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Ed Westwick's White is the New Black

Ed Westwick's White is the New Black

Ed Westwick continues rocking his summer style with a white suit on the set of Gossip Girl in New York on Monday.

Co-stars Blake Lively and Taylor Momsen were also around shooting their own scenes. Either puppies are going to be a theme in the show, or it’s Bring You Pet to Work Day for the GG cast! Blake, 20, and Taylor, 14, were both seen carrying around precious pooches.

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Ed’s recent summer style — wicked wardrobe or terrible threads?

10+ pictures of Ed Westwick‘s new black…

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ed westwick white 01
ed westwick white 02
ed westwick white 03
ed westwick white 04
ed westwick white 05
ed westwick white 06
ed westwick white 07
ed westwick white 08
ed westwick white 09
ed westwick white 10

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  • skankyHO

    What is with them carrying around their dogs like that? You would think Blake would have learned her lesson after her dog peed on her.


    Blake can def pull off a bummy look. And it’s INSANE that Taylor is only 14!! thats really hard to believeeee SHEESH.

  • Kelly

    I like the white suit :)

  • Diana

    I love GG!!! I hate Ed’s new hair!!!!!! He needs the bangs!!

  • Lynn

    Ed is hottttt

  • Kary


    Ed in white=me in heaven!!!!

    I want 2 Chace’s♥ & Leighton’s outfits too though!

    Ahh soo can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jamie Spears Insider

    I would like a white suit myself =).


    jaredddd pleasee pictures off pennnnn… ^^

  • Becca

    he looks so HOT!!!!

    ahhhh this just made my night!!!!

    I LOVE ED <3<3<3!!!!!!

  • legs

    i think he’s cute. :)

  • Cat

    I don’t watch GG but I love the clothes in all the pics. Taylor is really pretty. I miss being a teen w/ perfect glowing skin. I can’t believe that girl is only 14. She is going to look 30 in a few years!

  • at

    taylor has really cute puppies!!!

  • yeah

    Ed’s hot no matter what he’s wearing. The guys just sexy!

  • erin

    Doesn’t matter what he wears, I’d f him : )

  • stella

    i don’t know what you guys been smoking, but taylor looks 14. she’s the ONLY one in the whole freakin cast that looks her age.

  • girl

    i love taylors sunglasses that are hanging from her pocket, anyone know the brand?

  • Diana

    Seriously, people are crazy!!!! Go back to high school, people!!! Taylor looks her age!!

  • Gossip Girl

    What kind of dogs are those?

  • emilie

    Ed is so handsome. No matters what he is wearing.

  • manying

    i love the suit..definitely suites him..yeah and i wish to see chace really soon..xoxo

  • mh


  • bee

    Actually Taylor is now 15.

  • stephana

    i love leighton! please jj more her! plus guys can you help me out, i stopped watching GG at the point where chuck ruined blair. and when she wanted to leave, serena stopped her. what happened next. did she get back together with nate? i love chace!

  • katryn

    no.nate date vanessa.blair detroyed jenny who was the new queen.chuck and blair don’t talk until blair call him and nate to help serenna with a problem then blair talk to chuck only because she wants revenge for serena.Chuck and nate become friends again.Chuck apologize to blair about that words and then they back together for a week when bart (his father)gave a speech about relationship and take care of the feelings.blair and chuck plans a romantic vacations to tuscany because she is going to spend all the summer with her father at france while she was waiting chuck.He got scared and sleept with a girl dithes blair leaving by her way to the trip.yeah sad because she doesn’t deserve all that crap.Stupid bass

  • cassie

    Ed soooooooooo hottttttttttttt <3 the guy

    where is leighton? we need more C&B scenes!

  • ck

    Taylor will be 15 on July 26th (DOB 7/26/93)

  • parisgirl

    Ok what’s with people taking their dogs to work?

  • parkerjane

    Chuck Bass! I love thee!

  • erik

    I don’t think this guy i attractive in the slightest.
    and you’d think if you were on the biggest teen show on television, that you’d ya know…work out.
    Chase over this guy anyday

  • qiara.

    idk. i’m a junior in high school and I know seniors that look younger than her. Then again, I know juniors and seniors that wear all of sephora on their face everyday, wear 4 in. heels to school and look to be about 25….
    I think it’s her height and her fashion sense that doesn’t really make me believe she’s 14. She is ridiculously tall for a sophmore and she has the style of a 20 yr old (not necessarily a bad thing) cuz of the show.

  • Reba

    Ed plays his part so well on GG

  • jul

    lol the dogs are cute

  • missbass

    ed please cut your hair!

    but he is still hot, wow!

  • fsad

    jj can youu pleaseeee post more stuff about one tree hill =] pleasssee haha

  • chelsea

    Ed can almost do no wrong in my eyes.

  • vidstr1

    what’s up w/the dogs? They’re so cute!!



  • f

    he is unbelievably ridiculous

  • monica Castillo

    Aww taylors dogs are so cute anyone know what kind they are?????

  • trish.

    Penn is right, there’ is a lot of freakin dogs on the set. lol wtf!

    and aww. their dogs are too cute.
    i like blakes dog better and taylors lil white dog.

    yayyy i’m so excited for GGseason2.


  • trish.


  • xslickx

    ed is seriously sexy, he’s looking fab, very dapper ;) hehe.

  • http://? Maggie

    men in gossipgerl be so… gay? i like book, but movie – SUX

  • Sheila

    i hate ed westwick’s new hairdo
    doesn’t really suit him, but he stays cute!
    really looks like a person you can have a good laugh with.
    btw, taylor definitely DOESN’T look like a 14 year old

  • natt

    Wow Ed is so hot!

  • erica


  • erica


  • valerie

    thanx for the pics Jared! i love blake so much, i think shes pretty and has an amazing personality. she always looks beautiful .. and please we want more pictures of penn and blake

  • Princess

    where is LEIGHTOOOON

  • erica

    Jared, please! NO !!

    I don’t want to see that FUGLY LIVELY. I’m sick of seeing her face splashed everywhere.
    She looks like an OLD HAG! She just needs to vanish.