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Christian Bale is on Parade -- Batman is Back!

Christian Bale is on Parade -- Batman is Back!

Christian Bale talks parenting, privacy and “kindred spirit” Heath Ledger in the new issue of Parade. Here are some great excerpts:

Your co-star Heath Ledger, who plays The Joker, died tragically after the film wrapped. Do you mind talking about him? No, listen, I want to talk about Heath.
When you miss somebody, you want to speak about him. He was a unique character, a very infectious character. He was a good man, and I was glad to have spent time with him. He
was somebody who I’d been seeing on a daily basis for months. It takes a long time to accept that someone’s gone, when all body and mind are telling you that this is somebody you will know for a great deal of time. He was something of a kindred spirit to myself.

It must be difficult. Much of it has to do with my respect for his daughter, whom he loved so dearly and whom he would talk about so often. For me, that is of incredible importance. I hope in a small way that The Dark Knight can be a celebration of his work. Not like the hideous circus after he died, which I felt was an invasion of a private life. This movie is not a personal home video. This is what he did. I hope people will embrace that in the correct fashion.

Tell me about agreeing to do the next Terminator. I’ve always had two varying degrees of success, and I’m not talking about anything to do with box office. I’m talking about my own parameters. You know, an interest in attempting in a wide variety of stories. I never desired to be a big studio movie actor, action actor. I’ve never desired to be a serious independent movie actor. I enjoy all of those. It depends on what mood I’m in. And therefore, I will try to bend those stories into becoming something that I can enjoy myself, varying degrees of success with that. We have an opportunity with it for a continuation, but also a reinvention, and I have to say, much the same way in my mind as we have with Batman. And beyond that I won’t say anymore because we’re just starting. (Editor’s Translation: “No, I can’t talk about it.”)

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  • Neela

    love him

  • Orange Clockwork

    Love this man!

  • daisy42465

    Great actor, adore him.

  • madsters

    hey guys
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  • e

    An incredible actor and seems like a very down-to-earth fellow as well.

  • zac fan

    Awsome Movie !!!!!!!!!!!

    I cant Wait :D !!!!!

  • Justine

    It`s great Christian remember Heath and miss him.
    Yeah, Matilda was Heath`s world…
    Poor little girl.
    Wish he was alive.

  • tam

    Nice Ledger tribute from Bale.

  • lanolin….like sheep’s wool

    I have loved Christian for so many years!! I can’t wait for the Dark Knight!

  • madsters

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    the user is super nice and all the new songs are there

  • Michael

    nice photoshopped head…

  • Ali

    he is amazing! love him!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    great actor, and the best batman ever.

  • Blackworm

    I love him. He is a great actor and the best batman ever making the best batman movies ever.

  • KarenA

    Wonderful actor. Christian Bale is amazing and genuine! :)

  • Debbie

    Who cares

  • WelshBoy

    I do.

  • Jaye

    For a moment I thought he was James Brolin. I know Brolin in much older now. I still think Michael Keaton was the best batman. I must admit I don’t follow Bale’s career. As for Health Ledger, I really don’t know how good an actor he was overall, but he did a great job in Monster’s Ball. Except for his role I thought the movie was overrated. The only other movie of his that i have tried to watch is A Knight’s Tale. I bought it on DVD, tried watching it 3 or 4 times and still never made it to the end of the movie. I was not impressed with it and I’m not sure why. When weighing in on how good an actor someone is, I don’t factor is hotness or how someone looks. That has nothing to do with acting. I never thought of him in that way period. At some point I hope to see his body of works and maybe see what the exact extent of his talent was. I am sorry for his family’s loss, particularly his little girl. Whatever the final judgment of his role in this movie, it’s doesn’t add or taken away from this man. He had value beyond what he did as a living. He had people who loved him.

  • prima*donna

    just the best actor right now, so full of different characters ^^

    i love him (L)

  • rae

    He’s my favorite Batman by far. I love him! So gorgeous and he sounds like a good guy too. His comment about Heath Ledger is very nice.

  • Joneblaze

    Bale is such a cool ,stand up guy.Im in high anticipation for The Dark Knight

  • Marie

    Madsters, why on earth are you polluting Christian Bale’s post with the likes of that no talent hack Vanessa Hudgens?

  • marga

    nice words for heath. looking forward to the dark knight.

  • peach

    To all of us Baleheads – Christian is a real good guy with a level head on his shoulders. If only Heath had known him longer – he would have been a great influence on him.

  • lI

    Aaah thats nice that theyre still remembering Heath and stuff and that its like ‘Do you mind!?’. I didn’t think he was gonna look like that now. But y’know his best movies are the ones no one seems to publicise. I do believe that he’ll never make anything better or more captivating than the ones just after the millenium because of the intensity American Psycho brought to his Film Persona. (!)

  • chris

    Ledger’s Joker, according to pre-reviews is one of the greatest movie performances of all time. He really MUST get an Oscar for this. The Oscar that he should have gotten for Brokeback.

  • Limp Bizzie

    Bruce Lee Top5! Movies!

    1.The Man, The Myth
    2. Fist of Fury
    3. Game of Death
    4. Way of Dragon
    5. Warriors Journey

  • I

    Arthur Stewart (Christian Bale) shows another side of the Rock ‘n’ Roll experience in Velvet Goldmine. His insights and observations reveal a character intent on watching activities to explore self satisfaction and mysteries. His defence of Brian Slade’s homosexuality is a Prime example.
    His collection of posters, records and the touring with the bands expresses he is deeply into many aspects of the culture. This culture not of mirage but bold solutions and bright human illustrations. The way we see Arthur is as if he is behind the camera and the camera art itself, himself as a type of silent player or partner. As if it is a mask to fondle and this art to eventually wear facially as he does metaphysically.
    Just his two eyes are reflected back as he watches the Slade feature. His blushing cheeks prior to the blood his parents put on him and his make up which he also likes to observe on other people. As he flicks through pages of Glam Rock articles.
    You then start to wonder if Brian Slade is really nice enough for Arthur to be into, after Slade’s flamboyant TV appearance at the Maxwell Demon conference. And you begin to hope for a more suited idol which later is in the form of Curt Wild. Or it could be because Wild’s differences are the true mesh of the times. Also Arthur does not ever exist to you aside from Slade’s influence which could mean an apparent overload occuring though difficult to pinpoint as it is seen as Arthur’s actions not his rejection of ideas but attempts to reject his natural environment of heterosexuality from his own parents for Slade world seems extravagant.

    (** Got bored writing it, stopped. Could mean there is no conclusion)

  • Crystal Body

    I Love You, Batman 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