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Jennifer Garner is an Early Bird

Jennifer Garner is an Early Bird

Jennifer Garner and husband Ben Affleck (pictured below) take their daughter Violet, 2 1/2, to lunch at the ‘Early Bird’ restaurant on Saturday in Brentwood, Calif.

Yesterday, Ben told Access Hollywood a lot about life at home: “Things are pretty great. We’re very happy. Things couldn’t be better. We’re kind of taking it easy and just kind of enjoying a little downtime at home… I’m at a point now where even… vacation sort of feels a little bit like work. I’d rather just kind of chill and take it easy.”

The day before (Thursday), Ben chatted with Nightline about his three trips to the Congo, where he visited refugee camps, warlords and hospitals.

“It’s definitely changed me,” Ben said. “It’s definitely been a part of… I guess a growing sense that I have a responsibility to do something with my life that’s other than just serving mileage in some way… You have a responsibility to your kid and also a responsibility to the world around you.”

15+ pictures inside of early bird Jennifer Garner

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Credit: Pedro Andrade/Kevin Perkins; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Krissy

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  • danz

    Violet is so cute :)

  • terry

    I give them six more months tops!!

  • the truth is tis

    I wish they would be left alone in peace. Ben does not look happy at all at the paps. He’s a big guy, they need to get out of his way.

  • Heavenly

    #3 – Where are you getting that from?

  • LM

    Come on, is Jennifer Garner so interesting that she warrants being followed around every day.? Either she tips the paps off or goes to where they frequent. I have never seen a celebrity, even those bigger than her, photographed this much with their kids.

  • Adoring Fan

    I love them!

  • nysro

    Why so many posts (everywhere) about this boring family… they do nothing interesting .. yet photogs seem to bug the living piss out of them daily..

  • You/Me

    I’m swinging sides again,lol.
    Seriously, I’m starting to think the problem isn’t Ben but Jen. She always looks like such an unhappy b*tch when she is seen with Ben. I mean,wtf? When she is by herself with Violet she is all smiles and happiness…. so we know it’s not the pap’s presence that she hates…. then Ben tags along and she looks miserable and serious. She is either A) wanting to give the impression that they are on the rocks B) they are on the rocks or C) she is jealous that the attention shifts to Ben when he is with her.

  • Liz

    Yeah, their girl is adorable! I think these two will last, despite being a celebrity couple.

  • xyz

    finally get to see ben & jen together. Vi’s cutie!

  • Jamie Spears Insider

    Good to see that Ben realized there’s a world out there but how did it take him THAT long to realize he can really do more than just being a husband and an actor?

  • starbucks

    Theyr’re a gorgeous family, but it has to be so maddening to be hounded by the paps all the time. I’d look pissed, too.

  • susana

    you/me-it is another fake thing about JG,she is acting as if she doesn’t like papz around herself when she is with Ben,because he doesn’t like them.but she has shown us before that how much she enjoys the things she is getting from papz.she sure loves the attention she gets,it makes her feel she is important.there are lots of fake things about is one of them

  • Shannon

    She is definitely preggers! See how she is trying to keep Violet’s leg in front of her belly. They look stressed because they are trying to keep the pregnancy hidden.

  • Beth

    That man forever looks miserable. Their body language speak volumes. If these pictures were supposed to squash the rumors, they had the opposite effect. They are only confirming what a lot of us where already thinking. I predict in a few months they’ll announce a separation.

  • Adoring Fan

    To be so boring they sure do get a lot of comments on their thread. First, people complain Ben is never with them. Then when he is, Oh he looks so miserable. Or they say oh Jen is so miserable when he is with them. I swear you people crack me up. I come here because I love this family. I don’t comment on people I don’t care about. They are so cute and I for one am thrilled to see them.

  • Adoring Fan

    I forgot to say Happy Anniversary to my favorite Hollywood couple. 3 years today. Congratulations, I hope you have many more. You are such a beautiful family. You make lovely offspring. I hope you have a sibling for little Vi.

  • sweetie

    Jen is so pretty. Violet is a beautiful little girl who looks just like her mommy!

  • CherieB

    Oh, how interesting. Just as rumors are flying that they are going to split up, they suddenly get photographed together. How convenient.

  • alias fan

    They are a happy family. In one of the pix, Ben opened door and is holding Jen’s bag. Violet is looking prettier as she grows and her hair is always done.

    I saw Ben’s visits to Congo on TV. He was touched. And it’s a good thing to hear him say that they are very happy… and vacation (sort of )feels a little bit like work. They might really be pregnant.

  • Angelove

    She looks PREGOOOO

  • me

    Cute little girl but I can’t stand her parents.

  • cute early birds

    #14, what do you mean “after a year of not being photographed together?” They are pics of them together last week and the week before that and …………………………well, you get the idea.

    Ben looks miserable because as soon as they come out the door, their are the paps.

    Yea, that’s right because this cafe’ has to be the spot where all the celebs hang out, it’s so posh, so the paps stake it out. NO!!!!!

    You always see pics of them exiting, which leads me to think that the paps get tips from restaurant patrons, staff, etc. etc. Plus we have all seen video of where the paps are sitting outside the gate to their home.

  • zoe

    they look like a happy family. violet is so cute…she looks very pretty in the first pix. i have a feeling jennifer is pregnant…she looks like it.

  • Kiki

    It’s disgusting how the paps invade the lives of these people….sweet family and Violet is a cross between her parents. She’s beautiful and has her mother’s cameo complexion.

  • pinkydoo

    Vacation feels like work? Waaa? Poor baby. I guess the honeymoon phase is over now. Jen is nasty b*tch. I saw that when she was married to Scott Foley. I think Ben is seeing the light now. I think its a mistake when people start out a marriage with having a child. Especially for someone like Ben who enjoyed being free a lot. Poor Ben.

  • aww

    they are so cute I can’t take ittttttttttt!!!
    I love them :)
    esp JEN!

  • you’re right adoring fan!

    I’m with you :)
    and yeah it is their anniversary today so Happy Anniversary !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hope they will have a great day

  • to Shannon

    I was thinking the same thing

  • Mae

    They’re a gorgeous family. Love Jen’s hair. And leave them alone – they’re usually seen together on Sundays.

  • Happy Anniversary

    I adore this family
    Violet is so cute :P

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ugh, those are some demon eyes. ~LOL~ and why does ben have that “i really fcuking hate my life” look on his face. hahahahahaha

  • Marisleysis

    If she’s pregnant, then Ben’s a douche…
    why wouldn’t he help her lift the kid to put her in the car?

  • Marisleysis

    wow, look at her skin up close. she has melasma, which often comes as a result of pregnancy.

  • Trisha

    I love the way Jen always gets the blame
    for everything

    The story said she is leaving him and i believe it
    She looks Miserable

    Everytime i see Ben he looks like a Homeless Person
    And yeah he could help Jen lift Violet in the car she is

    Jen and Violet are Gorgeous together From the moment
    Jen got with Ben it bought her Reputation Down

  • kaophonie

    She holds the baby, the bag, he holds the keys…. Good guy!

  • madonna


  • Leyla

    The comments on here are so stupid it is totally laughable. They are obviously NOT seeking publicity or a gaggle of paps following them wherever they go. The paps want pics of Violet as the public is eager for them on practically a daily basis. Sounds like you birdbrains are hoping against hope that this marriage breaks up – what pathetic losers you are.

  • marie

    Lol, lol, I hope Ben stays stuck to the byotch…hope she is preggers, that will make him double miserable. He is an A-hole…going to the congo taking pictures with Black people…mofo. Everything is about his career and how he’s going to make it better, now the congo documentary all about the career move. He looks miserable but the career is more important than the relationship…As soon as the rumors started he started showing up with his boring wife. You can tell he is bored to death. Why would he go to a torn country that is in the mist of a civil war unless he is one miserable son of a b#tch, if he loves his “family” so much why would he would risk it all, after the State Department told him it was dangerous…I guess it’s because of the career!!!!!! She looks miserable with him too…she only smiles when she is not with him, and for an entire year she was parading her daughter in front of the paps…when she is with him she acts like she doesn’t like it. They are both phonies and will do anything for their career!!!!!

  • just jen and ben(pics)

    gossip girls have the pics^

  • cute early birds

    Again you people are just plain mean. He usuaaly gets the car, and walks in front of them to protect them.

    Pics on the web of them out with Matt Damon and his wife last night. To celebrate their anniversary.

  • Blackworm

    She might be pregnant. I hope Ben directs another movie.

  • she is pregnant

    look how she holds ben’s hand it’s like she want’s to hide it and since V is not there…
    thanx #42

  • US voter

    Jen Jen is pregnant. Remember you heard it here first.

  • she is pregnant

    I ment #41 :P




  • she is pregnant

    how do you know they are in 2 separate places???

  • cute early birds

    IF these pics are a “set-up” because their pub. told them so, then they need to fire the pub. Because a pub. stunt could have been a lot better than the 2 of them walking out of a rest. holding hands.

    Not a pose to hide a belly, same pose they have and hand holding type when they were photographed at the White House Corr. Dinner.
    Check out pics and compare.

    Photos taken at different spots outside the rest. BUT, both Matt and Ben were at Nobu last night.

    It was Jen and Ben’s anniversary.

    Haters get a life.

  • just me

    That kid looks waaaay better when shes not smiling & showing her teeth
    But why is she always carried? (only by Jen?) Shes nearly 3.