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Miley Cyrus - "7 Things" Music Video

Miley Cyrus -

Check out Miley Cyrus‘ new music video for “7 Things“, the first single from her upcoming studio album, Breakout.

The music vid was shot in Los Angeles last month with director Brett Ratner (X-Men: The Last Stand, Red Dragon). It features Miley and other heartbroken girls using the lyrics to attack their respective exes.

You can catch the official premiere of “7 Things” on Disney Channel TONIGHT June 28, @ 7:55pm ET/PT. Or watch it below!

Miley Cyrus – “7 Things” Music Video
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  • ValeGRRR

    that video is totally aout nick jonas!

  • :) marinnnaaa

    mybestfriend is in this video :)
    no not Miley but my bestest friend Liana :)
    BFFS since 2nd grade :)))

    I miss youu…come home soon :)

  • karley


    and miley cyrus roxxxx

  • Sarah


    it doesnt have to be about nick jonas.
    that dog tag could be her own.
    she’s got one for some disease thing she has.
    hypoglecimia or something.

    dont judge until you know kids.

  • emma-australia

    Rubbish song. Rubbish, boring clip.
    Lame, slutty Miley.

  • Chrissy

    i thought it was pretty good

  • eww

    LAMEE. She’s lame, the song is lame, talking about Nick is LAME.

  • Emily

    I like Miley cyrus but i hated how there were other people, one girl flipped the air off, it was not miley the whole time, and the music was way off.

  • nina

    Good song.
    Horrible video.

  • tayy

    i think she needs to get the fuck over it already

  • Natalie

    Miley’s so pretty :)

    i like it!

    it’s really different, i would hate it if it was just another breakup vid about a girl crying…. at least the chicks in the vid looked tough lol

    Miley haters need to chill, honestly. If you hate the girl, why waste your time coming here and leaving comments?? it only makes you guys look stupid and immature… and you’re saying this vid is immature HAHA!

  • chelsea

    yuck. this song is about Nick. its so obvious. she held her dogtag the WHOLE time, which pretty much represents him and she had a picture of them. but she tried to be clever and “scribble” his face out. haha stupid douche bag. i hate her so much.
    hope she gets pregnant like jamie lynn spears.

    oh & btw love the new fake teeth miley lololololololololololololol

  • Emily

    You can tottaly tell this is for Nick. Hint the med tag and the picture is Nick it was all over the internet months ago. Haha we are smarter than she thinks.

  • mileyhater

    its so obvious this video is about nick. the necklace shes wearing is one nick gave her or something like that, and she keeps kissing it and whatnot, and the picture in the video with the face of the guy scratched out is a pic of her and nick. miley is really immature. shes the one who treated nick like crap so she needs to stop pretending like shes innocent. this music video is just as stupid as miley cyrus herself!!! and also just like miley cyrus, this video is a waste of time and space. and i also believe that shes another britney spears. and we all know that we dont need another. she seriously needs to grow up!

  • selenaluvr


    she sLEpt with nick JONAS!

  • annahh

    uhm, was it me or was the lip synching wayyyy off.
    and the end like the close up was kinda weird.
    but i do love this song.

  • Brittany

    It’s a cute video,,, Miley looks really pretty,, I would have loved to see a See You Again video released a few months back though,, since it was a huge hit. The song 7 Things really grew on me the more I heard it. Really catchy =)

  • http://justjared lilllllllll

    k first offf all the people who dont like miley
    get a life and quit bashin her on websites
    that shows that ur jealous and like i said have no LIVES :)
    I mean i really dont lyk her either but im not bashin her a

    and 2nd u guys are stupid all singers lip sing in music videos dumb :)

  • jay

    i saw no breaking of a guitar… PICTURES LIE!!!!!! miley looked cute though, the other chicks kill it XP

  • jay

    i saw no breaking of a guitar… PICTURES LIE!!!!!! miley looked cute though, the other chicks kill it XP

  • ……

    wow she’s phyco.
    holding Nicholas’ dog tag and kissing it
    i hate her so much this video makes me wanna throw up all over her already messed up face.



  • weeee

    this is probably the only song i like of hers. its real.

  • sweets

    people hate her for being human
    i find that extremely sad and pathetic
    seeing as YOU ARE HUMAN

    its a great song and video
    she made the lip syncing obveous though

    thats definately nick in that picture in the middle of it

  • jentry

    that was actullay really good.

  • lucy

    who’s the guy in miley’s pic? is it nick?

  • bob

    Dude im a guy who’s 19 and i gotta say that was a cool music video. Brett ratner is a genius and the chorus is catchy 2. Miley is okay i guess i dunno im 2 old.

  • Angelina fan

    Great video, great song. Miley’s a very beautiful and talented girl!

  • Demi L – fan Amber J

    That had to be about Nick
    She kept kissing her dog tag which practically gave away that the whole video was about nick
    that’s so immature of her
    and oh yeah she can’t sing

  • daniyah and maariya

    i liked the video but its not as good as i thought it would be. she looks pretty though. i wonder who was in the picture?? maby nick???

  • daniyah and maariya

    i liked the video but its not as good as i thought it would be. she looks pretty though. i wonder who was in the picture?? maby nick???

  • Demi L – fan Amber J

    And is that crossed out picture really Nick?

  • Listen Up

    ok people… First, the sound is off on the video that happens a lot when videos are uploaded so that doesnt prove she is lip syncing and second You have to lip sync in music videos everyone artist does so shut up just because your jealous of miley for being successful just shut up miley haters get a life!!!

  • ashleytisdaleluv

    Did yall see when she keept closing her eyes to try to make it sentual and sexy? I thought she was holding in a load just waiting to come out! ANd everytime she said “whosaha” I almost died laughing!

  • Katie & Mallory


    Did anyone else notice that she was kissing and holding on to Nick Jonas’ dog tag??

    Well, we did. and she needs to just move on from him!

    We hate her!

    We love JB, and hate Miley. Period.

  • Brooke

    who is in the pic that she is holding up in 1:46 its her n someone else?? has any one seen this pic b4 as in without the face cut out pic?? if they have WHO IS IT?? All ik that dog tag her n Nick share!

  • izzie

    its totally for nick

  • Roger

    i loved this song!

    it so me at this moment!

    and anyways…yeah took me a while to find the music video

  • hanna

    ok #29.. sos was written before “niley” existed, so wtf are you talking about?!

    this song is lame. its basically putting nick down. nicks 10 million times better than miley will ever be. shes pathetic

  • Tayla

    miley totally rocks i think the video was awsume yet again miley makes a another fantastic effort!!

  • mcm

    What a hoe. jeez get over yourself slut
    damn she’s ugly and can’t sing if her life depended on it.
    hate the video.
    hate her.
    can’t wait till she turns out like most disney stars

  • Melissa

    I dont really like her… with the exception of “See You Again” and “7 Things” but I absolutely LOVE the video! It’s great

  • gossip girl

    Good Song. Rubbish Miley. Crap Video.

  • gossip girl

    SHes dancing around like A MANIAC!
    this sucks!!!!!!!!!

  • sophie

    I still don’t get why people bag on miley because like, people could say nasty things like that about the people who you like. & it’s not fair on her, and her fans. How would you like it if you were getting harrased 24/7? you wouldn’t. Just because she’s famous doesn’t mean she’s not human. Yes, that dog tag kinda’ gives it away. I mean, she still likes him i guess? note the 7 things i like about you verse and ”you make me love you” anyway, i love the vid. and the song.

  • happyfeet

    why isnt her mouth not moving in time with the lyrics?
    useless video but she does look very cute and i love the song (:

  • Tanja

    This video ist bored and the song is shit. I dont like Miley

  • Regina

    You little tweens are very retarded if you didn’t know that people lipsynch in their videos. What, do you think they sing live? LMAO. How else did you think Milli Vanilli got away with it?

  • Portia

    LOL those fake teeth must be uncomfortable. She’s starting to look like a horse, just like Hilary Duff when she had veneers.

  • Tina

    i don’t understand why there’s so much hate. do we have to always stoop so low to say things like get pregnant and going back to the trailer. do we have to comment on the looks. are you a model? are you defined beautiful by the media. are you always under the eyes of others just like you. who criticize everything you do. i don’t think so. you aren’t in their position. and i think you should keep your negative judgments to yourself.

    people do what they can to make it in this world. she takes steps. she goes forward. she falls. we all fall sometimes. just get over it. and let people be. negativity only gives paparazzo a job to do. find the flaws. but we all have flaws. and she’s only a teenager. stop attacking her.

    adults attacking children. what role models you are.