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Reese & Jake Move In Together!

Reese & Jake Move In Together!

Jake Gyllenhaal has quietly moved into Reese Witherspoon‘s $5 million L.A. home, reports Us Weekly.

Jake keeps his things at Reese‘s house and uses it at his home base most of the time,” an insider reveals. “They literally don’t want to spend any time away from each other.”

But with Reese‘s daughter Ava, 8, and son Deacon, 3, the couple has to be careful.

Reese is very content with where things are right now,” a Witherspoon pal says. “She has her career, her kids and a fantastic relationship. [And] she has been careful to work in Jake into her childrens’ lives slowly. She knows her kids already have a daddy.”

More about Reese and Jake‘s world in the latest issue of Us Weekly, on newsstands now!

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  • Chelsie

    If their happy then you won’t hear any complaits out of me. Let me just say that before any b*tch on here began with the drama. I wish them the best!

  • mel

    they are such a cute couple

  • bindz

    yaaaaaaaaaay they are so cute.

  • Jamie Spears Insider

    Good for them!

  • Mike

    Number 1 GO!!!!! lol I LOVE THEM!!!! She is so cute…and I love Jake Gyllenhaal


    I think it’s great! i read she’s rented a house in London, so they could be together for when he starts shooting his new movie.

  • N

    Orianna/Lori licks Miracle Whip off of Hellorazzi’s Mistress’s ASS!!!
    Go to the site and you will see the FAT COW!!! Anyone want to make hamburger out of her?

  • Anon

    I saw the US Weekly and I love it that she has a light workload so she can be with her kids and with Jake. She goes where ever he is to support him while he works. They are just made for each other.
    No drama, no hype. They are just really cool. And Jake is absolutely the hottest thing that ever drew breath!

  • PR

    Reese is a class act, especially in the way she has slowly been working Jake into her children’s lives. It must be serious, or she wouldn’t be doing it. More celeb parents should follow her lead. Good for them.

  • Shear Genius

    Wait….What? Didn’t her divorced just get finaized like a couple of weeks ago?

    Oh my god!

    Where are the moral police who keep track of things like these?

    Why isn’t Reese being put on blast? Why isn’t anyone wishing Jake dead?

    Why? Why? Why?

  • Chelsie

    Why are you such a b*tch?

    Why aren’t you with your mother since she’s going to die tommorow night?

    Why do you take pride and joy into someones unhappiness?
    Why b*tch? Why? B*tch go take your pills and a nap if it’s too much for you to handle. I only pray for whores like you before they end up in a gutter somewhere.

    And if she moved on quickly(as most would say) really to me that makes Ryan look bad not her. Because she’s happy with this guy and it shows that they have the upmost respect for each other.

  • Jill

    Chelsie @ 06/26/2008 at 9:06 pm
    Why are you such a b*tch?

    Why are you such an idiot?

    Shear Genius was making a joke. Too bad it went way over your head.

  • real world

    I agree with #10 .reese has just divorced rayan a great guy and
    she would let jake move in just like that..she is not taking her time
    for herself at all.the also jake was cheating on natatalie .because
    she wasn’t ready to get marrried.jake only wants the attention of
    having someone and is rubbing it in rayan’s face.jake needs
    a single girl with no baggage attached to no former husband.

  • good

    Two good level-headed, normal people. Think Jake is a keeper.

  • cam

    #14 you make no sense.

    Agree that these two are great and Jake is definitely a keeper!

  • rockkstarr



    the people on this comment page might be young or stupit.
    love do not grow on do make her look bad because she
    is representing what love is and she is a bad example of it
    when someone you love hurts you it affects everyone invovled.
    when it happens to you will feel the same way. love is a gift
    not something you throw away.

  • Susan

    I’m happy for them and hope to see them walk down the isle.

  • lizzie

    uh, what’s this about Jake being Toothy Tile?

  • anon

    Well then, #17, Ryan looks even worse if the rumors of him cheating are true. And based on the new pics of Ryan and Abbie Cornish, it is him who is the bad example not Reese.

    It’s made up nonesense, Lizzie.

    I really like Jake and Reese and wish them both luck.

  • dr fill

    Why would Reese allow a homosexual into her house and near her children. This makes no sense

  • tina

    “uh, what’s this about Jake being Toothy Tile?”

    As I understand it Toothy Tile is bisexual. If Jake is Toothy and bi then this relationship with Reese could be legit. I think it is legit!

  • Blackworm

    It looks like this relationship is for keeps. Good for them.

  • copycat

    Ryan and Abbie recently moved in together so of course copycat Reese was going to follow suit.

  • jessica

    I really doubt this is true…but whatever.

  • agamenon

    Let´s go to see who get married and divorced first: Jake and Reese or Ryan and Abbie?

    P.S. I agree with 10. Run,Jake, run.

  • dodo

    In response to all of you, especially Chelsie. You all come across as extremely uneducated people, whose moral compass is very low. Why is it that you all think when a celeb moves in with someone it is a sign “that they are meant to be?” Whatever happened to good old-fashioned values? Which by the way are nothing to be ashamed of. Does anyone not find this confusing for the children to accept? Obviously people like Chelsie have a lot of anger in their own lives and are looking for some sort of love and acceptance. Moving in with someone does not guarantee that nor quanitify it. I find all of your comments extremely sad.

  • j

    I’m still embarrassed for her. Her husband did leave her for another woman after all. Gotta love the fake act she puts on with Jakey. Behind the happy go lucky smile and the 25 million dollar paycheck she’s miserable inside. Ryan will always get the last laugh.

  • Kdgriffin

    I’m surprised they moved into together. Reese seemed a bit old fashioned to me. Good luck to them.

  • Jx2

    Miapocca are you here?

  • jojo

    Oh please, this is such a friggin joke if you believe all of this. This is such a Hollywood act to boost both of their careers. This relationship will not, and i repeat, will not, last forever. I agree, behind Reese’s smiling face and 20 – 30 mil paycheck, is a very unhappy person. I feel very sorry for her children who will have to endure the hardship of all of this in the end. Her children will need therapy to sort this all out. Good job Reese, you are so fine.

  • Who is she kidding?

    Unlike Reese… I respect Ryan a lot for not flaunting and publicizing his relationship with Abbie to the press. What a great down to earth and low key guy.

  • Ivana

    Good for them…..
    I hope it will last….. :-)

  • yul

    This relationship may be real but it was motivated to make Jake look straight and Reese seem young and desireable. It won’t last. I am very surprised that she would move him into her home prior to marriage. It goes against everything she claims to stand for.

    Just another fake celebrity.

  • anon

    Well I don’t have respect for a lot of you posting here. Your self righteous and know it all attitudes about these people you don’t even know only make you sound like the fake idiots you say Jake and Reese are. This is a gossip site but I don’t get the hatred.

    I respect Jake as an actor and his personal life is his own and I have no place to judge it. I wish him the best in his career and personal life.

  • don’t shack-up Reese

    I can’t believe she would be shacking-up with a man, over her children like that.

  • Yay!

    Real world sez:

    “I agree with #10 .reese has just divorced rayan a great guy and
    she would let jake move in just like that..she is not taking her time
    for herself at all.the also jake was cheating on natatalie .because
    she wasn’t ready to get marrried.jake only wants the attention of
    having someone and is rubbing it in rayan’s face.jake needs
    a single girl with no baggage attached to no former husband.”

    WTF? Are you retarded? Let’s take this point by point, since you seem to have no clue: Ryan, a great guy? HE CHEATED ON REESE MANY TIMES! What makes him so great, huh? Jake cheating on Natalie? Natalie Portman? Jeezus, they never even dated! They’ve been friends since they were kids. Jake needs a single girl with no baggage? WTF? He had Kirsten Dunst. Yeah. single, but no baggage? Girlfriend loved her drugs and partying. Let me tell you, single girls these days have WAY more baggage then women who’ve been thru it and have been divorced. And I’m sorry, but if you are referring to her children as “baggage” then you have fucking issues. Single, gay, divorced, or purple, everyone has issues from their past. Reese seems mature enough to put her marriage behind her and move on to a HEALTHY, RESPECTFUL relationship…with the hottest man alive. Go Reese!! Tap that!!

  • anon

    number 18 it’s AISLE, and they are boring I just don’t get the fascination and can anyone else use another adjective other than CUTE, they both can live in her lovely gated community and live happily ever after.

  • Ivana

    Yay! Love you :-))))

  • soso

    aaw best of luck to them!!
    they make a great couple

  • chris

    Aha, he took my advice and moved things the next step upward. He might even get married to her in another twenty years (LOL). Give him time; the boy doesn’t like to be rushed. BTW he also moved into Dunst’s house when he was with her. Jakey likes to move into women’s houses since I presume they are better maintained than his. Of course he no longer lives in Dunst’s house. She’s got I think five bedrooms in the house. One for each of the kids, and one (or two) for her and him, and a guest room, for Chris when he visits. Her house will be fully occupied. I have already told you where it is; you can see it on Zillow.

  • chris

    I forgot there has to be a maid’s room, so she and he must be sleeping together. If they each had a bedroom then there wouldn’t be any room for the maid who is of course essential.

  • chris

    Of course he would move into her digs. They are better than his. I believe she lives at 340 Gunston Drive in Brentwood and he lives at either 7875 or 7873 Woodrow Wilson Blvd in the Hollyweird Hills. (I cannot say 100% that my guesses are correct). In any event the Brentwood house is said to be worth 6.260 million (not 5 million as US Weekly says) while his is worth according to Zillow less than 2 million. Jakey is moving UP in the world if he moves in with her. (She also has a nice estate in the country in Ojai CA that she bought recently according to the news).

  • chris

    I wouldn’t make too much of this because Jakey moved into Dunst’s house before, as I recall, when he shacked up with her. And we know what happened to that. So this is just a repeat move for Jakey.If they don’t get married I would suspect they will tire of each other before too long and Jakey will be out on the street looking for another house to move into. LOL.

  • priscila

    44. My house is already available to Jake(LOL).

  • Ivana

    Chris you sound like living encyclopedia… LOL
    Is your house available for Jake, if he gets dumped by Reese…

    I would give him mine, but then he will be miles away from his family and friends…. :-))))

  • chris

    Jakey will be spoiled after Reese and her 6+ million dollar house. Mine isn’t grand enough for him. He’ll be looking to step upward and shack up in a 10+ million dollar house next. After that only 15+ million will do. Finally he might end up in Buckingham Palace. After all he does seem to like older women.

  • Ivana

    Dating with older woman is not problem anymore…..
    Maybe queen Elisabeth would be good for him…
    But to bad, Reese wouldn’t let him so easily……. LOL.


    Tabloid BS and fauxmance promotion.



    What happened to “very conservative and traditional” Reese from last month????

    “But don’t expect these two to go down the route of so many Hollywood couples who move in together and start families before getting hitched. “This is a very serious relationship,” the Oscar-winner’s pal explains. “But Reese is very conservative and traditional. I’m sure she doesn’t want her kids to see her ‘living in sin.’”