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Chris Brown is With You, Ciara

Chris Brown is With You, Ciara

Chris Brown performs onstage with Ciara during the 2008 BET Awards held at the Shrine Auditorium on Tuesday in Los Angeles, California.

As Ciara came on stage, rain came pouring down in the background as visible text and images could be seen. ‘Ciara’ and ‘Take U Down’ could be seen amidst the rain coming down behind the performers.

Chris Brown, 19, was seated next to Rihanna and won the night’s first award, best male R&B artist. “I just love what I’m doing,” he said on the red carpet, “and I have fun doing it. I love being myself.”

45+ more pics of the performance and Chris accepting his award…

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Photos: Kevin Winter/Getty
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  • Helena

    Is that haermaphrodite rumour still going around?



  • lily

    aww, Chris BROWN IS AMAZING!
    i think he and ciara are cute together in this duet! :)

  • Bourbon

    Ciara and Chris killed it!

  • Christinaaaaa

    Ciara’s baaaack! Hot ass performancee.
    And hell no, that RUMOR is squashed.
    She squashed it at the the 2005 BET Awards.
    Back to the performance.
    Rihanna’s face was priceless, LMFAO.

  • aujsd

    The ocean, throwing up foaming sun-sprays across some nearby rocks, was winter cold. This kind of sun shine and ocean, with the accumuloating roar of the surf and the salty, adventurous , flirting wind from the sea, always intoxicating phineas. He was every where , he enjoyed himnself hugely, he laughed out loud at passing sea gulls. And he did everything he could think of for me.

    We had dinner on a hot dog stand , with our backs to the ocean and it s now cooler wind , our faces towad the heat of the cookinf range. Then we walked on toward the center of the beach , where there was a subdued New England strip of honky tonks : tThe boardwalk lights against the deepining blue sky gained an ideal , starry beauty and the lights from the belt of honky tonks and shooting galleries and beer gardens gleamed with a quiet purity in the clear twilight

  • Miapocca

    Ciara dancing ins unreal..I never saw anythign like that and I bearely watch any of these show..she can dance the heck out of Usher and brown asn all those out there dancing..its just different and that body is really amazing …

  • cris

    this guy is starting to get FAT!
    you almost don’t recognize him anymore

  • Ciaralil

    Wow Ciara is just amazing! That girl really knows what she’s doing!

  • the shuk

    i loooooooooooooooooooove chris brown hes my future husband and hes talented unlike those gay jonas brother
    go CHRIS

  • i know!!

    ^^^ exactly!! i was just about to comment on that. he used to be so cute, but now he’s bringing the chunk. just because he has a gf doesn’t mean he should let himself go!

  • boo

    dude just bites everybody’s moves. michael, usher, aliyah and now he steals ‘the soccerball’ move from the latin dancing auditioners on sytycd from 3 wks ago. tired…

  • Lea

    Agree with you Boo with the soccerball move. Actually this move is from Brazil, inventing by a couple doing salsa dance competion, I forgot heir names

  • Lashawn

    This is Ciara and Chris Browns performance

  • karringo

    the looked hot together!! loved her boots!

  • brow_brownie

    it was great to see Ciara !… she’s hot as hell… and their performance was sooooo hot!…. Ciara’s a great performer!… i hope she drops an album soon.. Hip Hop and R&B misses Ciara…. and yea Rihanna…… i’m sorry…lol.. i’m a rihanna fan but when dat camera cut da stage and showed her….….


    P.S… I think Usher and Ciara should do a performance … it’s gonna be hot!

  • Commom sense

    Chris’ mom has alreadyconfirmed that Chris Brown and Rihanna are dating. She said that Rihanna is th sexiest and sweetest girl Chris has ever dated.

  • Binki Bubbles

    So, Common Sens, Rhianna and Chris ARE dating?

  • Binki Bubbles

    Come on Common Sense please answer me! or email me at

  • barbara regina magalhaes rosa

    chris browm este cara é demais dança e canta de mais

  • barbara regina magalhaes rosa

    nã tem nimguel igual

  • cashykoo22

    Chris Brown and Ciara Murdered It! i loved it!

  • ellena

    aww that was cute how chris was singing when rihanna was on stage

  • Terri

    I seriously have a bad vibe about the whol Rhianna/Chris Brown thing. For one, it doesn’t sound right when you put their name together; Chrianna/Rhis?(Ok stupid reason I know), but what do I know? I’m just a pathetic fan searching JustJared for new topics about him. Him and ciara fired it up. They were fye and off the charts! Slang baby! =)

  • Ceeasia

    the 13th picture (counting across) is fresh and they should not have did that for Rihanna’s sake. But other than that it was alright.

  • hi!!

    I agree with you terri, I don’t like them 2gether either! IDK y I jus dont…anywayz as far as that performance, Ciara is official the best dancer alive, she absolutely killed it…and them some!!!

  • http://MSCBREESY1 jIA

    A BABY THIS IS YOUR WIFE JIA COMING STRAIT TO YOU FROM BALTIMORE. I JUST WANTED TO SAY THAT YOU MADE THE BIGGEST MISTAKEPF YOUR LIFE MAKING A DANCE WITH THAT MORPHAN DIKE!!! BUT ITS ALL GOOD THOUGH BABY CAUSE IM STILL WAITING FOR YOU TO TAKE ME DOWN. I HOPE YOU DONT TAKE THAT BALD HEAD CAPHILTA FISH ( Rihanna ) down before me. but just remember boo i love yu i really, really love you, not just a fan and a celebrity love but a husband a wife love. see you real soon sexy

  • ewwwww

    Damn he’s put on some weight!

  • chantall

    omg Rhianna was a great sport she was smiling the whole time everyone thinks he looks fatter in this vid… i dont c anything!!!

  • http://cHRISbROWNiSwITHyOU,cIARA Ieesha

    I remeber Chris had the BIGGEST CRUSH on Ciara. He always use to talk about her in interviews and practically EVERYWHERE!!!
    Well I do think that Chris and Rih-Rih are dating each other. But form the begining it still seemed like a publicity stunt for both to keep their names in the headlines, while they were still on top. And it is rumored that Rih-Rih and Chris broke up a week ago b/c of his on-going infedelity. She even said “I don’t love Chris” and was flirting with a football player at her party and said “Chris Who?” It seems that they broke up and then went to the BET Awards for show (or to show-off). And Chris was in love with Rih-Rih during the relationship. He wouldn’t have done this if they were still together. Oh, and didn’t Rihanna practically disrepect Ciara in one of her interviews just a couple of weeks agao??? Just saying.

  • kbj jackson fresher than….

    ciara was rockn but i know dat rihanna was a little jeoulous because

    1. ciara pussy was all in his face.

    2. Her butt was all up / against his penis.

    3. chris looked like he wanted it.

    4. and so much more…

  • kbj jackson fresher than….

    ciara was rockin da stage butt i know that rihanna was a little jeolous because

    1. Her croch was all in his face.

    2. Her butt was all against his jonny.

    3. chris looked like he was liken it.

    4. and so much more…..

  • shay

    chris brown n ciara performes was raw !!!!! no comments

  • suga_babe

    WOW! did Ciara work Chris or wat? they BOTH killed dat performance tho. I also like wat she had on. CUTE!! I LUV YOU CHRIS, SO KEEP DOIN WAT U DOIN BABE!!!!!!!

  • suga_babe

    NO HE DIDNT. Chris still got da same sexii shape he had before and believe me, he kno how 2 keep it!! dey both worked da stage 2!! LUV YA CHRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://google lesslie

    I disagree with Cristina becuase Chris Brown & Rihanna make a good couple.What the hell is wrong with you Cristina?

  • rose

    Eu amo esse cara se ele pelomenos soubese q eu pensso nele.

  • LADYLOVE, NO.1 AKAkIMBerly.tye

    Yep! that’s my homegirl.Ciara always do her thug thizzle. she always seem to make me proud. And Rihanna ain’t got not nothin on her! And she know that. Chris Brown andRihanna are a couple of liars. ” She” looked so dumb rightnow! Like ha ha ha!But ciara can do alot better. Atleast bowwow was man enough to admit the truth and my girl Ciara kept it real and that’s why i like her better!Go head Ciara,You are tha bomb girl,holla at me!

  • LADYLOVE, NO.1 AKAkIMBerly.tye

    GO CIARA! That’s my girl ,youare the bomb,girl.Keep making me proud as you always seem to do!You are off the chain. Kids at school say we look alike and all. But i can’t lie, it felt amazing and i was very flattered. I LOVE U ,Ciara! Rihanna ain’t got nothin on you!And atleast Ciara don’t front to her fans and pretend she’s single when her and bowwow was together.But Rihanna fake self did andChrisBrown did too!Bowwow and Ciara.Yep,you people have been played. Liars should be together anyway.Neither one is all that any way but so what! If they don’t care how the fans feel then why should we care?They need to get real like me! I love uCiara!!!!!!!!! OH,and Rihanna, I saw you lookin so dumb rightnow when Ciara was doing her thug thizzle!But Ciara, if you’re reading you can do alot better.Chris wasn’t even man enough to admit the good lord’s truth! How wrong can you get?Rihanna and Chris should be ashamed of themselves for lying.Rihanna why did you get surgery on your nose it wasn’t even big at first.Stop doing stupid crap like a white ass BritneySpears type maniac!

  • xiomara dayami

    chris brown is so hot that i have my room ful of pictures of him .

  • mis’shalia

    ciara and chris brown is not cute togther . not even chris brown and what is her name oh i remember her name rinhnna she is so ugly .say what you want to say i am a H-A-T-E-R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do you no who chris brown should go wit my cousin she is nice fun smart respeatful and all that chris brown need

  • qunise

    i hate ciara thats my man i will hert her even thow im younger then him i dont care thats my man i just hating on her and i wish i was on that stage with him instead of that bitch.i was her fan but that was over boad for me.

  • http://google kaniyalovergurl

    chris brown is so sexy but he is to sexy and take you down for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shari

    ciara and Chris brown to the world is long time he should have left her… she cant hold you but ciara will

  • http://facebook Joan

    ew i hate Ciara i love eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Chrris Brown and i love him with Rihanna

  • keke

    fist ciara and chris or cute to gather and chris brown is my boo so you girl need to stop it because me and c is geting merry so one of you hoes you can get this hands

  • leila

    cara pow o chris mais a ciara fazem um casal perfeito
    nossa q d+ ameii….