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Miranda Kerr is Smokin' in Spain

Miranda Kerr is Smokin' in Spain

Miranda Kerr smokes it up on the runway during a fashion show in Gran Canaria, Spain on Sunday.

The 25-year-old Victoria’s Secret model showed off swimsuit after swimsuit at the Gran Canaria Moda Calida 2008 show in Las Palmas over the weekend.

Speaking recently about her relationship to Orlando Bloom, Miranda said, “He’s just a guy. He happens to be an actor.”

10+ more pics inside of Miranda smokin’ in Spain…

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miranda kerr spain fashion show 01
miranda kerr spain fashion show 02
miranda kerr spain fashion show 03
miranda kerr spain fashion show 04
miranda kerr spain fashion show 05
miranda kerr spain fashion show 06
miranda kerr spain fashion show 07
miranda kerr spain fashion show 08
miranda kerr spain fashion show 09
miranda kerr spain fashion show 10

Photos: Flynetonline
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  • Lizzie

    nice :)

  • sluuuut
  • amle

    So this is the definition of a pinhead. If her head wasnt so small, she would be pretty.

  • PP
  • yeahhh

    she is really pretty.

  • Ha!

    Skinny and cutish, but not smoking. She always looks like a little girl playing dress up.

  • @2

    LOL. Do you have the picture of when she was in the DT calling her??
    post it up too.

  • hayden

    i think she has a great model body! it isnt super anorexic tiny like all the other girls, she looks normal and healthy

  • sluuuut
  • Helena

    Such a BORING model.

  • @9

    Yeah, that’s the one., Even in her hometown paper they were writing “You’re a Sluuut” across her picture.

    Hmm? what was that about??

    I hope it all hits the fan on this girl bigtime. Orlando too.

  • @9

    Oh and there is always the Ducati Video of when they started the fake pap fest. You can’t bring an X17 link here but check it out there or on delphi. It says a lot in that minute and a half.

  • karibikqueen

    look as this link
    orlando at the pool when she works

  • sluuuut


    The DT is usually her PR mouthpiece and even they’re calling her a sluuut. And she’s putting it on display it in the link in #2. I hope Orlando is protecting himself with full-body latex, god knows how many stds she’s carrying.

  • hey jared

    give us the pool pics of ob

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]


  • kiinoqueen

    sorry what she says
    He’s just a guy. He happens to be an actor.”
    i think she says better nothing about him

  • Summer

    I don’t think she will have anywhere near the career of Gisele or Adriana, but she has a beautiful face and great smile.

  • Stealth

    Smoking? What is she smokin’ cigarettes to stay skinny? That’s the only thing smokin’ about her.

  • @14

    At this point I don’t care what he gets from her. He deserves everything he gets from this mess.

  • @18

    She’s already 25 so she isn’t going far at all. This was from a very dlist event in Spain. If you look at the other pictures it’s pretty cheesy. They are trying to hype her as much as they can but it won’t work.

    If you’ve seen her with no makeup then you know she is already looking past her 25 years.

  • notasupermodel
  • nikomilinko
  • @22—LOL

    Those are always my favorite and always make me smile. They really capture the spirit of who she is.

  • just gorgeous

    She is stunningly beautiful, has the most amazing body, a successful career and a sweet nature, WOW, no wonder Orlando is so in love with her, I bet he thinks he is the luckiest guy in the world.

  • LuckyL

    Jared must obviously have a crush on this boring bit**, because there are more famous, more gorgeous looking, and more exciting models walking the runway all the time and he picks this bit**.

  • Poostain

    “OMG, My sister is so hot . Please vote for her”

    LOL. Poostain said orlando had a little ‘pecker” and he was a shiitee actor. I hope word of that got back to Orlando.

  • Jamie Insider

    She’s gorgeous. I don’t know what people are expecting from a model…There are so many models out there that don’t get the same attention just because they don’t date Orlando Blooms. In the end of the day, she’s still a model.

  • kiinoqueen

    @ 20
    i think the same.

    he didn´t attend the show.

  • @29

    but yet wireimage said he was going? hmm? what do you make of that? Backed out again?

  • devin mills

    I saw great photos of her on she is amazing..

  • oh snap!

    she’s not all that plus she has small boobs for a VS model

    but she’s not as bad as Marissa Meller(that b*tch is Ugly, and looks too old for TV)

  • cheap

    she has a cheap look about her.

  • oh snap!

    lmao at number #22, so true :)

  • WOW

    She is very beautiful, Orlando is one lucky guy!!!!

  • dina deulucka

    I saw those photos on pro-thinspo too… very hot. I am so loving her and want to see her everywhere…

  • bla blah

    LMAO!! Tween girls are just jealous that she’s hitting Orlando Bloom. You guys are so envious its not even funny.

  • Sara w

    I guess I missed something, why is she being called a slut?

  • kiinoqueen

    read this

    Two top models drew the attention yesterday in the early stages of the event: australian model Miranda Kerr and Jon Kortajarena. In spite of being the look of the lingerie company Victoria’s Secret and another fashion companies, slim Kerr attracted the glances and attention of the media for being Hollywood star Orlando Bloom’s girlfriend, who came along with her at the island.
    BlOOM, in the golf club. The star of trilogies such as The lord of the rings and Pirates of the Caribbean is staying at a hotel in the south of Gran Canaria island, where he got to on thursday. He took the opportunity to play golf on Friday morning. He tries to go unnoticed and he will not attend the fashion parade to see his girlfriend walking the catwalk, as the model herself confirmed to this newspaper. She is to leave the island tonight.

    this is the site.…lleza-pasarela…lleza-pasarela

    enjoy it! hope the traslation is all right!!!!

  • @37

    LOL. The “tweens” didn’t write the DT article calling her a sluut. She did that on her own.

    she isn’t liked because she is seen by many as a liar(caught in many) cheater and fameho for using someone else name while she was still living with another man. That has nothing to do with Tweens!!!

    There are reasons she isn’t well liked that have nothing to do with Orlando Bloom. People give their reasons but of course since you don’t want to admit it you will keep throwing out the jealously line.

    BTW: Did you see that horrible picture of Orlando by the pool?? People are not jealous -lol. The dude is hurting these days. I bet she wishes she had jay back now. Besides, according to PooStain, in addition to his not so good body, he has a little willy to go with it. NOTHING to be jealous of with either of them. We’ve all seen her with out make up and know full welll what she looks like and what her personality is like. They can have each other. It’s just fun to now watch the Karma bite them both in the azzie. The fun gets better everyday.

  • delusional

    The same person is writing all the nasty jealous comments about Miranda, very sad, they really think people don’t know….lol.

  • taylor

    you guys are pathetic!!!!
    all you guys do is bash someone who is probably way prettier than you, makes more money than you, and has a better life than you
    i don’t see you guys up on that runway
    so stop bashing her

    she has a killler body, and is beautiful
    she is a person, not a superhero
    so of course she’s not perfect
    but she’s beautiful!!

  • http://justjared Grace

    I really don’t care how pretty she is her true charcter has shown. There are certain things you can’t overlook he looks beat the hell up in these new photos.I don’t think either one will come out looking good after all is said and done.

  • Tealeaf

    Bony and boring…

  • jersi

    she’s kinda ugly actually…

  • em

    She’s a very pretty gal. I love the white/floral dress she has on.

  • waves


  • to all the angry ob fans
  • RE ob’s ass shot

    Orlando, Orlando what you try to prove far too hard that you are doing her- who cares if you are or arent, in adult relationships you dont need to prove anything.

    We said earlier even if they try and prove it with sex pics in hyde park that it doesnt change what we saw earlier.

    Bring on the sex tape, it will be worth a laugh to see Orlando so crap in bed like some have said.

  • @48

    Thanks I will call her and send her some pics of my bare ass lol!!