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Jennifer Aniston is John Mayer's Biggest Fangirl

Jennifer Aniston is John Mayer's Biggest Fangirl

Jennifer Aniston grabs hold of musician boyfriend John Mayer in the backstage area at the Hard Rock Calling festival in London’s Hyde Park on Saturday.

Aniston quietly took pictures in the wings of the stage as Mayer performed a 45-minute set in front of an audience of ten of thousands.

Jen wore a black-and-white floral halter-neck top, faded flared jeans and topped off her outfit with a purple Matta “Dupatta” scarf.

20+ pictures inside of Janiston‘s concert lovefest…

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jennifer aniston john mayer concert 01
jennifer aniston john mayer concert 02
jennifer aniston john mayer concert 03
jennifer aniston john mayer concert 04
jennifer aniston john mayer concert 05
jennifer aniston john mayer concert 06
jennifer aniston john mayer concert 07
jennifer aniston john mayer concert 08
jennifer aniston john mayer concert 09
jennifer aniston john mayer concert 10
jennifer aniston john mayer concert 11
jennifer aniston john mayer concert 12
jennifer aniston john mayer concert 13
jennifer aniston john mayer concert 14
jennifer aniston john mayer concert 15
jennifer aniston john mayer concert 16
jennifer aniston john mayer concert 17
jennifer aniston john mayer concert 18
jennifer aniston john mayer concert 19
jennifer aniston john mayer concert 20
jennifer aniston john mayer concert 21
jennifer aniston john mayer concert 22
jennifer aniston john mayer concert 23
jennifer aniston john mayer concert 24

Credit: Daniela DAmato; Photos: Flynetonline, WENN
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  • nic


  • julie


  • ….

    Looking at John when he plays the guitar, I can’t imagine the f*ck faces this dude makes…LOL

  • just saying

    OMG… she looks absolutely beautiful.

  • lol !

    lmao at the third pic !

  • cLINGY jEN

    John wait for Jen

  • london


  • Helena

    The third picture: lol.

  • cissa


  • Eva

    London, I agree.
    It will all be over soon. Jen is going back to the Staes in a while. I don’t think she’ll be on the Us leg of the tour.

  • ñdl
  • jen




  • julie

    you saw jen at the concert? if you did, lucky you!

  • ///

    Hmmm, why is it that the “gentlemanly” John Mayer did not even wait for Jennifer, and she had to go run after him. And he did not even hold her hand, she had to go try to hold HIS hand … well well well, how will these fanistons who love to dissect each and every Brad/Angie photos spin these ones now?

  • Oy

    She’s horribly out of place there and those pictures glaringly prove it. She wants attention and the guy just got through doing a 45 min. show. These pics will be all over the tabloids with stories about how he she’s smothering him and demands too much attention…she’s not a musician so she doesn’t understand the lifestyle, etc.

    I almost feel sorry for her looking at these. Look at her trying to get him to hold her hand and all he wants to do is get into that SUV



    Poor maniston, I guess Peeboy is just “not that into you,”…bahahaha….he’s like a toddler that’s escaped Mommy….hahahaha….Mom has to catch her little man….hahahaha…..awww man, check out the pic where she’s grabbing his arm….booohoohoo…lmao….awww, so sad…..Reportedly at one point he told the whole audience he “steps into relationships,” (like Dog poo Jon??) and that he’s “taking his time,” — no shout outs to Jen, no announcements that he’s found love, or even ‘like,’ just that he’s taking his time and talked about “every relationship,” no distinguishing characteristic for this one…saaaad poor pitiful Jen…hahahaha that’s it John, protect that career at all costs…I think he’s just now REALIZED what he’s done…OMG she’s 40….OMG she’s like, a plastic surgery victim…OMG I WON’T be meeting Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt anytime soon just because I’m hanging with someone that used to know them…..OMG most people think she’s a desperate famewh*re puppet controlled by her monster queen PR guy Stephen Huvane, she feeds him money like she feeds her dogs kibble and bits…..OMG….Perez Hilton actually turned me on MORE!!!! AIYEEEEEE!! Hey Jen, maybe you and John can go see wanted tonight, ya know, if you’re finding John is having a hard time, er, ‘finishing.’ LOL


  • I love john mayer

    I’m happy for them, I hope it works out for both. They deserve to be happy. here’s a video of them in london, check it out!

  • Oy

    Some of her friends are 15 and in some cases 20 yrs older then him and the reverse for her with him. I just don’t see her being comfortable in that enviroment. I mean this is a woman who ate the same lunch for 10 yrs straight. It has to be hard for her. Good thing Sheryl Crow was/is there. Who’s the young blond in the background? That’s more Mayer’s speed

  • here4yoo

    I feel sorry for Jen looking at these pics.

  • nice

    I hope she’s happy. I only wish her the best.

  • anustin

    eeerrrrr……..i heard that the sales of his singles went down!!!!!!! so does sheryl crow.aarrrrggghhhh!!!!okrah show went down too.coxcain show got cancelled.mine was just reminder.


    Wow…John is just not that into her, Maniston isn’t going to stand for being ‘IGNORED.’ Sad. Hey John try it this way:

    A gentleman is supposed to wait up for his girlfriend, he’s supposed to want to take care of her, look after her, make sure she’s doing okay in the crowd or in public…..he’s supposed to be really REALLY into her, like above….

    awwww….poor Jen. If Clini is sad for you, you know it’s bad news.

  • wow, what an hypocrit !

    ANISTON homewrecked JM and Minka’s relationship !


    “June 25, 2008 —

    JOHN Mayer might have broken Minka Kelly’s heart when he left her for Jennifer Aniston – but he had the decency to call her before the news about them hit the press. A Kelly pal said, “Minka [above] received a call from John prior to the story breaking about his relationship with Jennifer. He apologized to Minka, ‘Sorry, but I’m really in love.’ ” She found that interesting as, “during his relationship with her, John mentioned, ‘I don’t really get this Jennifer Aniston thing.’ ” Mayer’s rep declined to comment. ”

  • mayer is tired of her already

    Exit friend of a Friends star

    Scoop: Jennifer Aniston was turned away from Wimbledon. The Hollywood actress might be used to red-carpet treatment but here celebrities are shown about as much respect as Justin Gimelstob could expect at a bra-burner’s convention. Aniston’s boyfriend, John Mayer, was watching his mucker James Blake but the actress was told Blake had used up his guest allowance, even though there were free seats. Irritatingly, her Friends co-star Matthew Perry saw the entire Championships a couple of years back cheering his mate Mark Philippoussis. Friends? Over-rated.

  • clarice

    The first few months of any relationship is seen through rose-coloured glasses, so much so that it’s hard to keep eyes and hands off each other. That is not what is happening here. Is this relationship real or is JM looking over at the peroxide blonde to make sure she is ok instead of JA. Perhaps, it is just a publicity stunt?


    # 19 Oy @ 06/29/2008 at 12:29 pm Some of her friends are 15 and in some cases 20 yrs older then him and the reverse for her with him. I just don’t see her being comfortable in that enviroment. I mean this is a woman who ate the same lunch for 10 yrs straight. It has to be hard for her. Good thing Sheryl Crow was/is there. Who’s the young blond in the background? That’s more Mayer’s speed

    Good point you make oy. Jen is the type to have always surrounded herself with older, less attractive (and that’s saying something! lol) women friends and friends period…she’s the type that wants to try and be the youngest, cutest trendiest of the group. So her friends look like hags essentially and are even older than she is.

    That means, you have John a young guy, hanging with 45, 50 and 55 yr old women. ALL women. The closest thingh he has to a peer is probabbly david Arquette – not that they are good pals or anything.

    His friends are like Pete Wentz! WTF is Maniston gonna look like going on doubles with Ashley and Pete, watching John give the sly eye to 19 yr olds in the corner??

    If you look at Ashton & Demi, they hang out with young people, mostly Ashton’s friends, but also Demi’s kids friends — Demi is never hanging around a gaggle of hens her own age. That’s probably rule number one for Demi, keep it young. But then, Demi is a renaissance woman, she’s exciting and interesting and more youthful than Maniston on her own…I have a feeling Ashton has to keep up with her.

    This couple…wow. Sad Really Man, ‘he’s just not that into you,’ lady.

  • Beatrice

    This is not a man in love!

  • Halli


  • Regina

    Wow, the weird people this site attract. Minka and John finished ages ago.

  • You/Me

    Jen is looking good, I love those jeans.
    I gotta admit though, these are not the most flattering of pictures. You know the haters are going to put the “she was chasing after him” spin on it.
    Just remember Jolie-Pitt fans, still photos do not tell the true story….. as was largely pointed out when all those pics of Angie looking miserable on the red carpet came out then much much later the ones where she is smiling at Brad at the same event came out. It was and is the media trying to manipulate the story.
    In any case, Jen looks happy for now so I am happy for her! :-)

  • stellartes

    I don’t like John Mayer…i know it doesn’t really matter…but Jen needs to find some lowkey “regular” guy….I am sure there are thousands of “regular” men out there who would give her anything she ever desired and would never cheat on her or leave her. I don’t think he is the one.

  • Jake ex-Mayer fan

    This is the same thing Jessica Simpson did when she hooked on to John. He never looked like he was into Jessica either. These women need to have their picture snapped with John. I Know John was not with Jen when she was shooting Hes just not into you. When John hooked up with Jessica she couldn’t stay with shooting her own movies. They turned out so bad that they started pushing the release date back on them just like Jens got pushed back. They finally released one of Jessica’s movies to video and it still didn’t sell.
    Jennifer Aniston is as desperate as Jessica Simpson. That top picture of him leaving her and she is desperately trying to catch up to him shows it. Jessica Simpson was a desperate clinger to. Jennifer Aniston is a an older cow that will manipulate him more since he is so dumb, she will try to trap Mayer with a baby. Lets at least hope she has already stop smoking those cancer sticks.

  • millie

    This is sad.But she ask for it,Jen and Huvane have destroyed alot,and gave Lies to media.Well all i can say,It’s about time,something started changing.I wish no bad luck to this Broad or her PR Huvane,I just Wish Nothing at all.Let Karma do it’s Thing.

  • test


  • U-Oh

    Something is terribly wrong with these pictures. He does not look happy with her being there. The people around them does not seem happy with her being there. She has the same desperate look as Jessica Simpson right before he dogged her out. This Boy child needs a strong secure woman,not a older insecure one . she is chasing him and he is running. These pictures say to me that he is just not that into your girl. Run on home and stop chasing this boy..

  • Beatrice

    I don’t like her type of Jeans, I prefer skinny best!

  • Paige

    Jennifer can thank Perez Hilton for her landing John Mayer. If it had not been for Johns make out session with Perez-no way would he have agreed to be her boytoy.

  • millie

    #33 Wrong Honey this Broad will never have baby she is to into her self.Plus i would love to see a baby by her and Mayer,But it won’t happen.Just to see how it would look,with alot black hair and brown eyes.

  • Benjers

    I like Jen very much but she and John Mayer are not “the hottest couple ever”. They are just a good couple having a good time and I hope they have it for a long time. You don’t have to be one half of “the hottest couple ever” to be happy. I don’t think Brad and Angelina are “the hottest couple ever”, either – for them, this is a way of living and paying the bills, so little is authentic about them. By the way, every woman next to Brad looks hot because she is with Brad. Once she is not with him anymore, she falls straight into the hands of idiots like Cliniqua, who have nothing to do but wait for the end of his relationships to rip the jilted woman apart as if she has always been worthless.

  • ☆ Beach Vacations ☆

    :) :) Classic beauty…Sophisticated personality. :) :)

    ¦== ==¦

  • strangerinthenight

    I am on vacation from Boston, and visiting family in Fairfield England. We travelled 2 hours or so to see John Mayer. I’ve waited for weeks to see John Mayer on stage. The show was a brief 45 minutes, and with all the bruhaha, sneers and downright anger to this woman, the show was over ! He could have stayed a little longer for the fans, but this Rachel Greene was just too clingy and ever so present. She was just too annoying. Couldn’t Rachel stayed away for an hour for Mayer to have his moment. I mean, what about those fans, we would have like to enjoy him even for an hour or so without this annoying old woman. Honestly, the crowd of women are about 26 and under. And here comes Rachel who looked like his Mom.

    Why couldn’t she have stayed in the hotel, and give John’s fan their fill.
    What a waste. And, this bloddy papz , Rachel brought a slew of them !

    But NOOOOOOOOOO – Rachel was just too damn persistent ! I am too disappointed. For that I didn’t even want to buy his album that they were promoting.

    Hey Rachel – go home you bloody old hag !

  • minime

    I feel sorry for her. She has everything but love. That man is incapable of loving ANY woman. I don’t care how young, how beautiful, how smart, how famous blah blah blah the woman is. A man like John will bore very quickly and it has nothing to do with the woman at all. He might be a good musician but he will never commit to a woman. He’ll play with them sure until he gets bored and then off he goes. A wise woman will stay the hell away from him unless she doesn’t mind being used and having her heart shattered into a million pieces.

  • LMAO

    julie @ 06/29/2008 at 11:52 am



  • Dia

    She is so desperate. Thats why she is with him. She just ran out of men. Thats why this poor thing would pick up a douche bag. Douchifer is a great name for them.

  • Tracy

    she doesn’t need love, she has his huge d*ck. haha.
    seriously, I don’t get the summer scarf, but her outfit is still cute.

  • linda

    Wishing them only happiness. People who slam others are annoying.

  • not true

    Benjers @ 06/29/2008 at 1:02 pm By the way, every woman next to Brad looks hot because she is with Brad. Once she is not with him anymore, she falls straight into the hands of idiots like Cliniqua, who have nothing to do but wait for the end of his relationships to rip the jilted woman apart as if she has always been worthless.


    Don’t agree with that.

    Robin Givens and Angelina Jolie were/are hot in their own right. I even find them hotter than Brad during the time they were/are with Pitt. Maybe because they both shared brains, feline beauty, some elegant in the body movements when they walk, charisma and that fierceness.

    I for one even think that only bad choices and her failed marriage to Mike Tyson were factors that put an end to Robin’s rise as the number one african-american female in Hollywood. She was bigger than Halle at some point and had greater potential to conveys several types of emotions.

  • Nina

    He is all up Hollywoods arse and expect people to care about his crappy music.

  • faye88

    The photos of John playing the guitar remind me of how much I like him as a musician. He plays a mean guitar. It’s too bad his current and past relationships detract from his talent in that area. If you’re going to check out Youtube, then you should look at the vid where he’s playing guitar with Eric Clapton.