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Gossip Girl = Bright Young Hollywood

Gossip Girl = Bright Young Hollywood

The cast of CW’s cult hit Gossip Girl is featured in the August issue of Vanity Fair, which names “Hollywood’s New Wave” of stars.

Hollywood’s teen titans pictured left to right: Jessica Szohr, Penn Badgley, Blake Lively, Chace Crawford, Ed Westwick, Leighton Meester and Taylor Momsen.

Notice how on-and-off-screen couple Blake and Penn have their arms tightly wrapped around each other!

Joining Blake on the latest cover of Vanity Fair are actresses Kristen Stewart, Emma Roberts and Amanda Seyfried.

When Penn was asked if he preferred Chuck Taylors or Nikes, he answered, “PF Flyers.”

Check out the rest of the bright young Hollywood stars at

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  • mapi


  • amanda

    Gossip girl better be hot next season

  • Emily

    i love that whole cast!!!

  • qboy

    the cast is great ..
    those stars are younger and younger ..

    can’t wait to see the next season …

  • yuck

    who cares? oversaturated. i smell 90201 and oc. no career by the time they are 25

  • jessica

    haha sweet i like this picture. i love how ed westwick is possible in a moment. lol

  • jessica


  • stefanie

    I’ve never seen a show with so much hype that so few people watch. It was in the news a couple of months ago how disappointed the CW was in the show as far as garnishing ratings, considering the almost 24/7 promotion of the show and the stars.

    Thank God for gossip sights like justjared, because I don’t think these marginally talented “kids” would have stood a chance 10 years ago.

    Well, wish them luck in 2009.

  • stefanie

    I’ve never seen a show with so much hype that so few people watch. It was in the news a couple of months ago how disappointed the CW was in the show as far as garnishing ratings, considering the almost 24/7 promotion of the show and the stars.

    Thank God for gossip sights like justjared, because I don’t think these marginally talented “kids” would have stood a chance 10 years ago.

    Well, wish them luck in 2009.

  • anny

    I’m starting to get sick of this show. It’s basically the new Arrested Development but it doesn’t have one thing AD had: being actually good

  • M

    Love the cast. Love the show. Love Josh Schwartz. :)

  • alice


  • no love

    this guys will be NOBODIES in a year! wasn’t the O.C. cast the NKOB…where are they now? wasn’t the Grey’s Anatomy’s cast…the “IT” new people???

    Once sh*t fills their brains these morons think they’re Jesus! F them all!

  • Han

    ‘who cares? oversaturated. i smell 90201 and oc. no career by the time they are 25′

    To be fair, Rachel Bilson is still doing well, doing high-profile movies and constantly featured in magazines and she’s 26. Mischa Barton is still very famous too, although I do agree that it’s not neccessarily because of her career and more for her bad girl behaviour.

    I have a feeling Leighton will be the breakout star of GG, just like Rachel was on OC and will be the one to have the best career after the show ends.

    Chace also maybe though…he’s definitely in the media a lot.
    Blake’s acting isn’t good enough to gurantee her a good career although fair play to her, it’s better than Mischa’s.

    Ed’s acting is good but I don’t see him finding many roles.

    Same for Taylor as Blake.

    And Jessica…well I don’t see her being in anything big after GG at all. She could prove me wrong though.

    Let’s hope Penn manages to get good roles and doesn’t have his acting skills taken for granted like Adam Brody now has. Both incredibly talented, funny men that could do so well with the right roles.

  • Diana

    I absolutely looove them, but I’m still not a fan of Jessica’s…

  • American

    Blake Lively is a very good actress #14 and will be the next big thing

  • maria

    These are nice-looking young people, but I am sick to death about shows like theirs. It’s TRASH, and it makes me sick that actual high-schoolers will think this is what life should be like!!!

  • angeline

    I love their show, and I love this picture.

  • t

    Blake and Penn are so freakin hot!

  • gossip girl

    Such an AWESOME pic!
    but jessica is kinda by herself! :(
    its a SEXY show with SEXY cast

  • Han

    Blake’s an okay actress, not particularly bad, not particularly good. Unfortunately okay acting and a pretty face isn’t usually enough to cut it after finishing the most successful project of your Blake’s case, GG/

  • emilie

    Ed is the most talented. I hope he will find good roles after GG.

  • jesus_lohan

    they are so awesomeee

  • RORY

    Chace’s interview comments for this were extremely funny and I love all of these kids.

    But seriously, Jared, I’m tired by the shilling you’re doing for the Penn/Blake relationship when they clearly have little to no chemistry either on or off the show.

  • Linds

    Couldn’t put the books down, and the every ep is tivo’d!

    ** 1st of all Blake is already famous. This show is amazing and I think most of them will continue.
    *** I agree with Han though, Leighton will go far, she can act and is classically GORGEOUS!
    **** Taylor has a modeling contract and could do well with that as well.
    ***** Chace just looks the part of another Disney heart throb. No more, no less.
    ****** Ed is the perfect “love to hate him” character and will do well right there with Leighton. (In my opinion)
    ******* Penn is a toss up I think.

    Either way, as soon as season 1 comes out on DVD (if it does :( )
    I’ll be 1st in line to buy it!

    I’ve said my peace and haters back off if you have nothing nice to say. You ruin it for those of us who enjoy the show!

  • Noelle

    I like this cast. I think Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester are phenomenal, possibly too good for the show, and deserve to score movie roles afterwards. Penn and Blake are both decent, not amazing IMO, but both good in their respective roles and better than a lot of others out there. I hope they all do well.

  • a,

    OK, when is a show that ranks 205 out of 235 shows for the 2007-2008 season deserve this much attention?

    Viva Laughing only episode to air had more viewers (6 500 000) than your average for Gossip Girl (2 350 000).

  • rhode island trucking school

    I love Penn and Blake! Thanks for providing info!

  • Lo

    I understand that their ratings suck. However, it’s watched by a predominately teenge audience who if you haven’t noticed spend a lot of their time on the internet. Previously they offered the option of watching it on their website, which was a popular choice of viewing. Also, once the episodes uploaded on itunes, they tend to stay number one for weeks at a time. Thirdly: TiVo.

    I think the popularity that Blake and Chace recieve is honestly, a little overrated. Sure Blake is talented, but nothing wonderful. And Chace… Eh. Ed is sometimes too good for the show and has some roles lined up, including the lead in the sequel to cult hit Donnie Darko. Leighton I believe has an album lined up; she (not counting Kelly or Lily as she’s known on the show) is the most talented femae on the show. Penn is talented ad at least I always feel he gets the attention he deserves. Taylor’s acting is sometimes all over the place but has a lot of potential, considering her modeling contract and apparently was songwriting with Josh Kelley. And Jessica is still a relatively minor character no matter how talented she is.

    Well that’s just what I have to say to the haters. They all look fatastic, it’s such a gorgeous cast:).

  • Tiffany

    I’m not a fan of the show, although I’ve seen the first season and I give it another year before it gets canceled.

    However, IMO I actually think Blake will be the one to break out. She’s not a bad actress, but not great either, however, she has the potential to really apply herself and become a great actress who is versatile.

    Leighton on the other hand is a one trick pony and part of the reason for that is her look. Unfortunately she isn’t a head turner. She’s cute, but her look is severe (not necessarily in a bad way). She’s always going to look like Leighton Meester and you’re always going to think of her as Leighton Meester or Blair from Gossip Girl no matter what part she plays. She just won’t be able to morph into different roles and melt into characters like an actor should be able to. She’s good as Blair because it appears that the character is very close to her own personality which makes it easy. It’s a dream role for her, but it also might screw her in the end.

    As far as Chace Crawford goes, he faces the same issue as Leighton except his problem is being too pretty. People aren’t going to take him seriously because of his look and it’s going to be hard for him to get serious and substantial roles in movies. He could turn his career around, but it will take years and some serious commitment.

    Ed Westwick isn’t pretty enough, but the kid can act. He’ll never be a leading man, but he’ll do well in indie stuff with substance which he can turn into a successful career and be well respected for. He also has his music to pursue.

    Penn Badgley could also be a break out. He’s not too pretty, but cute in a nerdy, underdog, intellectual kind of way. I’m on the fence about his acting, but if he’s committed, he could do something and because of the way he looks, he’ll be able to get more roles across the board and possibly become the “romantic comedy guy” or “underdog who gets the girl guy” if he plays his cards right. He could also push it and do some really gritty indie roles which would only help.

    I’m on the fence about Jessica Szhor being a breakout, but it’s possible. She could certainly follow Ed down the indie films track, but I see the potential for a serious dramatic actress there, so will see. Also, she’s gorgeous so that always helps.

    It’s too soon to tell about Taylor Momsen. The only thing I hope for that girl is that she doesn’t get caught up in the fake hype that surrounds this show and goes to university so she can have something real to fall back on just in case this acting thing doesn’t pan out.


    OMFG Penn is sooo hotttt… I love his hair in the picture… Him and blake are really hot together… The whole cast look gorgeous… ^^

  • shannon

    why wasn’t leighton on the cover she is phenomenal as Blair and i do agree with some she is ont of the best on the show along with Ed maybe it’s the characters they play but thier good at it.

  • krystel

    penn and blake are sooo cute! XD

  • efflip.

    lol. i love how people say that any of them arent real good actors and actresses. Are you joking? This show is one of the best shows. The rating sucks, yeah.. But that’s cause people arent at home ready to watch it. they have work, school. whatever.

    but THEY DO watch it. that’s all that matters.
    and CW would be stupid if they canceled this show.

    They just started. give them some time to find themselves as actors and actresses. They cant be as good as Angelina or george clooney. But i’m sure Angelina and George sucked @ acting the first time they were infront of a movie/ show.

  • efflip.

    None of them suck in my book.
    They’re all different. and Obviously the producers of the show brought them together because they all compliment each other FOR the show.

    Blake lively’s performance on Sisterhood of traveling pants was amazing.

    Taylor, i havent seen much of her. But she’s only 14. She has time to grow.

    For Penn. i havent seen much of him either. But as far as now, i think he’s great. You see a lot of him in his character.

    Ed is amazing also. If someone can hide their accent as much as he does. then they’re amazing too.

    Chace. Eh, i’m not a big fan. He’ is really hot though.

    Jessica. She’s okay.

    Be logical. They arent HUGE HUGE HUGE yet. Wait till they get their feet wet.

    But i think, the breakout star will be Blake lively.

  • efflip.

    Tiffany i agree with you.

    Atleast you’re somewhat being logical.

  • efflip.

    oh yea, i need to comment on Penn and Blake.

    they are sooooo cute.
    My brother said blake looks like a man, and i smacked him hard.

    Penn is HOT. he isnt pretty like chase or odd sexy looking like Ed.
    He’s just HOT.

    For blake. she’s cute. Like, her interviews seems like she’s very friendly.

  • roberto

    why is all of new hollywood white?…racist!!!!!

  • tina

    Tiffany, ITA. Word to everything. Awesome post!

  • andrea v

    love kristen stewart!
    dont particularly like the GG cast.. only blake.

  • Sebastian

    The gay ones in the middle,yay!

  • yaz

    I love Chace Crawford

    Chace is the best

    Nate and Blair forever!!!!

  • amanda

    Chace is sooo hot!!!

    Nate and Blair are so cute!!!

  • Gossip Girl

    I love this picture…

  • K

    that shot is gorgeous. heck it’s cause they’re all gorgeous!
    also looking forward to all of the other stars featured in Vanity Fair. seems like a great issue!

  • Meh

    Bright Young Hollywood. They mean “White” Young Hollywood.

  • zack

    blake lively is a godess

  • annie


  • amanda

    Thanx for putting more pictures of Blake, that girl is beyond beautiful..
    more pictures jared