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Jennifer Aniston's Amsterdam Adventure

Jennifer Aniston's Amsterdam Adventure

Jennifer Aniston takes a boat tour after waving to fans in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on Wednesday.

Jen, 39, has been a stowaway on current boy-toy John Mayer‘s concert through Europe. The former Friends star was last seen in England heading out to dinner.

John recently talked about his dating life saying, “Instead of worrying about career damage, I’ve dated women!” (Which include Jennifer Love Hewitt, Cameron Diaz, Minka Kelly and Jessica Simpson, among others.)

The 30-year-old singer continued on by saying, “”All I’ve ever done was decided that I fancied somebody and said, ‘Would you like to go out and get a meal somewhere?’ And done so in a social setting, where other people can see you. And then maybe ‘Would you like to go have another meal?’ Maybe did that a few times.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK about John’s dating philosophy? Is Aniston in for an adventure?

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Credit: Tom/CG; Photos: Flynetonline
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278 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston's Amsterdam Adventure”

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  1. 126
    sonia Says:

    seriously, why is this plain jane still news?, jen, stay where you are please, i am so bored of her, she hasn’t done a thing lately, such a publicity seeking *****, she just want to see if she is still relevant, she has no substance, i will not spend another second on this aging, has been, no talent, sit com, non acting, average looking, person, I’m done, like her career should have been a long time ago, see ya. she is not worth my precious time. and if you guys are smart you would leave too, bye.

  2. 127
    Orchid Says:

    122 Jill @ 06/25/2008 at 10:31 pm

    This is bad news. The advance buzz on this movie must have been awful.
    HJNTIY was already pushed back once, from August to October, because they didn’t want competition from “summer movies”. Now they are putting it back to February because they don’t want want competition from “Changeling”? What are they afraid of, getting clobbered at the box office?
    I have to agree with JR = nobody’s sweetheart on this one. This movie looks like it’s going to be an STV — Straight To Video.
    That silly dog running on the beach trailer sure didn’t help! Still, people like dogs, so…….whatever!

  3. 128
    laura2 Says:

    “Also you need glasses, ’cause Jen Aniston is nowhere near beautiful.”

    — that’s not about eye sight problems, honey. It’s a matter of opinion.

  4. 129
    shar Says:

    If Jen keeps messing with her face, she’s gonna look like Jocelyn Wildenstein, the woman who looks like a cat, because she has gotten so much plastic surgery.

  5. 130
    she's a plain Jane Says:

    I don’t like Aniston, and Angie has nothing to do with it. I have never like Jen.

    I wish these dummies would realize just because you can’t stand Aniston does not mean you are a Angelina fan.

    I guess beautiful and gorgeous has lost it’s true meaning. Jen is not either of those she is a oddly plain looking woman who just happen to be able to afford the best cosmetic surgeon and make-up artist.

  6. 131
    bored Says:


  7. 132
    Nancy Says:

    laura2 @ 06/25/2008 at 10:39 pm
    that’s not about eye sight problems, honey. It’s a matter of opinion.
    No it’s a matter of people lying to themselves. And thinking the more they repeat a lie, they will convince themselves and others that it is true.

  8. 133
    sara Says:

    I never post on Aniston’s (ridiculous, tabloidish) posts.
    it always perplexes me why some people
    compare Angelina Jolie to Jeniffer Aniston.
    There’s no comparison!
    Jolie is the biggest star in the world,
    she’s been awarded all of the most important acting awards,
    including one Oscar, 3 GGs, 2 SAGs, 3 CCAs< etc!
    She has a trackload of nominations too, and yet another
    Oscar buzz!
    Yet she sold a movie, TR, for $ 350 million all by herself, and
    Mr&Mrs Smith for half a billion (she overshadowed Brad Pitt silly).
    She’s been a humanitarian and an activist for 7,5 years (since
    when doing good wasn’t fashionable yet!)
    Finally, she is a mommy to four kids, and two more coming.
    She’s happy, and she deserves all of it. She loves her kids, and she loves Brad PitT the way he is. Your b.s. can’t change any of those facts!

    Aniston’s only “claim to fame” was a pedestrian tv sitcom, some 10
    years ago.
    Brad Pitt dumped her. Why don’t you, always the same
    few of Aniston’s fans, blame him – if you need to blame anyone.

    He had the right to live and love, and he left that screwed up, fruitless
    merger (remember long separations, whining and complaining?!)
    I don’t like him, he’s not in Jolie’s league in anything –
    but compared to Aniston – he’s one of the gods!
    But, again, they obviously love each other, their kids and a fam,
    and that makes it right. That’s their life.

    Think about this .
    Aniston is Nobody, plus, she’s been paying Huvane some good money
    to make her looking even more pathetic – if that’s possible.
    Right? Right.
    Comparing her to Jolie, makes her a Total Loser (see above).

    Compare her to Jessica Simpson and company.
    If Aniston would be
    much younger and prettier, she would fall under “Jesicca Simpson
    and company” category, but still…that’s much more appropriate.

    Have some fun, you can’t change facts ( and , yes, tabloids lie!)
    Life’s short.

  9. 134
    SHE IS A FOOL Says:

    she is such a fool, chasing this man around the world while he distance himself from her, what a stupid has been hag she is, how disparate does she look . ha ha ha ha, she got served, finally, now go hide your ugly face, she should have not divorced brad, what a stupid ho.

  10. 135
    Jill Says:

    Orchid @ 06/25/2008 at 10:38 pm
    That silly dog running on the beach trailer sure didn’t help!

    That dog at the beach trailer was for Marley And Me. Looks like she has two stinkers coming up, not just one.

  11. 136
    Nancy Says:

    SHE IS A FOOL @ 06/25/2008 at 11:00 pm

    she is such a fool, chasing this man around the world while he distance himself from her, what a stupid has been hag she is, how disparate does she look . ha ha ha ha, she got served, finally, now go hide your ugly face, she should have not divorced brad, what a stupid ho.
    Remmeber how she chased Vince to Europe. And was with another woman.? She is pathetic.

  12. 137
    Oh My Says:

    She better stop she looks like Michael Jackson on this pic.

  13. 138
    Oh My Says:

    I see she still carrying her security blanket. She wreaks of insecurity.

  14. 139
    Kelly Says:

    Stop all the hating!! I don’t understand how some of you people find it necessary to bash this woman?! Are you all so perfect???

  15. 140
    sick Says:

    maria get out of jen’s ass, no body cares what you think including jen, idiot, get a life, stop showing your stupidity blogging an entire page about someone you don’t even know and lying about her ugly looks, we have our own eyes, you can’t convince us about things, ******., sick stalker.

  16. 141
    jenisthenewmicaheljackson Says:

    Oh My @ 06/25/2008 at 11:10 pm She better stop she looks like Michael Jackson on this pic.

    So true. Must be painful moving those frozen face.

  17. 142
    jenisthenewmichaeljackson Says:

    bet @ 06/25/2008 at 9:19 pm

    When a middle age person trying to act like twenties or teen , we don’t called it cute, it’s retarded..

  18. 143
    a fan Says:

    To “bet” I was only repeating what you said. Funny that when you said it, it was ok when I said it all of a sudden I am a loon. I am not jealous I am just tired of being called jealous just because I don’t find her as being gorgeous.

  19. 144
    mom Says:

    OMG, she look like one of the wax from Madame Tussauds .
    She was never a beauty before, but after those plastic surgery, botos, restylane, SHE LOOK HORRIBLE.

  20. 145
    MIRIAN Says:

    I use to like her in friends,But now i don’t care for her much.She jumps from bed to bed with a lot of men,to me that is Trashy.And believe it or not she has done something to her face.And that man John honestly i think he is gay,but nothing wrong with being gay,but if he sneaks around and has sex with men and with jennifer Aniston,she will have problems after they break-up.But i think Huvane PR manager got these two together to quiet the kiss between mayer and perez hilton,because john was afraid of back lash on his fans thinking he is gay,and jennifer aniston needed a man in her life because she cannot keep one,so i think huvane put these two together.But good luck to aniston she needs it badly,because Mayer will Dump her and tell all about Jen.

  21. 146
    missme Says:



  22. 147
    MIRIAN Says:

    Oh yeah ! forgot to say aniston Karma is a beotch.And you deserve what ever Mayer dishes out,funny but he Mayer is not a nice person,he is playing this broad,and everyone knows it.

  23. 148
    sara Says:


    This woman and her Huvane publically hated on people who
    didn’t deserved it ( in V F, etc). She knew all too well how
    screwed up her merger was, and that she wasn’t an “innocent

    That’s the point. That makes her fugly inside.
    Her homely, average, next-door at best “outside” – is another
    story. She’s never been pretty in a “classsic” sense of
    the word.
    But,she can add “plastic” now.

    Why do yu think saying the truth is bashing?

    I’m done with this. It’s not worth it, and it’s boring.

    Bye, bye.

  24. 149
    the truth Says:

    In Jennifer’s New movie about the dog.I hate to say this ….the dog is better looking than Jennifer Aniston or Owen.

  25. 150
    okay Says:

    At least Joan Rivers don’t deny her plastic passion. She has admitted to her work from day one. “Oh, I can’t feel my face!” “This face have seen more knifes than Benny Hanna’s”

    Also, how can you be jealous of someone that you don’t find the least bit interesting. Most people comment on her because they know her 10 fans will pawn all over her, so basically it is just to irritate you lovers of “Rachel Green”.

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