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Miley Cyrus: Vanity Fair Mistake "Still Hurts"

Miley Cyrus: Vanity Fair Mistake

Miley Cyrus opens up to Billboard about her topless photo scandal with Vanity Fair. Here are some excerpts from her

On her Vanity Fair debacle: “I was embarrassed… but also it’s like, every career thing that I do can’t be perfect, and sometimes my decisions are wrong. I think that just makes me even more relatable. I don’t think people will look at me any differently because they’re like,’You know what, I’m going to do stupid stuff too, and I’m going to make mistakes, and that’s fine.’ It still hurts when I think about it.”

On her new album, Breakout: “It’s grown-up. I wrote all the songs except two. My last one, Meet Miley Cyrus, was more just meeting me, finding out who I am, and here it’s more getting in depth of what’s been going on in my life in the past year.”

On Hannah Montana: “It will wrap up, eventually. I mean, I won’t be Hannah Montana by the time I’m 30. But we’ve only done two seasons, so we definitely want to work on that hopefully for another two years.”

And don’t miss the world premiere of Miley‘s brand new music video for “7 Things” during the ABC Movie Haunted Mansion this Saturday, June 28th between the 9-10PM hour!

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  • alyssa

    v bsdhckfvqwhkb

  • alyssa

    ew miley is gay!

  • Yawn

    The final nail in the coffin for Rolling Stone magazine.

    That cover belongs on the cover of Cookie magazine not on RS.



  • LuckyL

    Logical response, she just wasn’t hot enough or adult enough to be doing the Vanity Fair shoot, would have been better with someone else, and she is still annoying and has gingivitis. Next.

  • Katryna

    Wow…Miley really isn’t that intelligent, is she? It’s just so easy to poke fun at her when she comes off as a complete ditz. I really wish a teen star with some real ability and talent would emerge, but clearly, that’s not the case here.

  • Remy

    Will you just leave us alone?! Miley needs to leave and move to a remote island (along with her father) far far away. Far FAR away.

  • “every career thing”? nice choice of words

    re: #5

    LMFAO gingivitis

  • Haven

    “Every Career Thing” Quite the vocabulary Ms. Cyrus has..

  • Linds

    Grown up? She’s a tweenager for gods sake. The only time when she can do a grown up record is when she’s over 21.

  • kate

    owwww she’s soooooo perfect, and gay is u!

  • gossip girl



  • Hammad

    dunno whats wrong with miley
    everyone do make mistakes but still she did something that cant be considered as a mistake…….she is just too young to do this kinda photoshoots and now she is giving reasons….invalid reasons…..

  • click

    why does everyone hate MILEY now??? did I missed something? tell me.

  • LOLA

    2 more years of Hannah Montana?! She’s going to be 18 and still be playin Hannah. haha, that’s just sad.

  • miley >.

    honestly. do you think that it’s normal for a 15 year old to pose looking naked?! i don’t think so. i am 15 and she’s not a good role model.
    gawd, her voice is like a toad trying to charm the world.

  • miley >.

    honestly. do you think that it’s normal for a 15 year old to pose looking naked?! i don’t think so. i am 15 and she’s not a good role model.
    gawd, her voice is like a toad trying to charm the world.

  • kevin smith

    I am not loving Miley to much but I have to say that I saw those magazine scans of Miley on that website pro-thinspo and I thought they were tasty. lol.

  • elmarie

    wow 2 more years or hannah montana miley get over it if mileys ur real name. she cant sing or dance shes just a pornstar that wants to make money off of stupid lil kids. miley ur not funny get over it.

  • elmarie


  • elmarie


  • psh

    you know what?
    she has the name but not the talent. seriously.
    why the hell is she famous?
    it’s just because of her looks. frankly, she had some of her family members at the vanity photo shoot and it was her choice.
    i hate her.

  • Remy

    Here’s your answer Click.

    No one liked her to begin with.

  • eira

    she doesnt have a talent at all!
    she needs to get over herself!!! ick!

  • amy

    I liked her from the beginning and I always will. Who cares about the VF photos, thats in the past. no one is perfect. just give her a break. If you have nothing nice to say or don’t even like her why the heck are you looking at posts about her. you people are pathetic.

  • Kimberly

    ok people stop talkin bad bout miley u know girls hate on her more than anything dont hate on her cause u people are jealous shes a really good girl and u know what get a reality check cause everyones NOT PERFECT and everyone makes MISTAKES shes only 15 do u think shes going to be perfect shes still learning everyone is learming something everyday of there life so u know what if u got nothing postive to say dont say cause u proberly have no clue what ur talkin about so dont hate cause she is a really nice girl and u guys dont know her and you dont know her personality,charater,or anything so leve her alone and let her be cause shes doing this cause its her passion and no her dad didnt get into anything it was her choice and no one elses so leave her alone and let her be cause u know nothing about her or who she is or what she has gone though the past year so stop talking crap that u have no clue about one last time LEAVE MILEY ALONE unless u support her!!
    Love u always Smiley

  • anny

    I’m sick of ths c unt. Bring on Rumer Willis is the next trainwreck

  • Nessa baby

    PEOPLE ARE YOU STUPID? You do know you don’t have to click on this if you are tired of her and don’t want to read about her anymore.But I’m glad Jared isn’t listening to people who can’t read cause some of us still like her and have as much right to know about the things that are related to her.Also who are you peole to pass judgement?If you’re not God then stfu!

  • http://none Katie

    A lot of you are here bashing on her and you say you hate her and you could care less about her. But if thats true why are all you haters coming on here bashing on her. If you could care less then stop caring about what she does and don’t start talking shit about her. She isn’t perfect and no one is. Get over it. Are people really that bored that they have to go on this and learn about what other celebs are doing who they are dating or who they kiss. Most of you are just jealous and you come here and say i wish I could be you but you pull yourself to saying you hate her. But I say this with honesty and complete respect. GET A LIFE AND GET OVER IT.

  • Nicole

    I think everyone should just move on and forget about the VF shoot. I don’t understand why everyone has to make such a big deal about it. Like she said, it was a mistake. Some idiots on here are saying that what she did can’t be considered a mistake and they are making themeselves sound ridiculous. Here is the definition:

    A noun
    1 mistake, error, fault

    a wrong action attributable to bad judgment or ignorance or inattention; “he made a bad mistake”; “she was quick to point out my errors”; “I could understand his English in spite of his grammatical faults”

    I am pretty sure the VF shoot fits that definition.
    Leave her alone for the love of God.

  • http://none Katie

    also alyssa second comment. You said she is gay. In the past many years there have been 3 definitions of gay that I know. In the 80′s it meant happy 90′s it meant homosexual, and now it means stupid. Miley is none of those reasons so learn to choose your words

  • gail

    Thats why you have parents and gardians, Miley, to stop people from exploiting you.

  • iluvmiley

    Wow…hater much!
    Why won’t some of ya’ll Jonas Brothers obsessed little girls take a second out of your worthless lives and really think about who’s the loser here when your talking s*** on someone who’s more famous and successful than could possibly imagine to EVER be and has never done nothing to you personally?????
    You guys are pathetic little s****.
    I hope one day you realize that. And right now you might be sh******* in your pants for those childish boys but TRUST me you’ll be over their asses in a year maximum two. The era of boy bands was over long ago and it won’t last any longer for them. You’ll see them on a VH1 special of “Where are they now”. They are destined to fade out and everyone (even ya’ll) know it.
    So don’t hate on someone you don’t know. But PLEASE don’t try and front and say you hate her when obviously you don’t because you wouldn’t be spending a damn second commenting on all her posts if you really did.
    And, I don’t hate the Jonas Brothers..I don’t hate anyone let alone someone i don’t know.. they’re whatever cuz I don’t really care. I just don’t feel their style or their little loser tweeny booper fans who hate on anyone they find intimidating.
    Obviously this site is over run by little kids. So spare me the goodbye cuz I’m gone.

  • be a parent first

    Katie, the point is not her being perfect. The point is her parents should never have allowed those photo shoots. If Miley came to her parents with with, “I want to take photos half dressed, on the cover of a magazine” her parents were supposed to be parents at that time, not per friend, and say NO, HELL NO!

  • annoxious

    Yeah, Miley…………….

  • Laura

    You miley lovers are idiots! seriously . can i please prove your little idiotic logics wrong on how “she made a mistake” .. Please! everyone pulls that crap . and you know what it’s totally true people make mistakes. yes . she’s 15 i get it . yes. & she made a stupid mistake with the VF shoot. yes.

    But last time i checked your supposed to LEARN from your mistake not REPEAT the mistake which is exactly what your teen princess has done.

    Case 1: Her s lutty myspace pics. Have you seen them . yeah she clearly is no virgin from the looks of some of those pics

    and she’s had several . i mean SEVERAL photo scandals . Not just 1 but a lot! . and you guys are still standing by this girl .

    You fans are being tricked and being played by this stupid no talent girl. She’ll say anything to try to get her fans back . and instead she’s just loosing them more than gaining them

    you guys are brainwashed and clearly don’t know a good artiist when you see one .

    iluvmiley fan . who the hell are you to say that you don’t like the teeny bopper music the Jo bros does? . HELLO that’s the same music Mileydoes. stupid .

    uh Kimberly . your hilarious . chris crocker much? haha .. & how would you know how miley is like . have you met her ? do you really know her ? no . so how can you judge and say she’s got such an amazing personality when you do n’t even know her .

    And like you said everyone has the right to come on here and comment. People have different opinions . and not everything is going to all nice all the tim e. get over it . go make out with your ugly miley poster that’s probly hanging up on your walls

    Calling haters pathetic doesn’t make you a better person either . The only pathetic people on here are the miley lovers who actually still co ntinue to support this girl . so get over yourselves. your no better than anyone else. in fact you miley lovers should be embarassed that you’re constantly sticking up for her .

    Can i ask you fans a question . .

    If you’re teen princess wasn’t so screwed up and hated, then why do you guys constantly need to defend her ?


  • t.t

    dude. her voice is depressing and sounds like a boy, seriously.
    check out the difference between her performance on fox to her original recorded song.
    it’s depressing but she’s a bad singer.
    a singer should be able to sing the same tunes correctly.

    and she’s dancing like a p o r n o star.

  • t.t

    dude. her voice is depressing and sounds like a boy, seriously.
    check out the difference between her performance on fox to her original recorded song.
    it’s depressing but she’s a bad singer.
    a singer should be able to sing the same tunes correctly.

    and she’s dancing like a p o r n o star.

  • mrs.joe jonas

    i still like miley but noy as much as i like the JONAS BROTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mary

    hate her

  • Remy

    Amen Laura. Took the words right out of my mouth.

  • Michaela

    I don’t see what was wrong with those pictures. In the photo she is covering more of her body than a girl does when shes wearing a bikini. and how many girls wear bikinis? so if shes getting called a slut then nearly every girl is one too.

  • http://ewwwww ewwww

    She’s a child in an adult world. Her parents should be keeping a closer eye on her.

    The pictures taken by Annie Leibovitz were a damn sight more tasteful than the pictures Miley posts of herself on myspace.

  • kate

    I love it how the ‘haters’ still take time out of thier days to comment on someone they don’t even like! HA!

    I truely believe she’s a good person, who made some bad choices.
    And HAHAHA ‘everyone hates her’
    Yes, that’s why she is as successful as she is right? With no fans?

    Love her.

  • Jamie Spears Insider


  • ñdl
  • Vfan

    I’m not a huge fan of Miley but WHOA wats up with the critisism today

  • Paige

    Laura here’s my answer to your little idiotic self that is the slut:
    Us Miley Cyrus fans have a damn right to be standing up by
    Miley Cyrus. You don’t tell us miley fans that we are brainwashed.
    Miley knows she is not perfect. Laura, we shouldn’t be embarassed.
    You Miley haters should be embarassed.
    You guys are idiotics.

    I just so happen to be a personal friend of Mileys.
    So haters have no right to call her a “slut”
    You shouldn’t say that Kimberly doesn’t know Miley.
    She could be a cousin of hers.
    So Miley is a great person.
    She gives to charity, she loves her fans, she has respect for everyone even her haters.
    You guys just want her as much as a robot.
    She is not a robot that gets caught up in being rich&famous.
    She is one of the only human celebritys that doesn’t
    Do you know Miley is my question to yours?!
    Answer that question.

    So i don’t care if you answer this comment of mine as a damn hate comment.
    You could be a damn serial killer for all i care.
    Us Miley fans are actually the bigger person because
    we stick by each other, we don’t care what people say about Miley.
    If you hate her so much then why are you commenting?
    Your such a damn loser.

    I had laughed at your comment.
    You seem so imature.
    Could i say?
    I have every right to comment your comment.
    Heard of a free country?
    Might not because you seem so pathetic.

    oh, yeah that question of yours seemed really stupid like your idiotic self.

    Go ahead hate on me.
    Your just a pathetic loser.
    That has no respect for anybody.
    So give respect to someone to everybody else more than just yourself.

    Good Come Back?

    Free Country, loser.


  • Ilana

    Leave Miley alone, shes awesome, and no im not a 5 yr old.

  • Megan fox rocks

    love her she’s so cute