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Britney Spears Sets South

Britney Spears Sets South

Britney Spears leaves Sur restaurant in Los Angeles on Friday.

After Brit-Brit‘s unforgettable performance at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards, MTV isn’t ruling her out for 2008!

“Everyone deserves a second or third chance, right?”, said Van Toffler, president of MTV Networks Music Group said during a recent interview. “I’m not sure how we top Britney opening the show. We are working on it every minute of every day.”

This year’s MTV Video Music Awards airs live this year on Sept. 7 from Paramount Pictures Studios in Los Angeles.

More pictures inside of Britney Spears setting south…

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britney spears south 01
britney spears south 02
britney spears south 03
britney spears south 04
britney spears south 05
britney spears south 06
britney spears south 07
britney spears south 08
britney spears south 09

Credit: Garry; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • luchi

    first!!, and good for britney she deserves a second chance!!

  • pierre


  • antonia aka toni

    She’s messed up….
    But getting better….
    ☺ yeahhh

  • Juuh

    always with britney!


    She looks good.

  • Alex

    OMG! Craaaaaaaaaaazy!!!!

  • Jamie Spears Insider

    If Britney is committed to better him/herself then of course she deserves a second or third chance. However, I think most of us can agree that this is the last straw. In short, it’s good to see that she’s in control of her life (as opposed to partying every other night).

  • kasha

    britney we will be waiting for you.Good luck with kids. Looking beautiful

  • the oc fansite

    urgh, where’s RACHEL BILSON?!

  • Blackworm

    I think she should move back to Louisiana and live a quiet life.

  • celebaddict

    Britney is looking really good, I just wish she could regain permanent custody of her sons.

  • Britney is a loser

    She’s a private parts flashing tramp.

  • yuck

    celebaddict @ 06/29/2008 at 10:42 am

    Britney is looking really good, I just wish she could regain permanent custody of her sons.
    1. Why should you care if she has custody of her kids, obvious she doesn’t want to.
    2. Kevin is their parent too, and he has just as much right to have custody of them as she does.

  • linda


  • grace

    She’s NOT in control of her life. SHE’S not working to get better. She’s under the control of the conservatorship. THEY are working on it for her. It’s not like she had some revelation all of a sudden that her kids were important to her. The court had to appoint someone to TELL her that they were.

    When the conservatorship ends and she can make her own choices and call her own shots, then and only then will anyone know what’s going on with her. Every picture for the last 6 months she has looked completely miserable. She’s just riding it out.

  • the_boyfriend


  • bee

    Her eyes look really tired here but I still love her!

  • wow

    im sorry, but r u involved with the custody battle between them??
    how the hell do you know if she wants her kids or not??
    and believe it or not,weather she isnt a great mother, kids need their mother, i should know, my mom left me when i was 7. dads cant always teach you things your mother can.


  • Max


  • Lynn

    I’ve never cared much for Britney but I do feel for the girl. You look at her and she looks so sad. I’m glad she is getting her life back on track and I hope she continues.

  • Lynn

    I’ve never cared much for Britney but I do feel for the girl. You look at her and she looks so sad. I’m glad she is getting her life back on track and I hope she continues. Good Luck to her and her children!

  • angeline

    Beautiful. I can’t wait to see her at the VMA’s, hopefully she does it. YAY SHE’S SO MUCH BETTER ;)

  • Dolly

    She looks old and tired.

    At least she figured out a way to get out of a car without flashing her hoo-ha.

  • Yikes

    Wow, the pics of her on the stairs with the woman behind her looks like two drag queens…

  • Jocasta

    I don’t know what anybody expects of BritBrit.
    Her entire career has been controlled and masterminded by someone other than herself.
    Arrested development, anyone?
    She never grew up because she was never allowed to OR taught how to.
    She was a cash cow for EVERYONE…even now you and I click on links on the internet to read about her and *someone’s* makin’ a dime off of this girl that she never sees.
    The paps? Words don’t escape, they’re just too bad to print. Even for me.

    So bottom line, if she never has been allowed to mature and be independent, how is she suddenly gonna turn around and be mature and independent?

    And mind you: I don’t even care about her. I just see this over and over and over again with child performers and momagers and dadagers…why send her to school or college to let her be a part of the real world when you can make your child your own personal megabuck investment?

    She doesn’t make me NEARLY as sick as her mother.
    And I’ve seen horrible mothers. Her’s isn’t much better; she only responds to negative press.

  • Rosemary

    Britney is so hot always. she has the prettiest eyes ever. I hope that things work out for her.

  • JJJJ


  • Megan fox rocks

    her hair looks so great

  • Megan fox rocks

    and why baby looks so sad , but she’s hot hot hot

  • :-)samantha

    when your username is britney is a loser you seriously need to get a life like SERIOUSLY.Good luck Britney god knows she hasnt had much of that the past 18 months an by the way she lookshealthy and fit after her gym workouts

  • laura

    my love for her can’t be put in words..

  • Sebastian

    she has this human aura surrounding her.

  • robert

    She is ugly and has no talent.

  • up2nogood

    i hope she makes it on the show. but i dont think she is ready for it.

  • John

    i want britney to succeed so badly! but homegurl needs to take care of herself

  • nysro

    Why would anyone wish illwill on those childeren, by wanting Britney to have FULL custody… even the worst , poor, drug addicted trailer park moms don’t have thier kids taken away.. that said.. it must have been some deep shit we never heard that caused her (who CAN afford all the help in the world) to LOSE her children…

    yeah give thsoe kids back after 3 months of normal from this loon.

  • wtf

    She looks like f0king ZOMBIE! And she still is an idi0t!

  • mel dels

    i love brit spears (L)

  • Mari

    I think she looks awful. Yes she looks better but she looks 10 yrs + beyond her age & she looks sad. I hope she gets her life in shape as she should be raising those kids & not Kevin. He is such a loser who only wants custody because that means more money for him. He doesn’t work. Until the last couple years Britney worked her ass off to get her where she is at. You see Kevin in Vegas & on vacation all the time. Those kids are being raised by a nanny. Kevin could care less. If he loved his kids he would not have left the ones he had w/ Shar to be w/ Britney. They guy is all about himself & how he can make money w/out having to do anything. Perhpas now the kids are better off w/ him but he is no role model. Britney needs to get her act together so her kids don’t end up a mess – hopefully there is still time.



  • atrium

    She Looks Kinda Good

    But 4 a Long Time I Haven’t Seen Her Smile

    I Think She’s Gonna Be AOK (there’s something Madonna in Her)

  • Megan fox rocks


    asshole , just go Fu*ck you’re self and keep you’re comment to ur self

  • atrium

    That’s Riiight, Megan Fox Rocks, Rooocks…

  • celebaddict

    yuck@06/29/2008 at 10;51am

    1. Why should you care if she has custody of her kids, obvious she doesn’t want to.
    2. Kevin is their parent too, and he has just as much right to have custody of them as she does.

    1. I care because Sean and Jayden need their mother. If Britney didn’t want custody, she wouldn’t be going to court.
    2.Yes, Kevin is their parent too, but why does he get to spend more time with their sons?

    It’s great that Britney finally got to spend the night with her two young sons, but it still doesn’t seem like they are spending enough time together.
    Obviously I don’t know the details of this case, but it seems as though Britney has employed seriously incompetent lawyers?
    After Britney was hospitalised she didn’t get to see Sean Preston and Jayden James for months. Surely that can’t be in anyones best interest?
    My mother used to work with children, many of whom were abused, and yet they were all still allowed to spend time with their parents, all be it under supervision.

    I really feel for Britney, I hope she can regain full permanent custody of Sean and Jayden, or at least spend an equal amount of time with them as Kevin does.

    When they are older I doubt Sean and Jayden will thank Kevin for limiting their time with Britney. I hope he knows what he’s doing?

    I wish lots of happiness in the future for Britney and her family.