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Ryan Phillippe & Abbie Cornish's Barbecue Bliss

Ryan Phillippe & Abbie Cornish's Barbecue Bliss

Ryan Phillippe and girlfriend Abbie Cornish share a laugh at a friend’s barbecue in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon.

The 33-year-old Stop-Loss actor recently purcahsed a home in the Hollywood Hills for $7.175 million. The 8,300 square-foot house, which had been listed at $7.47 million, has five bedrooms and seven bathrooms. There are two master suites with an office area in each, a large living room and deck for parties, and a media room with 14-foot ceilings. The outdoor living area includes a spa, a sauna and steam room, a fire pit and an Asian-style gazebo overlooking a pool.

There’s also a massive two-story gym, which is why we’ll hardly ever seen Ryan working out in public!

UPDATE: Apologies, images removed!

10+ pictures inside of Ryan Phillippe and Abbie Cornish‘s BBQ bliss…

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Credit: Frazer Harrison; Photos: Getty
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  • Whatever


  • denise

    I still like him with Reese better and always will!


  • bo

    what the hell is this girl wearing?

    why phillipe and hawke cheat on such powerful open-minded blossoming women like thurman or reese with such home-wreckers.

    abbie seems nice. but. she stole a baby-daddy from little cuties. its unforgivable.

  • sarah

    He looks so happy with her, even though I don’t like the fact that he cheated on Reese. But she’s moved on too, with Jake who is really cute=)

  • Krystal

    I love abbie cornish. She is an awesome actress.

  • june

    They are adorable. She is a superb actress.

  • AKLD

    why are people calling her a homewrecker? if u have to blame someone, blame him, he knew he had everything to lose when he cheated on reese.

  • Jamie Spears Insider

    Five bedrooms and seven bathrooms…how does that add up O_o?

  • Ingrid

    I am sick and tired of people calling Ryan and Ethan Hawke cheaters. What valid source does it say that they cheated? Ryan, Reese, Uma and Ethan actually say this? If so, enlighten me please. If you’re so disgusted by them, SKIP them! You don’t have to write the same thing ALL THE TIME.

    You don’t know any of them, stop judging.

  • ThatGirl

    I agree with you #9. Not only that, but people bash Abbie Cornish, too. It’s a shame, she has a bright career ahead. She’s excellent.

  • jess

    That looks like a baby shower. They look happy and cool together.

  • Not you

    stfu hater. reese is with jake. she’s happy with jake so move the f u c k on. Abbie is cute and a talented actress

  • Not you

    stfu haters. reese is with jake. reese is happy so move the f u ck on.
    Abbie is cute and a talented actress.

  • Shelley

    It looks like she’s wearing an engagement ring! They look really happy together though. None of us know what really happened between Ryan and Reese so to bash Abbie all the time is stupid. She’s a great actress.

  • voe

    Just because a woman is beautiful, rich, or well liked by others does not mean she’s a perfect wife. Not that I condone adultery but I’m tired of reading comment like ‘why does he cheat on such a beautiful, powerful woman?’ etc.

    Agree with Ingrid, not one of the wives said these men cheated on them, why do strangers insist on calling them cheaters?

  • Tanya

    They look really cute and happy together. BUT, dear lord, she needs a stylist. She is a very attractive woman but really could do with some advice on her clothes and hair.

  • julia

    yikes at what She’s wearing!

  • Blackworm

    Ryan looks very happy, happier than he ever seemed with Reese.

    I hope Reese is equally happy with Jake but I’m not sure yet.

    Abbie’s clothes! Yuck! Why is she so covered up on a June day in Southern California? I don’t like her hair either.

    But she is cute and she is a talented actress with a great career ahead of her. She will bypass Ryan just like Reese did. I hope Ryan is ready for that.

  • yuck

    voe @ 06/29/2008 at 9:56 am

    Just because a woman is beautiful, rich, or well liked by others does not mean she’s a perfect wife. Not that I condone adultery but I’m tired of reading comment like ‘why does he cheat on such a beautiful, powerful woman?’ etc.

    Agree with Ingrid, not one of the wives said these men cheated on them, why do strangers insist on calling them cheaters?
    Because we are dealing with an ignorant public. They think whenever there is a break-up, the man automatically cheated, and the wife is automatically a saint.
    This is why they villify ever man when there is a break-up, and put the woman in sainthood. It sad that we have so many ignorant people out there.

  • Helena

    19, you’re so right!

  • linda


  • Helena

    Immature. Linda: Sounds like a haggard housewife name!

  • Scarlet.R

    Wtf is up with her hair too? so flat and awful.
    She did Reese a favour, she’s much better off with Jake and eventually Ryan will cheat on Abby, what goes around comes around.

  • Jessica

    Wow, none of you were IN Ryan/Reese’s relationship so you have NO idea what happened.

    Stop judging them and putting the blame on Abbie.

    Ryan looks happy with her and he deserves to be happy.

  • smiles

    They look wonderful and very happy I have read that Abbie has somewhat of a free spirit hence the outfit. I think R & A are very normal down to earth people BBQ and stuff like that with friends and alot of priviacy I think his ex loves her PR and all the attention she can get I feel all her charity press and relationship press is all put on by her IMO she has real issues she has done well but all seems fake and put on by her it is kind of sad really. Wish all of them the best.

  • mama

    How did the paps know that they were going to be at their frinds barbeque? Are the friends famous? If not then methinks Ryan tipped off the paps. No kids, eh? I hear they are in the UK with Jake and Reese for the summer.

  • Janice

    I don’t think Ryan deserves to be happy after abandoning his kiddies. He put his own pleasures ahead of the needs of his two small children, and that will affect them for the rest of their lives. Ryan is an immature narcissist. Those poor kids, I also feel sorry for them for having such a crappy father.

  • Lola

    Ryan should have dump that pompous b!tch Reese years ago.

    He was and is much better parent than Reese Withersoon.

  • noway

    Ryan hates the paps I think they were most likely followed there and with no big fences they got some good pics. I am sure Ryan will have his time with the kids I think they maybe on a vacation with Reese but Ryan will have them also.

  • PR

    Poor Reese,

    she couldn’t stand being a loser, she needed a fauxmance with Jake more than Jake.


  • voe

    Good Lord, it’s more often the mother like you, if you’re a mother Janice, that negatively affect the children for the rest of their lives.

    How do you know he’s a crappy father? Are you Reese? Even Reese never said he’s a crappy father.

    When did Ryan abandon the kids. I saw plenty of pics of him with the kids, playing, shopping, etc.

    Reese left the children home and went to Italy with Jake. Who took care of the children then if not Ryan? If she didn’t ask Ryan to care for the children and left them with nanny then isn’t she a bad mother who put her own romantic & sexual need above her kids’ too? If we are going to be ‘traditional’ then it is more worse for a mother to sleep with man without marrying them with her children’s knowledge, to leave her kids behind for days repeatedly so she can frolic with her lover, etc.

    Wait until the kids grow up and if they said then that their father is a crappy father, you can then say ‘he’s a crappy father’. For now you don’t know anything therefore should zip your mouth about his fatherly quality, or anyone else for that matter, perhaps even your ex husband.

  • bo

    omg. nobody said that a woman is a saint here. people. c’mon. i dont like reese witherspoon at all. there something extremely artificial about her and i think her relationship with jake is a fake actually.

    but abbie knew that he’s babydaddy and devoted to it. so. no further questions.

    i wouldnt call her home-wrecker, because this is extremely insulting and inappropriate here.

    abbie is beautiful. and somehow talented. obviously more talented than reese who has no acting skills at all. i wish them the best.

    i just hope he is still a good dad.

  • Mary E

    I really don’t care who is with whom. I just wanted to say that I was very impressed with Ryann in the movie Breach. It is a great movie and it is based on a true story. If you haven’t seen it ,give it a try.

  • ouchouch

    janice #27 he did not abandon his kids. Have you not seen the recent photos of him and his son? He’s picking up his son from soccer camp, kissing and hugging him. That’s far from abandoning yourkids.

  • yl

    looks always very onesided, although both are smiling.

  • meow

    The kids are in Notting hill, UK with Reese and Jake. Ryan is free to play the swinger!!!!!!

    BTW: yan has meth face and Abbie looks like a tranny.

  • Ryan is OK

    Kids are fortunate to have Ryan.

    Their mother cares more about the money and career, she’s busy promoting herself and her fake boyfriend.

  • Jill

    Why doesn’t Ryan ever shave and wear a shirt look at the other people they are dress to go to a party his girlfriend has a dress on but he doesn’t have a shirt on he looks like a thug with the chain doesn’t he turn 35 this year.

  • omygosh

    I agree with Ingrid #9.

    They look happy and relaxed :) , and Abbie is such a great actress I love her!!

  • lovely

    Ryan looks extremely happy. Good for them!

  • Pole

    I think Ryan is a very, very talented actor and it’s nice to see him actually look happy for once. Who knows what went wrong with him and Reese. They both seem happy now and he’s certainly seems to be a very devoted father so I wish him well and hope to see more interesting films with him in the future.

  • yl

    they look like good friends at every single picture. that´s the point.
    and still onesided.

  • me

    They do look like friends, the few pics I have seen of Ryan and Abby, she is the one touching him, in one set of pics she looks like she is trying to hug him and he has his hands shoved in his pockects, odd.

  • yl

    that´s exactly what i mean

  • rae

    What in the hell is she wearing? And why? It’s summer. That sounds like an awesome house. The two story gym is probably amazing.

    I couldn’t care less who cheated on who. Not my problem and I’m not going to hate on these guys for their wives. They can do that themselves.

  • Anonymous

    Uh how can anyone suggest Ryan abandoned his babies…I don’t know what happened between him and Reese as a couple..and didn’r follow his career..BUT this guy was the stay at home Dad while Reese was shooting movies. That much was in the tabloids. No one can ever suggest he did not love being a stay at home dad. He was always photographed with his kids.

  • kasia

    Rees is beautiful and Abbie is only pretty , like nothing special… way to go Ryan … :/ I love him as an actor though :)

  • yl

    i don´t really understand, why everyone´s still talking about who cheated and who didn´t. none cares about their body language, which says so much about them as a “couple”. (accepted “me” and myself;) )

  • lexi

    I LOVE these two together. Hot couple and both are great actors.

    As far as Ryan not being a great father that is just total BS. Even the people who post that crap know they are liars they just don’t like him because he’s not with Reese. It’s a silly thing to even suggest.

  • megan

    abbie is a better actress than reese, and seems more down to earth. there’s a reason we rarely see ryan with the kids: he doesn’t tell the paps where he’s going to appear as “the good one” in public like reese does. and everyone and their grandmother knows jake has been gay for years and is simply in need of a beard — it’s called acting.