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Jude Law is a Demolition Dude

Jude Law is a Demolition Dude

Jude Law attends the “Demolition Party” held at the Royal Monceau in Paris, France on Thursday.

The 35-year-old British actor joined hundreds of other VIP guests in wrecking and smashing one of Paris’ grandest hotels in a performance-style “Demolition Party” before it closes for renovation.

The four-star hotel will reopen in Fall 2009 after Philippe Starck redesigns the entire building.

“We’re talking about a new luxury based on intelligence,” said Starck. “Intelligence is sexy.”

10+ pictures inside of demolition dude Jude Law

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jude law demolition party 01
jude law demolition party 02
jude law demolition party 03
jude law demolition party 04
jude law demolition party 05
jude law demolition party 06
jude law demolition party 07
jude law demolition party 08
jude law demolition party 09
jude law demolition party 10
jude law demolition party 11
jude law demolition party 12
jude law demolition party 13

Photos: INFdaily
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  • jam

    casual elegance, love his look xxooo

  • Cecilia

    I don’t like him

  • LOL

    dude needs a rug or something asap, he’s badly balding . . . especially for his age!!

  • hehe

    i dont mind his balding..just look at that face mmm

  • Daphne

    Beautiful, elegant and adorable! Thanks JJared for posting all the photos.

  • Maria (Shorty)

    I just don’t find him attractive. Sorry.

  • blueberry

    ı love you judeeeeee

  • Sandra T

    Wow. I love Jude. Isn’t he the sexiest man alive? The more I see him, the more I think he was created for my eyes only. I’ve never posted before, but now I simply can’t contain myself. Wish there was a way to meet him personally, if only for a night, a few hours.

  • evie

    Have seen Jude in the flesh, he is gorgeous seriously.

  • Blackworm

    He looks pretty good. He needs to stop smoking.

  • purpleworm

    yup, I was a little sad to see the smokes back. oh well. When I dream about those JL kisses, they’re always sweet, not nicotine-laced. I’m sure his ladies don’t mind. But I bet Iris does!

  • jami

    Wow, I think he looks great here! I happen to find this man extremely sexy…I can’t help it! Look at that face and those eyes, come on! :)

    Oh, but the smoking- he has got to stop! bad habits die hard, huh?

  • Sara

    sexy judeeee
    oh sandra, you said everything (:
    me too honey, me too.
    even if just for the night!
    oh god
    i’m a big jude fan! i love him!

    thanks jared!

  • Sara

    sexy judeeee

    oh sandra, you said everything
    me too honey, me too.
    even if just for the night!
    oh god
    i’m a big jude fan!
    i loveeee him!
    believe me, i really do!

    thanks jared (:

  • tina c.

    still when I look at him I think of the HAMbURLeR FROM MC. DONALDS.
    seriously did anyone else see the photos of him and the hamburgler back to back on prothinspo? so frigging funny.. get those hamburgers dude.

  • Sara

    uh-oh, double post.

  • Blackworm


    Maybe his ladies don’t mind the cigarette odor but if I were his lady it would be very much a turnoff to me. I hate the smell of cigarette smoke! And it ages your face, Jude baby. Not to mention what it does to the rest of your body. Think about Patrick Swayze, Jude. He’s not that much older than you. Jude you’ve got children to raise, and movies to make and plays to perform and the great love of your life is out there waiting for you. Don’t kill yourself with those cancer sticks!

  • elle

    WOW Stunning beauty, thanks Jared!!!

  • patzin

    Jude, has certainly been a busy bee lately. Nice to see the lovely photos. Thanks Jared. He look yummy as always to me.

  • purpleworm

    To my fellow Worm <:]

    oh yeah, his smoking is a total turnoff in every respect. He’s been a smoker for some time so a lot of damage is already done. Too bad, really – for all the reasons you mentioned. But since all I can do is fantasize about him, then I mentally erase the yucky breath, icky morning cough & stinky kisses and it’s all good!!

  • Sara

    “The world would be a lonely place
    without the one that puts a smile on your face.”

    and jude knows what i mean ♥

  • Annie

    he is so beautiful. love him……..

  • Blackworm


    Oh, yes, I know what you mean. That’s what’s so great about fantasy crushes. You can erase the negatives in your mind and then they’re perfect!

    But those pics are a rude reminder of the stinky reality! Yuck.

  • sharyllee

    wow! soooo beautiful.. I love him…

  • Blackworm


    Yes, Jude has been a busy bee lately. What’s up with him? When’s he going to make another movie? Has he retired from acting?

  • ericap

    Yummy Jude!

  • dungi

    Maybe this is his new hairstyle, not coz of balding… i hope.. i really luv him especially in The Holiday.

  • Blackworm

    I think he had a hairpiece on in The Holiday. He had a LOT of hair in that movie.

  • jami


    I totally agree about the hair piece in The Holiday. I was thinking that wasn’t that long ago that he filmed it and his hair is very thick in that movie. I am not saying he is bald now, but his hair is much different now. So, it must have been a hairpiece.
    It is funny because I have heard other posters say that once he grows his hair back it will look “exactly like it did in the Holiday again”….I disagree with that and I am okay with it. He’s still gorgeous.

  • Sandy

    OK, I give up . Somehow my message from early after this was put up yesterday just dissappeared into internet thin air and we don’t seem
    to be able to find it soooo I’ll start from scratch and say WOW three
    postings in one day are a record I think and very welcome because
    anyway we get more of Jude it’s welcome. i think he might have been
    in Paris having to do with the Pour Homme Sport perfume which
    apparently has a commercial out plus the ads and expected distrib-
    ution of the product ojnJuly 1. He apparently is is a good mood and I
    don’t know which of what is doing the job but I’m very happy to see him
    smile with that sparkling wise awake look.It’s never the same old face
    with Jude His expressivity is so amazing It’s undoubetedly the basis
    for that magnetic attraction that he has for so many people who give
    him that extra moment or two to let it sink in and make you feel good
    looking at him. His hair – again?. Think of it – all the different hairdos
    in 30-odd roles; long, short, full balding different colors different
    hairpieces etc, etc. Hairdressers and make up people understand perfectly and for a man who never wants to do the same role twice that
    is part and parcel of his ‘availability’ in creating the character for the role. I hope that was understood. If not ask but think about it first and you will understand. Is the result good? then it was a success. That’s all that counts. you want just pretty pictures – go through all of the
    press shoots and take your pic. And on to Jared, you have outdone
    yourself, completely. I lover that you never rest onyour laurels and
    continue to give us all that you can. thanks THANKS T H A N K S

  • Blackworm

    No, its not understood. I never understand your posts. It’s total gibberish.

  • whatever

    take it easy sandy………we r not here to write essays!!!!!1
    Jude is handsome alooooot….but if he just gives up those “coup cigarette” pants….he would be much more handsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • whatever

    take it easy sandy….we r not here to write essays!!!!
    anyways…Jude is soooo handsome…..but if he just get rid of those “coup cigarette” pants……..he will be much more cutttee!!

  • what???

    I am confused too
    Do you know Jude personally or something?

  • onmyown

    I love his movies – but geez – he smoke ? What’s up with that ?

    Those nicotine build up for 17 years can seriously damage your lungs, not to mention a trigger for cardiac arrest. It’s not my intention to scare or even preach. but Law should check Professor John Reese @ the Kings College London and my colleague, Physician Trainee Dr. Sundeep Kaul about acute COPD. A good check up would be good.

    Dr. Kaul research on acute COPD is excellent. ‘am betting his medical research is continuing under the auspices of Dept of Asthma, Allergy and Respiratory Research Dept @ Kings College.

    It would have been great, had Dr. Kaul chose USA, but’s UK’s gain. His research is invaluable.

    Hello Sun – ‘am still in TU !

  • Blackworm

    Yes, I know about acute and chronic COPD. My father-in-law and my husband’s aunt and my 49 year old sister-in-law have it and are severely physically limited and on oxygen 24 hours a day. My father-in-law also had lung cancer but so far has been spared death from that due to surgery and catching it pretty early.

    Jude’s friend Amy Winehouse has also just been diagnosed with a form of COPD and she’s in her mid-20s!

    It’s very real and has greatly affected my family.

  • Sara

    come on,people!
    jude knows what to do whit his life,okay?!!
    GOD!!!! he’s a human! ¬¬

  • Blackworm

    Uh, yeah , I know he’s human. That’s the point.

  • delilah

    Jude is “friends” with Amy Winehouse?

  • Sara

    oh no, that’s is the point -> as if he cared about what u say, he has more stuff to worry about and he can do whathever he wants with his life, after all its his life!!

  • three

    LOL at #35

    Jude cool as always…

  • Blackworm

    I think Jude was a fan of Amy Winehouse before she was famous. I think he used to go hear her at clubs in London. I don’t mean he hangs out with her all the time. But we know his ex-wife Sadie Frost is a friend of hers.

  • Blackworm


    Do you really think that I think that Jude cares what I say? No, I know that Jude doesn’t give a damn what I think. He obviously does whatever he wants with his life without calling me or you for advice. But that doesn’t mean it’s not fun to write my opinions on JJ, just like you like to do.

  • purpleworm

    blackworm, you rock. i dig your posts. keep ‘em coming.

  • Blackworm

    Thanks, purpleworm. I dig yours too. I noticed some of your comments before I ever started posting on here. Once I started, I can’t seem to stop!

  • Sara


    okay, you’re right!

  • onmyown

    Dear Sara,

    You wouldn’t want to see a radio graphic view of a lung consummated by nicotine build up. Very nasty.

    My hands actually shifted though the thoracic and abdominal cavities of a man shot from the neck down to the lungs and the abdomen. The bullet did damaged both lungs.

    Had he had a healthy lungs, he could have survived very easily. The problem is the respiratory epithelium is decimated by plaque build up. RE lines Upper and Lower respiratory tracts, served to moisten and protect the airways, and it acts as a barrier to pathogens such as nicotine and other foreign objects and prevents infection. That pre-existing problem plus the additional trauma cause by the bullet was fatal.

    It wasn’t the bullet that killed him. The lungs itself were pulverized by these nasty build up, and the alveolars are just too far gone !

    I have no problem shifting thru blood and organ tissues, but the sight of these lungs were something else. The assisting surgeon looked at me and he just shook his head. Even with trained hands, there was very little anyone could do.

    ‘am almost 27 years old, and have witnessed deaths in that cold and sterile Trauma Unit. You just don’t know how precious life is – until you lose it, or if we are lucky enough to save that life. And I am sure you know what that means.

    ‘that physicians should be cold and aloof is a myth. You don’t know how precious life is until you are there to save it – with everything you have ! It’s like losing a part of you, even if you tried your very best.

    But the worst part of my job is this – to tell the family that their love one is gone. Try that some time. Then tell me again – it’s none of anyone’s business, or it’s his life, that he can do whatever the hell he wants to do.

    Oh yeah – specially Law – he should care.

    Shame that you take life for granted.

  • purpleworm

    a friend of mine is a thoracic nurse and she told me the grossest thing she has ever seen (and no doubt she’s seen it all) is the stuff that comes of out patient’s lungs. And she was a smoker!!

  • Sara

    “Shame that you take life for granted.”
    wait a minute, what??!
    you don’t even know me!
    i love my life and yes, i care about her.
    i just think that jude knows what he does.
    i love this man,okay? and i care about him like the other fans!!
    heey, i’m sorry if i offended you guys!
    and sorry if my english is not so good (i’m brazilian)

  • Sara

    and i’m not a smoker!