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Gisele Bundchen is a Hollywood Hottie

Gisele Bundchen is a Hollywood Hottie

Brazilian bombshell Gisele Bundchen heads to a friend’s house in Hollywood on Thursday.

The Philadelphia Weekly has a little news bit on Gisele: In April, basketball star LeBron James became the first black man to appear on the cover of Vogue [alongside Gisele]. The mag is still dealing with backlash from that. Granted, that may be difficult in all the romper/playsuit things that are wreaking havoc on style. In related news, Italian Vogue will feature almost exclusively black models in their July mag. Nice to see some attempt at parity, but it sucks that women of color are still ghettoized into their own issue.”

10+ pictures inside of Hollywood hottie Gisele Bundchen

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Credit: Miguel Aguilar; Photos: INFdaily
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  • ihavenolife

    she’s a hottie alright! ooh la la. :D

  • http://justjared mrs channing tatum

    she is not a hollywood hottie she is a bitch

  • http://justjared mrs channing tatum

    she is not a hollywood hottie she is really ugly

  • http://justjared mrs channing tatum

    i dont think she is pretty

  • http://justjared mrs channing tatum

    i dont think she is pretty

  • http://justjared mrs channing tatum


  • mary

    love her , of course she’s hottie ! she’s brazilian , ! ahhaha , <3

  • jsy

    She is hot and beautiful.

  • AnIntelligentmind

    She is in great shape

  • Jess

    she is way too skinny. she’s only skin and bones… not sexy at all.

  • Geneva

    She looks like a transvestite.

  • maria cordovil

    She has nothing to do with brazilian girls.

  • http://justjared Victoria

    11th!!!! What is the problem of a black man { LaBron James} appearing on the cover of vogue with miss skinny chicken legs? She is not the most pretty model around, but that is not the point. Why is it that race has to be an issue with that? Or even that it is a man, or God’s sake. Get over it people. Just because it is a woman’s magazine, they can put whom ever on the cover, black, white, yellow, green, asian, gay, male, trans-sexual, whatever, or alien, for all I care. If you like the articles and pictures, buy it. If not, walk on baby. Simple as that.

  • Shar

    Where’s the hottie, cause this chick is a nottie!!!!

  • sandy granato

    I loved the photos of her on prothinspo from her versace add she has an amazing body

  • PAUL


  • oh snap!

    #11 that’s because he/she is a transvestite,


  • Kevin

    She’s a buttaface.

  • madsters


  • TC

    Can you imagine Gisele with short hair?

  • TC

    She’d make an uglier man than woman.

  • Amy

    Isn’t it also a little racist to get mad at them for putting Gisele on the cover with him? Why is it a problem that a white model is on the cover with him? Shouldn’t we want to have equality, meaning we mix races, we don’t look at people for their skin colour but for their beauty and merit as a model.

    She’s one of the top Victoria’s Secret models, probably 2nd most famous model right now next to Heidi (I mean, Kate Moss is way too drugged out lately to count here).

    Of course she’d be picked to be on the cover with the sexy athelete. Why do we have to pull race into it? The concept was clearly “Look at this superstar athlete living the big life, he even has a Victoria’s Secret model on his arm!”

  • O


  • O


  • goalcentre

    I’ll marry her anytime! :)

  • ariel

    it sucks that women of color are still ghettoized into their own issue

    aint that the truth

  • Chloe

    she rocks!!!! she is adorable and gorgeous….

  • Jx2

    Miapocca, are you here?

  • Erin

    She looks like an ugly ass MAN!

  • Jughed

    Yeah, she kind of looks like a dude. But I’ve seen some hot pics of her, so I don’t know what to say…whatever floats your boat, I guess.

  • Wise

    People, the problem w/ the issue has to do with the picture itself. Ppl who are upset are so because of Lebron’s pose with the open mouth, while grabbing a white woman in the other hand. Ppl compare it to the famous scene in King Kong, where th beast territorially grabbed the white chick in one hand, while he fought off attackers. It’s the ‘ape’ & he ‘beauty’ comparison ppl find offensive.

    P.S. I’m glad someone is calling this ugly Germanic chick out, for being lifted as attractive when she looks like a man w/ a skeleton body. Chanel Iman’s so beautiful but can’t get work bc of her skin color, and Adriana Lima–a true rep. of the beauty of Brazilians is ignored by the racist [high] fashion industry…that prefers Germanic-Brazilians like manface Gisele.

  • Angel

    Jared, put a paper bag on her ugly face and then speak about “HOTTIE”!

  • eddie jones

    she is an ugly girl, but what can ya do, she doesn’t seem all that bad.

  • bee

    this latest rumour of how she and Gabriel aubry should have paired seems fine fitting to me. I can see them together.They would really make the most handsomest couple eh.

    Pity that didnt happen what a Buzz that would beeee

  • Elina

    That woman has the most beautiful body ..i’d kill for that body .. simply wonderful

  • allaia

    I like her cuz she has german lineages like me ;)

  • Elina

    God ,people , how can you be that spiteful ..I’m sure you would all be happy if you looked like that and that she is incomparably better looking than all of you. she is one of the richest models , how could she possibly be ugly?!!!

  • ????

    not the best supermodel…many, more beautiful women out there than this one, for gisele is NOT a beautiful woman..she doesn’t sell clothes, she sells herself. high dollar *****…

  • mandy

    She is so hot !!!!

  • perla

    My question about the issue with the cover picture- people are getting so angry about what they think it represents, but no one has really mentioned the fact that both Lebron and Gisele agreed to do that pose…apparently, neither one saw any issue and/or problem with the picture…I wonder what they have said about the controversy or what they both think (particularly Lebron)…seems like an awful lot of people want to speak for the cover and either excuse it or criticize it, but the people who are actually in that photo aren’t being asked much about it…personally, I think people are reading way too much into the photo…I saw the cover and never thought King Kong until the chaos began…it seems so blown out of proportion…I say stop reading into everything so much…Lebron as a black man agreed to do the photo and I think if we sit here and excuse his part or Gisele’s, that it insults their intelligence…they could have objected to the photo as well…sometimes it seems like people enjoy creating controversy over every little thing they see or hear…goes to show you that nothing ever pleases everyone…if you read VOGUE’s readers letters per month, you will see how every cover or article has its fans as well as those who complain…

  • Ha!

    I’m just amazed that she can look amazing sometimes but most of the time looks like this. Makeup and clothing can do wonders.

  • diamante

    Gisele agreed to back Brazil

    In E.U. you no longer want

    a beatiful Baby you stolen His Father

    this is a grave sin

  • ohmy

    skinny…not pretty face…appeal??????????

  • cheddar

    The only problem I had with her being on the cover was that she is not athletic. They looked missed matched. She is way too skinny. They should have put Tom and LeBron on the cover!!! ;)

  • chris

    I like her body!!

  • Guilherme

    shes really awesome

  • showtime

    She is so gorgeous and has a perfect body. You can just tell she will never be fat, and will be hot even when she’s old. Most people in their 20′s don’t look nearly as hot as her. Let me see you put on a bikini and stand next to Gisele in a bikini. You’d probably squirm in shame and never come out of your house ever again.

  • Sagan

    I love how you guys diss her!
    ya thats right she really ugly….. she only the most highest paid supermodel ever! do you think she made all that money being ugly??? i don’t think soo….. so for the people that says she ugly or whatever, you better look like angelina jolie or brad pitt ,for you to have room to talk! otherwise shut your non-millions making nobody face!

  • anon

    Ya she’s a BITCH!!!. Skinny flat assed babe- go back to Brazil.

  • Francesca

    I am so sick of all these freaky Brazilian models; like horseface above and Adriana Chipmonk Cheeks Lima.

    Bring back classical beauty. And can we get some body to the hair-maybe a part?