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Andy Roddick is Wishful for Wimbledon

Andy Roddick is Wishful for Wimbledon

Andy Roddick and his fiancée Brooklyn Decker pop into a coffee shop in Wimbledon town center on Tuesday.

Sixth seeded Roddick begins his quest for a Wimbledon Title on Tuesday, with a match against unseeded Argentinean Eduardo Schwank.

“I don’t need three or four tournaments behind me. It is important for me to get my feet into this tournament. If I get to the point where I want to get in this tournament further on in the second week, getting through that first week should be plenty,” Andy said of his practice before Wimbledon.

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  • LuckyL

    Mandy Moore was his catch. She never looked that haggard.

  • em

    I can’t believe she is an S.I. model.

    LuckyL- Have you seen Mandy Moore recently? She’s not looking as cute as she used to.

  • Homelearning

    I can’t really see him going to the final two at Wimbledon, but good luck

  • nick coup

    did you see the photos of these guys on they had them in the locker room…

  • kristi

    I thought that was Brittney!

  • yeahhh

    he is so cute!!

  • mary

    yea i agree, andy was better with mandy moore.


    he is so cute!


  • susan

    look cute together

  • princess

    They are really sweet together, I’m actually happy for them (normally I’d be jealous ;). I’ve followed Andy since he first went pro and I’ve never seen him so at ease with his life and game. May not fare too well at Wimbledon but he’ll be the first to tell you he can’t complain.

  • Dello

    Andy is my boy. I wish him all the best. True, he’s coming off injury, but he has been to at least the Quarter Finals in previous Wimbledons. He’s even been in the finals 2 years in a row (2004/5), losing to Robot Federer twice. But, I haven’t seen him play in ages, so I don’t know where he is physically. I’ll be surprised if he makes it into the quarters or semis against Djokovic, Nadal or Federer. Good luck Andy.

    And yeah, his girlfriend ( fiancee) isn’t really hot, but whatever. She’s not entirely a lost.

  • bo

    she looks like a nice girl. she is very natural. good for him.

    and mandy looks awful lately.

  • alison

    She looks a bit like Matt damon, no?

  • chelsea

    lucky girl, andy is such a cutie!

  • Halli

    What’s the point Andy? He won’t make it past Roger Federer or the likes.

  • Coopster

    It always intrigues me why while some people have spent their lives trying to escape fame and hold onto what little privacy they own, other people spend their lives seeking D level fame, marrying someone for the sake for becoming famous and being followed by paparazzi they frequently tip off themselves ahead of schedule, spending heaps, efforts of their daily life to achieve a momentary low level of coverage such as this when in time, these people will learn fame is not all it’s cracked up to be the moment they look over at each other, realizing they have little in common when their already dimmed spotlight fades away entirely. It’s this state of our society making me wish that new media, the tabloid fascination we have with so-called celebrities, dies soon.

  • girl

    WHOA I agree with #5! I was completely shocked at the picture because I thought that was Britney!!!

  • ☆Shonathan Hilton☆
  • ipod

    OMG and she has the baby knots $5 hair weave pony too!

  • Coopster

    OMG and she has the $5 knot pony hair weave too! ewwww

  • amy winehouse

    Brooklyn will always be a Southern hick…….Andy’s money won’t buy her an oz of class

  • Coopster

    Refreshing this momentarily, finding myself bored at work [Shhhhh!], I found that someone has stolen my lovely screen name. That last Coopster posting was not mine. Sorry folks. Though I must confess, your Britney commentary is brilliant. Don’t get me started on the Spears fiasco. She and the Hiltons have me annoyed with all the attention given them. I thought she shaved her head a year ago, am I correct? Yet still her extensions are still bobbled off looking? Unfortunately, it’s doubtful that Miss Decker’s own pitiful hair’s appearance is the result of a mental meltdown. It may only be its natural state.

  • pinkydoo

    I actually thought that was an old picture of Reese Witherspoon!

  • teabag

    lol explains why ryan phillipe cheated on her if reese looked this bad

  • LuckyL

    em @ 06/24/2008 at 11:05 am

    I can’t believe she is an S.I. model.

    LuckyL- Have you seen Mandy Moore recently? She’s not looking as cute as she used to.
    That’s true due. But with him, I think she always looked fresh to death.

  • LuckyL


  • leonor

    my god! i’ve always loved andy roddick. he is soooo hot.

  • Andy’s so wrinkled

    Andy looks like……. my dad’s age
    Brooklyn’s digging on an older man

  • anna

    I loe Andy! don’t like his new hairstyle though.. and man,am I having to adjust to the thought that he has a fiance… oh well,still rooting for him to win this thing!

    his match today was good!!!

  • sure he’s not gay—-bi?

    An older man that comes in the gym I work often dates Andy’s VERY YOUNG ex gf from austin before (0and I think during the early months????) andy dated brooklyn. She visited from texas when they came in together in the last 1 or 2 wks. I said doesn’t andy roddick live in austin and she’s like “unfortunately I know” She said andy swings both ways more gay than straight and she knew from personal experience…. I will get f***ng fired if I name anyone but she’s pretty enough you beleieve she turns men straight, brown black waist length hair (fake extensions???) and gorgeous eyes like her handsome hottie bf’s clear blues…. Its beliavable andy is bi because this girl dates guys that have history of being gay. Brooklyn if you don’t want Andy he can be my Chelsea boy anytime sweetheart!

  • Sea salt

    Oh my god!!!! I always knew it!!! I swear. Speaking from a man who has been gay all my life. So is Brooklyn his fag hag cover? OR is she getting a piece of that and ignores his intimate encounters with men? Brooklyn is the new katie Holmes!

  • http://justjared Victoria

    Brooklyn looks haggard and unkept. What is with that? And that hair? Why can’t she have a stylist do something nice with that mess with all of his money? He is nice looking but he may think twice when he sees pictures of them together. Shape up young lady. Fix yourself up, if you want to keep him.

  • Georgia peach

    #30, yes it IS TRUE, AND I know exactly who are you talking about, and I am in the same boat as you with getting fired from my job if I dare to say who it is. When I went to my company’s new york offices for work in may, the man you bring up in your posting was telling people about how tired he was of hearing about Andy Roddick’s false public image after I brought up I was rooting for him when I watched the Australian Open. This man continued to explain he had a “little friend”…..we all knew he meant his undercover girlfriend/fiancee….he hasn’t come out officially with her yet…..will in fall someone told me…….and, this was juicy. His “little friend” told him about when she dated Roddick, they were soooooo comfortable that they had an understanding that he could “see” men if he never had a serious relationship with them, continuing to date HER exclusively. When he went overseas, she allowed him to go to gay bars…….and he was in love with her. Andy’s family wanted him to find a better more famous “public girlfriend” so they dialed Brooklyn “Beard” Decker and voila, a happy engaged couple. Andy only met Brooklyn 4 times before their coming out as an engaged couple. Anyway…….I heard Andy is sour and still in love with that girl and her new bf has warned her she should do something about it if he keeps bothering her. I’m sorry. People didn’t know about this? I thought everyone knew he was leaning gay? It’s no hidden secret at my workplace.

  • Brookie

    What a ugly face of this girl…..can’t believe she is a model

  • Jen

    Nice to know your all bitter, jealous and insecure…im pretty sure brooklyn’s heaps better looking than y’all.

  • Danielle

    Brooklyn’s face in these pictures, ….like a cockroach…..insect like face.
    Just open your eyes and look at this.

    Really, a model???

  • A real fan

    Love them! Love Roddick and his new girl I think they make a great couple. Thanks for continuing to post great photos of them, they are one of my favorite celebrity couples. I wish them all the best!

  • scott

    Their babies will be strange face people. This Brooklyn girl has a very strange face born structure. Ugly

  • Dillon

    Hahahaha Brooklyn praying for Roddick at 2nd round at Wimbledon comes up with this! : New “Brook” in the court!!

  • bellamy

    Andy’s gf’s >>> Federer’s fat cow Mirka

  • C.

    Fake plastic boobs.

  • Denielle


    This year Wimbledon is the best!!!

  • 3

    Hey guys, could someone stop impersonating people he/she isn’t on this blog? I don’t know, implying things by screen names and little things is a little 2001. Thank you.

  • imao

    Georgia peach, you are the BEST!!