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Heidi Montag Compares Herself To Jesus Christ

Heidi Montag Compares Herself To Jesus Christ

Heidi Montag announced her grand master plan to USA Today. The 21-year-old Hills star wants to release a Christian album!

On why she wants to record a Christian album: “I have been the most religious person since I was 2 years old. I always felt this crazy connection to God. [I consider myself] kind of non-denominational Baptist.”

On visiting Africa: “[This August, Spencer and I will] feed children and help build things.” (She once planned on devoting her life to God as a missionary in Africa.)

On ex-BFF Lauren Conrad’s claim that she spread those sex tape rumors: “There were rumors about a sex tape, but I had nothing to do with that. God knows the truth in all of this, and at the end of the day, that is the only thing that matters. Jesus was persecuted, and I’m going to get persecuted, ya know?”

On never reconciling with Lauren even though Jesus taught forgiveness: “I don’t think people are ever going to get that [but Lauren will] always have a place in my heart.”

On The Hills viewers meeting her older sister Holly, an aspiring filmmaker who once lived with her and Lauren “Holly and Lauren were inseparable for a while. But they stopped being friends when Lauren and I stopped being friends.”

The new season of The Hills premieres on August 18.

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  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    jesus who?

    she’s better than him.

  • Ayla


  • efflip.

    Oh wow.
    that’s it. It’s one thing to compare yourself to spencer. But it’s another to compare yourself to Jesus.

    What drugs is this chick on? They will say anything to continue their career. Back track, Heidi could probably have been a good girl. Her mother and Father seems pretty nice and logical about everything.
    & they cant control her now cause she’s over 18.

    So it’s all heidi. Like, Leave it alone. Feed kids in africa? Do they honestly think that they need to go all the way to africa to feed people/be nice to people?

    How about starting in your own city. Stop being total douche bags to people just to boost you people’s career. Some have self respect and some dont. clearly these couple dont.

    I’m not a lauren fan. But these 2 piss me off.

    She wants to record a christian album because her “pop” album went NOWHERE.

    wow. the audacity to bring Jesus in it.

  • dan

    dude, heidi is on some crack. with what she has been doing in hollywood, i don’t think many people would believe her christian faith is authentic (let alone her voice). JARED, STOP FEATURING HER. let’s stop giving these ppl their greed for fame for useless “talent.” we’re only feeding their ego.

  • dan

    you are so right efflip

  • soso


  • efflip.

    i’m telling you people. The “drama” arent real.
    the people arent real. The only 2 people on there that i think are close to being real are Lauren and Lo. Lauren has her own fashion line. She’s doing soemthing with her life and she’s successful at it.

    heidiwood is FAR from successful. that sounds like a brand you can get @ walmart.

  • Maria (Shorty)

    OMG!! What is this girl ‘smoking’ or ‘snorting’????

  • fake name

    I don’t like her and she’s irrelevant, but what am i missing here that she is comparing herself to Jesus? Since when is a connection to God comparing yourself to Jesus?

  • Prettylittleworld

    I don’t believe for a second that she’s in any way religious – this girl would sell her own mother for 5 minutes of spotlight.

  • Alexandria

    i think she meant that jesus was persecuted unfairly by the jews and she thinks that the public is being unfair to her and i think she honestly thinks she has done nothing wrong.

    my only problem with her is that she claims she’s all for jesus, and yet every time we see her, she’s in the shortest of short dresses and talking down about others.

    also, being with someone as mean and rude and egotistic as spencer is not something jesus would want her doing. you are supposed to surround yourself with positiveness and he doesn’t seem that positive.

  • efflip.


    what does your clothes have anything to do with believing in Jesus? Last time i checked you can be naked and still believe in Jesus. Jesus does not say, oh you’re wearing shorts. you must not believe in me. It’s your faith, not what you wear.

    as for Heidi. She’s only saying that because she doesnt have anything else to say.

  • liz

    This piece of trash makes me so po’d. I can’t wait till she vanishes.

  • crabbie

    I wish she would get crucified as well.

  • Zanessa Lover


  • xoxoxo

    i love jesus :)

  • Alexandria

    at efflip:

    my meaning behind that is that she does not present herself as a christian woman.

    there is such a thing as modesty and self respect which is the way i believe someone who is proclaiming their faith in God to the world should act and behave.

    besides the way that she carries herself as in her gossiping and trying to seperate friends is not godly either.

    the point being that you can not only talk the talk, but you must walk the walk.

  • stellar sophie

    My favorite- “…FEED CHILDREN AND BUILD THINGS”. How are you going to feed them and build what with what??? Speidi is the last thing Africa needs.

  • Tyra


  • grey

    HEIDI IS A PSYCHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg wtf!!!! we at are always so shocked whenever she opens her mouth (a, because there are minimal grammatical errors & b, because she seriously is a puppet to her publicist, &c, because she is a lifeless psycho).

    “because life isn’t black &white”

  • layla

    Oh. My. God..
    (no pun intended)
    This woman is seriously mental. She’s probably on glue or something.. Has all that plastic surgery has left her brainless?.. No, she already was long before.

  • layla

    Oh. My. God..
    (no pun intended)
    This woman is seriously mental. She’s probably on glue or something.. Has all that plastic surgery left her brainless?.. No, she already was long before.

  • ☆ Beach Parties ☆

    That was good “because life isn’t black &white”

    ¦== ==¦

  • Brianne

    I HATE HEIDI!! Shes so fake!! And I HATE SPENCER 2!

  • jasmine

    I hate Lauren

  • dumb bitch

    yeah like your so-called persecution is ANYTHING comparable to that of Jesus’s persecution..

  • stefanie

    Such blasphemy! I don’t know who this non-talented twit thinks she is, but her 15 minutes is almost up.

    All those “Hills” girls are coming to an end. Thank God. It was just a waste of tabloid paper and bandwidth.

  • isabella

    ….. ahahahahah. i seriously laughed out loud at the “jesus was persecuted, and i’m gonna get persecuted” part. this is freaking hilarious. heidi is the best comic relief in hollywood.

  • Kiiki

    Why does she bring Jesus into her stories or whatever? Is she that desperate for fame??!

  • Laura

    HAHAHA. She’s a stupid bitch. #28 I agreeeee :)


  • ali

    o please

  • danny

    sooo pity!! poor girl she dont know what toi do with her useless live..i think she needs help..!! the silycon of her boobs start messing her brain..if she ever had one!

  • chelsea


  • Miranda

    “This August Spencer and I will feed children in Africa”

    Can’t you just see THOSE photos?

    Heidi and Spencer POSING FOR PICTURES with sick, starving children scattered around them for “effect”. It’s beyond sickening.

    Maybe they’ll get run over by a herd of elephants.

  • c

    oh please, she is ridiculous! efflip, i agree with you

  • Taylor

    She wasn’t comparing herself to Christ. Jared, she was just saying what his followers can expect. Jesus warned very clearly in his word (that would be the BIBLE) — If you follow me, you will be persecuted. So that’s just what she’s expecting. Get it?

  • sl

    ugh! go away already!

  • Jaime

    Heidi Montag is a very self centered person. Her ego is so huge! It actually makes me so mad that there is someone I am sharing this earth with who can actually compare themself with the persection that Jesus endured. I think Heidi Montag needs to seriously check herself and pray!

  • WTF

    GO AWAY ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    GO AWAY!!!!!!

  • Melissa

    shes a stupid idiot

  • Shrink

    She really is an idiot. It’s embarassing to hear her spout off these narcissictic fantasies of her’s. If she was any dumber she would be in a barn on all fours eating hay.

  • WTF


  • gabrielle

    i don’t have any love
    for the show. it’s entertaining
    to see the kind of drama that
    this stupid woman named heidi would do
    for fame seriously get over yourself
    go drown with your idiotic boyfriend
    we honestly don’t need people like you
    that wear “i get no privacy” tshirts
    when you would sell your soul for 5mins of fame
    i think jared should just stop posting useless stupid
    information on people like spencer and heidi

  • Alison

    Is she for real? What a phoney!

  • peaceandlove

    omg this ho needs to shut her mouth and go away asap. Her and Spencer are a serious threat to mankind. And please, like going to Africa is anything but a publicity stunt for them? I’m sure they will bring their own photogs along for plenty of photo ops. JJ, please stop featuring this ugly skank!

  • Lillianne

    What in heaven’s name is a non-denominational Baptist? Baptist is a denomination. What does she think she means?

  • jules

    This girl brings down the IQ of the planet by at least 10 points. She’s a whack job.

  • Anne

    Oh geez, this girl just gets worse each time.


    @ Lillianne –

    I’m wondering the same thing… Last I checked, Baptist is a denomination.

  • doesn’t matter

    I don’t think she is comparing herself to Jesus.
    In the Bible it says that as a believer in Jesus you will be persecuted…so maybe that is what she might be relating too.
    But at the same time……people can see what you believe in by your actions and what you say.

  • maria

    { *INFAMOUS*}……you really ARE an idiot. Hands down.