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Daniel Craig is Solace Sexy

Daniel Craig is Solace Sexy

Here is the very first movie still of Daniel Craig in a steamy love scene with Bond Girl Gemma Arterton.

Thanks to The Sun, we get to see Bond affectionately kissing the back of his 22-year-old costar, from the new Bond movie, Quantum of Solace.

Gemma has previously hinted that 007 will wed her character, Agent Field, in the movie.

Check out the trailer below! Quantum shoots up the joint November 7.

Quantum of Solace Teaser Trailer
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  • ri23

    Hey, finally, an adult male on this site to lust over. Nice work. I guess The Jonas Brothers and the children from Gossip Girl are laying low today.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    that’s one fugly scene.

    i’m sad they stopped putting good looking women in bond films.

  • lou lover


  • Grace

    Daniel Craig does not have an attractive mouth.

  • ZK

    Daniel Craig is my favourite Bond since Sean Connery…..and while I think Emma is absolutely stunning….I find it a bit disturbing to see him in bed with such a young girl. I’m as liberal as they come, so I’m no prude, that’s for sure….but would like to see him with someone just a bit older.

  • liz h.

    He looks good, leaner. I wonder of he really kisses like that…WOW!! Lucky Gemma.

  • frenchgirl

    I find Daniel Craig INCREDIBLE sexy. He looks so masculine, gets all my juices flowing.

  • Helena

    That is one lucky girl.

  • yum

    Daniel Craig is hot and looking good. Sad that I have to wait until November to see the new Bond and see him in his shirtless glory.

  • wanderer

    She’s 22, he’s 40 – C R E E P Y – ugh!

  • dana davidova

    Daniel is dandy. It´s right man with cute face, butch with incredible beautiful blue eyes and he has nice smile, sunny smile. Hard man.
    I want be his bondgirl a I want kick ass agent Field.

  • Coco Pops

    Ugh!! What a fugly bastard!

  • Coco Pops

    censored word = BASTÂRD

  • test

    correction, your just sad… + # 2 LMAO

  • onmyown

    Craig is one specimen I would like to dissect – all over !

    Oh God soooooooooooo Yummy !

  • cindy vogelman

    they had the bikini photos of these two up on that site
    pro thinspo they were hot.

  • ace tomato

    That melts my butter – wow. Daniel Craig is the hotness =)

  • parisgirl

    @ #2
    I mean Eva Green can’t even act so why the hell did they cast her?

    Anyway this movie looks good

  • sally

    #2 i disagree with you. gemma is very pretty and at least she can act. eva green couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag.

    #10 – i find nothing creepy about the age difference. but then that’s just me. my father is 18 years older than my mother. my husband is 40; the same age as daniel. and i’m 22. how old someone is doesn’t matter. it’s just all numbers anyway.

  • Jx2

    Daniel Craig is an incredibly sexy man!!!! I’ve had my eyes on him since his debut in Tomb Raider with Angelina Jolie. He looks a lot like my husband…he’s YUMMY!!!

  • CelebrityFanChat Raph

    hot! cant wait to see the movie

  • LOLa

    Gemma doesn’t hint that they get married, she simply says they share a Honeymoon suite at a point in the film. She does, however, imply that dies, by “…coming to a sticky end”. Take whatever meaning you want from that.

    And f@*k anyone who says Eva Green can’t act. She kicked arse in CR, looked breathtakingly beautiful and you’re just jealous…She was also one of the best things on KOH and is WAY WAY better than Orli… which wouldn’t be difficult. Now THERE’S someone who can’t act his way out of a paper bag. Apart from in Ned Kelly. Kudos to everyone for that.

  • ☆ Beach Parties ☆

    Lucky girl ?

    ¦== ==¦

  • drea

    eva green can act!!!!! have you seen her in DREAMERS?!?!!? come on people you guys dont know shit about eva green just because she was in one popular movie. evan green is gorgeous… beyond gorgeous!

  • lanolin…like sheep’s wool

    I love Daniel Craig and I cannot wait for Quantum of Solace!!

  • chele belle

    Daniel Craig :::SIGH::: He’s been hitting my sweet spot since he came out of the shower in Lara Croft Tomb Raider 1 with his gun drawn, soapy and wet….man he’s beyond fine. Whatta man :-)

  • to LOLa

    you’re right eva green ” looked breathtakingly beautiful” but the fact remains that, in my opinion, she cannot act. am not alon in thinking this either. there is nothing wrong with hiring a beautiful actress for a part; but for god’s sake at least make sure she has the acting ability to go with it. there plenty of actresses who have both beauty and talent. as for koh we wont een go there. and for the record i am now way jealous.

  • to LOLa

    what is there to be jealous of? eva green is a beautiful woman who got the part based on looks alone. not because she can act; she can’t.
    let’s see how well she does now that CR is over and done with shall we? as for KOH; that was an ok movie that could have done without her over acting.

  • jules

    Daniel Craig, now that ladies and gents is a real man…Cannot wait for QoS…

  • yuck

    oh god sick shes 22 and hes 40…omg pedophile!! >_<

  • echhh

    I will never like Craig as bond. He’s short, stocky, blonde and unattractive. I wasn’t crazy about Brosnan, but I liked him better than this one. I will watch the film because it’s a Bond film with action and adventure and hopefully beautiful women, but that’s about it.

  • echhh

    Jx2 @ 20….you must be married to an ugly man. Sorry for you honey

  • suzy

    to #30
    a pedophile? not hardly. yes daneil is 40 but the girl is 22. she is legally an adult. in order for it to be what you suggest she would have to be under the age of 18 which she is not.

  • Jx2

    #32 – don’t feel sorry for me – I LOVE Daniel Craig and my husband is just as HOT!! I feel sorry for YOU…YOU must BLIND!!

  • omg

    I still can’t believe him in the role of Bond. It aggravates me that they chose such an ugly dude. Guys get eye candy all the time and the one thing us females could always count on in the past was a good looking doable Bond. Those days are gone. If I saw Sean Connery in a similar scene I used to wish I was the girl. When I looked at this picture I felt sorry for the girl.

  • to omg

    you and i would never agree. i saw my first sean connery bond 12 years ago when i was 13. i didn’t think much of him at the time. to put it bluntly he turned me off. now daniel craig is a different story. i think he’s just perfect. i’d trade places with the girl any day. but hey, everyone is entitled to her own opinion.

  • Becca

    i am a HUGE FAN of Bond movies… I’m really looking forward to this movie.

  • shar

    danieel is so hottttt
    i loove him!

  • iheartgwen

    she looks bored!!! I love me some Craig though.

  • cass

    Crappy Title! and Crappy Actors. Looks like a p*** video.

  • ick–gargoyle

    Looks repulsive, but then look at his choice in a real lige gf.

  • to #41

    it’s because of comments like yours that we don’t see any pictures of the girl friend, or rather soon to be wife, on jared. personally , i like the picture i find nothing repulsive about it. as for satsuki, i think she’s pretty. you can, however, think what you want. just remember satsuki has daniel you don’t.

  • Pelosi

    yeah, you tell it. I personally find the picture unflattering and his girlfriend quite plain.

  • LeticiaCasta

    I think I fooled myself at two points when I said before the premiere of Casino Royale that Eva Green was the worst choice for the role of the Bond girl.. Let me explain, why.

    1. She played well the character. Nice job. I really liked her.
    2. I thought (at first) Eva was the ugliest, the most unsuitable and the most talentless actress ever to be casted in a Bond movie… Well, well, well, life proved me wrong. Because ever since I developed a nice sympathy towards Eva and I really like her now and because Gemma just freaks me out. That young woman is monstrous. Really not attractive at all… I can’t imagine how Danny could force himself into the back-kissing love scene with Gemma. He could do it perhaps because he did not had to stare at her meaningless and general little face in the beginning, so that he could gain strength.
    Not that the other woman, Olga, I guess, would make any difference. She is even worse.

  • LeticiaCasta


  • sienna

    OMG!Well that’s a hot scene!Gemma is such a lucky girl,and I think she will make a great bond girl!I can’t wait for Quantum of Solace!
    I can’t belive that some people are so narrowminded that they think he is too old for her!That is just stupid!I am 18 years old,almost 19,and i wouldn’t have anything against being in that scene with Daniel!
    Anyway,they look great together,and Olga Kurylenko is great too.It would be so much better for him if he was in a relationship with Gemma or Olga,and not with that ugly weird-looking girlfriend of his!