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Jennifer Aniston's Amsterdam Adventure

Jennifer Aniston's Amsterdam Adventure

Jennifer Aniston takes a boat tour after waving to fans in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on Wednesday.

Jen, 39, has been a stowaway on current boy-toy John Mayer‘s concert through Europe. The former Friends star was last seen in England heading out to dinner.

John recently talked about his dating life saying, “Instead of worrying about career damage, I’ve dated women!” (Which include Jennifer Love Hewitt, Cameron Diaz, Minka Kelly and Jessica Simpson, among others.)

The 30-year-old singer continued on by saying, “”All I’ve ever done was decided that I fancied somebody and said, ‘Would you like to go out and get a meal somewhere?’ And done so in a social setting, where other people can see you. And then maybe ‘Would you like to go have another meal?’ Maybe did that a few times.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK about John’s dating philosophy? Is Aniston in for an adventure?

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Credit: Tom/CG; Photos: Flynetonline
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  • JunoFirst

    This relationship with JM is not going to last. But seems JA is settling for whatever she can get.
    There is a saying that the moment you setlle for less, the lesser you get. Oh well………….

  • millie

    Aniston thinks she is beautiful that is a Joke.Look carefully at her face,it’s alright to be ugly but to have ugly personality is the worst ugly ..there is.And I think JenniferC. has got this low class Bee beat to hell in Looks and Jennifer C. is a beautiful person inside and out,and so is Drew love these two women.Aniston is a Dog.

  • justine

    what did she have done to her face? that ;pic of her waving looks really weird. She looks like she got punched in the mouth or something if you zoom it.. really weird swelling or something.

    I wish she would stop whatever she is doing, obviously Mayer puts a bag over her head before he urinates on her so…why bother?

  • ariel

    she is starting to look like laurie on the real house wives of orange county. she looks like she is wearing a mask, and her upper lip looks weird in the sunglass picture.

  • coral

    I hope she got some good weed while she was there.

  • stacey

    I defy anyone to look at a close up of that pic of her waving and tell me this woman is beautiful. She isnt even pretty. she can’t smile for sh i t. when she smiles, she looks like a goofy doufus.

  • Orchid

    135 Jill @ 06/25/2008 at 11:00 pm Orchid @ 06/25/2008 at 10:38 pm
    That silly dog-running-on-the-beach trailer sure didn’t help!
    That dog at the beach trailer was for Marley And Me. Looks like she has two stinkers coming up, not just one.
    Oh, ok, thanks! I don’t think we have seen a trailer of that not into you movie. I mean I haven’t seen one.

  • moshi

    I said this woman is an empty shell.. . She has no substance , can nvr carry an interesting conversation. I bet she doesnt even know what is going on in the world now .. All she cares is her face, her hot body and her pathetic acting. Funny after she spent millions on her face, yet people start to comment she looks like mj, camel, horse etc..

    i pity her….

  • Rosanna

    JA is ugly inside and has never been beautiful outside. The only two things she did who makes her famous are Friends (PATHETIC tv movie btw, pathetic like Kudrow, Cox, etc) and marrying Brad Pitt. People like her because she’s empty and nasty the way they are.

    I also can’t stand Palthrow but at least SHE is cute, has a great body and got an Oscar. I hated JA far before AJ got into the picture.. but I was SO HAPPY to see AJ rescuing Brad. He sure deserved to have a life with a person that wasn’t as stiff as she is.

    Ah and JM is empty too which is why he likes her to begin with. But as usually for Jen, the only stupid who bought her lies was Brad, all the others had a bigger noodle.

  • TRUE

    sara @ 06/25/2008 at 10:58 pm I never post on Aniston’s (ridiculous, tabloidish) posts.
    it always perplexes me why some people
    compare Angelina Jolie to Jeniffer Aniston.
    There’s no comparison!
    Jolie is the biggest star in the world,
    she’s been awarded all of the most important acting awards,
    including one Oscar, 3 GGs, 2 SAGs, 3 CCAs< etc!
    She has a trackload of nominations too, and yet another
    Oscar buzz!
    Yet she sold a movie, TR, for $ 350 million all by herself, and
    Mr&Mrs Smith for half a billion (she overshadowed Brad Pitt silly).
    She’s been a humanitarian and an activist for 7,5 years (since
    when doing good wasn’t fashionable yet!)
    Finally, she is a mommy to four kids, and two more coming.
    She’s happy, and she deserves all of it. She loves her kids, and she loves Brad PitT the way he is. Your b.s. can’t change any of those facts!

    Aniston’s only “claim to fame” was a pedestrian tv sitcom, some 10
    years ago.
    Brad Pitt dumped her. Why don’t you, always the same
    few of Aniston’s fans, blame him – if you need to blame anyone.

    He had the right to live and love, and he left that screwed up, fruitless
    merger (remember long separations, whining and complaining?!)
    I don’t like him, he’s not in Jolie’s league in anything -
    but compared to Aniston – he’s one of the gods!
    But, again, they obviously love each other, their kids and a fam,
    and that makes it right. That’s their life.

    Think about this .
    Aniston is Nobody, plus, she’s been paying Huvane some good money
    to make her looking even more pathetic – if that’s possible.
    Right? Right.
    Comparing her to Jolie, makes her a Total Loser (see above).

    Compare her to Jessica Simpson and company.
    If Aniston would be
    much younger and prettier, she would fall under “Jesicca Simpson
    and company” category, but still…that’s much more appropriate.

    Have some fun, you can’t change facts ( and , yes, tabloids lie!)
    Life’s short.


    THIS IS SO TRUE!!! I really agree!!!

  • Orchid

    147 MIRIAN @ 06/25/2008 at 11:48 pm

    Oh yeah ! forgot to say aniston Karma is a beotch. And you deserve what ever Mayer dishes out, funny but he Mayer is not a nice person, he is playing this broad, and everyone knows it.
    How do you know that? If that is true, he could be different now. People do change. I hope they really hook up, like move in together, then their fans will be happy and stop hating the JPs.

  • MiHay

    She had the hot Brad Pitt and left him to pursue a “career” (of which has spawned several bombs). Talentless bitch should go back to the cave she came from. She’s a has been and I could give two shits about her “love” life.

  • michelle

    Love Jen. She’s so beautiful and adorable. Thanks for all nice pictures.

  • just stopping by

    #161 I think its ironic that you state that Mayer could change for the better but Jolie is always being judged by her past.

  • anon

    ‘Would you like to go have another meal?’ Maybe did that a few times.” : he has told you the truth : they are NOT a couple : it is publicity : they dont get along

  • nooooooo

    Not Amsterdam! we don’t want you here, go back where you came from lol.

    she is always so rude and arrogant, didn’t even talk at the press conference here, she always think she is too good or something!

  • len

    She really is the fugliest gal he has dated… I wonder if he will blog about her plastic face..probably not..that’s in the contract.

  • Just passing …

    To those who said she looks happy, I agree. She looks happy because she’s over Brad. She is a wise girl. Indeed, #3, who wouldn’t think twice about sticking with “hot Brad” if that includes 6 kids in less than 4 years?

    Let’s face it: For all his “down-to-earth” attitude and well-publicized virtues, Brad seems to have some very special requirements for a life partner, so any laugh at those who lost the competition for his heart is too quick and doesn’t take into account how hard to please he was over the years.

    To start with, she has to be a professional in his field, she has to be successful, she has to be brilliant, she has to be maternal, she has to give him 7 or 9 children in 4 or 5 years. Oh, and she has to look like Angelina Jolie or her league in the least. Apparently, nothing below that would make him really happy. No wonder that Jennifer Aniston and the other girls before her had no chance at all.

    So even 3 years after his divorce, the interesting question still is: if Aniston did not fit the bill as nicely as he wanted from the very start, why did he give her any chance at all? Or is there a part to him that doesn’t really care about moving on and hurting someone in the process once he meets a woman who really fits the bill?

    I really loved his first marriage because it showed you didn’t have to be absolutely breathtaking to find love with such a guy. Now things are back to expected. From today’s perspective, you wouldn’t expect things to stay as they were, would you?

  • nicole

    Maniston and her security blanket of course finally inspired by the Jolie-Pitt’s I see…
    With all that ganja in Amsterdam she should at least loosen up a bit non ??
    and not looking like a robot !

  • rien

    I sail my boat down the river

    And I sail my boat down the river
    to my love which might can wait
    for the time seems never so good
    to see home that’s so closed and tight

    Yes, I will sail my boat down the river
    for happiness is to wait for
    on the stage my love screams
    with his stupid mouth and soft dreams

    I might be plain, I might be pale
    but down the river my boat I will sail
    for my love has thousand tales
    and happiness is worth to reach for

    For Jen, just sail your boat down the river, silly girl. Happiness is worth to reach for.

  • The incredible edward!

    @ Kelly #93
    YOU are lame. And an idiot. Your grammar is terrible. Who are you to judge? Why are you so full of hate? Are you perfect?


    Give it a rest you ****
    you DO realise that not the whole world’s mother tongue is English, don’t you?? I bet you’d write great in another language if you had to!

  • johniston

    I wish Jen and John will get married. They compliment each other.

  • I2I

    Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

    The best gift any of us can expect is to find someone to love us beyond what we can offer physically. Physicality is so changeable.

    Youth and physical beauty fade. Time alone takes a toll. Other things can intercede, too. Illness and accidents can affect our bodies.

    It is our inner beauty that remains. In fact, it is the inner beauty that enhances the physical.

    While Angelina Jolie is young and physically lovely to so many now, this superficial status will likely change in the coming years. However, her inner beauty will continue to grow as she continues to mature. For those who love her, she will always be beautiful and will likely become even more so as time passes, regardless of her physical appearance.

    Jennifer Aniston is beautiful to those who love her, as well. This true love is not dependant on her eye color or the shape of her face or whether she is a talented actress. It is bound to the inner beauty that they see.

    True beauty lies not only in the eye of the beholder but also the heart.

  • rien

    @ I2I

    so true the words you laid
    upon them shall my eyes behold
    for the wisdom is rarely told
    and good deed
    has already grown old!

  • Just passing …

    I agree: Angelina Jolie is young and physically lovely now but as far as I’m concerned, her inner beauty is under question. Every intelligent observer who doesn’t judge a book by its cover sees that she has a tendency to boast about her man, possessions (read: kids) and the amazing happiness she found with someone who left another woman to be with her. If 30 years have gone by since that very public divorce, that would be fine, but it’s been only 3 or maybe I’m wrong?

    A woman with real inner beauty would keep quiet and not boast because she would imagine the wound of another.

    Now she is happy and content and has all her dreams fulfilled. The end justifies the means and the means tend to be forgotten. She doesn’t have to be jealous or bad to anyone at all and she can look down on anyone who is simply skeptical about her. Well, only “jealous” people can criticize your happiness, can’t they? There’s nothing wrong with me; they are just less beautiful and less lucky than I am.

    But is she really good? Was she really good? That is the question. She’s just content and as far as I’m concerned, largely superficial. If she has no reason to hurt anyone anymore, that doesn’t mean she’s good. She doesn’t even have to hurt anyone at all – the amount of hurt she has inflicted in this lifetime is already big enough to need more.

  • Aerosmith

    This dude needs a hair cut.


    Lol. Dirty, but really good joke. :D

  • happy

    #175… I agree. The reason she is settled now and considers herself a “decent woman” is because she has sowed her oats at someone else expense. I think she is a very sneaky woman with her shifty eyes. I wouldn’t trust her as far as I could throw her. I don’t see beauty when I look at her, I see a snake in the grass.

  • GOSH !

    Kelly @ 06/25/2008 at 9:16 pm GOSH ! @ 06/25/2008 at 5:51 pm

    This urinator is so lame. I cannot believe what charm he may displays that attract women. He is an idiot, looks like one and blog like one.

    YOU are lame. And an idiot. Your grammar is terrible. Who are you to judge? Why are you so full of hate? Are you perfect?


    Who are YOU to judge ? Pot calling the kettle black, Idiot !

    This is a gossip blog about celebrities ! Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

    You are not entitled to be the police and the judge, arrogance at its best ! And for the record, English is my 4th language among 6 !

  • rien

    @175 said:
    “A woman with real inner beauty would keep quiet and not boast because she would imagine the wound of another.”

    I could not agree more. That is one of the reasons why I stand by Jen. Even when people bombarded her with nasty critics and nasty words. I can not imagine the pain she must have bore in her heart. I just wish her to be strong and keep going on..

  • ///


    Who actually “bombarded” Jennifer “with nasty critics and nasty words”? It is only bloggers who have done so, but the mainstream media, the tabs, the TV shows (e.g. Oprah) were so kind to Jennifer right after the divorce. It was Angelina who was bombarded with the nastiest criticisms from mainstream media — I remember back in 2005, right after the separation and divorce, and the Kenya pics, when a Brad/Angelina fan like me had nowhere to turn (except JustJared’s blog) because everyone and their uncle had it in for Angelina and, to a lesser extent, Brad.

    It is so easy to be gracious when everybody’s got your back. It is only now that the mainstream media has realized what a whiner Aniston is, and a woman who cannot get past her divorce from an A-lister even after three years, that they are beginning to turn and poke fun at her.

  • GOSH !

    Just passing … @ 06/26/2008 at 5:41 am I agree: Angelina Jolie is young and physically lovely now but as far as I’m concerned, her inner beauty is under question. Every intelligent observer who doesn’t judge a book by its cover sees that she has a tendency to boast about her man, possessions (read: kids) and the amazing happiness she found with someone who left another woman to be with her. If 30 years have gone by since that very public divorce, that would be fine, but it’s been only 3 or maybe I’m wrong?

    Every intelligent observer KNOWS that when someone is happy, especially when a woman is pregnant, they talk about their happiness and share it. That doesn’t deflect their inner beauty.

    Every woman when in love, tend to talk about it even in the office. Every person I know, man or woman tend to proudly talk about their children, having pictures in the wallet, on the desk about them…several times a day whatever the miserable life of the neighbour is.

    That’s not boasting, that’s just being overjoyed and hapinness always tend to burst and release itself in the talking and babbling department.

    That’s what every INTELLIGENT observer may caught several times a day on his way to the job or elsewhere. Jolie is not different that any other human, only an hypocrit would pass what’s normal joy to non celebrities into arrogance to a celeb, as if HAPPINESS was always silent when in reality, it is misery. HAPINNESS is usually loud., very loud especially through women in love and pregnancy.

  • GOSH !

    Oh, and by the way, Jennifer is happy, very happy !

    That’s what her and her BFF keep saying for the last 3 years. Plus she has the greates lover she has ever had, according to her.

    So Jolie has every right to not refrain herself from her own genuine happiness of a pregant woman eventhough every INTELLIGENT person knows that everyone, including her has the right to talk about their own happiness and shouldn’t let the misery of others refrain themselves from showing or talking about it. It’s legitimate and doesnt qualifies someone as a bad soul…fram for that !

  • tondogirl


  • voe

    Just passing,

    Were you thinking when you wrote #168?

    To you Brad Pitt had wanted an Angelina Jolie before he married Jennifer? I must say of all the BS postings, even those filled with vulgarity, about this Pitt Aniston’s marriage, yours takes the cake for being the most ridiculous.

    You dismissed Jennifer Aniston completely by saying this. Why can’t things be simple as this:

    Once upon a time, BP and JA met. They saw in each other charm and beauty that pleased their heart and dated then married. Unfortunately, once married and living day to day with each other for a few years they began to discover that they wanted different things out of marriage and life. They drifted apart. Although they tried to save their marriage through counseling and being apart over a long period of time in hope that distance will make the heart rekindled fondness for each other. He found that fondness was not rekindled and it instead ignited new fondness for Jolie. He fought this new fondness and when realizing that he was losing, he went home and told his wife the truth. After much talking they decided that the marriage had run its course and they have nothing but a friendly fondness for each other, therefore, they mutually decided to part way. The divorce was amicable and both soon pursued their new love.

    Yes, it can be this simple. Aniston had said so. Those women like you who choose to blame the other women for their failed relationships or marriages are

    1) saying that they had chosen a wimp for a husband. This reflects on them more than the husbands. They were stupid. I doubt Aniston considers herself stupid. After all she has made millions.

    2) refused to take their share of blame. This is what you do ‘just passing’/. You refused to compromise with your husband. Then you don’t love genuinely. And you are saying Aniston did not love Pitt genuinely. I think she thinks otherwise.

    But I feel for Aniston for you have degraded her so badly in your statement by putting her so far below Jolie in talent, look, matrimonial capability, oh in just about everything. If you’re her fan, she never needs enemy.

    Ha ha ha!

  • voe


    You are implying that Jolie has no real inner beauty by your post #180. Aren’t you suppose to like Jolie too?

    To me, beauty, inner or outer, can take many forms. We have gone far past the days of adhering to one form for any thing.

    Sometimes Jolie talks too much and put herself out to be target for criticism. But being one who can’t hide happy heart and who is a blabbermouth when elated, I can understand why she talks. And you seem to overlook the fact that it has always been the interviewer who asked personal questions. She is damned if she doesn’t answer (you people will say she’s hiding miseries), damned if she does.

    Aniston had said little but the few comments, cryptic though they were, expressed far more of her inner thoughts to the public than Jolie.

    I see Jolie as a foolish girl who lives passionately with a willingness to accept whatever consequences that may come her way therefore while Aniston is more calculated in her way of living. Good or bad? Only they know.

  • just stopping by

    #175 says – “A woman with real inner beauty would keep quiet and not boast because she would imagine the wound of another.”

    Why should Jolie keep quite about her love for her partner and family? After all these years and her own heartaches , she has the right to speak of her relationship if she wants. Her children have the right to know the love she has for their father and for them. When she is asked in interviews about her life she should be able to speak of such things. Jen was the one who filed for the divorce, she WANTED IT, because she knew her marriage was over. Ok she may have been hurt in the process but Jolie should not be expect to live her life protecting Jens feelings forever. Your partner dated someone else before you so you are telling me you don’t go anywhere with him in case his ex finds out about, after all you wouldn’t want to see her hurt, right? Yours is one of the silly comment I have ever read.

  • queenkimba

    well angelina’s interviews are at least a little more interesting but aniston talks alot, and in the end you don’t know anything yet. She is fake, and makes jokes when an interviews asks something serious. She has nothing important to tell.

  • sandy

    I don’t understand why AJ’s fans keep coming to Jennifer’s thread trying to bring her down and create chaos.
    There are so many news about Pitt and Jolie lately, why don’t they go there to praise them instead.
    What is their problem really? Someone please explain it to me.
    The media has said million times that Pitt and Jolie are American royalty and so on stand on the top of the world, a perfect couple represents an ideal American family… etc.
    What else AJ’s fans have to worry about ? Like our America country has always been on top of the world in terms of everything, right?

    If you are virtue and truthful to yourself and others you are always admired. Most adults have enough education to distinguish between the right and the wrong and there is no need to get into heated fights with curses to get the point across unless there is a lack of maturity and education.

    As for my opinion of Jennifer, she seems like an attractive lady, her acting is ok, her personal life is like of most of us ( there are breakup, divorce, dating..) So if she is single she can date anyone she wants. If it works out for her and the boyfriend it is good for her. She is the one that takes the bad and good from him, not you and me.
    How does that affect Pitt and Jolie anyway if she is dating John? They all have gone separate ways for a long time.
    The fans need to accept that the subjects have moved on with their life and they don’t even comment on each other and why do their fans keep doing head on collisions?

  • Priscilla Presley or Meg Ryan?

    But definitely not Jen Aniston. In the first pic she looks like Priscilla Presley, and in the third she looks like the today’s Meg Ryan. My, oh my, she will look like the today’s Melanie Griffith soon. Keep it up, Jen. Her insecurities about her looks shows that she can’t be “happy” as her fans claim. Maybe that’s why she needs to get her some “happy” in Amsterdam. ;)

  • ///

    #189: I don’t understand why AJ’s fans keep coming to Jennifer’s thread trying to bring her down and create chaos.

    I don’t understand why JA’s fans keep coming to Angelina’s thread trying to bring her down and create chaos.

  • jazzie

    I will be in Amsterdam next week! Sorry I missed Jen – I love her! Of course, Im going here to study!!!!

  • sandy

    /// of # 191..
    My advice is that everyone should stay in their own house unless you are friendly with your neighbor or invited.
    Oh, there is a new thread ” Angelia is still looking very pregnant ”
    Are you going to invite me to come over there or not? If not, I am not coming over.
    Anyway, I am happy behind my computer, surfing the internet and drop off some unharmful comments.
    Cheers :)

  • viewers

    What a cool, gentleman guy, John Mayer is.

  • what a bunch of losers

    Hey, I get it, some people don’t like her, some don’t.

    But for the ones that don’t like yet repeatedly c’mon on here to talk trash, how sad and pathetic is your life?

    If you don’t like a food, do you keep eating it over and over and over again, just to complain about it.

    If you hate a movie, do you watch it over and over again, just to whine about how boring it was.

    I wonder if you haters buy JA movies just to watch him and talk crap about this woman.

    That goes to show you how pathetic you are.
    Karma is a biotch.

  • AnIntelligentmind

    Honestly, as long as she happy what the heck. My personal opinion though is that she could do better. John Mayer just isn’t what he use to be. He definitely courts the attention. Is there a real person there anymore.

    At least in Amsterdam they can indulge in their common interests

  • sandy

    I agree with number 195 comment.
    Those people are very childish and psychotic. All of sudden they come here and rant about how they love Jolie and Pitt vs Jennifer and hate everything about her and what she does. While the post is about Jennifer is Amsterdam to promote the movie with Owen Wilson and John’s comment on his dating style and they talk about hatred and even post some news about Jolie and Pitt doing charity work..
    I think there is a website for fans to idolize them.

    I am sure the viewers in Europe can see clearly the picture of how crazy American fans are, especially those familiar faces who come here 24/7 to prey on Jennifer and keep ranting nonstop about the hatred. And they even fight, curse, use profanites to insult each other.

    No matter how many times people plead them to leave they would not. Perhaps it is a chronic stomach pain and they have to keep on complaining after they eat the same food over and over.

    It guess these internet comments are mute and also it does not help much when the brain does not function in terms of language processing.
    And this certainly feels like talking to deaf ears !

  • nina


  • she cannot act!!

    Oh PULEEZE!! JenHO played Rachel with a hillybilly accent walking around like a zombie in the Good Girl. She doesn’t have any screen presence whatsoever!! People can only tolerate looking at her for 30min. she is made for tv!! Stop deluding yourself. She is not beautiful she CANNOT act . Same old boring shiet just like her hair.

  • minivan goddess

    What kind of BF is maybe gaybe Johnnypeeboy. Can’t even go and pick up his cougar at the airport. Letting her go to dinner by herself. Yeah really sound like a guy who is in!! She is supposedly there to support her man. Where the hell is he? What? dont tell me he isn’t allow off the cruise boat?