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Heidi Montag Releases "Fashion" Song

Heidi Montag Releases

The Hills couple Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt (not pictured) attend the morning Sunday service at ‘In His Presence’ Church in Woodland Hills, Calif.

Speidi carried around prayer books to and from the church, one of which was “The Serenity Prayer.” You know Heidi was praying for her ex-BFF Lauren Conrad!

Listen to Heidi Montag‘s new single “Fashion” at Us Weekly.

“It’s the greatest song of my life,” Spencer has said.

Heidi exclaims during the song, “Fashion, put it all on me, don’t you wanna see these clothes on me?” She also rattles off a list of designers, reminiscent of Fergie‘s “Labels or Love.”

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Credit: Louise Barnsley; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • asdasd

    not again…

  • Laura mcg

    Her music is well… different… lets just say.

  • LuckyL

    Lame, delusional bit**

  • http://none whoooore

    wtf is with that accent she uses when shes listing off all the designers? it sounds like shes trying to be italian or something.

  • http://just.jared sarah

    i find her really ugly
    but lol she makes the hills intresting!

  • rory

    this song is really…embarrassing…I feel sorry for her…it was horrible

  • Mary

    she finally got a haircut!!! GOOD FOR HER!

  • aly

    it sounds kinda good because her voice is completely computerized…and she sings in other than that it is completely horrible (nice lyrics)…but the sad thing is, i think this is her best single to date.

  • shannon

    when is she gonna realize that no one cares about her music and her!

  • allie

    thats one of th wrost songs i have ever heard i my life!
    omg i really liekd fergie’s labels or love but i mean this does not even compare at all just saying the labels like was said! omg scary!!

  • LuckyL

    LOOOL at this song

    “Heidi!” She sucks so much. This is so sad. It further shows how the untalented can manipulate Hollywood to get what they want if they get enough press and attention.

    I’m pretty sure someone else is speaking French or she learned like 8 words for about ten weeks.

  • Pid

    Hey i’m french and if I listen close enough I can report :
    “j’adore ….. habillez-moi …. gucci et prada (and other designers but i juste wrote it for the “et”)……….. grand manitou ………………..”
    which means :
    “i love ……. (blah blah blah) dress me ………… gucci and prada …….. grand manitou = something like “big boss” ………”

  • debbie smith

    for really great photos of her from today on the beach .. just put them up… lol how funny

  • Nicole`

    She has zero singing talent, Nothing personal…but she needs to snap out of whatever fantasy she is living in and realize that IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN FOR HER. The music thing is WAY OUT OF HER LEAGUE. Has anyone ever noticed that when the hills first started she had no aspirations to sing…she kept saying how all she has ever whanted to do is PR. Then all of a sudden she’s quoted saying that singing has always been her passion…WTF? The truth is…her passion is whatever will keep her name in the tabloids and money in her purse

  • S

    ROFL~ Yes, Heidi really needs to go to church and ask God to forgive her- – for the fact that she’s lying to herself every single day that she’s actually gifted in singing.

  • Lea

    I so agree with you Nicole. Same thing for the “designer” (sic) aspiration…the girl dropped out after a short period of time!!!!! Like you said these two moron will do ANYTHING to stay out there.
    Next thing you know, she is a brain!!!!!!


    i love her outfit she look sooooooo cute and love the song lovely

  • Bella

    People are starting to go from “love to hate them” to “really don’t give a $hit about them”

  • Mary

    i like her shoes in the picture….

    I think the chorus part is kinda catchy. hahaha.

  • who cares abt that slut


  • meganda

    owww my ears!

  • jerzeegirl

    Can someone please but a sock in her mouth?!

  • rae

    She’s at church? I thought lying was frowned upon at church.

  • http://justjared Victoria

    24th!!!! I agree with numbers # 21 and 22….. What else can I say?

  • Cat

    If she is so religious/spiritual (she obviously staged this photograph at her church so we would think that) why doesn’t she don’t the money she spends on all her designer shit to her church. What a hypocrite. I do love her Balenciaga bag. However, for a new bag she should have gotten the GH – I liked the RH better for so long but I have finally gotten used to the GH & the bling aspect to it suits Heidi’s style. She is such a poser. Before The Hills I am sure she shopped at like the Wet Seal or Forever 21. I am not dissing those stores, just trying to point out how fake Heidi is.

  • Rey

    I Liked it.

  • jessica

    wow, this sucks! Is she not able to hear herself? What about the people that work on her songs, are they deaf?

  • legs

    the song was so-so. it wasn’t that bad – because her voice was computerized or enhanced or something. i just don’t get the accent and the italian part.

  • pony

    she is so brainless!!

  • Veronica

    I like a coupla Heidi’s songs even though I don’t like her as a person. But Fashion is not one of them. Body Language is ok but I can’t help but laugh when I hear her sing baby come on control me because it’s obvious she likes to controlled since she is still with that rat looking thing Spencer.

  • Veronica

    I like a coupla Heidi’s songs even though I don’t like her as a person. But Fashion is not one of them. Body Language is ok but I can’t help but laugh when I hear her sing baby come on control me because it’s obvious she likes to controlled since she is still with that rat looking thing Spencer.

  • Melissa

    well it’s better than “Higher”… but that isnt saying much!

  • michaelhollywood

    You know what. Don’t read into it so much. It might just be some random demo Heidi wanted to do because it’s what she’s feeling right now with the whole “HEIDIWOOD” line. It’s the summer and celebs do random things like this. And even if she does get serious with this song, it won’t be in America, mabye only a dance remix for the clubs. “Fashion” would probably be released in Europe, Canada and Asia. She’s been on MTV hot video countdowns in Canada. As for America she’ll do more urban music like “No More”. So for who ever likes her will go for it. and for who ever hates her, it would only make her more popular because people who hate her always blog about it. Buzz factor.

  • http://? Maggie

    i hate herrrr, so fake

  • aleksandra

    well…i’m shocked to say it…but i quite like it…it’s nice

  • Dailley

    Part of me thinks that everyone is bashing Heidi because they want to follow the crowd of people who don’t like Heidi. Which in this case is Lauren. I like the song, though I dislike Heidi. No, wait. Scratch that. I STRONGLY dislike Heidi. Anyways, I think that like, for all we know, Lauren like, has this song “Fashion” on her iPod. As for me, I think this song is just the cutest thing in the world. But no one is going to make it big, or give it props because frankly – everyone doesn’t like her because of Lauren. That’s like, really stupid. Anyways, this is Dailley, and Dailley loves the new song. Even if you don’t!

  • CC

    Why is Heidi even famous?? She has NO talent. Her song Fashion is terrible…the only good that could come out of it is if they make a Zoolander 2 movie and decide to put the song in it as a joke, because that’s exactly what the song is, a joke, she really can’t be serious. And what is up with her random accent?? i think its supposed to be french, but it sounds like a really terrible japanese accent or something…either way the whole thing is a train wreck

  • noa

    the song is sad and the attempt to speak in french is so pitiful it makes me uncomfortable just listening to it….

  • Stephanie

    I’m embarrassed for her, since she lacks human emotion.

  • Ebonye

    Luuuv’d It!!!!

  • buffy summers

    heidi is great and has a lot of cool songs like fashion

  • Alyssa

    Heidi fucking rocks, so shut the fuck up all of you.
    She’s just trying to be heself, so quit hating on someone.
    Just beause your life aint like that.

  • laney

    Lady Gaga wrote and recorded that song, and it was featured in the Confessions of a Shopaholic soundtrack. Obviously Heidi’s dumpster diving for music.

  • Justme

    What an slut just tapin fashion from lady gaga who wrote this song refused and then she wanted it back

  • holly