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Christina Aguilera Enters Ivy League

Christina Aguilera Enters Ivy League

Christina Aguilera heads to the Ivy restaurant amidst a mob of fans and photographers in Los Angeles, Calif. on Friday.

The 27-year-old singer stopped by the Larry King Live show on Wednesday and discussed her involvement with Rock the Vote.

“It was really important for me to get involved and get excited about this election in particular,” Aguilera told Larry King, “for the future of my son.”

Aguilera and her son Max will star in a Rock the Vote public service announcement. In the segment, Aguilera holds Max and sings America the Beautiful!

20+ pictures of Christina Aguilera entering the Ivy League…

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christina aguilera ivy 01
christina aguilera ivy 02
christina aguilera ivy 03
christina aguilera ivy 04
christina aguilera ivy 05
christina aguilera ivy 06
christina aguilera ivy 07
christina aguilera ivy 08
christina aguilera ivy 09
christina aguilera ivy 10
christina aguilera ivy 11
christina aguilera ivy 12
christina aguilera ivy 13
christina aguilera ivy 14
christina aguilera ivy 15
christina aguilera ivy 16
christina aguilera ivy 17
christina aguilera ivy 18
christina aguilera ivy 19
christina aguilera ivy 20
christina aguilera ivy 21
christina aguilera ivy 22

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  • b


  • oh my!

    Dang! her bowleggedness is quite gross in the 3rd row pic! Does she ever go without the caked-on makeup? Guess not!

  • Zeni

    She’s a sleazy looking person. So fake looking. YUCK!

  • dragon

    i love xtina but i really miss her older looks from back in the days

  • Cammy

    jared…i dont really get your title…yes, its a restaurant. no, its not a school.

  • krissy
  • Love the hills

    cool outfit the

  • Love the hills
  • Krissy

    sorry for the multiple posts…

    join love the hills.. just click on my name!

  • oh

    I like how she does her makeup… Always flawless..(seriously I’m not being sarcastic)

  • love

    yeah I always like her makeup too..

  • erikaaaa

    I like her

  • jean


  • XxMANAxX

    Her hair is too white, her makeup too much and her bow legs are gross but DANG THAT GIRL CAN SING!

  • Mari

    #7 I am laughing at your screen name. You would love her outfit since LC wears a lot of the Lauren Moshi T’s & used to rock the head scarves all the time! I love her oufit too – she looks cute.

  • gossip girl

    She is sooooooooooo beautifullllllllllllllllllllllll………..

  • qboy

    i love her make up too , flawless.. but her hair is a bit too white..

    i love the way she takes care of MAXX ..

    CANT WAIT TO SEE WHAT S COMING NEXT , next albumm plzzzz

    isn’t she reccording it at the moment being ??????

  • reena

    She is very pretty!

  • jade

    I like the way she does her makeup too! But I loved her look when she was pale..when she promoted her back to basic retro..being tan is overrated

  • elaine

    How can u tell if she has too much make up on? She’s wearing sunglasses..unless ur talking about her face makeup which is totally fine..

  • lilly


    love her she’s gorgeous!

  • go sox

    She looks SO much better without that ugly red lipstick and with her boobs restrained!! Nice, Christina!!

  • ana

    she looks amazing. love her.

  • emmy

    love the sunnies. she looks gorgeous. the paps are crazy, they need to leave her alone.

  • trista

    shes beautiful, and yea shes recording rite now.

  • christina

    she’s amazing so shut up
    i love her make up, her clothes her voice

  • christina

    she’s amazing so shut up
    i love her make up, her clothes her voice

  • kris

    Finally her cake face is toned down! Much better.

  • g

    just loved the outfit.

  • M

    Even superstars like CA have cellulite on their arms. Note: Never be photographed when the sun is highest in the sky. Any cellulite you have will look 10 times worse.

    I don’t know why anyone would go to the IVY..their food sucks and so does their service..unless you’re a celeb and want the attention from the paps, cause they’re always hanging about at lunchtime.

  • Tangerine

    3 CDs in 10 years killed her career Larry King didn’t know who she was…By the way love the makeup and fake tan and miss seeing your not to large are blue breast that are the perfect size for your body and can’t wait to here your new cd hope there’s a lot of vocal warm ups all over each song cause that what the fans love and the Grammy voters.

  • Lord

    damn! so pretty! <3

  • ingrid

    I really love her skin tone and her make up. If someone knows the make up she wears please tell me !! I think it’s MAC but what color???? huh :-/

  • ds

    I’m just glad she doesn’t have that horrible red lipstick on..

  • ev

    to Tangerine.
    yes it was only 3 cds in ten years. plus her xmas cd and her spanish cd.

    after her 1st cd she had a problem with her mangement and lawsuits and stuff. thats why it took her so long with her 2nd cd. plus she took time off to be a young adult and experience life at 21 years old whereas other stars like britney spears just let their young adult years slip away by working all the time and not being able to make mistakes and learn by them and thats why britney is like the way she is now.

    christina also does a whole lot of touring after her ablums, sometimes up to a year of touring so she takes time off after that.

    and no matter how much time it is between cds christina never lets her fans down. she always comes with something bigger and better.

    i’d take a celeb that works hard and takes long breaks over one thats a workaholic, has no morals and is driving themselves insane by their actions.

    dont hate christina because she actually has a life outside her very successful singing career.

    neways back to the pics; she looks great. and i can’t wait for her next cd. i know its gonna be hottt.

  • kara

    she looks very pretty. i love the sunglasses.

    i like her so much because she doesnt give a sh*t. shes does what makes her happy. she never lets anyone or anything bring her down. she sends out a great message for women, to just be ourselves and that all women are beautiful. her songs are really inspiring.

    all the haters keep hating, if your a hater thats male, just shutup your opinion isnt needed. and if your a female and your hating your pathetic and you probably wish you were her.

    this is a quote from christina:
    “I think that whatever size or shape body you have, it’s important to embrace it and get down! The female body is something that’s so beautiful. I wish women would be proud of their bodies and not dis other women for being proud of theirs!”

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    you’ve never seen this clown-faced-tranny-hoe-hot-mess with her kid before, and the first time you do… she’s gonna be pimping his ass. amazing.

    only this loser could wear such a r-r-r-retarded outfit.

  • nikkie

    I will give her props. She can sang, but she needs a new look.

  • TINA


  • lynn

    look at all those photographers in those pics. why the hell would she bring max when its always like that. why are you so stupid? when britney was out with her son and she fell and almost dropped him everyone was saying that she shouldn’t have even had him out of the house when she knew the paps would be around. and now christina keeps her son at home where hes safe and she brings him out every few weeks and shes a bad mom.

    watch christina and her baby here.

  • regina

    tina please stop typing in all caps, iz annoying.

    she looks cute.

  • beebee

    check out her legs!! they’re as bad as her tits!! gross!

  • bee

    I think she always looks great!

  • fan

    if u knew christina as a fan, you would know that she always goes to the the Ivy!! dats one of her fav places to go, so this is no surprise!!

  • JJJJ


  • Judy

    hmmm, I’m wonderin’ what she might look like without those sunglasses

  • elaine

    Her makeup artists orders NC 30 and NC 35 if she needs MAC. If she doesn’t have a tan, she’s an NC 20.

  • cris

    another self-centered bitch

  • ingrid

    Thank you ELAINE !

  • amy

    i adore her……she’s classy, graceful and gorgeous but i kinda miss the hotness of the real XTINA we knew back in 2003 :p :D