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Spencer Pratt: Mary-Kate Is The Uglier Olsen

Spencer Pratt: Mary-Kate Is The Uglier Olsen

The Hills resident bad boy Spencer Pratt is lashing out against Mary-Kate Olsen, who commented to David Letterman Thursday that Spencer had a bad temper.

MK mentioned that Spencer played soccer at her high school and “he does not have a good temper. He would walk off the field.”

But Spencer tells Us Weekly that Mary-Kate went to Campbell Hall in North Hollywood while he attended Crossroads School in Santa Monica.

Here’s what Spencer said in retaliation: “I don’t really get why she’d use my name to get press for her little indie film that no one’s going to see. She should probably focus more on not getting dressed in the dark than on me… I know I’ve made it in Hollywood when a famous troll is talking about me on Letterman. I forgive her, though. She’s had to go through life as the less cute twin, which must be tough.”

Mary-Kate‘s new indie film, The Wackness, opens in limited release on Thursday, July 3.

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  • kate

    seriously jared, stop posting about him and heidi. no one cares what that little shit has to say.

  • Kim

    He is the one that looks like a troll.

  • Tracy

    I hate him, but I must say, I think its a toss-up which Olsen is uglier.

  • eva

    haaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaha! omg. he is so mean.

  • michelle

    Well, it worked. Spencer’s idiocy has now made me want to see Mary-Kate’s film just to prove him wrong.


  • Little Loca

    How funny for him to say that MKO uses his name to get media attention when he uses Laurens name ALL THE FRACKING TIME to get attention. WHAT A LOSER.

  • Aloney

    Team Mary Kate all the way!!!

  • Frida

    Wow, how muture. He’s such a complete asshole.

  • Sharon

    Jared you forgot to mention that the photo you are showing was sold to the tabloids by Spencer Pratt.

  • Julia

    Ugh what a …i won’t even say it. He makes me so mad. He deserves to end up alone with nobody on his side!

  • Sam

    Mary-Kate is worth like millions of dollars (billions?) and Spencer got fame from being a complete asshole/idiot/shit head on a reality TV Show. Hmmm… Wonder which one people like better? Mary Kate, duh. Spencer needs to fuck off.

  • Jose


  • vicky

    he is such a C U N T…get it……i hate him…..i didnt like MK but now…I LOVE HER…hahaha…he gets such publicity for his idiocy

  • trish.

    less cuter twin though? they look alike.

    i cant tell jared to stop posting stupid crap about heidi and spencer.
    know why? because i really want people to know how stupid they are. the more they talk, the more they come off like a bunch of idiots.

    & people cant say we dont know how they act.because “the hills” is supposedly a “reality show” which makes them THAT person on screen or off screen.
    they’re such morons.

    HEY SPENCER, if you’re reading this. you’re a moron. It’s called get a life. Stop being a hypocrite. You talk shit about lauren just to get on magazines. Mk doesnt need to do that because she’s already rich AND she was enrolled at NYU @ one point.

    More than what you have accomplished.

  • Jordan

    haha mk&a are wayyy more famous & LOVED thent he idiot spencer. this is ridiculous. he’s just doing what he does best, hating on people & then getting US all riled up. which is excatly what he wants. so stupid.

  • bindz

    he is a total douche at least M.K is working and doing something with her just jared stop posting things about SPEIDI.

  • trish.

    & pics with mary kate though.

    that means he’s been trying to be a groupie of famous people since back in highschool.

    he’s calling mK a troll.
    but look @ heidi. that biotch has what botox? want bigger boobs?
    she looked ok before. now she looks like a drag queen.

  • GirlGirl

    Hmm she’s already a billionare and she’s in a film that supposed to be good, wears clothes she likes and has a succesful fashion line (2 in fact), unlike Heidi. I think she won’t mind this douche saying shit about her, because he’ll be forgotten in 3 years while she’ll still be famous.

  • Judging by your remarks

    Spencer I’d say YES you do have a temper!

  • joss

    who is he to say anything…and in what way is spencer famous?

    MK is a billionaire and has practically everything.

  • Seriously

    He’s lucky David Letterman or anyone else would waste their time discussing him. He’s an obnoxious tool. Reading that statement and even acknowledging it is 2 minutes of my life I’ll never get back. I wish the press would stop giving this loser any attention.

  • Becky

    He’s such a effing loser. He needs to stop trying to get famous when nobody gives a shit about him.

  • trish.

    #19. i agree.

    what this bastard accomplished(nothing) Mary kate has accomplished when she was just 6 month old.

    She’s talking about how mk dresses but spencer wears jordans that does not even match with his wardrobe.

    i think this guy is a pure moron. i dont even think he can control his moronic ways.


    Spenc really wants to get in a fight with MK. just so he can get on the covers of us weekly or US Magazine,”Spencer fights back”. but i have to say, i do hate him and his blonde A** girlfriend. But i cant say that his lying when he said the MK is the ugly twin. But how can she be the ugly one when they both look the same. Hmmm..think of that next time spencer before opening your A**licking mouth. JUST KEEP ON TO TRY 2 BE FAMOUS, ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN BIATCHO!!!!

  • ewww

    this guy is an idi0t. he’s worthless while she has millions and has been sucessful all of her life.

  • haley

    he made it in hollywood??????

    oh yeah, sure he did…lol

  • jessica

    him firing back in such an immature way proves that mary-kate was right

  • anne

    Spencer and Heidi are complete jokes. Honestly, he is a nobody, so he hates on other people to try to stay at the top, which he is nowhere near. And his girlfriend? SHE is the troll. Using past teasing as an excuse for getting fake boobs? Hah. No telling what they’ll scramble to do for more attention next time.

    You really should stop posting stuff about them Jared. It would just kill them.

  • CANUCK024

    Spencer is an obnoxious idiot!! I don’t see what Lauren sees in him. His big head overwhelms the rest of him.

  • trish.

    Run down of the hills.

    Heidi breaks up with Spencer. Spencer acts like a little biotch about it.
    Spencer talks shit about lauren so that he can stay on the hills. Heidi gets her botox. Spencer begs heidi. They get back together. Talks shit about lauren together. Spencer wears jordans sneakers tryin’ to look like he’s a baller. While they earn a whopping 2 million so heidi can have more botox, and other surgery.

    when these asswipes turn 56. they’ll still be on the hills talking trash about famous people. While people who “like” them realizes that they are just as stupid as them.

  • will

    wow, that’s low. it just proves her point that he has a bad temper. that’s all she said about him, and he goes and makes all these remarks about her? this is why i hope spencer ends up on the streets one day.

  • curious

    Hmm. I think Letterman calling him a worm and saying he is oily is worse than MK saying he has a bad temper. The guy is a total d ouche. I love Letterman, I can’t believe he has had him and his skank girl on the show. Wonder if this jerk off will slam Letterman next?

  • LuckyL

    He’s a complete joke. No one’s going to remember this nobody character once Lauren Conrad’s made up tv show ends. He is f****** loser who jumped onto someone else’s idea to make a few bucks, and now him and his reindeer-fake-bi*** girlfriend are shamelessly promoting themselves like white trash who***.This “uglier twin” is worth a billion dollars and will be remembered until she passes. Even if you don’t like her fashion, she will forever be known as starting “boho chic” and considered a style icon. Whatever Spencer sh**face Pratt, you ugly frat boy pri**

  • hillary

    Ugh, I was starting to like Speidi, going back to Team Lauren.

  • .

    she looks like a troll but he looks like Beavis

  • LuckyL

    By the way, this proves her point.

  • Ali

    He is stupid!

  • layla

    he thinks he is the most famous person in the world, and that everybody cares what he does!

    no one likes him, and he should stop thinking he is britney spears

  • lulu

    I think he just fucked himself!!!!!!!! Shit will really hit the fan now!!!

  • Amanda

    So stupid! LOL =P
    WTH does he means with “the less cute twin”? These 2 look just like the same!
    #26 – Yeah! He’s the best! I have a poster of him in my wall! LOL.

  • Amanda

    1 more thing!
    Loved this picture! Her face is the best!

  • layla

    every single comment, says that he is a fu**ing idiot!

  • Sara

    Gosh I hate Spencer Pratt. How doesn’t he see that he makes fool of himself? Just like Heidi do too. Gosh, I would love to see “The Hills” more if it wasn’t for Spencer, it’s like he is brainwashing her! He’s just a cheating son of a bitch!

    And he really isn’t the best person to talk bad about an Olsen twin, she got more fame than him, and her fame is based on good things, she doesn’t embarass herself infront of the whole world like mr Pratt does. Can’t media please stop talking and writing about them, so they can finally realize that everybody hates him and think that both he and Heidi are idiots.


    spencer is a loser . i mean he said in an interview that he wanted to be a billionaire at thirty but mary-kate became one at eighteen .
    he needs to get a life and get a real job . instead of bashing a very accomplished olsen twin and lauren from the hiils. he just wants attention .

    watch the drama unfold on letterman .

  • trish.

    I cant stop commenting. ;x..

    I just want to point out, that..Heidi is singing right? No one gives a crap about that piece of crap.

    while MK&A were doing that singing crap when they were like 5!

    i CANNOT wait til chelsey lately sees this and calls them out again.

    oh boy.

  • shir

    Spencer is a mean girl! Do I smell a new celebrity feud??

    hahaha, this story is so funny. I don’t feel bad for either of them. For some reason I can picture them getting into a heated debate and then they start making out…

  • trish.

    look @ heidi perform.

    look @ her hands.
    WTF IS UP WITH THAT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • jen

    MK is better than heidi …. hahaha!!

    and i love the picture. i bet spencer ran into the picture just so he could be in it & look like he parties with MK. he is such a fu***** joke.

  • awesome

    could he be anymore of a douche? seriously. WHY is he even famous? I wish people would stop writing about him and his ho.

  • ñdl