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Rachael Ray Wins Daytime Emmy

Rachael Ray Wins Daytime Emmy

Food Network star Rachael Ray shops at the Curve and Kitson boutiques on Roberson Boulevard in Los Angeles on Saturday.

The day before, the 39-year-old talk show host picked up the Outstanding Talk Show/Entertainment award for Rachael Ray at the Daytime Emmy Awards. This was a big upset for The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which had won the prize in each of the last four years.

“Wow! Holy cat,” a surprised Rachael said during her acceptance speech. “I really can’t breathe.”

Pictured below: Rachael‘s lawyer husband John Cusimano

25+ pictures inside of Rachael Ray at the Daytime Emmys…

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Photos: Dimitri Halkidis/WENN, Frederick M. Brown/Vince Bucci/Getty
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  • b



    Man has she packed on the pounds! She is blow chunks now! Sampling her good eat’s I guess. :lol: I tried some of her recipes and they are crap! :D

  • Jamie Insider

    I don’t about her recipes being considered “crap” but she must eat a lot.

  • madonna


  • Yum!

    This broad is the MOST ANNOYING person on TV. She is so freakin’ queer and weird with her stupid abbreviations. How this show won an Emmy is beyond understanding.

    She is a midget troll with no neck and her I would rather drink paint than sit thru her horrific show. She is worse than an a-s-s rash!

  • oh snap!

    she looks more of a cow then Rosie ODonald , and that hair cut makes her have no neck

    Rachel Ray needs to Sit Down

  • angel hair

    rachael ray beating ellen? that’s a joke.
    i think emmy’s trying to reward the kiddies for playing nice.

  • teena

    Whoa! Big Sausage Arms comin’ through!!

  • PP


    click here!!thanks:))

  • YUCK

    I can’t stand her either. So based on the comments before me too – how did she win an Emmy & who watches her show. She thinks she is so funny & cute & she comes off as being stupid. She is the kind of person you get embaressed for because they say the dumbest things. I have put on her show & it is too painful to watch. She is also fat – not just overweight. She wears all these tight & revealing clothes & they just emphasize her rolls.

  • angel hair

    now guys, i wouldn’t go so far as to attack her physique, since she is a “chef” and all.
    but i have to recount my story here: i went to the taping of “rachael ray on ice” special and it was awful. it was frigid, we stood in line- OUTDOOR in january new york weather- for two hours, they gave us cheap snacks/drinks ( you’d think the food might at least some quality considering her food background, alas, i’m naive), and she never greeted or addressed her audience when the camera’s not rolling. i was literally 3 feet away from her before she went on the ice, and the whole time she just looked down on the ground or stared at a pigeon. it’s kind of hard to root for somebody who won’t even acknowledge the audience genuinely.

  • wannawin4mymomplease

    I have 2 words for why she won when she shouldn’t have: OPRAH’S PET!

  • TO #11

    I wouldn’t attack someons physique UNLESS that person was always wearing clothes that showed off their body like they were HOT. That is what Rachel Ray does. There was some award shoe where her dress was so low cut it looked like her breasts were going to pop out. Also, she is fat, not just a little overweight AND she seems mean so I don’t feel bad calling her fat. I would never fault anyone for being 5-10 pounds overweight because you can still look good, especially if you work out. However, she looks like she is at least 30 lbs over what would be even mildly healthy. Look at Giada De Laurentis – she is in really good shape & she is a chef. So I guess what I am trying to say is that if she was nice & somewhat humble or came off as a decent person I wouldn’t call her fat.

  • me

    I went to a taping of her show and she talked to the audience a lot between takes. She was really down to earth, she acted like someone you have known forever instead of a stand off celeb. She also swears a LOT. She is much smaller in person than she looks on TV. I’m 5’3 and she was shorter then me, she’s not slender but she’s not fat either.

    As far as the emmy I agree her show shouldn’t have won.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]


  • bejeebus

    “holy cat”????? who says that? i can’t stand this woman…her voice, her face, her dwarf body……who even watches her craptastic show???? i don’t know a single person who does. THANK GOD!

  • bah

    LOL dwarf body. Please Rachel Ray, cover up your midget boobs. Grow your hair out, stop being so annoying and maybe I won’t be embarassed to flip though the channels and see your show for one second before I keep flipping.


    C’mon people, she is not fat…she is just not stick figure skinny. They say the camera adds 10 pounds, I think she is 140 pounds at the most, and that is still in the healthy range for her height.

    She is not a model. I’m not a fan of hers, but when people start calling her a cow or bigger than Rosie, well, now you’re just lying.

    If you’re gonna call her fat, why don’t you shout out your own height and weight and we can judge you too.

  • PP
  • Jaye

    She won an Emmy because this is Oprah’s show. I use to watch her cooking show all the time, but as she branched out to more shows, she became really annoying. On her earlier shows she didn’t talk so much as she have in the last 2-3 years. I still watch her cooking show, infrequently, but too much of her is just WAY too much.
    as far as eating, she has always said on her show that they eat a lot in her family. This woman is thinking and living food 24/7. She could handle it when she was younger, but now the pounds are piling on.
    Why does her husband always look like a homeless guy?

  • amle

    I love the dress she wore to the Emmys. The neckline is great. Many people cant handle a person with a fun, bubbly personality. I love it. So what if she weighs more than those stick girls in Hollywood? I laugh when someone compared her size to Giadas. Have you seen Giadas family. They are all really really tiny. Plus, Giada has said she will eat 2 bites off each thing on her plate. Starving herself??? I would guess she is a barfer too.

  • amle

    The reason Ellen didnt win this year is because all she talks about is being gay and now getting married as a gay person. She has also gotten way too serious on her show. She was very funny.

  • amle

    Jaye @ 06/23/2008 at 11:09 am

    Why does her husband always look like a homeless guy?
    He is in a rock band. I think he is trying to have a certain look. They play alot of alternative music. Just my guess lol

  • LuckyL

    amle @ 06/23/2008 at 11:14 am

    The reason Ellen didnt win this year is because all she talks about is being gay and now getting married as a gay person. She has also gotten way too serious on her show. She was very funny.
    Um they are sharing the award you homophobic bast***

  • josie

    Good lord you people are rude. Rachel Ray works hard for her $, that’s right, the girls works hard for her $$. More power to her!! She’s adorable too! Cute bod. Yes, she’s obnoxious at times, but she knows it.

  • dina deulucka

    Rachel is on a new diet from Prothinspo… she hasn’t told the press which one … but she said she had started the diet this morning and plans on losing 20lbs in a month.. sources say she purchased a months supply of just in case she finds it hard to stick to the diet. Dude the diets on Prothinspo are so extreme in low calorie she is going to be a toothpick in no time.. can’t wait for the tabloids to go nuts over it.

  • Original jpf

    As much as I do like Ellen, I like RR just as much. Although I’m not a regular viewer of any of them, I find I do get less fatigued with RR’s show. Ellen is fun but also manipulative imo with the pushing of some of her agenda’s be it a person she likes/doesn’t, or a view she wants others to share ala Oprah (but not as much).


  • Original jpf

    Please no one click the link inside #26 dina deulucka. These bull$hit links have messed up my lap in the past and they’re nothing but a sneaky way to get your info.

    PLEASE DO NOT CLICK #26 or any other link you know has nothing to do in reality with the subject being discused. It just may muck your stuff up.


  • LuckyL

    Original jpf @ 06/23/2008 at 2:58 pm

    As much as I do like Ellen, I like RR just as much. Although I’m not a regular viewer of any of them, I find I do get less fatigued with RR’s show. Ellen is fun but also manipulative imo with the pushing of some of her agenda’s be it a person she likes/doesn’t, or a view she wants others to share ala Oprah (but not as much).

    I totally agree. I haven’t watched her show in quite some time

  • http://justjared Victoria

    30th!!!! I like Rachel alot, but it is way to soon for her too win an emmy. Ellen is the one who should have one for that category, and I feel maybe she was slighted a little for her views on the puppy issue and the marriage issue this year. I read her producers were a ” little upset” and ” a little irked” at her, but look at who is paying their salary. And look who is probably being invitied to her big and grand wedding. I don’t think they are or will complain about that when their picture is taken and they are given gifts. I get bored with Rachel and usually change the channel, but not with Ellen.

  • izzie, the soccer mom

    All her recipes are full of carbs….everything seems to have bread, noodles or potatoes…..She is not a “chef”….. she’s a gabby “cook” who likes to eat.

    I hear tell that in the world of “chefs”, she is just a J.O.K.E. A big joke, it looks like!

  • Kimmijay

    I for one love Rachael Ray! Let’s not be haterz, give honor where honor is due. There is something to be said for someone who has reached this level of success. I don’t see anyone on here who has left a negative comment rocking the red carpet! Unless, your sneaking rude comments on the down low and then either way apparently you suck. Show the love!

  • nancy

    Rachael Ray Rocks! She works hard for her money and she made it all on her own- I admire her- a strong woman!!!
    She so did deserve the Emmy !!! you go girl – make us sistas proud !!

  • lili90

    All you LOSERS quit hating shes fabulous.. At least she won!!!! n thats something you can’t say… She’s worked hard to get in that spot give her credit.. You people are just frustraded with your miserable lives that you have to take it in at other people!!!