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Jennifer Garner Still Bound to Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner Still Bound to Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner and Violet Affleck go out to a Country Mart in Santa Monica, Calif., on Wednesday afternoon.

“A report by E!’s Ted Casablanca that Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are considering breaking up is 100% completely fabricated,” Garner’s rep told Us Weekly. “There is not one ounce of truth to it.”

Affleck‘s rep said, “We usually don’t comment on stuff like this. But you should know sources are liars. If you guys want to do the right thing, you won’t post that item. It’s all BS.”

More pics of Jennifer and Violet at the Country Mart…

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  • minime

    I think she’s wearing dresses and doing all this crap because she’s looking at these stupid blogs. Its not like she lives under a rock. I’ve heard from insiders she’s a huge bitch. Her physical appearance may be all sugar and cream (female version of Ron Howard) but for those who know her personally, she’s conniving and bitchy. She peaked during Alias. She doesn’t have the “it” factor that Ben has. Ben will find a way to self-destruct to get rid of her in order to find an upgrade. They are two of a kind. Birds of a feather flock together and then everyone will get to see her true colors appear like every other star that trashes their ex when they get traded in.

  • Lee

    The two look cute as usual.

    Aren’t there ALWAYS rumors of Ben & Jen getting a divorce? Why is this one so much bigger? I also find it interesting that the rumors would be Jen wanting out of the relationship since people always talk about Ben looking miserable. Usually the miserable one leaves the relationship first.

    Hope the rumors are false. There 3rd anniversary is coming up soon too.

  • Ben & Jen’s Pr

    and now is time for me to sign off and go collect my fat paycheck for trashing Ted Casablanca. I think I’ve done a good job, now every gossip columnist will think twice before posting trash about the afflecks.

  • minime is one miserable *****

    Give me a break, Jen is WAY too busy to look at blogs (unlike us), She actually has a career as well as family, that is the last thing on earth she would waste time to do. YOu must be one of the miserable “sources” Ted uses to fabricate all his lies. I thought it was a Jen hater, even one of Jen’s friends thinks so too.(on Ted’s blog today) You must be one miserable person to wish ill on someone who has never done you any harm. Why is it everyone who has ever worked with her, even her ex boyfriend , thinks the world of her and lets everyone know it? Your “insiders” are just haters that talk to TedC –I knew it !

  • Simone

    Michael Vartan has never had one bad word to say regarding Jennifer Garner. Therefore I think it’s pretty damn pathetic that some of her supporters seem intent on concocting ridiculous conspiracy theories and laying this rumor at his and his “people’s” doorsteps. Considering he’s done two movies, a TV series and has upcoming projects, even if he had “people” (which he doesn’t), they’d have way more important things to do than feed a gossip columnist rumors regarding a woman that he was involved with over four years ago. He’s way over it, maybe everyone else should be also.

  • Wyatt

    I agree with Kelly, leave Vartan out of this, which is exactly what TedC should have done! That is seriously reaching to think he had anything to do with the rumors that Ted started.

  • video

    I only see this video the other one with Violet is’nt on their site, if you can see it then will you please post the link for me?

  • jen lover

    Jen has never had one bad word to say regarding Michael either!
    Ted is just an idiot with no real news so FUCK HIM!!!

  • someone

    ted c’s source @ 06/25/2008 at 9:53 pm

    Ted Casablanca’s source is someone from Michael Vartan’s camp. Someone who used to be close to Jennifer during the Alias days and is still close to Michael Vartan today. Either Jen confided to somebody she shouldn’t have trusted that is close to the Vartan’s camp or Michael V’s is desperate for press that his people had to make up a story about Jen and Ben with the promise that Michael V’s name would be mentioned so he can have exposure and maybe get some much needed work. If you read Ted’s original column about this and his update today, you’ll see that Michael gets not only another name drop but also some face time. Wasn’t Ted a huge Alias fan way back then?

    Wow! A Jen/Ben fan trying to point blame at the Vartan camp for a Ted gossip article. Are you serious? This has to be one of the most absurd posts I’ve ever read. The last thing Michael wants is to have his name connected in any manner with the Affleck’s. If Michael wanted his name in the news, he would be hanging out at all the area hotspots. I truly believe anyone with common sense could figure this out.

    I think anyone who knows anything about Michael knows that he shuns publicity and this is the type of publicity that would make him cringe.

    It’s nothing unusual for Ted to drop Michael’s name when mentioning Jen…that’s what gossip columnists do, especially Ted. He’s always dropping the name of an ex when writing about a couple.

  • Kerrie

    Thanks Simone, for writing exactly what I was thinking. Why on earth would MV or “his people” start spreading rumors now, after not saying one single word when the relationship ended or during the whole Alias fiasco? He’s been nothing but professional and, in my opinion, way too polite when “reporters” (and I use that term loosely) still continue to ask him about her after all this time. I’m sure that it’s easier to point the finger and live in denial than to face the fact that there might actually be some truth behind Ted’s story. Sooner or later you people are going to have to abandon the “let’s blame it on Vartan” platform and look to where the true problems lie.

  • Vartan fan

    Hey fellow Vartan fans, I went on Michaels page on IMBD, and guess what he doesn’t have any projects lined up at all?!! No work for our boy, maybe now that he got his name out there, producers might say, oh yeah that guy from that Alias show the one that got dumped by JG, he has some fans lets cast him in our new tv show that will probably get cancelled or this movie that will go straight to DVD. Please tell me he has projects lined up, or I’m going to have to read Ted C’s column over and over again so that I could atleast see his name mentioned over and over and over again… you get the message!!

  • Alice

    ^^Spoken like a true classless Jen-Ben fan trying to stir up shit. Why don’t you crawl back under that rock you just crawled out from under?

    I’m sure the majority of the Jen-Ben fandom consists of people with class but there’s always a few rotten eggs in the bunch.

  • Bored Canadian

    Are you for real?! The source is quoted as the same person who outed Jen and Ben previously…why in god’s green earth would Michael or his camp do that?! Michael was a class guy through out the whole break up, not once did he publicly speak out against either Jen or Ben. The man took the high road, completely. Refusing to say anything about it. So why would he start sling mud now? Are you sure maybe its not some guy she broke up with in grade 6 who wants his place in the spot light?!

  • Alice

    ^^ Sounds to me like the source is a friend of someone in Jen’s inner circle since this same source passed along the news about the breakup of Jen and Michael and subsequent hookup of her and Ben. That is something she would have probably only shared with her best girlfriend.

  • spud

    You know it’s laughable to pack the blame on Vartan. Using that logic, maybe it was Scott Foley or Jennifer Lopez. Oh what the hell it was the evil Foley Vartan Lopez conspiracy.

  • Elle

    I can tell you that Michael Vartan wants no type of association with this type of story at all. This type of press *does not* help him in the slightest; who wants to be the guy who was dumped?

    Ted C is mad at Vartan for snubbing him at the Victoria Press fashion show (although Vartan spoke to a lot of press, he didn’t speak to Ted C), which is why he keeps making snide comments about his “broken heart.” Michael Vartan has long since moved on.

  • minime

    Hah Hah when I saw this, I kneeeeew I hit a HOT button. Tsk Tsk. This is awesome! Hah Hah! Mice do better with mousetraps than this response and talk about a response. First off, what do you care what some commenter adds on a blog? So what! Apparently what one says in jest matters way too much to you. My source is reliable and has a lot of friends in Hollywood, okay? So get over it! Oh please with your family and career comment too! Everybody I know peeks at blogs and we all have families and careers so don’t even go there. Yes, I must be the Wicked Witch of the West!! Hah Hah Ted doesn’t need to fabricate anything. Ben is still probably phoning all his hotties and both of them have big mouths so I’m sure one of them slipped without Dear Ted’s help. Nobody wishes ill will on them. It’s just gossip. Get over it girlfriend. Mind you most people who visit blogs are girls. Trust me, we’re not haters, we’re not miserable. We just like to peek at the blogs for a minute out of our days. It doesn’t make us criminal or MISERABLE! Hah Hah This is just too funny. And Michael Vartan strikes me as a very sweet man and has way better things to do than harp over Ben and Jen.

    minime is one miserable ***** @ 06/26/2008 at 2:47 pm Give me a break, Jen is WAY too busy to look at blogs (unlike us), She actually has a career as well as family, that is the last thing on earth she would waste time to do. YOu must be one of the miserable “sources” Ted uses to fabricate all his lies. I thought it was a Jen hater, even one of Jen’s friends thinks so too.(on Ted’s blog today) You must be one miserable person to wish ill on someone who has never done you any harm. Why is it everyone who has ever worked with her, even her ex boyfriend , thinks the world of her and lets everyone know it? Your “insiders” are just haters that talk to TedC –I knew it !

  • Simone

    Hey #61, aren’t you the clever one! ? You actually go by what IMDB says!? LOL That site is the Wikipedia of the movie business. Also, I wouldn’t be worrying your pretty little head over Michael Vartan’s career, it’s doing just fine, but it sure is wonderful of you to show such concern.

    I still don’t get why some fans of Jennifer Garner’s are so intent on constantly trying to badmouth and belittle Vartan? It’s really rather sad. If Garner is actually as sweet and wonderful as everyone says, don’t you think she’d be very disappointed to know that her fans were badmouthing a friend? tsk, tsk! :D

  • minime

    P.S. Leave minnieme alone. I’m a midget for God’s sake! Lord have mercy! :-)

  • minime

    Simone, you are right on the money my friend! *High five* :-)

  • http://jUSTJARED jAN

    Its over. Wait for it.

  • grace

    It seems to me that some of Jen’s fans are trying to deflect attention off of the real issue…namely the rumored trouble/possible upcoming split of the Garner-Affleck marriage. Trying to somehow place blame on Michael Vartan for any of this is absurd. That’s beyond “shooting the messenger” (TedC) – that’s just plain nuts!

    Time will tell if the rumor is true or not. My guess is it’s true.

  • CherieB

    That’s exactly what I thought Grace. Some of their die-hard fans can’t even entertain the idea of trouble in the marriage so they have to come up with something to get people from talking about the negative rumors about the marriage. It’s as plain as day, if you ask me. Give it a few days and someone will say Lopez is also involved in leaking information.

  • Kathlyn

    For crying out loud, to think for even ONE moment that Michael Vartan is at all involved with this is ABSURD. He’s never been anything but a gentleman where Jen and their breakup is concerned. He is as far from an attention seeking celebrity as I am from a size 2 ~ and that is a LONG way away :-)

    Lay off Vartan, he’s not the snitch nor is anyone in his camp.



  • kty

    Jen is so beautiful as always and baby Vi is getting bigger and pretty too…im so happy rumors aren’t true…i love the Affleck and Garner family together forever!!!!


  • jaja

    Just b/c a gossip columinst name drops doesn’t mean that’s his source. LOL. Since Perez also mentions David Beckham, should we assume that Beckham is paying Perez to keep mentioning his name. LOL.

    Anyone who knows Michael Vartan knows that he is the last person to do that.

    But don’t let that get in the way of preposterous conspiracy theories. OH, and next time you pretend to know what the hell you’re talking about, please at least use a user name like “idiot” and “talking out of my ass”