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Hilary Duff: Mo' Money, Mo' Food

Hilary Duff: Mo' Money, Mo' Food

Hilary Duff and her mother Susan doggy bag take their leftovers from lunch after dining at Mo’s restaurant in Toluca Lake, Calif., on Sunday afternoon.

It was announced earlier this week that The Duffster, 21, will be moving on from McGuire and joining the cast of the new comedy, Stay Cool.

Hil will playing Shasta O’Neil, a sexy high school senior who flirts with the visiting author and invites him to the prom. OHHH, SHASTA!

10+ pictures inside of Hilary Duff moseying her way outta Mo’s…

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hilary duff mos 01
hilary duff mos 02
hilary duff mos 03
hilary duff mos 04
hilary duff mos 05
hilary duff mos 06
hilary duff mos 07
hilary duff mos 08
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Credit: Shinn; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • bostine

    She’s cute!

  • bostine

    She’s cute!

  • rachel

    OMG, could she try ANY harder to be Nicole RIchie. I swear she stole that out of her closet. Joel still isn’t looking at you honey!!

  • jess

    rachel you fagget
    anyone can buy those clothes

  • jess

    rachel you fagget
    anyone can buy those clothes

  • Renae

    lol @ rachel.. someone is looking into a bit too much!

  • Jamie Spears Insider

    lol. I don’t quite understand why Hilary can’t wear the same clothes. It’s not like everything in her closet has to be uniquely designed for her.

    Jack from JI

  • HollyGolightly


    lol that made my day!

  • avery

    Please people, she is just going to get food with her damn mom. Chill out.

  • Hsm fan

    What show is “Stay Cool”?

  • Dani

    LOL She is such a Nicole Richie wannabe
    get a life loser duff LMAO

  • susie

    pretty. i like her dress!

  • Juuh

    i love hilary, she’s so cute!

  • Sean


  • liv


  • Josh

    She looks really pretty in that summer dress, thanks for posting

  • katherine

    she looks so pretty! nicole richie can’t even compete with her!

  • jasmine

    rachel your an idiotic fool nicole didn’t make that dress everyone is allowed to wear whatever they feel like dressing anyways she looks great and this is something that nicole doesn’t have and it’s a career or job lol

  • jasmine

    oh and apparently joel doesn’t even care for nicole because he would of married that hoe already and he’s been quoted saying he has no intentions marrying her lol

  • jasmine

    Why would she try to be Nicole Ritchie? Hilary is so much prettier than her!!!

  • mary

    hilary is’nt a ugly-man nicole pot head wanna beee hilary is more famous and has a job! and joel is uglyyyyyy anywaysss!!

    hilary is better then both of them put together and i think she looks awsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee luvvvvvvvv hilary

  • jasmine

    I agree mary lol who listens to good charlotte nowadays? no one and nicole she hasn’t had a job since simple ended and that was a reality show lol

  • Mari

    I so don’t think she is a Nicole wannabe. She is wearing a maxi dress which every celeb (Halle, LC, Kate Hudson, Hayden, Eva Longoria, Lo Bosworth, Eva Mendez, etc.) & non celeb is wearing as they are totally in style. She does have a balenciaga clutch – if it was a motorcycle bag then maybe but I have never seen Nicole w/ a B clutch. The only celeb I think takes a lot from Nicole is Lauren Conrad w/ her scarves, oversized glasses, Minnetonkas & the braids she wears. Hilary can pull off that boho chic look so I don’t blame her for wearing things that may look a little Nicole Richie. If it works for you then do it. We all know Nicole ripped off Kate Moss & that Rachel Zoe totally created Nicole’s look. I just don’t want to see Hilary in braids or Minnetonkas then I’ll start agreeing w/ you guys!

  • jasmine

    Nicole is a socialite.
    she has a $200 million trust fund. she does need a job.
    Nicole does whatever she wants.
    PS there is NOWAY Lionel Richie is going to let Nicole marry Joel without a prenup. Ask DJ AM they were engaged for 2 years and she never picked date. one of the reasons they broke up.

    FACT: Joel wanted to marry before Harlow was born because he is a christain and does not want a child out of wedlock. Nicole’s parents discouraged it because they said it was too fast and they were worried about they didn’t really know joel.

    PS i feel sorry for this hilary chick, everybody in hollywood hates her. she only hangs with her sister, her mom and her joel wanna be boyfriend.

    She is so desperate for attention, she realised a whole album dissing Nicole Richie and started hanging out with Nicole’s ex Brody Jenner to get attention.

    FACT: Brody stopped hanging out with Hilary because the “cool kids” where about to black list his ass LOL

  • Mandy

    Maybe its not intentional but sorry somethin about the way she looks makes it seem like she is trying to BE nicole richie.

    many stars were maxi dresses but something the way she is wearing it just screams NICOLE RICHIE to me…sorry

  • To Mari

    Nicole Richie with a Balenciaga Clutch:

    Try Again

  • Eve

    Nicole Richie wears a lot of top shop and she said Kate Moss is her idol.
    she even named her daughter after her.
    so its no secret that she loves and copies some of her style and she has said that in many interviews.

    Lauren Conrad is a 100% nicole richie wanna be. she has even wiggled her way into nicole’s circle. Any body notice that on the hills there is a gaint Nicole Richie poster above lauren’s desk at teen vogue. Also anyone find it strange that lauren is/was/wished she was dating nicole richie’s ex boyfriend brody jenner???

    As for hilary, i’m sure it wasn’t intentional but she does look like she is trying to rip off Nicole’s style. But she will have to loose some weight. she looks so chunky and has broad shoulders.

    sorry hilary fans, Nicole just had a baby and she still looks better than duff. her standing next to her mother you can see that she is always going to be fat

  • Jenny


    CLASSY :)


    Its funny how this is a onesided battle.
    hilary is ALWAYS talking about nicole and joel and dissing them and just being mean in 2007. she is just pathetic.

    Joel and Nicole have to said anything about her ever!!!

    LOL at the love carier event, she kept hiding from them at the party and they didn’t even know she was there.

    Joel Madden looking miserable:

  • cindy

    hey Hilary fans::
    Isn’t Hilary supposed to be INLOVE with mike comie????
    why are you guys still fighting over Joel
    Joel is happy with Nicole…get freaking over it.


  • jasmine

    lol nicole is a nobody she’s famous because she has a famous father nicole has no career never did adn never will she’s a skinny bitch that needs to eat joel doesn’t want her lol joel has no plans in marrying this hoe while Hilary is busy filming new movies and recording her new album nicole is going to be at home wishing she had a job

  • jasmine

    what has nicole exactly been doing lately besides throwing up?


    Hilary did an interview for allure magazine in 2008 where she talks about Lindsay and Aaron Carter. IN 2008. Can you believe this pathetic loser.

    Can you imagine Lindsay talking about Hilary Duff or Aaron Carter????
    Obivously hilary needs a like. she is boring and untalented and has NO FRIENDS in hollywood LMAO.

    Yeah go make another movie, War inc flopped so bad its ridiculous

  • jasmine

    hilary is A NICOLE RICHIE WANNABE!!!1
    -She is dressing like her sometimes but she can’t pull it off…sorry
    - She got the black mercedes wagon JUST LIKE THE ONE NICOLE RICHIE HAS
    -She started hanging out with NICOLE RICHIE’S EX BOYFRIEND.
    -she TALKS ABOUT PARIS, NICOLE, JOEL, LINDSAY IN MAGAZINES: People that don’t care one ounce about her life.


  • nikki

    she is 20 not 21 i know this because we share the same bday but im older by a year september 28th

  • jasmine

    lmao to team lindsay first of all War Inc did not flop it’s an indie success as a matter a fact each week the movie gets expanded even further as for lindsay lol how many flop albums did she gave? and what was lindsay last major hit movie? hm was it mean girls which was in 2004 how mnay times did this bitch go to rehab?

  • rachel u retart

    I say Rachel is a dum fuck.
    Hil don’t want spastic Joel, she’s got someone, someone a lot better and kicks Nicole (Anno, bonney, freako) and Joel (Weird, pale, loser) fucking ass!

  • rachel u retart


  • mary



  • jasmine

    nicole needs to eat a couple burgers nicole which she had sexy curves like Hilary does it sucks for joel because nicole has no boobs lol

  • Portia

    At least Hilary is a good role model for young girls, no drugs, classy behaviour, good friends, good family and after a period when she was looking a bit too skinny, now she looks perfectly healthy and beautiful again. She may not be a great talent, in your opinions, but a lot of young girls in Hollywood today arent…at least she seems to be a good person, I appreciate that.

  • michelE

    she is too big,nicole is way cuter.

  • Sean

    You’re all fucking stupid. First of all the questions you read in magazines or see on TV are exactly that…they are QUESTIONS. Questions that are asked by the interviewer. Hilary doesn’t randomly bring up aaron, lindsay, joel, nicole, etc. She gets asked the questions, so she’s gonna answer. And why are this questions still being brought up?? Because Hilary has transitioned from the Disney Tween Queen, to a young Superstar gracefully with dignity. The whole aaron lindsay love triangle thing and the joel getting with nicole two weeks after hilary dumped his ass after a 2 1/2 year relationship…these 2 things are the biggest controversies she has been involved in throughout her career. No DUI, no drug problems, no pussy shots, or scandolous pictures. That’s why they are always brought up, they are the juciest things people can ask Hilary. If you haven’t noticed she isn’t some white trash skank. Now as for all of you that are bad mouthing well that is another story.

  • Me

    Joel, Nicole, Paris and Lindsay DO INTERVIEWS AND NOBODY EVER ASKS THEM ABOUT HILARY. because they have a life and have so much more interesting things to talk about.

    hilary gets asked questions about joel, nicole,paris, lindsay because that is the ONLY INTERESTING thing in her life LMAO

    And trust be Nicole wants nothing to do with hilary’s “curves” or man shoulders LOL are you kidding me….”curves”?!

  • nan1esco

    Wow, Can we please set the record straight, the first couple of comments put on this web site having anything to do with Nicole & Hilary was put on here from some Nicole fans!!! So, don’t tell us Hilary Duff fans to get over it because you dumb Ass’s are the one’s that started writing shit first!!! Hilary coping Nicole’s style, pleaseeee that nasty stick figure has nothing on Hilary Duff!!!

    Second, Joel does not look like someone that is about to listen to anybody telling him how to run his life. So, I really doughty that Nicole’s parents had/have any say on them getting married or not LMAO!! That’s a good one though all of you Nichole/Joel fans can keep telling yourselves that lol!!!! They’ve been together how long now lol….. And still nothing, they had a baby when/how long and still ummmmm, yaaaa, that’s rite Nothing lol!!!

    Everyone hates on Hilary because she’s a good girl, just like the saying goes “Misery loves company”!!! She’s one of the richest teens on Forbes, and mind you she’s earned all her money by working HARD not a trust fund!!!

    You people think Nicole is such a fashion Icon, but remember her before the Zoë days lol, that’s rite the days she looked like a streetwalker!!!!

    People please, there is nothing you can say about Nicole Richie that’s ever going to make her look like anything but trash!!!! “She’s a mom”… ya well she got knocked up on MISTAKE lol!!! “She took Joel away from Hilary” lol… please Hilary gave her her left over lol, she dumped that ugly fu*k of Joel Madden!!! Joel being the piece of s*it that he is, just added more insult to injury by starting to date Nicole Richie lol!!!! Everyone knows Nicole Richie is the rebound girl that went wrong lol!!!! If Joel his soooooo into his religion why has he not married her yet?!

    Let us just say it was the other way around. Let’s say Hilary was the one that got pregnant by him. Do you guys really think that both situation’s would really be the same lol?! Pleasssssse, that man would run over Jesus himself to marry Hilary lol!!! (Thank god that never happened)

    Nicole Richie will never amount up to the Level that Hilary is on!! You Nicole fans look stupid even comparing them together!!! Hilary’s about to blow up as a bigger actor and she’s only 20, Nicole Richie is 26 and is a big old nobody, Oh ya I forgot Lionel Richie’s adopted daughter how could I forget lol!!!

    It’s very simple, If you guys don’t like our girl then don’t read more!!!! Stay the Fu*k out!!!!

  • LOL

    I feel bad for all you guys.
    its been over 2 years and Nicole has a beautifual baby yet the hilary fans are still crying over Joel…how pathetic.
    i mean shouldn’t they be saying how “INLOVE” and “HAPPY” hilary is now that she with mike LMAO

    The reason this is even still relevant is because hilary still talks about joel every time she gets in interviews. i mean the girl is soooo BORING its ridiculous.

    Nicole was on 5 seasons of the simple life i show that is translated to 8 different languages and seen all over the world. She doesn’t really do anything much because she has a huge trust fund. Paris lot her inheritance so she has somewhat of a job to maintainher lifestyle. Nicole doesn’t need that.

    Maybe Nicole is not married because she is still inlove with DJ AM. Any Nicole fan know that was a beautiful relationship.

    So you say nicole doesn’t do anythng…wahtever she is more famous. imagine if she actually did something. She is on the cover of elite magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, Citizen K and Vogue (Italian).
    Infact she is the first non model to be on the cover of Italian Vogue. Say what you will, i really don’t expect hilary fans to know or recognise what fashion is.
    Hilary should have fun posing for maxim and fhm. i guess she is trying to be a sex symbol now LOL. too bad for those man shoulders :)

  • Fashion

    I just don’t understand who anyone can compare a petitie waiflike gamine like Nicole Richie to an ordinary girl like hilary duff.
    i mean seriously guys

  • Adopted

    I used to like her but she was the radio her last year when she was promoting dignity and she said “Nicole is not even Lionel’s daughter…she adopted” and she also said something about Lionel’s music sucking. Ever since then I have disliked. I don’t even like Nicole but after i heard that. I’m sure the show is still on podcast. its Hot 995 in Dc try and find it. I used to think she was sweet but she is a big two faced B!TCH

  • jessie

    Your messed up……Hilary Duff chunky?……PLEASE. You are the reason why people have eating disorders.

    Who said ppl have to be rail thin like nicle richie. People are different.
    Plain and simple.

  • shhh

    jasmine, you need to get a bit of sun, honey…there’s no reason you should “know” all that… Now, on to the subject – the title is insulting. Why would you write it above someone like Hilary’s picture? You do know she’s a recovering anorexic? As for her maxi dress…she looks like she’s following trends…nothing to do with Nicole. But this is why you shouldn’t follow Hollywood trends…it’s so lame…