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Heather Locklear Enters Rehab

Heather Locklear Enters Rehab

Heather Locklear has checked herself into a psychological treatment facility in Arizona, reports People.

Says Heather‘s rep, Cece Yorke, “Heather has been dealing with anxiety and depression. She requested an in-depth evaluation of her medication and entered into a medical facility for proper diagnosis and treatment. This is a confidential medical matter and no further statement will be released.”

Back in March, Heather‘s doctor called 911, concerned that she was suicidal.

Get well soon, Heather!

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  • lanolin…like sheep’s wool

    I wish Heather all the best! Get Well Soon!

  • yeahhh


  • shannon

    u kno with the whole rehab thing last yr with all the stars going im slowy wondering what is up with them here we have ppl who have everthing and they have so many issues must suck i guess fame is’t all it’s craked up to be

  • Halli

    Sucks for her daughter Ava.

  • soso

    I wish you well heather!!

  • real world

    hope heather get well soon. nice person and actress.

  • Jaye

    Fame is just that fame. It’s not a cure for anything. People still have their problems and have to deal with them. I wish her well.

  • anny

    This is Denise Richards’ fault

  • dr fill

    This woman has no reason to be depressed. She is probably drugged up out of her head with drugs supplied by Hollywood’s best known dealer Samantha Ronson.

  • Yawn

    How very American of her. What is it with Americans and their issues?

  • Dieter

    all she needs is a valium shot in the ass, take a napp and everything is fine – silly doctor calling 911

  • girl

    hm, i wonder if she’ll be going to the facility in tucson, there’s where a lot of celebs go

  • George

    I wish her all the best. I hope she gets better soon.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    hot, but another rich loser.

    how can the poor feel sorry for the rich. pathetic.

  • Ida

    Oh, I really like her. Hope she gets better soon!

  • ☆Shonathan Hilton☆

    I dont really know who she is in this business.
    But i still want her to get better!
    i wish her the best

  • jeezus

    Looney Tune

  • Rich

    She’s just going in for a face lift your not fooling anyone Heather…

  • jade

    I have always liked Heather. She has been through a lot. Wishing the best for her. Get well soon!!

  • to rich

    sorry to break this to you but a doctor does not call 911 to tell them he/she is concerned about a patient for the good of the dr’s health. and, in case this has slipped your notice, all calls to 911 in california are recorded.

  • too bad, so sad

    jade @ 06/24/2008 at 7:00 pm

    I have always liked Heather. She has been through a lot. Wishing the best for her. Get well soon!!
    Do you call going through a lot, those two failed marriages? If thats what you mean, I have gone through more than that, with four children, with lot less money than she has, and I have never done drugs, or need mental health.

  • M

    These Hollywood people are pathetic! I feel sorry for Heather, but it’s hard to feel really bad for her. She cheated on Ritchie and now her life is a shambles. Threir daughter is the one people should feel sorry for– a Dad who gets a DUI (with her in the car) and a mother who is clinically depressed. Poor child.

    And Yawn—don’t judge all Americans by what you see coming out of Hollywood. That’s rather ignorant!

  • Alison

    Love Heather. Get well soon!

  • Maxim

    Hollywood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Always a drama. Go to Kansas and try to earn a living.

  • Shrink

    Best wishes to you Heather for a happy and meaningful life.

  • to m

    it’s easy to look at heather, the way she lives, and feel she somehow brought it on herself. and you know 3 months ago i would have agreed with you. but you see, my cousin killed herself at the end of march. on the outside she had it all, a successful husband, a great career and 4 beautiful kids. but you know what we all somehow missed the warning signs. we will all live with the “what if” or “only if” for the rest of our iives. i would not wish that on anyone’s family.

  • janie

    Love Heather. Best of luck and get well soon!

  • http://justjared Victoria

    28th!!! Poor Heather. It just goes to show you, even the rich and the celebrities can get depressed. People say ” what in the world do they have to get depressed over’? ” they can buy whatever they want, go wherever they want too, do whatever they want, so what’s up”?. Get’s me? I guess it doesn’t buy you love or health. Maybe someone can help her. Good luck Heather.

  • lizzie

    You know? Getting old freaking sucks. She is in an industry that has an extremely narrow criteria for sucess for women – and the emphasis is on youth.
    As she loses relevancy with the public, Heather needs to figure out what her next path will be. In the meantime learning to accept the inevitable is painful.

  • jade

    #21—What I meant,was what Heather went through,thinking Denise
    was one of her best friends.Then finding out about Denise and Richie.

    BTW, I’ve been through alot too and I was just wishing the best for

  • paul D Brown


  • JJ

    Her face is beginning to look like a plastic surgery nightmare!!

  • ivelisse

    What in the world has she been doing to her face? Maybe that’s what has her depressed.. Seeing how awful all that botox has made her look..

  • camille

    Another one…. sad

  • rien

    Have a little bit love, people!

    If you don’t like her, and can not say nice things about her, skip the thread!

    I wish you the best Heather. Get well soon!

  • victoria

    i wish you all the best heather, hope you get better soon!!

  • DB

    I feel really bad for Heather the last few years have been humiliating to say the least. I hope she gets it together and finds happiness

  • Amy

    I might have a feeling where she is… And It’s by me! lol

  • Aw

    Oh poor Heather.

    Something must be in the air. It’s like so many people are going through depression and anxiety. I’ve always pictured Heather as being very healthy and stable.

    I hope she’s back to herself soon.

  • Amelia

    I wish her all the best. Her and Richie, for the sake of their daughter.

  • samboralocklear

    heather ava and richie need you!!!

  • xoxangel

    well, I’m a little surprised, she must of held all those emotions in after her best friend and husband started sleeping with each other. She feels old, cause Denise isn’t as old. Heather is very pretty, she should have gotten help right away. It’s sad that hollywood treats marriage like a vacation then when it’s boring go on to the next celebrity. Hiint to Brangelina.

  • xoxangel

    Well let her get better, and have a happy life wiith Jack Wagner, they make a good couple. Ritchie is uglly anyway, I mean that mouth is gross LOL
    You get yourself better girl. and forget Denise and ritchie, they are nobody’s. she makes me sick. denise that is. she so conceited and has a trash mouth. heather i’m praying for you. please try to come back as tthe tough woman hoj