a second to spare, I’d like to invite you to my new blog about stylish design for kids :):)

  • chantall

    this girl is crazy! she needs to go to rehab asap. she has an amazin vioce and if she wont stop she will neva b able to sing agian! omg Amiee dont do this to yourself!!

  • Kiki

    Hope she improves her physical, psychological, and emotional health soon. Just like Whitney Houston, a waste of gifted talent though she is even younger.

  • http://justjared Victoria

    40th!!! I agree with number # 30.. Only she can make herself better. Believe me, we will be reading her obits. very soon. Or we will see her pulling around her portable oxygen tank hooked up to her nose around town. How sad, that anyone, not just her, can fall to this by something so nasty and smelly like nicotine sticks and drugs. She has been offered help so many times but leaves rehab time after time. That in itself, says that she does not care about herself or others around her. If she did, she would have to stay for months and months to even start to get better after what she has done to her body. I feel sorry for her and her family. They have a long and hard sad road ahead of them.

  • Cat

    why are we supporting this woman’s path of self destruction? is it her reckless lifestyle that has made her a star? i can’t get past her bony bruised/scabbed body & disgusting teeth from her years of bulimia, smoking crack & cutting herself. she lives in a crack den, can’t even get through a performance (she pees on herself, passes out, slurs her words, shows up late or doesn’t show up at all). people should have united to stop promoting her music & booking her for shows until she gets better. she is making everybody money so they prop her up & let her make a fool of herself & then they collect their fee. it isn’t fair to her fans & it isn’t fair to her. also, if she is doing shows she makes money & can buy more drugs. as long as she has money to buy drugs she isn’t going to get off the crack. she needs to hit rock bottom & hopefully this is it. it is just so sad. i am glad she has a lot of fans who will all be there if she chooses to get better. her condition is far beyond the – who cares what she does w/ her life she is a talented artist & judge her on that. we shouldn’t be handing out grammys to artists that publicly, w/o a second thought, display their unhealthy lifestyle & have a total disregard for themselves to the level of amy winehouse. it is like patting her on the back saying what she is doing to herself is okay. her life is more important than her music.

  • rien

    Nobody deserves to die.

    My goodness, what kind of people sitting in front of the monitor lately?! And we are worried about terrorism? With these kind of posters, terrorism is the last thing we have to be worried about!

    Get better soon, Amy!

  • LuckyL

    LuckyL @ 06/24/2008 at 10:43 am

    God, why is that b**** still smoking?×1204704114×1200202093

    Maybe some of those saying she got what she deserved were right

  • LuckyL

    “[Amy Winehouse] is not diagnosed with full-blown emphysema, but instead has early signs of what could lead to emphysema,” Tracey Miller, her U.S.-based representative, said on Monday.

  • LuckyL

    God, she must truly not value her life

  • enia

    Acredito quer Amy está sendo estraçalhada por legiões de demonios.
    Ela precisa frequentar a igreja universal e ser liberta antes que seja tarde demais..pois ela está completamente posseça
    Ela pode ter sido vitima de magia negra ou ate mesma feita sido autora rituais com a propria vida para conseguir o que queria.