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Orlando Bloom is Sexy in Spain

Orlando Bloom is Sexy in Spain

Orlando Bloom and his Victoria’s Secret angel Miranda Kerr are smokin’ hot while vacationing together at the Gran Hotel Residencia on the Canary Islands in Spain over the weekend.

Orly, 31, strutted shirtless in the pool, where he also pulled up his pants to work on the tan on his legs. Miranda, 25, opted for a little topless action to even out her tan. She was seen reading Abdi Assadi‘s “Shadows On The Path.” It’s a discussion on the often overlooked aspect of spiritual attainment: the shadow. According to the book, it’s a common misconception for spirituality to be viewed as movement toward the light instead of delving into, identifying and integrating repressed aspects of our psyche.

20+ pictures inside of Kerrbloom being their sexy selves in Spain…

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orlando bloom miranda kerr spain 01
orlando bloom miranda kerr spain 02
orlando bloom miranda kerr spain 03
orlando bloom miranda kerr spain 04
orlando bloom miranda kerr spain 05
orlando bloom miranda kerr spain 06
orlando bloom miranda kerr spain 07
orlando bloom miranda kerr spain 08
orlando bloom miranda kerr spain 09
orlando bloom miranda kerr spain 10
orlando bloom miranda kerr spain 11
orlando bloom miranda kerr spain 12
orlando bloom miranda kerr spain 13
orlando bloom miranda kerr spain 14
orlando bloom miranda kerr spain 15
orlando bloom miranda kerr spain 16
orlando bloom miranda kerr spain 17
orlando bloom miranda kerr spain 18
orlando bloom miranda kerr spain 19
orlando bloom miranda kerr spain 20
orlando bloom miranda kerr spain 21
orlando bloom miranda kerr spain 22
orlando bloom miranda kerr spain 23

Credit: Radial Press; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • so sad

    Orlando’s once promising career has been reduced to pap set-ups with a cabbage patch faced panty model.

  • Juuh


  • Iwatchingyou

    *FAINT* HOTTER THAN HELL BABY!!! Orlando that is;-P
    Miranda is pretty!

  • salma

    miranda has a killing body i wish i was that tall
    orlando look happy and i’am happy for him

  • caxposed

    Hey Jare, where’s the one of his butt? I think you forgot to post a few photos from Orli’s steamy little vacation, lol. These shots are great though! Thanks for sharing.

  • @all

    there is no love no erotic no emotion….all Publicity

  • lol

    I think Jared is being sarcastic about orlando looking sexy. This is two day old news though. It’s all been said already. Everyone has already seen his sad state of affairs.

  • adriana

    they are the most gorgeous couple everr.

  • Helena

    No áss shot?

  • vanessa

    orlaandoo HOT!

  • vanessa

    btw, what happen happened to his knee?? i was lmao with his face while he was looking that old lady in #13

  • Jamie Spears Insider

    She looks fantastic!

  • @6

    You think so?
    maybe the key is to stop paying attention to them then.
    The bigger names know whats up.

    The real comedy starts now.

  • Halli

    He looks like Euro-trash.

  • The World is Falling Apart

    ….for the conspiracy theorists, that is. LOL. Hahahahahaha!

    Gorgeous couple. Orlando seems very taken, and Miranda has a killer bod. Haters are going to commit harakiri. Let them, I say. Hahahaha!

  • wow

    He really let him self go. what happened? He used to be soooo HOT! Now, not so much.

    He only looks like he’s enjoying himself when he’s on his phone.

  • emma

    canarias is a paradise!!spain,is a paradise!jeje…
    sun,hot,beaches,parties……lol…and a lot more things!
    from spain——————-

  • it’s NOT them, ppl…..

    Oh MY GOD……………..Orlando is truly pitiful now.
    He has gone completely around the bend!
    WTF???………he looks like HELL……..I dont know what happened to him….plus…..all that retarded preening (for the cameras).
    He has stooped so LOW.
    I’m not surprised to see HER smiling her moronic face off for the pap show they obviously set up (do they think people are just STUPID?)….but to see have far he has sunk has me with no feelings left for him but these two:


    and PITY.

    P.S., look at her in the 5th pic……FUGLY!…she should NEVER do profile shots!

  • This is getting so bad…

    Its just not funny anymore……….poor Orlando, you had potential once upon a time….

  • @ Helena


  • @13

    yeah i think so…he is always talking on the phone…He put his thumb up behind his back…like take a pic of us…..
    He would never show his ass in the public….

  • joke

    ROFL. No way did he look in a mirror in the last 6 months.

  • vacation?

    Can you really call it a vacation if someone doesn’t work?

    Unless doing PR for d-list modeling gigs can be considered a job.

  • Squtatoi

    She’s presenting her arse like a baboon, he’s a washed up, failed actor.

    I hafta admit, Miranda does look good. Too bad she’s shacked up with a born loser.

  • LOL #23

    Good point. Vacation from what? The last pr stunt they pulled?

    Desperate. It’s just old and sad now. Kind of how he looks too!

  • mcmary

    Oh th @$$ shot was a good one we want to see frontal!LOL Oh come you guys…she is cute what are you talking about???? and Orlando isnt as cute as he used to be but he still Grow up the lot of ya!

  • Jaye

    I don’t get what his hotness is. I like the character he played in Lord of the Rings; his pirate character, not so much. He was suppose to be the STAR of those movies, but Johnny Depp stole his thunder. That had to suck. I like Depp however. He’s a good actor. From photos of Bloom he looks like a nerd. Might be a nice guy, but hot? nah!

  • so over this togetherness bit

    I think they need a vacation AWAY from each other. Don’t they each have a career? I hope he does a film soon. I’m sick of all the hype.

  • marvelous…

    absolutely! What a great looking couple – woo hoo!

  • Jaded

    Maybe he’s on the phone with Justin Timberlake, he wants his sexy back. :P :)

  • poostain

    my sis is hot

  • Jaded

    Then pop some corn on her, we want our entertainment! :P

  • d-list

    Is she actually smileing for the paps and then gets up so they can get a frontal shot.

  • there’s new ones now

    He’s at the airport with miranda and he keeps looking away from the cameras, head down, etc. etc

  • Ray Bans

    Jaded, you made me laugh out loud, thanks:)

    I just wanna know why these two always sport the same style sunglasses, first it was Aviators now it’s Ray Bans. Not sure about them and the publicity only romance but if true, I am sure those companies are thanking them.

  • Pernille

    They look amazing!! I wish I was her – had a hot bod and an insanely hot boyfriend

  • josh

    oh sweet lord in heaven. this is better than when hugh jackman goes to the beach!

  • #34

    Is he playing shy again? Sorry orli it’s too late to pretend now.
    Sorry SOB sealed his fate as a tabloid joke.

  • IMO

    Orlando you are hot but sorry your girlfriend is not!

  • ewwwww

    tell me when it’s ok to throw up, BLEHSDHSGKFFJ, too late.


  • @all

    nobody believes on this “relationship” I had a the first moment a bad feeling. And i think that is true…

  • ☆Shonathan Hilton☆

    These two are gonna become the sexies couple alive.
    He is hot and sexy at age 30
    and we all know she is gorgeous.

  • Steffie

    Orlando is not in the great shape he was 2-3 years ago and he looks to be aging rather quickly now which surprises me since he was so boyish and youthful-looking just a few years ago. I think he acts like a man who feels defeated (in spite of his supposed ‘blooming romance’ with the gorgeous V.S. model). It’s likely because of career woes since his seems to be stalled and going nowhere right now. I feel kind of sorry for him and remember how happy-go-lucky, animated and full of potential he seemed back in the LOTR days. Too bad. Hope he can get his life (and career) back on track. He’s always seemed like a pretty nice guy even if abit naive and/or immature in some ways.

  • breath, breath….

    Man, they are both hot, are you guys blind!

  • poostain

    my sis makes me tingle “down there”. Is that normal?

  • @21

    “thumbs up” behind the back. Very odd

  • lol

    Then Jared and I have two very different interrpretations of SEXY. She is just trashy looking, and well he has gone to pot, in one way or another

  • kikijo

    I don’t know why she bothered to cover up. Who hasn’t seen her naked? What a hypocrite. Hot body, plain face. Don’t get what’s so special about her. As for Orlando, I’ll take him any day. Mature is hot.

  • bradley

    Miranda’s bikini runway photos from the other day are beautiful inspiration to you ladies out there.

  • em

    Her body is amazing. I never got the appeal of Orlando. He is not cute.