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Vanessa Hudgens Rubs Zac Efron's Tummy

Vanessa Hudgens Rubs Zac Efron's Tummy

Here’s some more scoopage on Disney darling Vanessa Hudgens‘s interview with Cosmogirl via ET.

Apparently in the middle of the interview, costar boyfriend Zac Efron walks in. The interviewer writes, “When [Vanessa] sees Zac, she runs over and they kiss, oblivious to the dozen of us in the room. She rubs his stomach, he puts his arm around her — these gestures say more than any statement she could make.”

Vanessa, 19, also shared her viewpoint on love: “If you really love someone, you shouldn’t have to work at it. You finish each others’ sentences and have the same sense of humor… You have to think it through, not just do something spur of the moment. So that after it happens you won’t regret it. I think girls can be infatuated with their boyfriends and they have to remember [to put themselves] first.”

Ms. Hudgens also featured in the new Sears campaign, new Ecko site and Neutrogena meet-and-greet contest.

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Credit: vanashbrenique; Photos: Ron Wolfson/Wireimage
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  • Ratu

    1st…..beautiful couple. Love them so much!!!

  • Jess


  • thea

    They really love each sweet……wish them all the best.
    Would be interesting to see whether their love gonna last , hope they will….wonder how cutes their kids would be…ehmmm…. love them…

  • jocelynn :)

    I’m so happy because they don’t hide anymore(:

    But i need new zanessa pics! Pleaseee!

  • istar


    zanessa are soooo cute!!! i love them to bits =]

  • GAGA


  • http://just.jared sarah

    aah yes 1st page

  • http://justjared shamilah


  • Jamie Spears Insider

    … and Zanessa strikes again. #6 does have a good prediction. Who knows what will happen after High School Musical is entirely done ;).

  • Demi Lovato Fan!!!!!!!!

    I’m sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo over vanessa… Demi Lovato is so much better than her

    And Zac??? Well lets just say 4 words… Joe Jonas Is Better!!!

  • Veselka

    I’am so happy for them I know that they really love each other

  • alexia

    No bifg deal. They are a couple after all. What I love about the interview is that they tackled how Vanessa is before and now. She really matured for the better and people love her more.

  • lola

    cute….please do not come out with another high school musical though!

  • Veselka

    I’m so happy for them I know that they really love each other

  • http://justjared zerfonluver


    they are the cutest couple ever! im not evn jealous of vanessa! hahaha i hope they last for a very long time!!!

    i luv ZAC!!

    i luv ZANESSA!!!

  • Jon


  • jomarie

    waaaahhh!!!! i just get crazy over these two lovebirds… rock on!!!! ZANESSA!!!!!

  • V roxs

    Zanessa is awesome! meet-and-greet? SWEET

  • Jonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn


  • ashley

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh how freaken cute go zanessa i love them so much cant stop treading this article

  • alana

    to all the blind idiots who think zanessa’s going to break up after HSM3: you haven’t done your research and you will be embarrassed and ashamed when they DO stay together.

    that was their worry. that people would think they were just for publicity. why do you think they kept in secret for so long? that was only one of the many reasons.

  • http://deleted V-loyalist

    Awww.. That was really sweet! Body language really does speak louder than words.. Call it intuition, but I just feel that they are right for each other.

    And I love her very mature thinking about loving someone and not give your whole self too much in every relationship, she seems to be able to handle things in very mature way..Goodluck to Zac and Vanessa, you’re the only one who can make a relationship work nothing else mattered!

  • Ashlee

    Vanessa, 19, also shared her viewpoint on love: “If you really love someone, you shouldn’t have to work at it.
    Young and dumb she will learn.

  • Cindy

    Cute picture! I wonder how long ago that was taken . They both look so young there. I think Vanessa will be ready for a vacation after all the album promoting , and getting ready for her tour. I really hope she gets a week off or so before she goes on tour. Maybe a certain someone can go somewhere fun with her. Zac deserves time off too.


    they are so lame WATS INTERESTING ABOUT THEM?


  • #24
    It said she shared her viewpoint on love! Maybe that’s the way she sees it and maybe that’s the way it is for her! Everyone has there on opinions when it comes to love so you can’t really say she’s young and dumb just because she thinks it’s easy to get along with the person she loves!

  • dfdfd

    when the high school musical hype is over zanessa will be over as well, when zac finally realizes he can get girls that aren’t complete trash

  • http://vanashbrenique amy

    omg! soo cutee! I love them soo much together! =] im soo glad they’re dating and I hope they never break up
    lovee zanessa!!!! <33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

  • Talia

    zanessa are so awesome, theyre such a beautiful couple. wish them all the best! cant wait to see new zanessa pics!

  • ZAnessa #1 fan

    For your info #13 and 24
    #13 Vanessa and Zac look so much better together not that i hate ashley or anything and they will last for a very long time they are the cutest i have ever they make me smile every time i see them
    and #24 VANESSA IS NOT DUMB she is smart and to me it seems like they are making there relationship last so possibly she does know something about love thank you very much
    I love u Zac and Vanessa keep on rocking you guyz r so cute together awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • gr

    #28 i kind a agree with you!!…well, we’ll see…

  • ZAnessa #1 fan

    I love you Zanessa

  • Anna

    yay. :]
    How cute. :]

  • zanessaluver23

    hahaaha i love them

  • http://deleted V-loyalist

    For those who are saying or wishing or even predicting that they will break up in a few months time are ill mannered and boring people who did not experienced a relationship that lasted this long just like the couple.

    One day haters will learn that spite doesn’t pay…

  • lana

    shes gorgeous

  • Zanessarawks

    That is sooooooooooo cute! I love it when we hear things like that!

  • Anne

    Aww, so cute!
    <3 Love Zanessa!

  • Angela

    That’s funny I always thought he was gay…hmmm!

  • Olivia


    They are so perfect for each other!

    My friend lives in the same apartment / flat building Zac lives in

    -faints- lol

  • sarah


  • ella

    aww..they are soo cute togeether…good luck in th future

  • kgg

    Oh Snap #37 – was that the sound of the rubber band wound too tight holding your clueless brain in place, snapping? Obviously, you have no clue when it comes to Vanessa. She must be doing something right if she bothers so many people. Now go back to sleep and dream up something new.,..what you’re saying has been said before…we’ve heard it all and no one believes for a moment that what you say will happen. Tah!

  • reby

    I think they’re the most adorable couple…i love them
    please please more zanessa!!!!

  • reby

    I think they’re the most adorable couple…i love them
    please please more zanessa!!!!

  • reby

    I think they’re the most adorable couple…i love them
    please please more zanessa!!!!

  • bettybaby

    the relationship will end with the hsm franchise? really………..three years is a frigging really long time to keep up with a “publicity” stunt for a movie, shakes head.

    body language is often very telling, and the fact that she/he do not want to discuss their relationship openly, yet can’t hide their affection for each other is simply adorable.

    i’m not naive enough to believe that they’ll get married, but it could happen. they are still pretty young though, but then again they’ve obviously figured out what works for them, so i believe it won’t be ending anytime soon.

  • http://deleted V-loyalist

    #26 .. what it so interesting about them…then why are you actually have time to go here and comment, so i should say you are also interested to them :)

    #10..Please wake up, this is not the thread for your idol to be wild at, buzz off to your own place. If u wanna comment on, can go and click their own thread!

  • http://deleted V-loyalist

    Hey kgg! Have a great morning to you!

    dont you noticed that #37 keeps repeating those comments to mostly all Z & V thread? That poster is like a broken record..LOL!

  • Naomi

    “these gestures say more than any statement she could make.”

    Great to hear this from an objective third party. Vanessa and Zac do not need to cheapen their love and relationship with words and declarations but for those with eyes to see, their love is evident and deep.

    When you’re in love, your commitment to a relationship and the things you do to keep it going will not be considered work, they will be a joy.

    It’s lovely to see her displaying such wisdom and maturity at her age. They definitely do have something special going that is way beyond hsm, hence the interest from all over the world and from people of all ages. They stand out in young hollywood and no amount of ill wishing would take away from what they have.