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Jude Law Plays at the Park

Jude Law Plays at the Park

Jude Law and his ex-wife Sadie Frost spend some quality time together and play with her dog in a London park on Thursday.

Earlier this week, Jude was out for dinner with a mystery brunette, treating her to a French restaurant in north London, according to the Sun.

Just last month the 35-year-old actor was spotted kissing Kimberley Stewart in the VIP area of an Essex nightclub.

Jude was married to fashion designer Sadie Frost for six years before getting a divorce in 2003. Together they have three children: Rafferty 11, Iris, 7, and Rudy, 5.

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  • acki

    i don’t like jude – he is not attractive at all!

  • Amanda

    are u kidding me? he is talented (a great actor) and i believe he is gorgeousss

  • celebaddict

    It’s good to see Jude and Sadie enjoying a day out together with their children.

  • Mari

    More pictures of dogs Jared. I like them better than celebrities! Oh & I agre w/ #1 & I also don’t like him because he gets together w/ anything & because he cheated on his wife. It is nice though that they are getting along for their kids.

  • jami

    I do agree that it is nice that Jude gets along with Sadie and they spend time with the children together. It is good for the kids.
    cute pics.

  • Blackworm

    He is a talented actor and he seems to be a good father. But I agree with Mari #4 that he seems to get together with anything. It’s hard for me to respect someone that doesn’t respect themselves.

  • yeahhh

    he is kind of wierd…!!!

  • Jazz

    Please. Why is it that people are so hard on Jude? He is single and he can date whoever he wants to. George Clooney dates porn actresses and yet nobody gives a damn.

  • Love2read&write

    I like the way they get along even though he did her wrong they are clearly trying to keep the kids first now.

  • elle

    Nice familiy day…It is good for the kids…yes Jami.. He is single and he can date whoever he wants to..also yes IMHO.anyway thanks Jared!!!
    Ohh have i say that he looks great!!!!

  • Blackworm

    Ok, Jazz, I’ll say it. George Clooney gets together with anything too. He really went down in my eyes with this latest girfriend, Sarah Larson. Also his movie Leatherheads was shit.

    But, yes, Elle, Jude looks great in these pics, a lot better than his ex-wife.

  • Matty

    Say what you will, but I’d hit it. He’s sex on wheels.

  • elle

    Blackworm “a lot better than his ex-wife.”hmmmm well -woman and man, i don`t think we can check against each other-just kidding…and heeeeee is puuuuure sex on leggggggs!!!!

  • Blackworm

    “i don`t think we can check against each other”

    Well, I can and I think he looks a lot better. She looks like an old manequin.

  • jessica

    jude looks like the guy from the ting tings with those sun glasses! =)

  • Helena

    He is weird? The only thing that is weird is that you can’t even spell a simple word like ‘weird’!

  • elle

    Blakworm i was only joking!!!

  • Megan fox rocks

    I love Jude , but I hate his style now it’s so whatever

  • Sandy

    Jared, you are really outdoing yourself – thanks again for keeping up on Jude in some great moments. But then any odd moment you catch jude at he is likely to look breathtaking. What a wonderful piece
    of huMANity. this guy is something to really be proud of. i do ot find any
    of his behavior schocking or wrong. When you are single you are supposed to do all your exploring. He didn’t have enough ‘single’ till after he dumped Sienna and believe md,the women of the world had been waiting for this access to this glorious man.

  • Blackworm

    Oh, Sandy, you’re such a woman of the world!


    he is so hot and i love those glasses they rock!


  • jami

    I don’t think sadie looks good lately either. Although I know she looks pretty good for her age in general I think she is definitely not looking as attractive as she used to. Maybe it is all the partying catching up with her face. JMO.

    I think Jude still looks good though…of course he is aging too, as we all do, but I still find him attractive without a doubt and that is JMO too :)

  • jami

    “What a wonderful piece
    of huMANity. ”

    I love Jude, but this statement made me chuckle for some reason :lol:

  • Blackworm

    I think Sadie looks like she’s had “work” done on her face of some kind. I’m not an expert on that stuff. But it looks like maybe cheek implants or something like that. Maybe those lip injections( I’m not sure what they call that) Maybe Botox. I think all that stuff makes people look like horrible , freak show, store manequins. And I would bet my house that she has had a boob job in the last year or so. She may have had her “face work” done at the same time.

    Her body is pretty fit for a 43 year old mother of 4.

    I agree. Jude looks good. He is still very attractive in spite of looking a little older. But is he not embarrassed by some of the women he is linked to? Kimberly Stewart? She’s in the same catergory as Sarah Larson in my book.

  • jami

    yeah, I am not really all that concerned whether he is embarrassed about who he dates or “hooks up” with. He made some poor choices, but those are his to live with. And if I have to comment on the recent situation I would have to say he probably IS embarrassed by the Kim S. thing hence the reason he is said not to be returning her calls and is trying to distance himself from her. He has also recently been seen out with another woman. If he wasn’t embarrassed by what he did with Kim, then he more than likely would have continued to see her IMO.

    But, this is all speculation on my part.

  • girl

    I have never thought Sadie was attractive, but it’s not like she’s some movie star after all, she’s a fashion designer.

    I used to enjoy Jude a lot, but now he’s just rubbed off on me. His women choices might be part of it.

  • sharyllee

    Jude is sooo hot!

  • get a life

    god, what a bunch of cackling hens. Look real close into his eyes sometime and you might catch a glimpse of him flipping you the bird from behind them. That’s how much he or any other celeb cares what you think about his life.

  • Pole

    Thanks for these photos Jared :-)

    I think Jude is very sexy and most certainly attractive when he’s just himself with the kids. When he’s drunk and hanging out with skanks not so much.

  • Pole

    Thanks Jared:-)

    I think Jude can be very sexy and when he’s just himself and with his kids (I don’t mind Sadie) I find him extremely attractive. When he’s hanging out with skanks not so much :-(

  • Blackworm

    I’m going to cackle a little more. That’s what we do on Just Jared and I know that Jude or any other celebrity doesn’t care what we think.

    I’ve never thought Sadie was attractive either but she did used to claim to be a movie star at least in the UK. And she landed Jude Law. I’ve never understood it but hey more power to her. She must offer something other than a pretty face.

    His women choices are a turnoff to me also. The hanging out with known skanks is just not appealing to me. Have some self-respect, Jude.

  • Annie

    first time I see him hanging with Sadie without the kids. Love him. I kind of like Sadie too.

  • Blackworm

    I think Iris is with them.



    I’m just going ahead and said it, I wish I could see what’s under that T-shirt!!! I just know there is some maaaajor six pack under there!!! AND I WANNA SEE!!! ;- D

    Mimi Prism =- D

  • Annie

    Yes, you are right , blackworm.

  • Brenda

    Jude and Sadie seem to get on well as ex-spouses. That’s wonderful, and they both look great. It’s so nice that they spend time together with the children.

  • sARA

    thanks jared for these photos!

  • Sara



    i think the effort that jude and sadie put in is admirable…they go away with the children for christmas and easter. jude is always at sadie’s house….they are involved with their kids lives… was an intelligent decision considering that the divorce was acrimonious. i always laugh when people on the computer sit in judgement of celebrities they don’t know…but that’s the world we live in. i happen to be a huge jude law fan. he’s a fine actor and amazingly good looking. i saw him on the set of one of his movies…..all the crew were unanimous in their praise of him and what a sweet guy he was. they worked with him every day. by the way seeing jude law close up is good for the soul. he is one handsome dude. and that smile can knock your socks off.


    thanks again for sating our jude law appetitye…..bravo to you.

  • jami

    People sit on the computer and judge celebrities they don’t know both for the good and the bad. If someone judges them for the bad that is their opinion and the same if you judge them for the good (opinion again). It is all the same thing- whether or not you think you are complimenting the celeb or not you still don’t know them. So, with all due respect, if you are laughing at those who judge the celebs they don’t know personally, then in essence you are also laughing at yourself.

  • blueberry

    ııııı loveeeeee himmmmm soooooooooooooo muchhh perfect man in the world


    point well taken…..i was just basing my feelings on what the people who worked with him said about how decent he was….

  • Daphne

    Nice set of pics! It’s good to see him relaxed and hanging out with his family.

    Dolores, I hear ya. The opinions of those who know him and work with him matter. Every one else’s opinions just reflect on themselves.

  • Blackworm


    You go girl! You speak the truth!

    We don’t know these people. We just share our opinions. The good and the bad.

  • rien


    It is true. That’s why we have to keep our mind open. Feelings are slippery creatures. You can not tame them. And yet, you can try to control them by reading more carefully, and think before you speak your opinions.

    That what makes different between opinions and hate/love.

  • I Love Jude

    I’m in love with this man.

  • sheryl

    Nice pictures of Jude and Sadie! I’m glad they are still friends because it’s got to be much better for the kids.

  • Pole

    Very good point Jami :-)

    I do like Jude though – most of the time anyway.

  • azlyn like to set the record straight…Mari, he never cheated on his wife.well he did cheat on sienna.his then fiancee.i read in an article that sadie actually felt sorry for sienna cos according to sadie Jude never cheated on her,Thier divorce had nothing to do with a third was bcos of irreconciable differences n work pressure.He was busy filming cold mountain and sadie suffered from postnatal not condoning what jude did but to err is human,we all make nistakes.we al break the law.never say “ive never broken the law”..we all have but some of us never get caught.Thats what i think.