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Madonna and Guy Ritchie Agree to Divorce

Madonna and Guy Ritchie Agree to Divorce

Madonna and Guy Ritchie have reportedly agreed to end their seven-year marriage.

A friend said last night: “They were both very calm. Madonna told Guy: ‘I’m sorry, I want a divorce’. And he agreed. It was quite painless but very sad.”

One disclosed to the Daily Mirror: “He’s a bit down in the dumps, and who can blame him. He’s off to the country to get a bit of peace and quiet.”

Madonna, 49 reportedly has begun seeking advice from divorce attorney Fiona Shackleton, who represented Paul McCartney in his divorce. Ritchie, 39, is believed to be consulting with Forsters, a lesser-known London law firm.

The couple apparently did not have a prenuptial agreement which could potentially lead to a 50-50 split of assets.

Madonna is believed to be worth about $600 million.

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80 Responses to “Madonna and Guy Ritchie Agree to Divorce”

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  1. 1
    AnIntelligentmind Says:

    Sadly I am not surprised. I do wish the best for the children

  2. 2
    qiara. Says:

    Im not really surprised either. I feel that it has to do with her fame and him being kind of unknown to people.

  3. 3
    mico Says:

    really? how sad for their son…..

  4. 4
    Dinah Says:

    Divorce is usually a sad affair.

  5. 5
    SASHA Says:


  6. 6
    hannah Says:

    She doesn’t strike me as someone who is particularly easy to live with or be married to, but who knows what goes on behind closed doors. I wish them the best, especially the children. Divorce is never fun.

  7. 7
    qboy Says:

    poor girl, it’s her time now to pull through …
    seems like between britney spears , aguilera and her , only aguilera can hold her husband …
    she may worths 600$ but she is lonly now ..
    sad for her

  8. 8
    celebaddict Says:

    Guy is way too good for Madonna.
    I hope he can find someone who truly loves him, and who won’t overshadow him.

  9. 9
    swirl Says:

    There’s no solid evidence yet that the Ritchies are breaking up.

  10. 10
    ladybug Says:

    she seems like a pain the aS$ . she needs herself someone like mark anthony, who will make her feel like a queen. he seems like he wanted to just be husband and wife

  11. 11
    jam Says:

    ‘a friend said’…i wont believe this until an official statements released, which has not

  12. 12
    cocopuff Says:

    is this actually true? if the source is a “close friend” and the daily mirror, i don’t think we can really believe it. rumours about their divorce have been going around for awhile, and they’ve denied it.

  13. 13
    [☆I n F a m o u s☆] Says:

    no surprise. everyone knew this was coming for awhile. blah, i guess he got tired of dating he-woman. it aint cute when your girl can do more push-ups than you.

  14. 14
    sofia Says:

    What’s the source of this “report?” I mean, there’s probably some grain of truth in it, but it’s not real news, is it? Not at least a reputable news agency reports it.

  15. 15
    cali Says:

    i really can’t believe MADONNA would not have signed a pre-nup?? is this true?

  16. 16
    Mary Says:

    I agree with cali…how can Madonna not have a prenup??? That was a STUPID move

  17. 17
    someone Says:

    totally agree with cali, if she hasent she’s an idiot,, sorry… But she is…

    I love Guy though,, his a good man..

  18. 18
    Helena Says:

    Terrible news. Especially when children come into the equation.

  19. 19
    kd Says:

    What a shock: narcissist, ever self re-inventing Madonna wants to be free and single again before she gets to old to act like a hottie. WHO ever thought Madonna might turn out to be a flake? Huh!

    She could not get enough attention becoming a British duchess and no one paid as much attention to her as she hoped when she adopted a third world child. They keep focusing on Jolie, dammit! You will see a spectacle now!

  20. 20
    n.o.l.a Says:

    That’s sad but not surprising. I love Madonna but have always thought she could be a handful. I hope Guy get everything he deserves.

  21. 21
    n.o.l.a Says:

    That’s sad but not surprising. I love Madonna but have always thought she could be a handful. I hope Guy get everything he deserves.

  22. 22
    thin lizzy Says:

    YOUR SO OLD MADONNA WHO IS GONNA MARRY YOUR OLD ASS NOW!!! plus he’s nice looking ,soft spoken what’s wrong with him?
    don’t you just wanna grow old together think about the children!!!!

  23. 23
    jessica Says:

    oh how sad i suppose they just grew apart.

  24. 24
    swirl Says:

    thin lizzy-

    you need to grow up. seriously…

  25. 25
    Tracy Says:

    I find it hard to believe that she doesn’t have a prenup-no way. She’s too savvy for that!
    Maybe grinding on JT gave her the idea that she’s still hot and get some young stud. I must say, I found it to be a sad spectacle. Act your age. Her poor children.

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