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Miley Cyrus - "7 Things" Music Video

Miley Cyrus -

Check out Miley Cyrus‘ new music video for “7 Things“, the first single from her upcoming studio album, Breakout.

The music vid was shot in Los Angeles last month with director Brett Ratner (X-Men: The Last Stand, Red Dragon). It features Miley and other heartbroken girls using the lyrics to attack their respective exes.

You can catch the official premiere of “7 Things” on Disney Channel TONIGHT June 28, @ 7:55pm ET/PT. Or watch it below!

Miley Cyrus – “7 Things” Music Video
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  • Clover

    I dunno… might just be me..but I think she’s trying to hard to not be Britney Spears and trying hard to be the old Avril Lavigne. Something about her and this song is off. And her voice annoys me. But she’s popular, people like her….I don’t hate her, just easily annoyed by her. lol

  • euge

    i like it.. not so much, but it’s ok. i like the song

  • natalie jonas

    omgosh i love the song its just i dont lik her and did anyone see the medical tag she had on it was lik nick’s and all the girls in the video had something that reminded them of their boyfriend and she had the medical tag so the song is probably written for nick

  • talisa

    i love miley cyrus but this video is not really fun and very bad editing


    very nice …. i’m pretty sure it’s about nick

  • fared

    She has such an ugly nose and lips that it’s hillarious.:D:D:D:D
    Poor girl…

  • paulina

    I am 100 % sure that this video is for Nick J. for this photo that shows Milez. and the necklace and the letter. It’s more than obvious that yes !

    I <3 MIley . keep on rockin’

  • Lilie

    It’s Sooo about Nick Jonas!!

  • paulina

    I think that Miley and Nick . were a nice couple . i hope that Nick will be not Jordan Pruitt’s boyfriend n’ less Selena Gomez xp

  • lindsey_mileyyy rockkkssss=)

    omgg i lovee mileyy she rockss this was a great music video but omg at one point she holds up a picture of her and nickk!!!! ahhahahahaa
    mileyy you rockk!<3333

  • Talia

    eurgh.. video and song is so childish and stupid

    shes sucha loser!

  • eh

    i love the song, but the music video isn’t so great. and i was really looking forward to the guitar smashing scene! what happened to that?

  • Alyssa

    that she like scribbled out with white out??????




  • Jo

    Shes 15 what wan she know about relationship ?
    She is a pain in the a s s

  • Zanessaluvr22

    its ok but i hate miley what 15 yr old takes pictures for vainty fair talk about PATHETIC!

  • vic

    the video sucked like crap miley needs to take a bow shes over and done with she already got what she wanted to be naked around the media know shes come back to be worse miley you suck and i dont know if its just me but she looks like a bam boo stick and her voice even sucks more

  • Alexe

    She can’t sing very well …

  • Lillianna

    Is that Nick in the picture? I feel like I’ve seen him in that shirt.

  • GINA

    WOW THAT WAS AMAZING !!!!!!!!!
    way too go MILEY !
    great video, great song !

  • V roxs

    i like the song. but not the vid.
    was the pic miley holding of her and NICK?

  • nin

    omq i love this song and miley looks so pretty .keep at it ;)

  • anonymous

    she looks veryprettty in here

    the song isnt so great though. =/





  • akdjf

    dogtag….. NICK JONAS!!! thats a hint!!!

    but did any one else find this video VERY VERY GAY?????

  • ripoff

    Sounds like an Alanis Morissette wannabe to me.

  • Hannah

    Nop, I like it.
    I think it fits the song and has a lot of personality.

    I know girls her age, like me, can relate.

  • the oc fansite

    Rachel Bilson? Where are you? Jared, please post RB again!

  • Lisa

    i like this song.. i don’t really like miley .. the music video is nice..the idea of other girls is good…
    i think this song’s about nick.. and the necklace thing! she has the same as him and in the MV she’s always touching it or kissing it or something.. maybe that has something to do with nick.. i noticed that…

  • yaya

    is it me or are the lyrics faster than the video

  • Megan fox rocks

    love it , she’s cute

  • Hannah

    She’s gorgeous, anyone saying otherwise is insane.

    Oh, and if you dont like her, SKIP OVER HER.
    How hard is that?

  • emilie


  • Haily

    I kind of like the video but the fact that when she sang the words and it didn’t match was way annoying. Like the video was a bit behind or something..? Yeah that was annoying.

    And really. Some of those girls looked 12. I highly doubt they were “in love” I know it was just a video but that bugged me..

  • Nicole

    she doesn’t even write her own songs- at least the JonasBrothers do! =]

  • damnnn

    Wat the hell is this why is she famous again this sucked hate the chick

  • Hallie

    Stop being so curious. The song is about who it’s about.
    She’s very pretty, in this video. It’s catchy.

  • Bianca

    this was a good video but I really wanted them to show when she was smashing the guitars.



  • wow

    Y is these young kids crying they arses need to be focusing on school and family and we wonder why the percentage of teenage pregnancy is so high. I’m dissappointed that there’s black kids in this retarded video

  • Jamie Spears Insider

    It’s an okay video but I think Miley is too fierce…

  • qiara.

    I don’t understand how people can like the song but hate Miley so much. You can hate her THAT much if you like a song that SHE made. You 11 year olds think about that now…..

  • Rae

    this song is definitely about nick.
    but SOS wasn’t for miley, that was before they dated, i think.

    in SOS he sang
    “now we’re texting sorry for the miscommunication.”
    and miley sings
    “what i need to hear now, is your sincere apology, when you mean it, i’ll believe it, if you text it i’ll delete it.”

    haha, did anybody catch on to that when they listened to it?

    she’s also wearing his dog tag and i’m pretty sure that’s his face that she covered up in that picture.

    miley’s just a pretty face, she has her talented moments, but they’re rare.

  • Tellin it like it is

    uh what was with that video???? it wasnt her fault though because you could tell that she was singing the right words just way too late its the procucers fault because they obviously completely screwed up the timing… BAD but i didn’t quite get it though its just a bunch of shots of kids looking sad intermixed with shots of miley like spazzing all around and dancing. they switched clips so fast that it got nauseating


  • hannah

    such a cool song and video yo why do you bother to comment if its going to be saying something bad about miley that sucks like you she rocks like the song!!

  • Karen

    I love the song and the video is AWESOME, I just don’t see how it’s all about her????…. and I agree with # 50, perfection is not real and I like Miley for that, not pretending is a sign of maturity, and Miley is for sure mature. I want my lil sis to be able to look at her favorite artist and realize that even she makes mistakes. I don’t like the whole ” I am so good, and I don’t do bad stuff” image that Demi and Selena project, it makes girls think they have to be 100% perfect and that they are not allow to make mistakes, or live without worries to fall.

  • Melissa

    I actually liked it. But I still hate her.
    And I hope this isn’t about Nick or else that’s really b****y.

  • nikki

    I like the song because it is relateable for teenage girls. I mean guys do break hearts and sometimes girls just need to vent. this is an awesome venting song and it explains how you can hate and love a guy at the same time.

    and to whoever said it was immature, I don’t think that and I am fifteen, so obviously it is age appropriate.

  • charm

    the theme of the song is a bit grownup so the images of these “heartbroken” kids is out of place.. it makes me feel uneasy watching the video

    otherwise the song is good but maybe should have older kids on there instead…

  • Karina

    “she doesn’t even write her own songs- at least the JonasBrothers do! =]”

    oh Miley does write most of ehr songs , she only didn’t write 2 of the new albums songs, get your facts straight,

    and Second, “at least the JonasBrothers do! =]”, you are so right, so let’s pretend they didn’t just take ” year 3000″ and change some words to the song, also they don’t write all of their songs, like you might think some of them are total rip offs