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Orlando Bloom Hits Up White Tie and Tiara Ball

Orlando Bloom Hits Up White Tie and Tiara Ball

Orlando Bloom rubs shoulders with Chopard co-President Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele (in Dolce & Gabbana) at the 10th Annual White Tie and Tiara Ball held at Sir Elton John’s Woodside home on Thursday in Old Windsor, England.

The ball benefited the Elton John Aids Foundation in association with Chopard.

Elton‘s partner David Furnish said: “The theme this year is ‘beach party’ so we’ve got Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys playing. The aim every year is to get people to say that it was the best one yet.”

“I can die a very happy man,” Sir Elton said.

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orlando bloom white tie tiara ball 01
orlando bloom white tie tiara ball 02
orlando bloom white tie tiara ball 03
orlando bloom white tie tiara ball 04
orlando bloom white tie tiara ball 05
orlando bloom white tie tiara ball 06
orlando bloom white tie tiara ball 07
orlando bloom white tie tiara ball 08

Photos: Nick Harvey/WireImage
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  • Hailey

    1st??? Where’s Miranda Kerr..Mr. Bloom???

  • gambler

    Who cares? Do you have to taint a thread finally just about him with her name? Hopefully he’s decided to be his own person since we haven’t seen that in ages.

  • gambler

    Forgot to add its nice to see him smiling.

  • @gambler

    Agreed! Solo+smiling Orlando!

  • karmakey

    Finally, solo Orlando. Looking as dapper and lovely as ever. What a great event. I’m glad he’s supporting worthwhile causes. Love the take one “white tie” — polka dot scarf.

  • Karmakey

    Finally, solo Orlando. Looking dapper and lovely as usual. It’s good to see him supporting worthwhile causes. Love his take on the “white-tie” part–polka dot scarf.

  • hmmm

    Interesting the only one with a true smile from him is with his friend. The others all look like….hee….pr/can I get a photo with you shots. To me, he looks worn out and guarded in the others, even those posted elsewhere. No smile in the eyes. I know others are relieved to see him solo, but does this really change anything he’s done or will be doing? Are WE, after all is said and done, so quickly willing to go back and buy anything he’s trying to sell just because he’s appears to have attended alone?

  • krezip

    woohoo a cabbage free thread!!!!!! yeeeeeee he looks cute, but whats up with the brown shoes??? LOL

  • @hmmm

    Of course he’s trying to sell something given recent events, but let’s just enjoy the moment. Solo appearance, a *certain* name not being attached, at least one genuine smile, clothing present and well appointed, good cause. Very lovely.

  • zulu@krezip

    Maybe CPK stole al his other shoes so he couldt run away from her and those are the only ones he had left…

  • @7

    well it depends on the reasons he agreed to do the showmance. It might have started as a noble thing to help cabbage not look so desperate and dumped and help her get a job.
    It went to far when you dig yourself in deep it’s harder to get out of and save face.
    It looks like it only benefited her and not him. (although even withher it seems to be backfiring since everyone can see it for what it is.)

  • working girl

    mk gave an excuse why she wouldn’t be there the day before. sure yur working cpk. working=f$cking jay in n.y.c.

  • ducati

    omg……..solo bloom looking great. This is the kind of pr I want from him.

  • @12

    where did she say that she was working-on her site or something?

  • Boots

    I’d sit sit across from him any day. Although the boots have to go! They look very similar to a pair Ms. Kerr was in love with, YIKES!

  • Squtatoi

    “White Tie and Tiara Ball”?

    So where’s Orli’s tiara? All the other girls are wearing them…

  • fRIEND

    Who’s the lady in the picture where he is grinning? Anyone?

  • Tie or tiara

    Although he is lacking a white tie or tiara, Mr. Bloom is still a hot mess to me!

  • Looking snazzy

    I much prefer seeing him solo at charity events than following the model around wherever she goes. And I don’t ‘hate’ her; in fact I think she’s very pretty as far as physical looks are concerned. But unfortunately it seems this particular ‘relationship’ has done him a lot more harm than good although obviously she seems to have benefited from it rather well. And for what it’s worth he definitely looks better with his clothes on than he does with them off at this point – in my honest opinion. By the way, nice suit!

  • yippie

    Yippie, a cabbage free thread for Orlando. Let’s hope its a new trend.

    poor poor cabbage girl. None of the tabloids ran with her naked piccies she worked so hard for.

  • the hooded man

    man his eyes are getting really hooded for his age, you should get them sorted orlando- u wud look so much better and younger

    he always looks better on his own- still a mess but better anyhow

  • tracey enim

    … has been in the news very recently and was investigated by the police for showing a painting of a zebra having sex with a woman at an exhibition.. nice ppl you hang with Bloom- urgh pervy

  • bya

    Finally alone, Orlando. Congratulations! No Miranda, no scandal.

  • happy?

    Apart from the pic with enim, he looks dead, this is also how he looks with MK.. If he is in love then my god, I would hate to see im when he was down and unhappy then. If it is love then- my god you can keep it!
    Saying that in the last pics we saw of them together MK looked very miserable too, so she dont seem happy either.

  • CharliE

    Wow what happend with Orli????
    He´s looking great again ; )
    The guy is smiling again, not the poker face smile.
    Nice suit!!!
    Maby he should stay in Europe intead, now he dress like a man with class ; )
    He was always goodlooking, cool dressed when he dated Kate, and now when he dates MK he looks like shit. Like he dosent care at all.
    Hope he will move back to London again. I would really like to see him in a brittish drama movie or a brittish comedy ; )

  • nah

    @13–lol, I’m at the point where I don’t want anymore of anykind of PR from him anytime soon!
    I’ve been wondering if the best thing for him to do, in termes of career and personal stability, is to completely get off the stage for a good long time. Longer than just a few weeks–maybe a couple of years even? To reset the clock, let people forget, work on a few–ok, a lot–of things, and make a humble, competent and satisfying comeback. Prove he’s a skilled talent and a down to earth guy, that he’s learned a few things. Several other faded teen heartthrobs have done it, can he?
    Sigh. I don’t know. We can hope I guess.
    “Disappearing” for a long time definately won’t sit well with her, and in fairness, I wonder if he’s too attention hungry to do it either. The past few months have not been encouraging.
    As for these pictures–eh. As someone noted the smile doesn’t reach his eyes. Hope he hasn’t condemned himself to the Faded Celebrity Society Tour.

  • @hmmm

    “The others all look like….hee….pr/can I get a photo with you shots. ”

    I don’t think so. He didn’t do the red carpet, as far as I can see on Wire Image. The only pics. are from inside the event. He knows Elton John from past events, so hardly think he needs to beg to have his photo taken with him. Personally, I’m delighted to see pics. of him looking good and minus the twerp.

  • @21

    Yup. Hooded dead eyes. Time to wake up people. And admitting it isn’t saying he’s a horrible person…just troubled.

  • posing

    He never looks that thrilled when he’s “posing” for the cameras. He looks completely happy and natural with Tracey Emin.

  • hmmmm


    I meant the other women and society people attending wanting their pictures with him, no red carpets needed for those, pretty standard practice actually. Some would even say that is the purpose behind inviting celebrities–to entice the egos of the money people, to rub elbows with other pretty people, and donate funds. Bloom becomes a show pony. That’s his job at these functions, plus it raises/maintains his profile in the golden bubble too.

  • name pending

    Hi hi I love his “tie”

  • Iwatchingyou

    I think he’s sexy no matter what he has or hasn’t on! He could wear purple and yellow polka dot shoes for all I care and I would still LOVE him to death!
    About Miranda not being there…..every couple needs a time away from each other. Absence makes the HEART grow fonder! Besides she probably has work in New York to do.

  • @32

    Absence makes the heart grow fonder?? LMAO so why were they BOTH miserable in each others comapny all of last weekends littel vacation?? Shouldnt they have been glowing and happy… wood- trees- cant.

    Funny how when we got that ass shot he had the towel to his groin and he was facing miranda- whats with the hiding it from her?? hmmm

  • @33

    Riight-So they only got a few days together and they made the whole trip into a pap fest and looked like they were at a funeral doing it. Sure, its just oh so normal.

  • fuzzy

    He looks ok I suppose. I just can’t get all that excited anymore until he actually starts WORKING again. From a post I read at OLove, not sure of the source, TRC might not start filming until December. If this is true, I’m really beginning to wonder if this movie will ever get off the ground. I just can’t believe this is the only movie he has waiting in the wings. Has it really gotten that bad for him?

  • nobody

    whine whine whine whine
    judge judge judge judge
    hate hate hate hate
    lie lie lie lie…

    Sorry, just trying to fit in around here.

  • Jaded

    I’m so glad he’s smiling I don’t wanna mention anyone else.

    Liz Hurley is still hot btw.

  • @nobody

    Oh im sure you fit in here, you are still judging to say they are happy, in love etc, thats still judging, here is a shipper:


    i THINK people shoild eff up about miranda this isnt her thread nor is she mentioned, lets keep it this way, shippers and haters alike ya?

  • @jaded

    I agree Liz Hurley is a beautiful woman, she is so stylish and classically beautiful, she looks so good next to Orlando, they kind of go together looks wise, but just for aesthtics sake of course, I dont mean that in a serious OMG THEY WULL MAKE PERFECT BB’S ;)

    But she is a beautiful, stunning woman and is always so classic.


    “i THINK people shoild eff up about miranda this isnt her thread nor is she mentioned, lets keep it this way, shippers and haters alike ya?”

    I agree. All the back and forth over these two is getting old.

  • scruff

    sigh… cant someone teach this guy to shave????? Dont get me wrong, I like guys with a bit of scruff, but not ALL guys can pull it of.

    (Runs and ducks behind the couch praying for her life…..)

  • WOW

    You people gripe and moan about Miranda being “thrown in your face”, and whine about how all the news about Orlando comes from her, and how you would like it to be JUST him. But then when Jared gives you a post about JUST Orlando, you STILL talk about Miranda.
    Bunch of hypocrits.

  • http://justjared pathetic

    how come orlando pictures with miranda = he looks like shit pictures of orlando without miranda =looking good you haters must be crazy he is the same person his looks didn’t change in just 5 days you idiots what has the girl done to you really your hate on her is crazy

  • http://justjared @42

    you may not now that the pathetic haters created a discussion board talking bout her 24/7 plus they come her TALKING about miranda on old threads th just won’t let day until a new one comes and yeah after doing that all day long they hey whine on the attention she gets more than hypocrites i would call them CRAZY

  • Oooooooh Orlando

    I dig the scruffy, rough, messed up Orlando Bloom. I’d take him any way I can get him.
    I must admit though I do wonder about the company he keeps and by that I mean his friends ie Tracey Emin.

  • mcmary

    That tracey is one ugly woman! and he looks good in all the pics.

  • get it right w@nker

    Dont “bunch” us all together I dont want to talk about the model, and others dont either as they have said, so get your facts right- but I forgot- you cant can you.

    And like I said he looks shiit with her and without her.

    I dont like his suit, he couldve made an effort to actually dress nice for a change, but obv he can never be arsed- he is one scruffy lazy get.

    If he got his eyelids done he would look good again I reckon, they make him look forever sleepy.

    That Tracey enim, she is a weird one, she turns up pissed on chat shows and Im sure its rumoured she takes drugs- dont know if thats true, but she is a weird lady, saying that though looking at past pics Sonia seems to like her lol


    If anyone wants to talk about “her” go to one of HER threads on here

    Lets keep this about Orlando, otehrwise you are all going to be called hypocrites.. and I for once would not like to discuss her- so lets keep this a dingo free zone…

  • madonna


  • Pretty nice

    He does look really nice in these pix – almost as good as the “old days” but not quite. Still looks a little “soul weary” to me and has looked that way for about a year now. Always has had a great smile when he REALLY smiles but don’t see many of those anymore. Still, I like these pix a lot better than most I’ve seen recently. I think he’ll look more ‘alive’ if and when he starts working steadily again.