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Katherine Heigl Rocks Rainbow Bikini

Katherine Heigl Rocks Rainbow Bikini


Grey’s Anatomy star Katherine Heigl peeks out from the side of her house as she rocks out her rainbow bikini while listening to her iPod near her pool in Los Felix, Calif. on Monday.

Although Kat, 29, won’t be #1 with the Emmy’s this year — she’s #1 with! Rounding out the Top 10 Most Desirable Women are: 2. Alessandra Ambrosio 3. Kate Beckinsale 4. Eva Mendes 5. Jessica Alba 6. Scarlett Johansson 7. Jessica Biel 8. Rihanna 9. Marisa Miller 10. Adriana Lima

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Katherine Heigl being the #1 Desirable Woman in the world?

10+ pictures of Katherine Heigl rocking her rainbow bikini…

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katherine heigl rainbow bikini 02
katherine heigl rainbow bikini 03
katherine heigl rainbow bikini 04
katherine heigl rainbow bikini 05
katherine heigl rainbow bikini 06
katherine heigl rainbow bikini 07
katherine heigl rainbow bikini 08
katherine heigl rainbow bikini 09
katherine heigl rainbow bikini 10

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  • Mary

    yay first!!!!

    I dont care about her anymore.

  • alina

    uhm, no. only 29 and look at that droopy chest. ew.

  • April

    Cannot stand her! So sick of the liberal hollywood idiots with the loud mouths and more money than sense. She is a great example of all that, and that is about all she is.

  • limerick

    I can’t stand this fake $*tch !! Self- involved self-important snob. Nobody cares about her or her loser career . All her movies are complete garbage and she can’t act her way through a wet paper bag.

  • andrea v

    shes so UGLY.

  • Stephanie l

    Honestly, I do think it was a little bit snarky of Katherine to bite the hand that feeds her like she did, but I’ve got to give the girl credit for not being afraid to say what she actually believes! She may be frank, even to a fault, but imo she’s yet to be WRONG! I giive her MAJOR props for having stood up for TR a while back, but that’s just me because I would have done the exact same thing because I cannot stand homophobic bigotry. And as for the recent pulling out of the Emmys- I honestly feel like the intentions there were probably pretty honorable. And come on now, like everyone HADN’T been talking about how undeniably crappy the Grey’s writting had gotten? Why is it that everyone else is allowed to discuss that but the minute Katherine hints at it she’s suddenly a bitch? Like I said, I think she needs to be careful because she DOES seem to lack a little tact in the way she says things, but I don’t disagree with the THINGS she says! So I can’t say I think she seems like an un-cool PERSON. She just needs to work on being a little more diplomatic if she wants to maintain some credibility as a celeb, that’s all :)

    Anyway, girl’s got a hot body!! (and no, #2, her boobs aren’t sagging- it’s just the bathing suite isn’t that flattering for her because she’s got curves and big boobs, and the bikini doesn’t really provide any support! haha)

  • limerick


  • galloway

    Uh Oh!!! Tanning and Smoking! Call the Loons…they hate that!

  • hmmm

    Damn, now that’s hot :D. Plus I love a woman who can speak her mind, and as another poster noted she has yet to be wrong. She just lacks tact which I’m sure from her recent paps footage is learning. She spoke the truth and was one of the very few actresses who were honorable at the Emmys this year. Good for her.

  • a fan

    Why does everything always have to go back to loons and AJ? This has nothing to do with Jolie and yet some people are so obsess with her that they just can’t go a second without giving her a thought. One doesn’t have to be a so called loon to hate smoking and tanning.

  • tina

    Can’t stand that girl.

  • YEAH

    I am loving all the negative comments! Just a few months ago the posts about her were positive & yes I used to like her. She started bugging when she kept talking about the Washington/TR knight incident when TR was super cool & low key about it. Then she was again her righteous self speaking out about the writers strike when in reality she was patting herself on the back again like hey look at me, I’m a good person standing up for the writers. Then it was her wanting to get paid more on Greys. Then the comment about having no respect for her character in Knocked Up – who cares it is a fictional character whose purpose was to make us laugh & she did. Then, the nail in the coffin was her dissing the writers on Greys.

    I think she shold be the #1 most indesirable woman in the world for her righteous ungrateful attitude. She also needs to hit the gym. Even if you aren’t skinny you can look good if you are toned & she is not.

  • well.

    Heigl is very pretty and has a great body. Maybe if she protrayed herself as weak and needy more women would compliment her talent and looks.

  • maggie

    She’s pretty! I wish I could look that good in a bikini!

  • galloway

    fan – it isn’t about the Jolie-Pitts, it’s about the loons and hypocrisy. (Swooooosh.)

  • big mouth

    I’m sorry, but nobody cares what celebrities think, just read your lines on the pieace of paper and shut the fu.. up. don’t tell us how to vote,etc. we don’t value their opinion about anything, keep that crap to yourself, i can’t stand that big fat mouth of hers and she looks disgusting, yeah!!! hide behind, that big plant, we really don’t won’t to see that saggy skin. a lot of people would love to be in her shoes, she is ungrateful.

  • MiHay

    On what planet is that girl desireable??????

  • loons

    the loons are probably pissed that AJ isn’t on the list!

  • jacque

    Love her. She’s beautiful.

  • jacque

    “Heigl is very pretty and has a great body. Maybe if she protrayed herself as weak and needy more women would compliment her talent and looks.”

    That is probably true for most women, sadly. The female icons today are spineless, pathetic wimps like Meredith from Grey’s Anatomy and Lauren Conrad from the Hills.

  • You/Me

    YEAH @ 06/24/2008 at 12:14 am

    I 100% agree with you.
    She better be really glad TR is gay because that is what put her front and center….lol….

  • aundrea

    i used to really respect her during that situation with TR but in the last year she has been too ungrateful and she is showing her true colors.

    P.S that list is in the wrong order and i dont belive a sexy list or in this case desirable that does not have charlize,angelina, or penelope in the top ten. all of these jessica’s and eva’s need to take a break and leave the sexy to the professionals.

  • Diva

    If you cannot stand her, then why did you look at her picture?

  • funny

    MiHay @ 06/24/2008 at 12:38 am

    On what planet is that girl desireable??????

    The same planet that keeps describing Aniston as beautiful and looking amazing.

  • Mrs.chrisbrown

    I don’t think she’s un-attractive…..i just think there’s nothing really special about her. I think it’s nice to see women speak there mind…but let’s face it in Hollywood it’s a total different story and she dosen’t seem to have the sense to know that. I honestly don’t see why she made #1 on Most Desirable Women because like I said there’s nothing really special about her. I like her as an actress in most of her roles but that’s pretty much all.

  • Wise

    Jared that’s an OLD list. 80% of voters on the site( think she should’ve been ranked LOWER! Adriana Lima should’ve been #1 again. The list was laughable this year.

  • sofia

    Strange boobs. She’s so big-boned. Not #1 for me.

  • legs

    she’s pretty but she’s being such a diva lately.

  • Ben

    everything about her is PERFECT!! Love you katie

    Woohoo to being number1! wel deserved.

    and finally a celebrity who isnt fake and speaks her mind!!!! the more i read about her the more i love her!

  • heigl and Walsh are cows

    Desiderable? VOMIT!
    I hate her. She’s an arrogant ass.
    KH and Izzie Stevens sucks!

  • LuckyL

    I love Jessica Biel and I love Marisa Miller.

    And must trolls ALWAYS bring up Angelina?

  • Strong Woman – NO

    to the posts saying she is a strong woman & that is why people are making negative comments i so dissagree. There is a difference between being a strong woman & an ungratefull bi*** that is so full of yourself you think you can say/do whatever you want. Someone like her gives women a bad name. I think a lot of women who stand up for themselves get labeled a bi*** but you still have to have tact & grace when you are being assertive. It also doesn’t hurt to be humble. Catherine needs to go to charm school. When she is unemployed in a couple years maybe then she will have time.

  • Cat

    Hi April #3 – I love your comment! I feel bad for the Greys cast who have to work w/ Catherine everday. She thinks she is so much better than TV. Her comment about the writing & making it known that she wants out of her contract are really a put down to everyone associated w/ the show. How can you take making 200k an episode & a show that made you famous for granted? Patrick Dempsey is such a bigger star than she is & he is so humble. Also, Sandrah Oh didn’t big time it when she one the Emmy the first season.

  • Yasmine

    katherine heigle #1 while adriana lima is at #10.. they got the list backwards… adriana lima is the hottest thing on this earth,….katherine heigle??.. shes not even pretty.. how did she beat marissa miller too??
    that list is allllll wrong

  • hello

    she’s chunky


    She’s not chunky. She actually looks a s if she’s lost weight.
    I like her. She seems like a very down to earth person.

  • glad shes not fake!

    i like that she’s not fake. And actually has an opinion about things. i dont think what she said about greys anatomey was bad.
    She didnt mean it in a bad way. I think people just took it the wrong way.
    People always choose to see the negative in others..

  • jj…

    Good because she has a real woman’s shape but BAD becasue these are way too intrusive JJ. She’s in her backyard for god;s sake.

  • Kimberly

    First off, I think that she is very pretty and she is a talented girl. I watched Roswell all the time and she was great in that show. I have also seen her in alot of movies that she was good in as well. As far as her speaking her mind, it is a great thing that she does bc NOT enough people do! So, I say ROCK on!!! As far as her having saggy boobs WHATEVER, it is the bathsuit not her. RUDE PEOPLE!

  • well.

    Strong Woman – NO @ 06/24/2008 at 2:40 am
    I think a lot of women who stand up for themselves get labeled a bi*** but you still have to have tact & grace when you are being assertive

    Name a woman who fits your description. Why make a woman have to be tactful and graveful. We don’t ask that of a man when he is standing up for what he beleives in.

  • Angel

    Wow! How many, mean, jealous and rotten people here!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    absolutely disgusting.

  • alex_p

    her body is not even average looking to me… and her posture is.. yuck
    don’t see anything desirable about her + she looks a lot older
    god, i’m such a hater sometimes, but then really.. i don’t like her.

  • Pici

    OMG, if she is the first!!!! Please NO!!!!!

  • moi

    I love her.
    She is soooooooooo pretty!
    YAY to natural looks!

  • go sox

    #37, I agree with you. I don’t think she meant the comment about the writing on GA to be taken as a hit against the writers. I think she meant that because of the writers’ strike, which shut them down for most of the season, impacted the quality of what they were finally able to put out. Honestly, I think her refusing to be nominated for an Emmy was a show of support for the writers, who are invaluable to a good show.

    And I think she looks great. She has a beautiful, classic face, and a curvy beautiful figure to go with it! I think she’s proportioned well for her height, and would look awful if she was a stick. There’s nothing appealing about a super-skinny woman.

  • Cara

    #33 – Katherine is a bigger star than Patrick Dempsey. Katherine’s movies gross far more at the box office & she is the new rom-com queen. She is also more famous internationally than PD. PD is a nobody here in the UK, but most people would recognise Katherine purely from her movies alone.

    She does lack tact, but I admire her for being open & honest which is a refreshing change in Hollywood.

    Funny how Patrick Dempsey trashed Greys & the writers last year, & nobody made a fuss about that. Just because a woman spoke the truth, she’s automatically labelled as the biggest bitch around !! Good on Katherine for recognising that Greys was crap last season, & giving up her right to a nomination for someone else. More actors should have the courage to stand up for what they believe is right.

  • emma lee

    Wow, that list is seriously flawed. Most of the women on that list don’t seem to deserve to be there. Just what kind of men and what age are doing the selecting?

  • la la la

    Jared: Los Feliz (not “Los Felix”) is a neighborhood, not a city, in LA.

  • LuckyL

    Wise @ 06/24/2008 at 1:33 am

    Jared that’s an OLD list. 80% of voters on the site( think she should’ve been ranked LOWER! Adriana Lima should’ve been #1 again. The list was laughable this year.

    Thanks poster #26