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Jessica Biel Prizes Her Pitbull

Jessica Biel Prizes Her Pitbull

Jessica Biel walks her pitball and enjoys an iced coffee before heading back home to Brentwood, Calif. on Wednesday.

The 26-year-old actress can be seen later this year in Powder Blue. Biel will be portraying a stripper and before filming started, signed a contract that specifically stated how much of her body would be shown on camera.

Powder Blue also stars Ray Liotta, Forest Whitaker, and Patrick Swayze. The movie is set to be released in December 2008.

More pics of Jessica prizing her pitball Tina…

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jessica biel pitbull tina 01
jessica biel pitbull tina 02
jessica biel pitbull tina 03
jessica biel pitbull tina 04
jessica biel pitbull tina 05
jessica biel pitbull tina 06
jessica biel pitbull tina 07
jessica biel pitbull tina 08

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  • Cat

    I think she rescued her dogs & I have a lot of respect for people who rescue dogs that a lot of people don’t want. So many pit bulls get turned into shelters. It is cute how she always has a bandana on them.

  • grace

    I agree, Cat. Most of what you see higher profile people doing is walking into a pet store at every turn and plopping down money for dogs, cats, birds, you name it. There are so many of those and more at thousands of shelters.

  • daga

    she lives in brentwood? i thought she lived with justin?

  • jami

    she is another celeb that always looks completely annoyed to see the papz.
    can’t say I blame her though.


    she totally manly with horse face she sooooooo boring .

  • nikkie

    She is very ugly. She looks like a man. She doesnt even try to look feminine. Makes you wonder.

  • Hectic Bee

    she looks miserable all the time – if she only smiled once in a while …. yeah she mite be hounded by the paps but she’s a movie star dating a pop star – her doing so maybe she needs to learn to live with her lot!

  • jessica

    the sweater is much to long for her arms.

  • Nicole

    I don’t get this girl. She is dating one of the hottest guys in the world, has an amazing body and a decent face, great career and yet she still looks unhappy all the time. Oh poor baby, people take a few pictures of you every once and a while. GET OVER IT! You got into the business and you knew this would happen. They aren’t interfering with her personal life (like the do with Britney) at all and in my opinion that is the only time that it is really bad. She should be happy anyone is even interested in her.

  • anonymous

    It is a complete rumor she moved in with Justin
    she looks so………………… drab with the clothes she wears I,m not talking about the jeans but the rest of her alfit and other clothes she wears it’s making her look older then her age
    This isn,t going to last between her and Justin for very long
    and is it really that chilly to wear a sweater on a sunny day in the summer time !

  • Ha!

    Guess what? I doubt everyone loves having their private lives invaded by a bunch of jerks with cameras. She’s walking her dog; leave her alone. She’s not required to smile for you and I and not smiling at the paps doesn’t automatically mean she’s unhappy in her life. It’s called a snapshot for a reason.

    There is nothing mannish about this woman – although I would suggest to her to rethink the wispy bangs.

  • Elizabeth

    What’s wrong with this chick?! Never see her smile anymore, what does she have to be so miserable about..oh darn the paps are taking my pics which will be posted online and get me more press! I don’t think she’s a good actress, she looks like a man, and dresses terrible (aside from her William Rast jeans of course!). I really don’t see what she has in common with Justin aside from being a tomboy. I think these pics prove she’s not living with Justin, why would she be staying at her old house if she moved in with him? Glad to know that’s not true! I don’t see Jessica and Justin lasting. Didn’t his best friend Trace say she was a great girl but didn’t see them together in the future…that’s a hint for you Jessica!

  • Maria

    She looks like a pitbull!

  • Katie

    If she loves dogs so much then how come she let her other dog get KILLED!

  • JJ Fan

    She is NOT annoyed by the paps! She LOVES the attention! Jessica and her publicist TIP OFF THE PAPS!

  • parisgirl

    She needs to stop. She’s some F-list actor who happened to be dating a pop star so be glad paps even care to take pics of your mean mug fool -_-

  • Lillianne

    It’s always amazing to me how people and their dogs resemble each other.

  • Aly

    Ugly Ugly Ugly

  • Ha!

    Wow, the skewed logic posted in these threads gets more and more irrational. Um yeah, her publicist tips off the paps that she’s walking her dog with no make-up and a weird outfit on so she can scowl at them? THAT makes sense. Believe what you want, but you barely ever see her in the tabs and when you do, she’s not happy to be bothered. They’re probably yelling nasty things at her to get her attention.

    There is nothing to hate about this girl unless you have some misguided crush on Justin Timberlake. Personally, I don’t see what she or anyone else sees in him.

  • JJ Fan

    Her publicist sure does tip off the paps. She’s been doing it way before she dated Justin and she use to smile for them. Now that she is with Justin, who hates the paps, she acts like she hates them now too. But she doesn’t. Jessica dressing down and not smiling is just an act to make it seem like she dislikes the paps. Everyone knows she has an amazing publicist that gets her publicity and attention she doesn’t deserve. Tell me – what has Jessica Biel done that the in Hollywood for the paps to follow her? She hasn’t done shit! She was on a lame ass tv show and she can’t act. She has no personality and is boring. Nobody would gibe a fuck about her if it wasn’t for her publicist and for Justin!

  • JJ Fan

    And she was never in the tabs before, but now that she is dating Justin she is.

    Her publicist also leaked info on her and Derek Jeter to the tabs!

  • Maria

    She IS wearing makeup. And she IS still ugly!

  • M

    Why anyone would want a pitbull is beyond me. They should be, and are, banned in many cities.

  • Guest

    Manly face.
    manly body!

  • Animal Lover!

    She shouldn’t have a dog or any animal after she let 1 dog kill the other!
    And that dog should have been put to sleep or taken away!

  • Ralu

    God, this girl is BEAUTIFUL !!!!!

  • mickey

    Everyone didn’t choose to go into a high profile profession so it doesn’t really work to say “I doubt everyone loves to have their private lives invaded.” She chose her profession. She also chose to have her publicists alert the paps of where she would be in the past. You reap what you sow. Although maybe she looks so miserable all the time because she is dating Justin Timberlame. He is foul in so very many ways.

  • Vshizzle

    In her new film she plays a “stripper” – That spells…disaster….why do women in Hollywood take these roles…?? It never works…Look at Demi and LiLo…and Elizabeth Berkley – It is such a bad choice…

  • dr fill

    She is looking more like a man every day. Rumor has it that Jessica possesses both male and female genitalia.

  • Janeen

    Ha! @ 06/26/2008 at 10:33 am

    Guess what? I doubt everyone loves having their private lives invaded by a bunch of jerks with cameras.
    What the hell are you talking about, private lives? These are public people. If they wanted their lives to be private they would have become a doctor or attorney or teacher, or nurse, and NOT have entered show business.

  • gail

    Ha! @ 06/26/2008 at 10:33 am

    Guess what? I doubt everyone loves having their private lives invaded by a bunch of jerks with cameras.
    Tell me. How can a public person, expect a private life?

  • gail

    mickey @ 06/26/2008 at 2:20 pm
    She chose her profession. She also chose to have her publicists alert the paps of where she would be in the past.
    NEWSFLASH: The paps are not the only ones who take pics of celebrities.

  • Morgan joules

    If you raise a pitbull the correct way, they are the best dogs in the world! If any breed is trained to fight and attack something–it will! Come on people, really?



    Makes you wonder what? Makes me wonder if you’re an idiot for not being able to complete a sentence.