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Daniel Craig: It's a Quantum Wrap!

Daniel Craig: It's a Quantum Wrap!

Daniel Craig arrives at the wrap party for his new Bond film, Quantum of Solace, on London’s Southbank on Sunday.

Earlier this month, Craig, 40, suffered a minor hand injury while filming.

“There was a minor incident on set,” said Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Group spokesman Steve Elzer. “Daniel injured his hand. He sought medical attention. He was back on the set within a matter of hours and production went on.”

A trailer for the film is expected to be released on July 2 with the film Hancock but prior to this, it will premiere online two days earlier. Quantum of Solace is due out in the UK on Oct. 31 and in the US on Nov. 7.

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Credit: Big Pictures; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Jane

    I love the blond bond….daniel craig is amazing.

  • Brianne

    He’s hot! They were filming where i live here in panama city and i met him! He’s really nice and very good looking!

  • pretty_green_girl

    I love Daniel Craig and I can’t wait for Quantum of Solace!!

  • Jamie Insider

    Wooo James Bond!

  • amy

    i can’t wait for new Bond!!!

  • tigerlily

    Can’t wait for this film and for Daniel to prove all those doubter’s wrong yet again!! He is absolutely gorgeous.

  • athena

    Ooooh, I’m envious Brianne, Wish I could have met him. Daniel Craig is very hot!!


    Yeeeeh, Daniel! He is a hunk! Hops to bed do sexing! Daniel, I want be your Bond girl,reallyyyyyy… I go to casting for role Bond girl for your sake!

  • mary

    anyone notice there are no pictures of satskuki. and i bet it’s not because she wasn’t there with him. she was. if i’m right we won’t be seeing any pictures of her on this site for a long while. my take is that daniel found out about all the nasty comments directed his ltowards his love and took steps to protect her.

    it would be easy to do; all his people would have to tell the press “sell any more photos of satsuki, either alone or with daniel, to the jared website then you won’t be invited to any more photo shoots”.

    if that’s what daniel is done then good for him.

  • Blackworm

    I can’t wait for the new James Bond film. I love Daniel Craig He’s looking great.

  • Lou lover

    Poor sod. Looks knackered.

    To 9: good point so hopefully this thread will just focus on him.

    Cant wait for the trailer, online June 30th. QoS is going to be brill!!!!
    How much money will this one make?

  • Rockferry

    i hope duffy gets the theme song, she will fit this film. great voice. pity about amy.

  • to lou lover

    hopefully the satsuki haters will stay away now. i’ve read some of the comments they’ve written about and i have to say i’m confused. i don’t understand why some many hate her.

  • Lou lover

    well mentioning her is detrimental to what Craig apparently wants so lets not. Defeats the object I think.

  • to lou lover

    what i find interesting is how few comments there are so far now that there are not any pictures of satsuki. i quite like it. first no mean comments and we can focus on what’s important. daniel himself.

  • Lou lover

    SSssshhhh…you mentioned her name again.

    Back on Craig, love that jacket, looks like v expensive leather…Tom Ford???

    Craig looks great in anything, wish i had his clothes.

  • tigerlily

    to lou lover, i think it’s more jealousy than hate. Hate is such a strong word, no one has any real reason to hate Satsuki.

  • Daniel Craig Supporter

    The car is coming out of is a Merc. I can’t wait to see QUANTUM OF SOLACE. I’m seeing the movie 4 times on Silver Screen.

  • Daniel Craig Supporter

    The car Daniel Craig coming out is a Merc Limo. I seen Casino Royale last year a few time in the Silver Screen & This with Quantum of Solace I doing it again.

  • Daniel Craig Supporter

    The car that Daniel Craig is coming out is a Merc Limo. I will see the new Bond movie QUANTUM OF SOLACE 4 times in the Silver Screen. I did the same last time with Casino Royale.

  • kris o

    He looks so much older and haggard.

  • kris o

    Is he ashamed of Sats now?

  • lou lover

    well he has just got through 6 months of intensive filming so yeah, haggard is the look and we dont know about the “blackout’ of his gf pics..but makes sense..i’d do the same if it was me.

  • to kris

    what a silly question. of course daniel’s not ashamed of her.all the pictures taken of sats and daniel at the “the great movie event” june 17 clearly shows that. he adores her.

    it should be obvious, daniel is protecting his sats. he’s had enough of the all the vicious attacks directed towards her on this site. i think the photographers got the message; sell any photos of sats to the jared web site all bets are off

  • lou lover

    Ill guess we’ll see in the future, what will happen at the premieres then? I guess he’ll have the pics on his own instead?
    Anyway, lets not get a thread started on the gf as it might invite something to start.

  • cartier owner

    it think it was the back tattoo story that did it, total invasion of privacy that. he protects his daughter why not Sats in the same way? after her pics appeared maybe he said enough. these websites with unmoderated comments are not good.
    maybe Just jared can answer this? you banned?

  • rockferry
    i love him as Bond, glad that Clive didnt get it the role, would not have been the same.

  • yeah baby

    Personally, I think it will be great not to have to the gf’s unsightly face all over. cheers

  • to lou lover

    it looks like we all thought wrong. one of theose people, yeah baby, who obviously took part in the satsuki bashing has just put in his/her two cents worth. oh well, i guess there’s no escaping them.

  • lou lover

    Well thats why I think we should just talk about him then.
    Some parts of the trailer are online already, film looks awesome!!!

  • to lou lover

    right! i agree some parts of the trailer on line look really great. i also heard that bond and that “olga” character don’t kiss in this movie. which would only make sense considering the man is dealing with the death of vesper. for the third craig movie i’d like them to do a movie that deal with tracy. i mean she was supposed to be his wife and they rarely dealt with that fact in any of the subsequent films.

  • lou lover

    Agree with the Tracey bit yes…no Olga and Craig dont connect in this, he does with Fields (Gemma)..lots of water and desert action.
    Almaric will be a villian that will be remembered I think


    love Daniel in any movie he acts in, but can`t wait for the new Bond. Loved the little second I saw of the new trailer, so the movie I am sure will be great. Wish I was his gf, but happy that he found love.

  • Vanessa

    Keep wishing #33. He will never leave Sats for anyone!

    As for the movie….it’ looks good but some of the stunts and shots look very similar to the Casino Royale stunts.

    Looking forwared to the release.

  • vern

    How does anyone know how long a person’s relationships will last? Sats could be yesterday’s news anytime. She doesn’t seem that remarkable. (Just a bloke’s perspective)

  • Vanessa

    She is remarkable to him – he is the only bloke that counts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Vanessa

    She is remarkable to him – he is the only bloke that counts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lou lover
  • Vanessa

    Looks like more of the same but it’s just a teaser.

  • Vanessa

    Let’s see if I can figure out the storyline from the teaser…..

    Bond looks for Vespa’s killer.
    Gemma’s character works for Mr White’s organization so she is the bad Bond girl and probably dies
    She sets up Bond for a fall
    The villain is not really Matthew he works for Sean Connery who turns out to be Jame’s father
    He sleeps with Gemma’s charater but falls for Olga’s character in the end
    M will trust him in the end becasue he will get the bad guy or so he thinks

    But to figure all this out he must fly a plane, drive a boat, crash a car and shoot afew people

    Nothing new

  • Ben

    Good try Vanessa!!!!!

    You forgot that James lives to make another film.

    We shall see how right you are on Nov 7th.

  • Dory

    I think he is awful looking. I saw him and his girlfriend at a restaurant in London and neither of them is anything great to look at in person. They use alot of makeup on him for sure becasue he looks very very old and haggard.

    I hope the bring back the sauve Bond and get rid of this one.

  • shar

    I can’t wait for Quantum of Solace

    i lovee hhim so mush ~~~!

    danieel is amazing!
    danieel yoou so hhooot!



  • To Vern

    This relationship will last. He is marrying her so I don’t think she is a fling.

    The film looks amazing!!!!!!

  • Pelosi

    S(he) could be very very calculating, so lots of luck to him.

  • to dory

    i also so both daniel and satsuki together in london. for my part i think he is amazing. as for satsuki i think she’s much prettier in person. as for a sauve bond; we had; roger moore and pierce brosnan. roger moore’s bond was a joke-more like a cartoon character than a top agent for mi6. pierce brosnan was just as bad. everytime i watch one their bond films i laugh because i just can’t believe either one them is bond. however, the first time i saw daniel in casino royale i didn’t laugh out loud. that’s because i could see that man as bond.

  • cassie

    it’s interesting to see how few posts there are here now that there’s no pictures of the girlfriend. i guess all the satsuki haters have gone back to the “peanut” gallery. personally, i hope they stay there.

  • llibrary lady

    To #42 you must need glasses if you can’t see the attractiveness of Daniel. To #47 who saw him in person and does see how hot he is, good for you to be able to see him in person. Where you able to talk to him? Lucky people who live in London who might get a chance to see him.

  • to llibrary lady

    i’m poster #47. he was enjoying a private dinner with satsuki. i did not, and still do not think, it would have been appropriate for me to interrup their evening out together.