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Kate Voegele's Vaunted Vocals

Kate Voegele's Vaunted Vocals

Singer/musician Kate Voegele stops by MTV’s Total Request Live at the MTV Times Square Studios in New York City on Monday.

Kate, 21, is currently signed to MySpace Records, which is distributed by Interscope Records. Her debut album Don’t Look Away was released in May of last year. Her band includes Mark Tobik on bass and Sam Getz (of Cactus 12) on guitar. This year, she’ll be opening for Natasha Bedingfield and The Veronicas on the Verizon VIP tour.

She is also known for her guest spots on the popular CW show, One Tree Hill.

ANY FANS OF Kate’s music or her Mia character on One Tree Hill?

15+ pictures of Kate Voegele’s vaunted vocals…

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kate voegele vaunted vocals 01
kate voegele vaunted vocals 02
kate voegele vaunted vocals 03
kate voegele vaunted vocals 04
kate voegele vaunted vocals 05
kate voegele vaunted vocals 06
kate voegele vaunted vocals 07
kate voegele vaunted vocals 08
kate voegele vaunted vocals 09
kate voegele vaunted vocals 10
kate voegele vaunted vocals 11
kate voegele vaunted vocals 12
kate voegele vaunted vocals 13
kate voegele vaunted vocals 14
kate voegele vaunted vocals 15
kate voegele vaunted vocals 16
kate voegele vaunted vocals 17

Photos: Scott Gries/Getty
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  • Charlene

    shes got great music love it and i loved her on One Tree Hill she was really a fun character :)

  • Ray


  • jen

    I love her music and i love her on one tree hill! i’m glad to see she’s getting noticed because shes very talented

  • RiSSLESz

    YAY I love Kate!


    there is something seriously disturbing about her body.. whats wrong with it?

  • hannah17

    she has an AMAZING voice…. and she is one of those all in one real musician…..

  • jenna

    love her!

  • Chris

    I agree with #5. Her body looks kind of deformed. lol

    Its hard to believe that she’s only 21 because she looks MUCH older.

  • jenna

    People should really listen to some of her music. Her cover of Halleluhiah (spelling?) is wonderful! She brings herself to her songs.

  • jo

    She’s amazing…I am so glad One Tree Hill introduced her into mainstream

  • chantall

    ok her face= really pretty
    legs= short
    torso= akwardly long
    but she might might have an amazin voice idk…

  • lily

    beautiful voice!!!

  • kay

    she is pretty great. LOVED her on OTH

  • Miranda

    She SUCKED big time on OTH. She’s an okay singer but she came across as a really stuck-up and rude character at times. Her character, “Mia”, was just too damn annoying and painful to watch most of the time.

  • LJ

    Excellent excellent artist! Her voice is fresh and has a unique blend of songs on her CD.

    Also, her roles on One Tree Hill have been great.

  • Jose

    21? Damn that chick is not gonna age well. She already looks old.

  • oh snap!

    wtf!?! who is this?

  • jbfangirl7

    I am a fan of Kate Voegele!!! She is a great singer!! I also liked her character on One Tree Hill.

  • jbfangirl7

    I am a fan of Kate Voegele!!! She is a great singer!! I also liked her character on One Tree Hill.

  • yaya

    i love her music she has an amazing voice and her songs are wonderful. this is actually one cd where i can listen to all of the songs and actually enjoy it. she is very talented. i also liked her character mia on oth. i thought she was pretty cool im glad oth introduced her.

  • Kimberly

    It seems like ALL you people out here are all about “LOOKS” and nothing else. That is SOOO shallow and you should be ashamed. I dont think that she is ugly at all I think she is pretty and very talented. Since when do you have to be hot to have a great voice. WTF!? I loved her on One Tree Hill and I think she will go far in her career! Grow up people and understand that there is more to life then “LOOKS”!

  • Not So Much

    I don’t know who she is but she is one ugly girl that needs a stylist & lessons on how to pose. I agree w/ #5 & #8. She is built like a coke bottle. She has a long skinny head, big boobs, a skinny waist & big ass hips. That dress couldn’t be more wrong for her.

  • :]

    i loved her on OTH!!! and her voice is amazing!! love her!!! : ]

  • :]

    #22…you do know that u just described a guys ideal girl right?? havent u ever heard guys talk about a body shaped like a coke bottle…suggestion, listen to ‘that girl’ by frankie j…then talk shit…

  • Homelearning

    seems like a down to earth person

  • randi

    Wow can you people judge anymore! Apparently your just all shallow and need to find lives.

    Have you even listened to her music???? Kate is amazing and has such an amazing voice and you would now that if you looked at whats on the inside and not the outside.

  • mar

    love her, she went to the same highschool as me and shes even prettier in person

  • mar

    love her, she attended the same highschool as me and shes even prettier in person

  • Ellieeeeee

    omg i love her!!
    she was great on onee tree hill && she will be a huge star one day!
    GOO KATEE =)

  • mar

    sorry i kinda said that twice by accident!!

  • Jessica

    Love her!

  • Stephanie l

    Kate opened for Hanson on their Walk Tour this spring! :D Just… you know, thought I’d throw that out there because Hanson is amazing and everyone who likes Kate should totally check out their recent music because they can rock it!

    Anyway, she’s awesome live and totally adorable!!

  • gaverielle_rb

    I love how nobody in the audience looks in any way interested, lol.

    I used to like her a lot, but then her covering “Hallelujah” was a k8 buzz kill for me.

  • Stephanie l

    Kate opened for Hanson on their Walk Tour in the spring of this year. Mhmm :D Just thought I’d throw that out there, because Hanson is amazing and people who love Kate’s music would probably love theirs too, so go youtube their recent stuff!!!

    Anyway, she’s awesome live, and totally adorable too!!

  • Stephanie l


    arggg sorry guys, my first post wasn’t showing up and then of course once I finally post another one, THEN the first one decides to show up! *rolls eyes* LIFE.

  • anon

    LOVE Kate Voegele, shes an AMAZING singer and i loved her on One Tree Hill :]

  • TO #24

    You have a lot of class. You are quoting a Mexican born in Tijuana who crossed came into this country illegally. I guess those are the kind of guys you like. Anyway, how did your pal Frankie J’s last record do? I have no problem w/ Latinos or immigrants as long as they come her legally.

    Anyway, most guys I know like girls w/ hourglass shapes. I guess cheap trashy people w/ no life/career call it coke bottle. This chicks body is deformed & she has elephant legs.

  • Sandra

    simply put, kate is great.

  • gia

    i’ve never heard of her, but i gotta say, if anne hathaway, michelle branch, and vanessa carlton had a baby, i’m pretty sure it’d look like her.

  • jughed

    never heard of her. cute!


    Love her on One Tree Hill
    and that the songs she sings on the show are her real songs, which are amazing!

  • Peyton

    yeah i`m a fan…her album is really great I listen to it very often it`s one of my favorites…. :)

  • Melissa

    I saw her in concert this past friday… she’s not bad at all!

  • mose

    I mean, she is a great singer and all that.. but she CAN’T act! Its was painful to see Hilarie/peyton interact with Mia.

  • Nicole

    I love her music. I am so glad I listened to Tom and took a listen on her myspace :) She has a unique and pleasant voice and her CD is one of my favorites.

    Her body does look strange in those pictures. Looks to me like she has really narrow hips.

  • Cindy

    Love Kate and her music! So happy for her.

  • laura

    I AM A FAN.

    She’s great. I love her voice. She’s one of the sweetest person’s I’ve ever met. She needs more recognition!

    BTW: She looks great. I don’t know what you people are talking about. All you care about is looks. That really doesn’t matter.

  • Caro

    i love her character in One Tree Hill and she has a really amazing voice ! her cover of hallelujah is wonderful

  • MAX

    I’m from Brazil and know her in ‘One tree hill’…Luv her music and i think shes cute!

  • Kay

    HUGE fan of hers!
    You can tell she pours her heart and soul into her music and her character Mia on OTH was so witty and snappy she was great for that role