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Lindsay Lohan Has a Secret Sister

Lindsay Lohan Has a Secret Sister

Lindsay Lohan has a secret sister she never knew existed, reports OK!

Apparently Lindsay‘s father, Michael Lohan, had an affair while married to now-ex-wife Dina Lohan. And it resulted in a pregnancy!

Surprise, surprise. Sex leads to pregnancy!

Michael says, “Years later [the woman] contacted me, convincing me that I was the only person she was with and that she had my child… [She] is beginning to look a lot like Linds, with a mix of [younger brother] Cody, believe it or not.”

But since Michael hasn’t provided financial support for Lindsay‘s secret sister, the girl’s mother says, “It’s time for Michael to take responsibility.”

Michael, 48, and Dina, 45, married in 1985 and divorced in 2007. They have four kids — Lindsay, who turns 22 on July 2, Michael, 20, Ali, 14 and Cody, 12.

WHAT DO YOU THINK Lindasy Lohan’s secret sister’s name is?

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51 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan Has a Secret Sister”

  1. 1
    Rachel Says:

    she is a ******* hoe!!!

    i hate this stupid ass ****!!!

  2. 2
    Luisa Says:

    First? Haha

  3. 3

    wow thats crazy tell who it is im dying to know…


  4. 4
    qboy Says:

    omg … who would god believe that ???
    she s all fake …

  5. 5
    hopper Says:

    3 kids? What about their older brother at college? Go back to kissing Nicoles butt, at least you print correctly what her pr tells you to.

  6. 6
    carol - brazil Says:


  7. 7
    dhnfbjdbvg Says:

    there’s another older brother who’s 20 i think .

  8. 8
    del Says:

    can things get worst for lindsay
    by the way its 3:20am in melbourne, australia

  9. 9
    eddie jones Says:

    the women of this gene pool need to be fixed so they can’t reproduce. Lindsay Lohan is a racist, if anyone else would of said the things she did about african americans they would of been outed. Not sure why she got a pass, let’s not forgot when she got nailed for fleeing from police while drunk “The black kid was driving”, black kid? And he wasn’t driving.

  10. 10
    George Says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the “secret sister” is named Lindsay, too.

  11. 11
    emily Says:

    There is an older brother. Michael Jr., who is 20 and is in college.

  12. 12
    fabu Says:

    dats def solange at her bday party!!!!

  13. 13
    um Says:

    Is that her in the picture? because if it is that sister is African American or Latina. Look at the color of her hand in the picture.

  14. 14
    Amy Says:

    Who would have thunk?

  15. 15
    Mike Says:

    i love her!!!!!!

  16. 16
    lola Says:

    ok um yeah there is four kids. lindsay, MICHEAL, alli and cody. get your facts straight

  17. 17
    CORY. Says:

    go to the pictures of her birthday party on the net.
    she’s wearing that dress, and so is HoHan =)

    but the article’s lying.

  18. 18
    Up2nogood Says:

    the drama never ends with the lohans.

  19. 19
    bejeebus Says:

    lol @ “solange”

    seriously…i bet it’s gotta be either “lindsay”,”dina”, “ali” or “saMANtha”. why else would there be any point in mentioning it?

  20. 20
    aLEX Says:

    they have four kids.. an oldest son michael lohan jr. he’s been on the living lohan reality show.. might want to do all of your homework before posting

  21. 21
    Sammy Says: tabloid is full of bullsh%t.

  22. 22
    bejeebus Says:

    …oh wqit…that is solange. still funny though somehow.

  23. 23
    Jenny Says:

    4 Kids. She has a hottie for a brother..Michael & he is 20 :)

  24. 24
    tayler (miley cyrus fan 4eva) Says:


  25. 25
    tayler (miley cyrus fan 4eva) Says:

    I love lindsay && her could her father do this?!! I LOVE ATCHING LIVING LOHAN..I wonder what Dina’s && Lindays’s Fam’s Reaction is..

  26. 26
    Lou Says:

    Somebody tried to register on my new site at using the name “Lindsay Lohan,” obviously a fake, and I deleted her anyway. That’s how much I can’t stand Lindsay Lohan, I don’t want that name anywhere on my site.

  27. 27
    itzzzkimmm Says:

    Jared, the Lohans actually have 4 kids: Lindsay, Michael Jr( the one in college), Ali, and Cody.

  28. 28
    pam Says:

    the black girl is Solange knowless

  29. 29
    lol Says:

    um according to the pic..solange knowles?!! hahaha.

  30. 30
    mido Says:

    she is so hot!!!!!!!

  31. 31
    mido Says:

    i loveuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!

  32. 32
    mido Says:

    it is beyonce sister!!!!!

  33. 33
    LOL Says:

    Well, well well; this family loves the drama, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Dina Lohan planned the announcement to promote their awful reality show. It’s no surprise, since they are just Long Island trash!!!

  34. 34
    kelsey Says:

    thats slonage knowles

  35. 35
    Maria (Shorty) Says:

    WHO CARES!!!! I sure don’t. This family needs to go back to Long Island and STAY there!

  36. 36
    American Says:

    How is referring to a black guy as a ‘black guy’ in any way racist?

  37. 37
    ericka Says:

    Why would you post a picture of Solange? Making people think that’s the secret sister. How dumb.

  38. 38
    Cassie Says:

    I fell sorry for all 5 kids. What else is he going to do to hurt them

  39. 39
    weird! Says:

    thats crazy! i bet the girl wants to be like bffs with lindsay now so she can get in the spot light! well it depends on how old she is! but yeah!
    i have a sister i didnt know about either! only i still havent met her :(

  40. 40
    tb Says:

    I LOVE YOU LINDSAY!!!!!!!!!!

  41. 41
    trever Says:

    well if the new kid looks like lindsay….she is lucky. cuz lindsay is HOOOOOT

  42. 42
    Lauren Says:


  43. 43
    haley Says:

    Gosh…this ‘daddy’ is horrible… Lindsay is amazing .. She’s great actress and singer… Lindsay keep holding on !

  44. 44
    skippingsarah Says:

    its complicated. so what now….her mother has an affair with lindsay’s dad? so beyonce is who’s daughter??

  45. 45
    candice Says:

    her name is ashley they said it on a radio station

  46. 46
    philly Says:


  47. 47
    just4FUN Says:


  48. 48
    just4FUN Says:

    Is that true? anyway, I met so many hot people because of her on, some of her hot pics and vids can be found there, it was really a wonderful place for casual encounters…:))

  49. 49
    rina Says:

    lindsay is hot,i’d like to say to her happy birthday becouse her birthday is on July 2nd and she will turn 22.

  50. 50
    Jay Says:

    Her Name Is Ashley Kaufmann

  51. 51
    Niamh Says:

    FAKE. That Is Solange Knowles!!!!!!!!

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