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Rihanna Does "The View" From Vegas

Rihanna Does

Rihanna sat down with the ladies from The View in Las Vegas on Monday morning. Co-host Sherri Shepherd got right to the point and asked Rihanna what was going on with her and hottie Chris Brown.

Rihanna giggled and replied, “We hang out a lot. We’re very close. He’s an amazing person but we are not dating. We’re very close friends, though. Very, very close.” Co-host Whoopi Goldberg then proceeded to ask what the difference was between dating someone and being a close friend. Rihanna said, “There’s a very big difference. I think you know!”

When asked about her tattoos, Rihanna explained the new one on her left shoulder: “They’re Roman numerals. Me and my best friend got the same thing. It’s her DOB (date of birth) and she has mine.”

Watch Rihanna‘s interview from The View in Vegas here. You can also watch her performance of “Take a Bow” here.

P.S. Yesterday around noon, Rihanna and Chris Brown stopped by the GBK gifting suite after their rehearsal slots for the BET Awards. RiRi helped Chris pick out some New Balance kicks (10.5 limited edition 576 in purple). He liked the reflective detailing and the blue vintage running shoe, saying, “Yah. I like that. That’s old school!” The pair seemed very much a couple, smiling and touching constantly!

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  • Name (required, limit 30 chara

    she’s tastsy looking

    oh and first

  • hmm

    uh, ok.

  • anon

    it sounds like she has an accent or something

  • Mike

    They’re not dating? I guess they are friends with benefits.

  • Helena

    So close friends kiss? *roll*

  • Julia

    Ohh! that’s a big lie! haha.. i mean.. i bet she’s dating Chris Brown!
    Let’s face it.. yes, she IS dating him..

    Come On, ‘take a bow’ singer.. the truthhhhh!

  • sam o’neal

    rihanna can sometimes look really fit and than other times look chubby.. I saw these photos.. and she looked really good with those garder belts on and see through underwear.. but lately she isn’t doing to much for me.. sorry ri

  • LuckyL

    anon @ 06/23/2008 at 5:34 pm

    it sounds like she has an accent or something
    She was born and raised in Barbados.

  • anna

    I think she means they are friends with benefits except they don’t have sex which is what i think she means when asked what’s the difference between being very close friends and dating, they do kiss though and we have seen pictures of them kissing. They make cute “close friends” though.

  • nona

    ‘my friend and i’

    and there’s no way in hell she even knows roman numerals. .

  • zip

    I think she is more into him than he is into her. That is why they haven’t come out publicly as a couple.

  • chantall

    omg did she change her hair agian i love her though she seems nice

  • bams

    The dude is too young to shack up with one chick.

  • GurL

    the tattoo thing is stupid!

  • diama

    she looks cute

  • http://msn lips,tits and angie’s angels.

    She’s so pretty.

  • Ray

    She looks like a cute boy.

  • kai

    Dione Warwick looks amazing.

  • jasmine

    Looks like she trimmed her wig.

  • g freeze

    Rihanna’s looking trannylicious!

  • Anya

    Her hair and makeup look gorgeous here, but she still reminds me of a drag queen.

  • uum

    haha! RiRi looks like Spock!

  • Coco

    She looks weird. Her head is too small for her body.

  • hello

    I like her lipstick. Her hair is getting so short. Next time we see her she’ll be bald.

  • Tattoo

    Interesting. Chris’ mom claims they are dating.

  • cutebajangal

    Look all the foolishness wanna stupid young jealous freaks have to say about rihanna doesn’t hurt her in anyway, she is from the beautiful island of barbados and only beauty comes from here, i wish u stupid people could put ur jealousy aside and recongnised talent and beauty when u see and hear it, leave the girl alone she is gifted girl and we here in barbados admire and respect her. GIVE IT UP HATERS U WILL NEVER WIN!!!

  • Jae

    She stole her girlfriend’s wig.

  • Shay

    I see Chris has been dismissed. Now that her re-release is out, she gave him his walking papers. No more beards and fake relationships.

    Not feeling the weave (looks like a bad toupee) and the makeup is a bit heavy! She needs a good stylist

  • American Idol

    Chris will play the field. He has had his eye on Jordan.

  • American Idol

    ^Plus, it’s no secret Rihanna also likes girls. She’s bi.

  • http://justjared Victoria

    31st!!!! Is that like ” sort of like being pregnant’? Why do they always beat around the bush like a silly schoolgirl? It makes them look foolish. Just answer the question when asked.

  • Not So Much

    She is so trashy. That tatoo on her shoulder is slame. Why would you feel the name to get your best friands b-day inked on your body? #30 Chris isn’t after Jordan. I saw them sing their duet together & she was really into him & he didn’t even want to touch or get near her. It was so obvious.

  • Sheila


    I hate it when black women or women of color put darkness around the noses. It’s the opposite, you morons! You’re supposed to put lightness where it’s dark! Otherwise, you’re gonna look like a witch!

    And if she didn’t put any darkness on the sides of the nose and did this thing where they put like a white line on the top of the nose… that’s just ridiculous. Make it lighter where it’s dark and make it rosier where it’s too bright/shiny.

    And if that’s just the way her nose looks after not doing anything funky with her nose…. then I don’t know what to tell you, except it is just too weird to look at, whatever her makeup artist did to her. What makes them think that no one notices… and that camera is far away! And what makes them think it looks good?? Cosmetolgy graduates and/or makeup artists… this is not clown school!

  • joneblaze

    HA I wish i had very very close friends who were all over me and looked like her.

  • Alena Santos mendez brown

    I think he likes jordin cause behind the scenes of no air they were all lubby dubby. and on the performance he only touch her once it seems like chris was warned not to touch her by rihanna. They are dating when i went to see chris on the today show after it was finish chris’s dj and close friend , my friends and i was asking him if chris is dating rihanna and he was about to say yes then he said maybe. and i said “you sold chris out”. Then he said “no there not”. Im glad that there dating there cute and they need to come out already. it’s getting old now.

  • Jaye

    Stay strong Ri Ri!

  • Niny

    yeah right. well if they’re not dating then princess diana is still alive! how does she explain all the kisses at the nightclub and making out at KFC? if i was dating chris i would brag about it! but like she says, its her personal life but c’mon its obvious that they are more than “close friends”. lol

  • ☆Shonathan Hilton☆

    i dont like this couple.