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Anne Hathaway's Ex Has "Sinus Infection"

Anne Hathaway's Ex Has

Anne Hathaway‘s ex-boyfriend Raffaello Follieri was rushed to the hospital for a severe sinus infection moments after his New York court appearance on fraud and money laundering charges, reports People.

“He had an episode in the courtroom which led to him being transported to a nearby hospital for evaluation,” rep Melanie A. Bonvicino says. “I do not have the specifics on what type of treatment at this time but [it's] for a severe sinus infection.”

Follieri, 29, had tested positive for opiates from a urine sample earlier in the morning. His bail has been set at $21 million. Ouch!

Added his rep, “[Follieri has had] a sinus infection for the past three weeks. In the courtroom they said that he had tested positive for opiates, and it’s not the case. He was on a prescription and cough medicine from his doctors that contained codeine before retiring to bed that night. Therefore that is what his doctors told me caused his urine test to be positive.”

The world awaits comment from his Ms. Hathaway!

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  • Terri



    Wow, this guy is screwed.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    lets see… they’re not even dating anymore and he’s not a celeb. why the nonstop attention? she’s moved on…

  • yeahhh

    these stories about him are just too wierd…

  • Laura

    So happy she isn’t dating him anymore. She deserves so much better. That guy is just… crap.

  • Patty

    I agree: she definitely deserves much better… It’s good to know they’re not dating anymore.
    He’s part of her past so she must turn the page and look into the future.

    Best luck to Anne ^_^!

  • truvy

    This rumors have been going around for months that the guy was a crook. You can’t tell me she was dating him all that time and didn’t know something was amiss? Their break-up is awfully convienant.

  • dragon



  • sunnykidstyle

    After all this guy has already done, he seriously can’t expect people will still believe in anything he sais. He has the morals of a stale piece of bread: none! I’m also wondering how Anne went out with him for years not noticing anything, she must have been so naive, or willing to only believe the best of him.

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  • Cindy

    THE SAD THING IS…. she’s getting more attention now for her ex’s work than she gets for her legitimate work

    poor Anne…. but I still don’t like her

  • lulu

    Anne must had blinded by love , they have been together for almost 4 years, I think she knew what’s up with this guy but out of love she was willing to only believe the best of him. that’s the power of love, it make people nuts.

  • bena

    well, apparently, if she knew and enjoyed the lavish life style that he put on with the money that he embezzled, there may be repercussion against her as well.

  • Anon

    I think Anne believed it was business issues and business problems that would sort themselves out. He probably told her it was all “a misunderstanding.” She wanted to believe him, so she did. I don’t think he was truthful to her. She proabably thought his “enemies” were spreading lies and exaggerating his problems. Oh, well. She should have dumped his ass a year ago. She wanted to stand by her man. She has finally done the right thing. He is going to have a world of trouble if he has to go to prison. He is too “pretty” and he has that nice hair. He will definitely be a big snesation in prison…and not in a good way. Poor Anne. I bet she is heart-broken about all the lies and B.S.

  • jessica

    ok why are people waiting for her reaction to all this? what do they expect? her to say “omigosh dating him was a total mistake i mean did you here he committed fraud?” give me a break!

  • rae

    He actually looks good in this picture. I’ve never been able to figure out what she was thinking. $21 million is harsh though for bail. Damn.

    But- why is this guy still getting so much attention? It has nasty shades of Sarah Larson. Go away exes!

  • SofiaRocket

    I think it’s mean to betray your man who is in trouble for the sake of publicity and career. Mind you, she did not do it quietly, she announced it worldwide. Very low class.

  • Dancer

    SofiaRocket–the man is a criminal and has been for a long time. He is in serious trouble legally. If she’d been smart, she’d have dumped him when the first stories started coming out last year.

  • Halli

    Bad reaction? A Sinus infection?

    Yeah snorting heroin instead of coke will do that to you.

  • Billy

    Poor Anne she realy never stood a chance, at 21 she was easy prey for this con man who only wanted her for her contacts , and he certainly made good use of them. Had she been older and more worldly right from, the start when he invited to to take a break over the New year and it was Anne who ended up being sued for the cost of that vacation , this should have set alarm bells ringing. Every con man has to be a good actor, and this guy certainly fooled those far better placed to see what he was than Anne. Perhaps she should ask herself two simple questions. First who introduced her to this moron, and secordly dose she believe that he would have given her a second glance had it not been for her Celeb status, not much comfort to her a the moment, but in the future perhaps. With luck she will meet a Guy who will love for the girl she is and not for what she has acheived. Unfortunatly is is a fact of life, that when a girl falls for a certain type, they tend to do the same time and time again. Hopefully Anne will not make that mistake.